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  1. Poll: Re: Moto E second generation vs Moto E first generation

    I am using the old version and it is working really fine. There is no problem with that. There is no performance issue also. It works really well. The output is still fine. But it is right that if...
  2. Re: Unable to sync Windows Mail with Windows Phone

    You can use the sync wizard in Lumia device. This sync wizard will help you to add the emails and sync your emails. Go in account section and there you have to tap on the Add acocunt button. And then...
  3. Re: What is the easiest way to root Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

    It is quiet right that you must first backup your existing rom before going ahead and do any changes. Because that can cause serious problem in your device if you do any mistake in rooting. For that...
  4. Re: Room 2 vs Monument Valley Android puzzle game

    Room 2 is just awesome. I had just started playing this and it is far more challenging than the first version. It takes to you a different world where you are dealing with various puzzles and hidden...
  5. Re: Which android app can give updated train information

    For Indian rail service there is nothing best available. I think the website is the only best way. I keep the same as bookmarked on a web browser. I had tried using various apps but it does not...
  6. Re: Does turning off a laptop directly in sleep mode can cause issue

    Well it is worth to turn it off in a regular way. Forcefully turning it off can cause problem with the system. Like you can face issue with ram in future. So it is better you must try to turn it on...
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    Re: Anyone bought Lenovo A600 android phone

    I do not really thin 4G is really so required in India. There is long time for that. One good thing about this phone is that it is having a 64bit processor that makes it a good budget mobile. It is...
  8. Re: Will you prefer to go with Micromax Yu instead of Asus Zenfone 5

    Micromax models are not impressive. There are chances that you get a phone that will get slower in future. Zenfone series is not bad from any angle. But if you compare the specification of Micromax...
  9. Re: What is the difference between Whatsapp and WhatsApp plus

    WhatsApp plus is a bit better in performance.It is effective and works very well. It is considered to be a bit good in performance. You can test this if you want. The benefit of having this app is...
  10. Re: Which will be the best phone to buy for Christmas gift

    I think the best phone for the moment is Moto G (2nd Gen). This phone cost around Rs.13000 on flipkart. But there is a offer going on right-now. You can give your old phone and get a discount of...
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    Re: Looking for some basic Android homescreen

    I am using KK Easy Launcher 4 Basic launcher. It is an amazing replacement and also very light. It gives you a Android Kitkat type of look on your screen. It is ideal for those who are having big...
  12. Poll: Re: Should devices by Xiaomi and Oppo must be banned in India

    They are not purposely banned. The high court issued order because they are just not following proper patent stuff. And that is why they are being stopped from selling the phone. It is actual a fair...
  13. Re: Unable to receive call after iOS 8.0.2 update on iPhone 5S

    Start with taking a full phone backup through iTunes. Connect the phone to your pc and launch iTunes and then backup the device. Once done you will have to factory reset your device. You can do that...
  14. Re: iPhone 6 wifi could not connect after router restart

    It is a hardware bug according to me. The new wifi chip iPhone is either not compatible with other wifi standard or it is buggy. I had restored factory settings on my friends iPhone 6 around 3 to 4...
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    Re: 3G/4G not working on iPhone 6 iOS 8.0.2

    It is quiet right. I had done so many things in my friend iPhone 6 who is having exactly the same issue. Later on I allowed him to use my home wifi and that is also not stable. The connection keeps...
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    Re: 3G/4G not working on iPhone 6 iOS 8.0.2

    It is quiet right. I had done so many things in my friend iPhone 6 who is having exactly the same issue. Later on I allowed him to use my home wifi and that is also not stable. The connection keeps...
  17. Re: Kingston Wi Drive remains undetected on pc

    It is not a driver fault nor there is any problem with the pen drive. It is the issue with the wii drive cable. You have to get the official one or else it wont work. Some usb cables are only for...
  18. Re: Zeam Launcher is slowing down my smartphone

    If you need a nice light weight launcher then I do not think you can find anything better than Smart Launcher 2. It is simple and fast. It comes with minimum settings. And it is also not heavy on the...
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    Re: Where to find cheap led lights for camera

    There are separate set of kits available when it comes to waterproof camera accessories. This are costly and you cannot find them easily on the web. You will have to go with regular one and you use...
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    Re: What will be new in iPhone 6

    The primary attraction of the same is big size. You are going to get a big size device which will have a lot of new things and a good hardware also. I had seen some site that says that this time...
  21. Re: List if horror games for Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

    You can find the two season of The Walking Dead on Google Play. This two season brings you the exact story line which you had played before. And this is quiet nice to play on a big screen tablet. I...
  22. Re: Contact sync issue on Android phone through Gmail Contacts

    I do not sync. I always use the csv file. I had installed a automatic backup application on the phone which keeps on taking the backup of sms and contacts. A the end it will generate a csv file which...
  23. Re: Will CyanFox Android Kitkat 4.4.2 rom work on Canvas 2

    You can go for Xperia Legacy ROM, Nokia X Rom, Acer UI ROM, Ultimate NeXus Rom, etc. This phone has huge amount of roms available. But for kitkat I am not sure. All of this roms are based on...
  24. Re: How to completely migrate Blackberry data to Android

    You have to find something like MoboGenie. I am quiet sure that will help you in fixing the issue. MoboGenie is the best software for taking full backup and then restoring that. I had used it a lot...
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    Re: How windows phone are better than android

    It is very difficult to say which one is best but surely both the operating systems have its own pros and con's. Windows phone have simple interface and you can the tile home screen easily. This...
  26. Re: Streaming YouTube movies directly on windows desktop

    You can do that in vlc. It is the best player and it is capable of streaming youtube videos. It is extremely simple. All you have to do is open the YouTube page where the video is. Play the video and...
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    Re: Is Amazon Fire OS better than Android

    Most of the things look like similar to me in Fire OS. Like the app menu. After checking out the popularity of android I am quiet sure many manufacturer are going to add apk compatibility in their...
  28. Re: Android camera app that can provide different photos effects

    There are ample of good camera apps available for android devices. You can get it for free. It is right that if you are having a good camera in your phone and the stock camera app brings out less...
  29. Re: Is it possible to connect two Bluetooth headset to the same smartphone

    I had tested that on a tablet long time back. I was having a Bluetooth speaker and a Bluetooth headset. But when I play the audio output was only on the speaker. I have to choose the Bluetooth device...
  30. Re: Android app to stream live World cup score

    You can do that by making your device as a media server. This feature is available on Sony devices. I am not sure about others. It has a option through which your device will appear as a media server...
  31. Re: Which mobile phone are going to get Android 4.4 KitKat update

    For Sony the high end Z product line is going to get eh update. This also include Sony Xperia Tablet Z. The OTA update for this will be soon roll out. While for HTC, update is going to release soon...
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    Re: Keeping iPad photos on multiple location

    There are so many photo apps that you can use. One of them is Flickr. It is a web based platform where you get an option to share your photos with anyone you want. You can also have a app for the...
  33. Re: Budget quad core android smartphone to beat Moto E

    If you are not really serious about buying a Kitkat phone then you can go with few Jellybean device in the market which comes at the same price range. For example Karbonn Titanium S1. This one is...
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    Poll: Re: Motorola Moto G vs Nokia Lumia 620

    It is not really nice to compare phone of two different platform. Because Lumia is a windows phone and Moto G is android. As per my usage I really like Moto G because of its great feature and...
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    Re: Lenovo A369i freezing on UC Browser

    To improve your phone speed you have to first find which app is eating up too much memory. You can find that through Settings > Apps. Swipe to left to go under Running process. Below you can see the...
  36. Re: How to move videos from Dropbox to iPad internal storage

    There are few things you have to check. See that your phone has ample of storage left. There are chances that due to lack of storage drop box does not shows up the option to download the videos. I am...
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    Re: Cannot shrink wallpaper size on iPhone 5S

    The image resizing is bit limited because of parallax feature. This thing add a floating wallpaper on your screen. When you move your home-screen the wallpaper also floats. Now this feature has...
  38. Re: How to fast remove apps from android phone

    You can remove that but you have to check your interface. For example Samsung devices has this feature. You can wipe out a application from the home screen directly by tapping on it. Your interface...
  39. Re: Want to replace the existing android keyboard with some effective one

    Try Thumb Keyboard. I was quiet bored with the existing on android and shifted to Thumb Keyboard. It is nice and it gives you a bit better typing solution compared to the default Google Keyboard. It...
  40. Re: Advice for a budget external hard drive to gift

    Don't go for a budget model. It wont help you much. If you want to give gift something nice. HP P2050 looks really amazing. It is a 2.5inch drive. It looks really great. You get a 500GB storage space...
  41. Re: Good spy applications for android smartphone

    I will recommend you to test Mobile Spy. There is a reason for that. This app has too many features. It is a kind of all in one tool. Here you get options to track emails and calls. You can also...
  42. Re: Camera Error while taking photos on Moto G

    Try factory restore. Which will help. You have to backup your data first. Backup your contacts, sms, etc and then go in Settings where you can find complete factory restore. Once done use the camera...
  43. Re: Just bought new Samsung Galaxy S5 and it is freezing

    It looks you had installed too many applications in your device. Do this. Backup your data. You can do that through Samsung Kies. Just connect the phone and copy your contacts and other important...
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    Poll: Re: Google Now vs Siri vs Cortana

    I am willing to use Cortana. My friend has a windows phone but yet he had not performed any update. I had seen a demo of Cortana on YouTube and it shows that this one is more effective compared to...
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    Re: Looking for some useful tools for Android

    A few things you need is a call recorder, gallery locker, quick-heal mobile security, battery manager and app manager pro. This apps are really helpful. I use Gallery locker. I do not want everyone...
  46. Re: Performance and battery life of LAVA-Iris 550Q

    Most of this mid range phone are decent for gaming. You cannot put hd games. That will make the phone slower. You can go ahead with standard gaming output and enjoy all apps. I waiting for Gionee...
  47. Re: What is the cost of Galaxy Tab 4 cost in India

    Galaxy Tab 4 is just announced. I think most of the details on web is rumors. I am looking for the official news by Samsung. That will give a bit more idea about this. Surely this new tab will be...
  48. Re: Managing home screen apps for ACER Liquid E2 Duo

    You can customize it as per your need. Just tap on the home screen for few seconds and you will get option to make changes. You can add a speed dial widget on your home screen. This will help you to...
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    Re: Battery life of Gionee Elife E7

    For any device if you are using flash while taking photos the battery drain really fast. Constant internet and gps connection also affect the same. That is the reason I carry a portable power back...
  50. Re: Facebook stopped working after updating to iOS 7.1

    There can be some issue. Did you tried re-installing the app. Just check whether it has got any new update or not. You might be using a old app which will not work in the new iOS 7.1. You can try...
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