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    Re: Moto E works slow after adding Truecaller

    That is right. If there are too many apps in your phone then they are clogging the ram causing this issue. So you have to free up some ram. There is no need to format your phone completely and then...
  2. Re: How to backup Windows license key of portable netbook

    The product id that is visible in My Computer > Properties is not the actual serial key. Just try checking on the backside of the laptop. There is a sticker where you can find the complete serial...
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    Re: Best case for Moto G Second Generation

    Buying a durable case is good actually. Because there you don't have to worry about issues in the phone. Like water damage or shock. There are many sellers who offer you a durable casing. This add...
  4. Re: How to keep Android tablet files on auto backup

    You can use various cloud options here for this purpose. That is the only way through which you can keep all your files under a auto sync. I think you must test G Cloud Backup. This is a lightweight...
  5. Re: Which smartwatch is compatible with iOS and Android

    Pebble has a look of traditional watch. It is capable of giving you simple notifications. Like you get vibrations when you have a message or miss call. It has a option through which you can choose a...
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    Re: How to get rid of website title in Wordpress post

    I have been still trying this and yet I am not at all successful in doing the same. I think this the WordPress limitation. Because it does not let you to remove the page title so easily. I had done...
  7. Sticky: Installing Android 5.0 Lollipop on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900

    This is a discussion thread for all those who are willing to test Android 5.0 Lollipop on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900. Luckily a leaked ROM is available which is released by SamMobile. This ROM...
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    Re: Is HP working on a new android tablet

    There are different models on which HP is working. Pro Slate 12 is just one among them.There is a small version also which is Pro Slate 8. This tablet has a nice 7.9inch screen and offers you a...
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    Re: Micromax Yu or Moto G second generation

    Moto G second generation is an great model. I do not realy think Micromax Yu can stand against it in terms of feature. You might not get a very high end feature on the same but the phone is reliable...
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    Re: Which gaming console will be best for kids

    If you want games for fun and especially for kids then there is nothing better than Wii U. This one is the best console which has its own league of games. It does not promote extreme violence. Most...
  11. Re: Dell system detect wrongly identify my laptop as Inspiron 1520

    I am using a driver updater software. The tool name is Driver Booster. It help me a lot in finding the latest drivers for my system. It also detect the same very fast and does not cause any issue....
  12. Re: Does Moto 360 is goign to get any new Android Update

    This update brings a new feature Mood Lightning. A new kind of feature that will auto manage the device brightness thus boosting up the battery life of the system. There is no Android update for the...
  13. Re: Which are the best budget android phone for the year 2014

    The biggest mistake I had done while buying a budget android phone is getting Nokia X. It is not a reliable device and nor it has the features that I was looking for. I do not understand why Nokia...
  14. Re: Importance of having a removable battery in Android phone

    I agree with that. Due to power banks you dont really need removable batteries. But it is needs in every phone. Because if somehow the battery si not working what will you do. You will take the phone...
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    Re: Aligning iPhone 6 icons on the display

    I did not think that is a big issue. Icon arrangement are auto in iPhone and you can try finding that in the settings panel. Or you can try using some third party theme also. But lagging issue while...
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    Re: iPhone 6 64GB Freezing and Crashing

    There are many users who are dealing with the same kind of issue and yet apple has not provided any solution for the same. This is the first time I think in Apple case we got so many bugs. I think...
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    Re: Dark Shadow on the top part of iPhone 6

    This is some kind of hardware flaw in iPhone 6. Because updates are not going to help much. I have a brand new device with me and I can see a yellow color on the screen. There is no color uniformity...
  18. Re: Things I should do before making payments through mobile

    It is not recommended to use android for major transaction. Like if you have to transfer money or make payments then I do not really recommend to go for this. I found Windows tablet more better. Buy...
  19. Re: Vertical lines while taking pictures in Sony Xperia Z2

    It is better to test the phone first by using different apps. See that you are getting those lines or not. Second thing you can download a third party camera app from Google Play. This app will help...
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    Re: How does wireless charging works

    Wireless charging is something really different. Even the new Apple watch that is released recently is loaded with the features. And I am quiet sure it will help people a lot. Because here you dont...
  21. Re: Which is best android app to order food online in Mumbai

    There is one app that can help you to buy food from all local hotels in your area. It is called Tiny Owl Food Ordering. Just download and install this app on your android phone. It offer you a few...
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    Re: What will be new in iPhone 6

    There are already so many rumors about iPhone 6. But things are not yet confirmed. The first thing that I heard on the web that this new iPhone is going to have a curved screen. That means it will be...
  23. Re: Is it safe to install a antivirus on rooted android phone

    Install AVAST on your device. It is a good antivirus and it does not consume much resource. There is one problem with using this kind of security tools. If you try to install a third party apk file...
  24. Re: Sony Vaio VPCEC35FB function keys not working after formatting

    I was also facing the same kind of problem some months ago. I had formatted my computer. I was using a lenovo laptop. when i had purchased it 6 months ago, i did not got any drivers cd with that. ...
  25. Re: Does installing antivirus slow down Windows Surface tablet

    AVG has a separate sections available which is dedicated for iOS and android. I think this would be the lightest one you can find. You can install the same version which you are going to install on...
  26. Re: Is there a external camera available for android smartphones

    There are available but mostly are Chinese brands. The one that I saw on internet is GOOGO Wireless. This one is available for iOS and Android platform and you can use them with your smartphone as...
  27. Re: No Bluetooth device detected after updating to Windows 8.1

    There is a tiny fix available for the same. You can download that from the official site. Just get the fix and run it. It will scan and fix the Bluetooth problem in your pc. I was having the issue on...
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    Re: Video streaming issues on Xbox 360

    Most of this problem occur due to improper video codes. Especially when you are trying to play blu ray videos. You have to check for new updates. There you can find what you are looking for. There...
  29. Re: Will CyanFox Android Kitkat 4.4.2 rom work on Canvas 2

    There are many roms for Canvas 2 which you can test out. And this are stable one. I will recommend you to install Note III ROM on your device. This is going to add so many great features and you will...
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    Re: How to find a laptop with good graphic support

    Under a budget of Rs.40000 there are ample of great models you can go for. This are amazing and loaded with great performance. You can get windows 8 os mostly on the same. Dell Inspiron 14 is one of...
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    Re: Is Amazon Fire OS better than Android

    That is because Amazon is bring out something new in the market. Which makes this thing very costly. Amazon Fire phone is set to release this month and we can expect a bit price range when a new...
  32. Re: Streaming videos through a mobile phone on a tablet

    I had seen different apps which work well when it comes to media streaming. You can find ample of them on Google Play. Pixel Media Server is one of them. The good part of using this app is that it...
  33. Re: How to get rid of pre-installed apps of android phone without rooting

    Any device if overloaded with unwanted apps will slow down. There is nothing much you can do. That is because of low ram. There are two things you must do. First either use limited amount of...
  34. Re: Which one is the best quad core tablet in the market

    Checkout Auxus Core X8. It is a local brand but the tablet is loaded with the latest hardware support and it is great for those who need a good gaming android tablet. The tablet is costly but amazing...
  35. Re: What are the additional features of Android Kitkat Operating System

    One of the biggest benefit of having Kitkat is that locating is more easy now. I had tested Android Device Manager in different phone but they were not working fine. Later on I tested that on a Moto...
  36. Re: How to use Clone Yourself app on Sony Xperia T2

    I am using this app and it is really easy to use. If you have a good camera then this app can produce amazing effects. It is right that you have to keep your hand still. This app must have some pause...
  37. Re: Budget quad core android smartphone to beat Moto E

    One of the biggest benefit of buying Moto E is Android Kitkat operating system and durable design. This phone give you Corning Gorilla Glass protection on the top side. That makes your phone durable...
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    Re: Subway Surfer crashing on Moto E

    Looks like you had installed too many things in the phone. It has 1GB ram and a good processor which means it can give you a decent output not extreme. Try to run a full factory restore first and...
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    Re: When LG Isai FL is going to release

    LG Isai FL is quad core device that comes with durable body design. The device is pending to be release and it comes with really impressive configuration. It is powered by a 2.5 GHz quad-core...
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    Re: What's the difference between WPS and WPA?

    Both are kind of security encryption standard. It is not considered to enable WPA in your router because it is less secure. WPA2 is much more better than that. WPS just help other devices to...
  41. Re: Want to replace the existing android keyboard with some effective one

    The benefit of using Android is that you are having too many alternative for that. You can switch from one keyboard to another if you are not really happy. If you need a very basic solution then you...
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    Re: Poor sound quality on Moto G headphone

    Moto G has as poor 3.5mm audio jack. There is a connectivity issue here. You have to hold really tight when you are connecting the jack. Just push it hard it inside. You will be able to get a proper...
  43. Re: Android System consume high battery in Samsung Galaxy S5

    Android System is the OS. You cannot remove it. If you remove the phone will not work. It is not the device problem it is a battery bug. You can try using a battery optimizer app. There are many of...
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    Re: Learn To Brace amazing simulation game

    There are very few games like this which really gives you informative things. When it comes to simulation I can mostly see racing games. This are like simple crash games where you have to collect...
  45. Re: Which app will be good for auto-back for Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

    If you install Dropbox or Picasa your files are automatically copied on the cloud. I do not really think you will need to go with manual setup. I had seen this most of the time. Many files are just...
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    Re: How to download and install iOS 7.1

    Officially Apple does not give you the download. It is accessible through OTA or through iTunes. But there are some site that gives you a direct download of iOS 7.1. It is very important to choose...
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    Re: How to reset firmware of Acer Liquid Gallant E350

    This device looks like have some issue. My friend has this and I was trying to add some new themes on that. The app just crashed. It not even work fine for chatting. I think the OS is buggy. Even if...
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    Re: Build quality of Oppo N1 Android Smartphone

    Quality wise Oppo N1 is just similar to other smartphones. It is not really durable. The body looks to be good enough offering you nice grip. But when talk about durable design then the are lots of...
  49. Re: How to install Android ADB USB drivers for Oppo N1 Smartphone

    I had used this before. But there is a direct exe file available for this. This has worked for LAVA Iris 455. I was not able to find adb drivers. I had downloaded AdbDriverInstaller. You just have to...
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    Re: Galaxy Tab 3 does not wake up from sleep

    If factory reset does not help then I think the tablet battery has a issue. And this can be only fixed by Samsung. You cannot do anything in that. Just for testing connect the power charger and turn...
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