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  1. Re: error 1316, while trying to uninstall BlackBerry Desktop Manager on windows 7.

    I searched for the solution on internet and got it on bb forums, simply posted here.

    I am sorry for not giving link to proper solution, i will ask some mod/admin here to do the same.
  2. Re: Graphic card is not working properly in Lenovo IBM Thinkcentre s51 8171

    If you have upgraded your OS from lower version to the higher version then maybe this will also one of the reason for this issue. May be the latest OS doesn’t support the driver, so upgrade the...
  3. Re: Audio is not working properly in Philips Home Theater System.

    See whether you Home Theater On/Off switch are working or not. And see whether there is some issue is with the Amplifier, if not then there might be the chances that there is some of the issue in the...
  4. Re: Will ATX motherboard support 2008 hard drives

    The thing that I know and want to suggest that if your hard drive fails to connect with your latest Motherboard, then you can make use of the connectors. There are several connectors available in...
  5. Re: Gigabyte M6880 mouse change the DPI while playing the World Of Warcraft

    To download the drivers for your Gigabyte M6880 mouse you have to click below


    After that you have to install it in your system.
  6. Re: How to synchronize blackberry with Groupwise 6.0?

    In this case let me tell you that Novell Groupwise 6.0 is no longer supported for the synchronization with BlackBerry Desktop Manager but I think that versions 6.5 and 7 are supported. So if you...
  7. Re: error 1316, while trying to uninstall BlackBerry Desktop Manager on windows 7.

    I am having some steps for resolving your problem, try with them and hope that they will work in your case. The steps are as:

    first Rename "610_b034_multilanguage.exe" to...
  8. Re: Can I upgrade my Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 with Android Gingerbread(2.3)?

    Sure, I can say that you can upgrade your Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 with Android Gingerbread(2.3) but only in the case f the update for this version is available. I am telling you this because no all he...
  9. Re: Corsair AX850W: Makes buzzing sound while moving the mouse. Need help

    Try to check in the BIOS under C1E support and there try to disable it. And I am sure that this will help to solve your issue. And here try to use the Microsoft driver for that not the one which came...
  10. Re: Getting sizzling noise from Corsair AX750 with Nvidia driver

    As you have said that you are not facing after uninstalling the drivers . when you uninstall the Nvida drivers and after that restart the computer at that time your GPU means your graphic card does...
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    Re: Troubles with Brand New Home Computer

    There may be the problems is due to the power consuming capacity feature for the system. That means your system need more power and there is not enough power to maintain the process. Hence your...
  12. Re: getting sound from system test and card but no system sound

    After referring your solution I will suggest you to try to solve this problem by repairing operating system in your computer, I am telling this because you have said that with other computer your...
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    Re: How can I Noob’s my first gaming PC?

    If I will also go with the sama case then in this case, I am going with the COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 Plus RR-B10-212P-G1 "Heatpipe Direct Contact" Long Life Sleeve 120mm CPU Cooler Compatible Intel...
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    Re: What are new Eco Friendly PC

    Many Eco-friendly pc are still an concept and there is nothing much you can do here. There are awesome concept shown on web and articles that provides you information on future eco friendly pc.
  15. Re: Need to know about the portable scanner that will scan sheets and books

    I will suggest you for the HP Scanjet Professional 1000 Mobile Scanner Scan documents in place, whether in the office, in the field or in the street with our compact HP Scanjet 1000 mobile...
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    Re: runtime error 6030 with Canon ip4850

    I have searched for the solution regarding this problem and after searching on the internet I have come to know that this problem occurs when CRT startup code was not executed properly. Basically...
  17. Re: Hard drive of new pc’s should be defragmented or not?

    Defragmentation Is a important move in your system and if are not doing this then your hard drive file would crawl so I think that you need to keep on doing it and have a good hard disk always.
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    Re: Upgrade choice for High-End Workstations

    There are certain points which I also want to add for your workstation. You can just keep an eye while upgrading or purchasing :

    First you most go for an energy efficient work station. Also you...
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    Re: Puget system is giving Annoying pop sounds

    As you have said that after trying different speakers also if you are facing the same problem then I will suggest you try to solve this issue by reinstalling the sound drivers and after that check...
  20. Re: Will D-link modem dmf-562IS will work on Windows 7

    This just looks the plain issue of incompatibility. You did not mentioned that you are using an internal modem card. And I checked on the Windows Compatibility center for this product. But there is...
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    Re: Not able to fax in Officejet Pro 8500 A909g

    Currently I am also using Officejet Pro 8500 and I never face his type of problem as you are telling. And I am also switched to FIOS Digital Voice service, but I am able to send the fax using my...
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    Re: Photosmart D6160 not working

    its not possible to add computer in Hp solution center instead check if you can open HP solution center in your computer to which is currently connected to the scanner.then what you have to do is to...
  23. Re: Trying using my old hard disk on a new system

    There was a strange issue that I faced while using a eSATA drive. This is worth discussing here. In my case the eSATA drive is not detected on my system if there was an virus infection. I used a...
  24. Re: HP Officejet 4500 wireless disappears automatically

    In my system I was experiencing the same problem and after that I have tried to solve this issue by trying all the utility which was provided by HP but after that also I was getting the same problem...
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    Re: Ink System Failure in hp officejet 6500

    if you are having the same problem after changing the cartridges also then i will suggest you to try to solve this issue by using automatic printhead cleaning utility.
  26. Re: OfficeJet Pro8500 scans at huge size- how control?

    Thanks for any response you can give. I understand what you are saying, however, I can scan the pages 30-40 in a PDF at a time and do it the way you are suggesting is ridiculous. What I've been doing...
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    Re: Need printing help for HP Photosmart C310

    The advice to contact with the HP services is least bit useful if I could actually contact with the HP services and I don’t think that there I will get any person to suggest me the proper solution....
  28. Re: Error:"printer not found" while scanning pictures in HP officejet 6500 E710n-z

    Sorry friend not posting the detailed information about the driver solution. Simply you can get this driver from the HP service center or you can visit HP official websites and there you just set...
  29. Re: Error:"printer not found" while scanning pictures in HP officejet 6500 E710n-z

    You said that you are using window vista and I am sure that you have installed driver, which you got with the printer. There is only one solution try to update your driver software through internet...
  30. Re: Getting errors after HP Advisor update with HP Officejet 6500 Wireless All-in-One Printer - E709n

    If you are not able to solve this issue trying above solution then I will suggest you to try to solve this issue by reinstalling the drivers and all the printer software’s in your computer and then...
  31. Re: HP OfficeJet 6500A Plus is not printing wirelessly from iPAD, iPHONE and MAC

    Have you tried to solve this issue by updating the firmware of your printer? if you have not tried this solution then you have to first update the firmware and after that your problem will get solved.
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    Re: HP OfficeJet J6480i is not detected in lion

    If you don’t know about how to update the printer software and drivers for lion in your MAC book pro then I will help you with this. First you have to connect your printer with your laptop and...
  33. Re: HP Officejet Pro 8000 Wireless is giving paper jam message

    first of all try to connect your printer with the help of using USB cable and after that check whether you are able to use the printer or not. if you are facing the same problem while connecting your...
  34. Re: My HP Photosmart C4280 is not having a scan button in System

    Are you able to print through the computer?
    I think I need think I need this information to help you further so kindly give me the details of what is the configuration of your system and what...
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    Re: X58A-GD65 performing slow onto SATA 3

    I also got stuck with the same error along the newest Marvell driver on the MSI download page. I am operating with Marvell drivers as I make the system and I getting a speeds of...
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    Re: I want to update firmware of WD20EARS-00MVWB0

    Well, you will need the files first of all with the update which is not posted anywhere though. Also, the file is not allowed to be posted on the WD forum but you can try to request them to give you...
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    Re: Discussion for Cooler Master Elite 430

    One of my friends has been using it from last few months and he has found it awesome when I had a talk to him at that time I found out that this cabinet is having nothing special then the other best...
  38. Re: I am not able to properly install FreeAgent GoFlex Desk dashboard

    Recently, I selected up a decorously price 2TB External GoFlex Desk drive at Costco to enhancement the storage in my Buffalo NAS server.
  39. Re: How to reset bios with cmos battery on toshiba satellite a135

    Initially the CMOS battery is able to be charged at the same time as you leave the AC/DC adaptor connected, for example 24 hour. Subsequent to this the message regarding CMOS battery shouldn’t come...
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    Re: Fan error on Lenovo thinkpad T61.

    Hey, I am also using the Lenovo thinkpad T61 and here my fan is making annoying noises. Now I am planning to change the fan and want to get the new fan. I would like to know that which one is correct...
  41. Re: Should i self upgrade or factory install of SSD on Lenovo Thinkpad T420?

    Hey friend, I am having Intel 310 mSATA currently installed in my system. My Lenovo think pad was having the 500gb hard drive installed init and also I the Lenovo backup/recovery plan to burn backup...
  42. re: Western Digital My Book Live is not working with OS X Lion DP4 and Time Machine

    This is not exactly true. I can connect with my private actions by assembling the part, as a server. In the Finder Go -> Connect to Server -> Click on the clock to fresh server -> choose MyBookLive...
  43. Re: Network Link of 1TB of western digital my book live is down

    This can be more specific on how to reserve an IP address on the router to the My Book. And how do you create a static connection to the connection from DHCP. I do pretty decent with computers but...
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    Re: LED not working in Western Digital My Book Live

    Interesting. There is even an option to disable the LED.

    echo off> / usr / local / NAS / led_color

    As soon as you connect the mine and turned it into what I have to update so if it's a...
  45. Re: Ftp slow transfer in western digital my book live

    I HAVE the same router as you - Netgear WDNR3700 - works perfectly. Only I did not like the default firmware (which is basically very unstable and even without ssh access to the router), so I...
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    Re: BIOS detects my HDD but not WD20EARS

    I connected to a base plate WD20EARS K8M8MS and had similar troubles. I'm not convinced that makes the motherboard, I think it's a Foxconn, nevertheless Google suggests that it is a Jetway. I had to...
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    Re: WD 1002FAEX-00Z3A0 very slow on loading file

    I think a firmware update can fix this. Go in your bios and also check that all settings related to hard drive is enabled. The bios has some boost up service for the hard drive. Once of them the...
  48. Re: AAM Option is supported or not in WD20EARS-00MVWB0

    AIUI, a genuine recertified unit would be an "R" on the label. I realize that the model number, WD20EARS-11R6B1 not coincide exactly with the DCX, 1015R0F65. According to my analysis of the disk...
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    Re: High Load cycle in WD Green Caviar Hard Drive.

    I've been dealing with the same problem (high load_cycle_count) and I would greatly appreciate someone writing and other WD20EARS WD Green on the list of well-matched drives wdidle3! There is no...
  50. re: After installing WD5000BEKT, Mac OS X stalling randomly

    You can drive jumper to SATA I. If the newer Scorpios have no bridges, then automatically sets the drive SATA I, if they do not feel a SATA II port compatible.
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