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  1. Re: Windows 8.1 wont turn on after installing Windows updates

    Hello Vis!Wa, if the laptop is still on I would suggest you to better perform System Refresh. You will get this under PC Settings. Probably this will fix all problems you have with the system.
  2. Re: What about Wireless Charging in Galaxy Note 3

    As far as I know Samsung has introduced so many new features in Galaxy Note like Air Drop and all and you saying it is missing features from other phones?

    What all features are you talking about?
  3. Re: Is 'Mobile Panic Button' worth for women's safety

    Please implement a Like button or Facebook Share on your site.

    This post was worth sharing and liked. Thanks for providing such useful info. By the way can you please let me know from where can...
  4. Re: Youtube videos stays at 0:00 until refreshing the page

    Well I don’t think there is any problem with the Youtube or its new interface. Probably problem would be from your PC end itself. It may be your internet connection, Flash Player or even y our...
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    Re: Suitable rss reader for linux

    Did you checked the same in package Software Manager. I am sure you will find something better there. Go on Software Manager and type RSS Reader in the search box. You can get the list of top tools...
  6. Re: How to create system recovery image in Linux system

    I remember at a client pc long time before I had used F-Secure Rescue CD. This is another bootable disc that allows you to check the software installed in your system. You can use some type of...
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    Re: Laptop Unable to reboot

    There might be some hardware problems, which are probably related to heat. So try to verify whether this issue is because of Heat, for verifying you first boot your system and then as soon the...
  8. Re: Which is the best camera Canon s95 or Olympus xz-1?

    According to my suggestion if you are confused about to make the choice for purchasing the camera then buy that camera which will be better in all the way. That means to say that it must be in...
  9. Re: Sansa Clip + take 10-15 minutes to refresh media

    I think there are the huge numbers of songs within the same album name, and that is why the database refresh takes so long to refresh. So sorting tracks is lengthy try to make changes in their album...
  10. Re: GPS fix is need to be there in Samsung Captivate Glide

    According to my information may be you are not getting the GPS signal properly there in your Mobile Phone, because this GPS issue is normally seen whenever there is low or no signal for GPS. So first...
  11. Re: Overclocking Gigabyte Z68XP-UD7 2600k at 4.8 GHZ

    You’re starting to enter the area of diminishing returns. if those are load temps. What are the timings of the memory at 1600 and 2133 respectively? This could be the deciding factor. Memory speed,...
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    I am not sure about AppleTV. But I am doing this...

    I am not sure about AppleTV. But I am doing this on my iPad through VLC Streamer. This is a free app available on iTunes. You can add this on your device. When you turn it on you can see different...
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    Re: Buying Macbook Pro 15 with AMD 6490?

    So if I have it right, the graphics chipset has not anything to do with the better the resolution. If so, I should be very well with the bottom model.
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    Re: Getting pink lines display on Macbook Pro 17

    I just can display everything that others can see a Maybe help if anyone had the same trouble. The answer is "probably the LCD" I can do myself, no offense, I was thinking someone repair.

    I was...
  15. Re: I am receiving unknown error message 15000 While using itunes airplay

    This is very problematic. I am also facing the same thing and I had tried many things. But yet I had not able to configure Airport on Mac. At first I thought this will be easy. That is why purchased...
  16. re: My Xbox Live account got hacked while in gear of wars 3

    Well this is strange how can they say like this? They must be having some security to it they must do something they are having a complete command on this and how can they say such a stupid words...
  17. Re: Downloaded Street Fighter 4 demo and it was just a benchmark

    Ahh I don’t think that the Bulletstorm demo is a good choice because i think that these demo does has bugs and it keeps asking for the weird cd key I don’t know why, I have downloaded many of the...
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    Re: error message c1010007 in windows phone 7

    This is a weird problem I have done my up gradation and even of some of my friends and never had any problem with this so I think that there is some problem in the way you have been updating it may...
  19. Re: Should Microsoft to reinstate USB sync for Outlook

    I think that making this query is waste of time windows has been doing what eve they have been liking and in what they have been finding the profit and they only do that so I don’t think that they...
  20. Re: texting of messages only allows 160 Character limit HTC arrive

    Although it's not too disturbing in the short term, it's not very complicated to hit send and then carry on texting or to put in a '...' at the end of a text yourself.
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    re: when windows phone 7 coming with 4G?

    I used windows 7 phone. Some features are very good like integration with one mote desktop, windows messenger, windows live, also suite of programming application by Microsoft. They provide...
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    Re: Memory Card Issues for the Windows Phone 7

    Some of the Windows Phones supports a Secure Digital (SD) card in order to expand the storage space for the phone you are using. This type of cards mostly placed underneath the battery cover on the...
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    Re: How to update NoDo on Windows Phone 7

    I think this is update in the unbranded phone or it can apply if the "000-88" registry hack applied if branded. So first of all you have to sure that you have to make the use of latest version of...
  24. Re: Apple's address book not able synchronies fully with contacts on my blackberry 9700

    Here are some more steps if you are having problem related to that of installing your application on Mac OS
    *Updating BlackBerry Device Software--this feature helps you to update your blackberry...
  25. Re: Apple's address book not able synchronies fully with contacts on my blackberry 9700

    BlackBerry has a feature email redirection; email redirection allows the user to specify which email folders will send messages to your BlackBerry device and which will not, this will allow u to...
  26. Re: error 1316, while trying to uninstall BlackBerry Desktop Manager on windows 7.

    In your case I would like to say you that try with the steps to remove the software which are as:-

    At the start you will need to Click on Start > Control Panel> Programs and Features.
  27. Re: Blackberry Curve 3G 9300: how to downgrade to OS 5.0.

    Here I would like to say that Did you use to clean the device. If so, then you're in the right direction. Have you tried with the following :

    BlackBerry OS 5.0 uninstall the team, going into Add...
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    Re: New Macbook Charger Broken

    Thanks for the advice. I'm thinking of selling it and using it to help pay for a Macbook Pro How much do you think. taking into account the computer itself worked fine after the charger was damaged....
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    Re: iMac- dual core vs. Quad core

    I cannot tell you how many times I've heard questions like this. My answer is always the same.

    Always buy as a team all you can afford, no matter how long you think you will use it or not. There...
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    Re: Macbook Air 11: Mid 2011 vs. late 2010

    I was at the Apple store today. They were focusing on how much faster than the new processor.

    In addition, the Macbok was having built in Lion, unlike the previous version.
    Finally, if I had...
  31. Re: Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 printing through HP DeskJet wifi Printer

    I have read and watch videos on youtube regarding this wifi issue but yet not got to the solution. I have read somewhere that it works only for Samsung wifi printers.
  32. Re: Blackberry Curve 8520: error message “Music services failed to load” in Desktop Mgr 6.

    Here in your case I will suggest you for the uninstall your Desktop Mgr or update it again. And after that still the same problem appears then there will be some problem with your Mass Storage Device...
  33. Re: Need help to connect Apple Macbook Pro to Sony Bravia HDMI and Aux sound

    Try to reconnect your Sony Bravia with the Apple iMac and then connect it again using the following steps:

    Before connecting make sure that you are having Mini-DVI to DVI Adapter, a HDMI-DVI...
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    Re: Nokia N97 stopped vibrating

    if you don’t know about how to turn on the vibrating option in Nokia n97 mobile phone then you have to follow this steps.

    first you have to open the menu in your Nokia n97 mobile phone and after...
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    Re: Unable to play videos in Nokia n97 mini

    if you have installed any third party player or anything related to the video codec’s then you have to first go to the application manager in your mobile phone and after that you have to uninstall...
  36. Re: Unable to download in VMware when it crawls

    I was talking about the physical hardware, not the VNIC.You may not notice the poor performance / packet loss with normal operations. May be issue with your vmxnet driver.

    Finally I suggest you...
  37. Re: Unable to connect desktop after view 5 upgrade

    Win7 also included a new 32-bit-VM from scratch, but this did not solve my problem. VM has the same black screen problem when using PCoIP.

    It turned out that my desktop client is still beta. So...
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    Re: FCC Approve HTC Vigor, LTE Confirmed

    Thanks, has been monitoring the site several times a day for a while looking for any information you can find on this thing. For me, this wait has been more difficult than for INC1 and the most...
  39. Re: HTC Vigor/Incredible HD will be available for Verizon from 13th OCT

    This could be my next phone, depending on how I feel about the First Samsung. In addition, the phone seems to be 4.3 "I wish I had 4 years." - It's the perfect size IMO. on the other hand, 4.3 "is...
  40. Re: Would you prefer to buy HTC Droid Incredible HD (vigor)?

    My only complaint is the screen size. I'll have to try out some demos in person, but the screen space is important to me and I'll give my keyboard slider (OG Droid) and the need for space to get used...
  41. Re: Anna update is not available for the Nokia E7

    Yes I agree with the above solution. in Nokia E7 mobile phone you can update your mobile phone from the device itself. to do this you have to first open the menu and after opening the menu you have...
  42. Re: facing difficulty while setting up new memory card in Nokia E5

    if you have already tried to solve this issue by trying above solution and after that also if you are facing the same problem then I will suggest you to try to solve this issue by doing this steps....
  43. Re: Chat application lost after formatting Nokia E71

    I had a similar issue with my Nokia mobile phone and after that I have downloaded ebuddy messenger from its official site and after that I have installed that in my Nokia E71 and after installing...
  44. Re: Nokia 5800 prompt "Select Connection" frequently

    if you are not able to solve this issue after trying above solution then try to fix this issue by updating the mobile software and after updating the mobile software check what the result is....
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    Re: Does Nokia N97 support TV out

    You should have to make the use of the Nokia N97 TV-OUT cable, if you wish to get the TV out for the Nokia N97. You can get that cable easily on the Ebay, or you can also make the use of other mobile...
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    Re: Changes in Nokia C7 after Anna Update

    Recently I have also updated my Nokia with the Symbian Anna. So the changes I have observe in my phone is as follow after updating the Symbian Anna my phone become much sleeker and that is the good...
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    Re: How to install SIP VoIP 3.1 in New Nokia E72

    Sometime our system doesn’t able to compile the feature of VoIP, or the file we are installing is not in that format that our system support, so according I can say that ,we have to install...
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    Re: Facebook Application in Nokia E72

    May your Facebook Application is not install properly, so you just uninstall that one and try to reinstall that application again, and after installing restart your system. This will help you to...
  49. Re: How to switch phone memory to Mass Storage in Nokia N8

    There are the simple way of transferring the phone memory data or file to the mass storage, according to my experience whenever I get any files from other friends mobile by sharing that data by means...
  50. Re: Getting Error code 300 while installing application through Nokia OVI suite in Nokia E66

    you may also try to solve this issue by downloading the updated version of the Nokia OVI suite in your computer and after that installing that in your computer. Now after that you have to check...
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