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    Re: Samsung Galaxy S4 Battery Life?

    There are many extended batteries in the market running at 3600mAh or 4000mAh that come at a very less prices as $7.29 or $12.86 respectively. For a mobile phone with thinner profile, the Galaxy S4's...
  2. Re: How to synchronize blackberry with Groupwise 6.0?

    Here I am sure that this problem is related with the update. For that reason only I would like to suggest you for try for the latest update for the GroupWise. And then try with the same task of...
  3. Re: Alienware Area-51 m7700 (Clevo D900T) turns off automatically

    This can be because of the virus infection in your computer. So you must check for that as well
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    Re: Wi-Fi card upgrade for Acer aspire 5310

    It is possible to do this if the card you are using is external and not the embedded one on the motherboard. To do this, first of all you must download the CPU-Z and from the about tab, you can save...
  5. Re: Need MAC Desktop software for Blackberry Bold 9900.

    Hey I have the solution for this. For that I will suggest you to download the BlackBerry Desktop Software v2.1.3.10. which is the latest version of the BlackBerry Desktop Software and this will also...
  6. Re: error 1316, while trying to uninstall BlackBerry Desktop Manager on windows 7.

    Here If still you are getting the same problem and you are not able to uninstall the desktop manage software then I will suggest you to take the help of the Windows Installer Cleanup utility. This...
  7. Re: How to connect Desktop Manager with BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES)?

    I think that in your case you might need to add the Internet Protocol (IP) address or you will need the name of the computer that hosts the BlackBerry Router, and that will alow the connection to the...
  8. Re: Blackberry desktop manager Error Code: 0x8004fd2b

    Here, I am having some steps, ad hope that this all will help to resolve your problem. The steps are as:

    When you face this error at that time close the Desktop Manager application.
    And then...
  9. Re: Blackberry Curve 3G 9300: how to downgrade to OS 5.0.

    Here for your case, I am having the easy steps for downgrading the OS in your BlackBerry phones. Try with them and hope that they will help you. The steps are as:-

    Uninstall / Install the...
  10. Re: BlackBerry Torch 9800: Desktop Software Error 0x80043ac9, need help

    For the same I have tried and there I can see that BLACKBERRY synchoperation does not like older years in a calendar and for that I have deleted the two old ones and then I see that after doing this...
  11. Re: Blackberry Curve 8520: error message “Music services failed to load” in Desktop Mgr 6.

    I think for that reason you will need to uninstall your Desktop Mgr again and install the new version once again. I am suggesting you this thing because you are facing this problem after the update...
  12. Re: Apple MacBook A1181: no backlight even after changing inverter. need help.

    I think that this fault is not related with the logic board because here you can see the video on the screen. I think that problem is relate with the backlight CCFL tube or related with the power...
  13. Re: Apple MacBook Pro: running slow after sleep mode

    In this case I will suggest you to switch the sleep mode again using the LID and then up the LID to came out of the sleep mode. After that test the speed by pressing the F3 key. And tell me if this...
  14. Re: Need help to connect Apple Macbook Pro to Sony Bravia HDMI and Aux sound

    Here in this case I will suggest you the following steps in it:

    Here you will need to disconnect your all connection and then reconnect the adapter and cable with the different HDMI port on the...
  15. Re: Apple iMac is having Mini DVI or Mini DisplayPort?

    Here for this you will need to check for the owner's manual and I am sure that it will have the picture describing all the ports on the machine. So try to get that and read that. And if you are...
  16. Re: Need help to choose between Apple Mac mini 2011 and Apple Mac mini server 2011.

    First I want to tell you that if you are a average computer user then I think that there is no need for your to buy the server for your use. So here I will recommend you for the Apple Mac Mini 2011...
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    Re: Radio application lost from Nokia N97

    I have read your problem and don’t worry you have not lost the radio application in your Nokia N97 mobile phone. Actually first there was as separate icon for the radio application in Nokia N97...
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    Re: Nokia N97 stopped vibrating

    I think somehow you have turned off the vibration option in your Nokia N97 mobile phone and that is why your mobile has stopped vibrating. first turn on that and after that your problem will get...
  19. Re: Anna update is not available for the Nokia E7

    I have referred your solution and after that I have tried to update the mobile software from my mobile phone and after that trying to update the software from the mobile phone also I was getting the...
  20. Re: facing difficulty while setting up new memory card in Nokia E5

    If you want to solve this then you should connect your mobile phone with you computer and after that you have to use Nokia OVI suite to download the maps for your Nokia E5. After downloading the...
  21. Re: Bug while searching the address book on home screen in Nokia E6

    I have read your problem and I will suggest you to try to solve this problem by doing this steps. firs you have to connect your Nokia E6 mobile phone with your computer and after connecting the...
  22. Re: Getting Error code 300 while installing application through Nokia OVI suite in Nokia E66

    well according to me you should firs connect any other mobile phone device with your computer and after that try to install the application In your mobile phone and then check whether you are getting...
  23. Re: Communities, push mail and yahoo not working in Nokia X2-01

    in your post you have mentioned that while setup the email and while using chat option you get problem with yahoo only and error message shows that it is wrong user ID and password problem that is...
  24. Re: How to delete unnecessary application from the Nokia C2-03

    I have gone through your problem and first of all I will ask you that what do you means by unwanted application because if you are talking about the predefine application which comes with the mobile...
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    Re: getting secondary camera error in Nokia C7

    if you have installed any application in your mobile phone related to camera then first remove it and after removing that check whether you are able to use the secondary camera in your mobile phone...
  26. Re: How to get back the pictures which Encrypted in Android App

    Well according to me you can also try to solve this issue by inserting the memory card in any other android phone and after that downloading the vault app you have to check whether you are getting...
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    Re: How to unlock BLACKBERRY MFI MULTILOADER 4.11?

    In this case I assume that you will need inside info from Blackberry for trigger a correct result. And also I can suggest you that you can try this thing with the help of the track team. I am sure...
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    Re: Windows Phone 7: how to play Digital Copy DVDs?

    no, I have not done this thing. I have not tried with them because I don’t have any Xbox still. but in this I will say that I have dedicated to the windows 7 media player center and also to the...
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    Re: Samsung focus: how to unlock the SD card?

    I also have some suggestion that how to unlock the SD card in the Samsung focus. here, you are saying that you have tried this SD card in your computer for formatting but you found that your computer...
  30. Re: Need help, while Tethering Samsung Sammy to Android Tablet.

    Well, after trying with the different products, eventually I am able to solve my problem and also for this one I had bye the different data sticks in this case. For that reason I had bought the new...
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    Re: Samsung Focus: Dropped in water, need help

    Hey I would like to say you that my focus VERY sensitive. I am telling you this thing because while it gets damp in my pocket, it will ding continually with the sound when you connect the USB cable...
  32. Re: Toshiba Tecra R10-120: 3G network is not working fine, need help.

    Hey I am not getting that what should be problem in your case. I am telling this thing because I resolve the same problem by making a manual profile for it and using it in case of the default...
  33. Re: Toshiba Portege R700: help in installation of Ubuntu 10.10

    Dude in this case, I think that if you are facing this freezing problem and still you are not able to resolve that problem then I think that there must be some problem I your laptop. This is because...
  34. Re: Cannot login in Social Hub with Samsung Epic 4G Touch

    Did you try to solve this issue by resetting your Samsung Epic 4G Touch sometime by doing the mobile reset also this type of problem can get solved. Try this solution and after that check whether it...
  35. Re: Toshiba Portege R700: help in installation of Ubuntu 10.10

    I think that the cooling modules are not completely able to provide the cooling to the system. I am telling this thing because I have seen some of the issue with the Linux and also with this series...
  36. Re: Unable to establish WLAN connection Toshiba Satellite Pro A40

    First check whether you are able to establish the connection with other router or not? if you are able to connect your laptop with any other router then I think the problem is with your router only...
  37. Re: Can I rewrite Toshiba satellite M10 BIOS through crisis recovery mode?

    Today's major brands are used AWARD BIOS, written by AWARD and AMI Software that is produced by American Megatrends International. The methods used to recover the BIOS in each case are slightly...
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    Re: Cannot access files from Toshiba Stor.E TV

    I don’t think that it is possible to access the setting if that is not booting.
  39. Re: How to turn on wireless capability on Toshiba Satellite A660 18N

    I was also facing the same problem with my laptop after that I have first tried to solve this issue by reinstalling the wireless drivers in my laptop and after reinstalling that also I was having...
  40. Re: Getting error with Wireless Manager V6 in Toshiba Portege R600-U10

    According to me you should try to solve this issue by doing the following steps. first you have to make sure that you have uninstalled the old wireless manger from your laptop completely. if you have...
  41. Re: Toshiba StorE Art 3.5 is not detected by notebook

    If the USB port where you are connecting the drive is not working properly then also you might get such problem. There must be additional USB port in the laptop, so you can connect that in other port...
  42. Re: Unable to connect internet using windows Vista in Toshiba Satellite P300

    First you have to go to the my computer and after that you have to right click there and after that you have to click on the properties and after going in to the properties you have to open the...
  43. Re: Toshiba Satellite Pro A110 crashes during large data transfer through LAN

    There was similar problem occurred with my system also and after that I have tried to fix that by reinstalling the LAN drivers and after that also I was having the same issue. Now after that that I...
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    Re: Toshiba Satellite A30: modem not working

    Reinstalling the driver is good idea but after doing the reinstallation, it is good to update the drivers. Below are the steps for that.

    After reinstallation, modem is ready for use. Do not...
  45. Re: Blackberry 8520 curve: How to enable java script?

    Sorry friend, I am not facing this type of the problem. In this case I will tell you that if you are facing this type of the problem then you will need to contact with the BlackBerry customer care...
  46. Re: Contacts disappear from with Sony Ericsson Xperia neo

    you have to check first when you get call in your mobile phone at that time you get contact name or not. if you get the contact name when you get call in your mobile phone then there might be...
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    re: Missing Outlook email indicator from taskbar

    If the computer that you are using is infected with virus then also you might get the issues like this. So just install some good antivirus in your computer and when you are done with the...
  48. Re: Unable to get internet connection after software update in Sony ericsson Xperia neo

    if you are facing the same problem after that also then I will suggest you to first insert any other SIM card in your Sony Ericsson Xperia neo mobile phone and after inserting the SIM card you have...
  49. Re: Cannot send messages from Sony ericsson Xperia neo

    first you have to switch off your mobile and then remove the SIM card from your mobile phone and after removing the SIM card you have to insert it again and after inserting the SIM card again in your...
  50. Re: How to set Nokia N8 Music Library to some folder

    I am not using that Nokia model so don’t have much idea about this but you can see the manual for the phone and go to the music player menu. I am sure that you will get the way to do it if that is...
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