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  1. Re: TP-LINK TD-8817 ADSL2 router configuring with Airtel broadband

    I think that there are 2 ways to configure the router that you have. Can you tell us whether you can access internet on your computer which is connected to ADSL modem? If so, then the best way will...
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    Re: low signal issue with Tata Photon Plus

    Can you tell us how big is your area that you would like to cover up and how much is your budget for purchasing a new router. You can also try to use a 3G USB datacard if you want. There are many...
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    Re: How to speed up Airtel usb modem

    There is on way through which you can speed up the usb modem. You have to contact the service provider that you are getting slow speed. It happens that sometime the modem gets damage and by replacing...
  4. Re: MTNL broadband 8mbps plan disconnects randomly

    Did you try to complain on the PGPortal about your issue, just tell them about the poor line quality that you are getting which is causing random disconnections. I am thinking that you will need to...
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    Re: Airtel ADSL disconnects every 10 minutes

    It does seem that your internet connection cannot support this speed and with the Beetel Router that you are using I am unsure if that is the main root of the problem. One thing I can suggest is that...
  6. Re: Unidentified Network problem with new Tikona internet connection

    Well, I have never taken Tikona internet plans at my place, but can you check if they have an office near by where you live? You can even try to visit their office in person which will make a huge...
  7. Re: getting missed calls from scam numbers and when called back huge amount is deducted

    Yes, I am afraid that there is no way these numbers can be blocked by DND services and even by the mobile provider that you are using. But if you have a Samsung android smartphone then you can easily...
  8. Re: Unable to redeem Rs.30 discount coupon on freecharge

    To get a bit more information on that you have to understand the terms and condition of that coupon. And I know a bit about that. The first condition is that this type of coupons comes with 2 days...
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    Re: Hathway HD Stream 3 in Pune Question

    One of my friend lives near the Kothrud area in Pune. He told me that he is using the hathway broadband for years now. He used to have some issue with their downtime for like 1 day every time. He was...
  10. Re: information on Airtel pay per second plans

    Although, Airtel had launched this Pay Per Second Plan which is also called "Freedom Plan" that seems to good to hear, but still the main disadvantage of this Pay Per Sec plan is that it is only on...
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    Re: How to join as a Crime Branch Officer?

    If you want to join the CID as an inspector then you have to appear for the SSC Combined Graduate Preliminary Examination. The examination is held every year. As for the eligibility, any male and...
  12. Re: BSNL Home Combo ULD 999 download speed very low

    I think that BSNL sets the port speed at the time of activating connection from their support end servers, usually when your internet is activated for the first time. So, at the start it usually is...
  13. Re: need information on booking airtel broadband online

    Isnt Reliance still not available at your place because I think that they have a very good Metro ethernet services that you can use. In any case, if you are opting for Airtel then you should ensure...
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    Re: How to find reliable freelancing job online

    Odesk is a good platform to locate the right kind of job. You can create your profile on that and search for the job. Odesk provide you various options and categories to choose the right job for you....
  15. Re: 3G connectivity of Tata Docomo blocked while tethering

    If you have an android mobile phone then I will suggest you to go to Google Play Store and download some apps that will let you to bypass the normal android tethering. You can check out ISWAT Tether...
  16. Re: Tata DOCOMO 100Mbps High Speed broadband plans

    I have also completed all the paper work and documents submission day before yesterday for this broadband plan and they have told me to wait for 10 days for the installation. Also, it seems that they...
  17. Re: configure dlink router for Hathway Docsis 3.0 broadband

    What you can do is open any internet browser on your computer or any device if it is connected via wifi and then whichever website you will go then it will keep redirecting you to the Hathway...
  18. Re: Reliance thunder 1099 plan with 4mbps - review

    I am from the South of India and i have been using this Reliance thunder 1099 4mbps plan from last 2 years without any issues at all. The average download speed that I am getting is more than 400kbps...
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    Re: 8mbps Plan of MTNL Broadband

    The above charges are one time investment and good if you stick with the MTNL broadband forever. Anyways, the starting 8mbps unlimited broadband plan of MTNL starts from Rs. 990 only and it gives you...
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    Re: How to activate vodafone voicemail

    Well, if you want to activate your voicemail service of vodafone in your mobile device then you need to call 1211 and then listen to the message and turn your phone off and turn it back on. If you...
  21. Re: Airtel broadband tariff increasing from March 26 2014?

    I remember that Airtel has done this second increase in their broadband plans within 3 years. On the other hand BSNL also has increased their tariff within last 12 months, so Airtel took this...
  22. Re: How to use the USB port on the beetel Wifi 450TC1

    It looks to me that you are attempting to use a regular dsl modem or router with a 3g wifi device and you cannot do that am afraid. You will need a router that can work with the wifi dongle like...
  23. Re: Airtel 3G 4GB Data Pack available for 90 Days

    Well, I have not heard about this plan but still if this internet data pack exists then I will call Airtel customer care to confirm about it. I checked their website though and nothing was mentioned...
  24. Re: How to block social websites on BSNL broadband vmc an1020-21 ?

    My friend has WD MyNet router. This is a amazing router with web based features. You just have to configure it online and you can control it through your web browser. You don't need to do anything in...
  25. Re: How to update firmware for MTNL 450TC1 Wifi Router

    I think that you can use the firmware that is replied in the above post. After downloading the firmware you will need to reset the mode and then try to update and do all the configuration. Just enter...
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    Re: Binatone Firmware DT4W-A1.002

    What is the error you are getting when you are trying to downgrade the firmware from .008 to .002? You will need to change your router password to its default password which is "password" only if...
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    Re: using external hard drive with Airtel HD+

    If you want to enable the recording then you will need to pay Rs. 525 and a recording top-up of Rs. 25 per month. Also you wont be able to use 1 partition of the hard drive with the set top box...
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    Re: Airtel data usage gets over quickly

    I do believe that you must keep the Smartbytes page as your homepage and then you will get some idea on how much data you are using in real on everyday basis. One thing I would also like to note is...
  29. Re: Vodafone 3G is offering 1gb data for only Rs. 126?

    I am based in Mumbai and after reading from here I went to Vodafone Mumbai page and still I can see that they are still offering Vodafone 3g 1gb data package at Rs. 250 only. I also cannot find any...
  30. Re: Which telecom provider offers a budget 1mbps unlimited broadband plan

    MNTL has some impressive plans in the market. Like Xpress Combo Unlimited 650. This is a unlimited plan . Here you get 2 Mbps for the first 12 GB and once you are done with that the speed is reduced...
  31. Re: Future cars will be rated on the basis of Collision Avoid Technology

    Don't you think manufacturers are taking a really long time in developing this kind of technology. They must do this long before. Some kind of tracking system that can inform emergency service a...
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    Re: How to use Airtel Rs 1 Entertainment Store

    The Airtel Rs 1 Entertainment Store is just a scam offer because usage charges apply. So if you dont have a internet data plan then charges will be applied if you watch any videos or photos online or...
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    Re: need a good mobile service provider in Pune

    You can get Idea mobile sim card which is the best working mobile network provider in Pune. The second choice that you can go for would be Vodafone. But let me tell you that dont ever go for Airtel...
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    Re: using Idea 3g net with Airtel

    Even I am facing the same problem of the speed and that too instead of 2 hours its changed to only 1 hours now. When I called the customer care service of Idea then they were not able to give me...
  35. Re: How to Remote Control Windows Phone 8 from PC

    Yep, there is no way to do screen sharing or Remote desktop with Windows Phone8. Hope somebody make any such app in near future.
  36. Re: How to unblock File Sharing Website for BSNL Broadband

    There are also different websites on the internet that you can find where they let you to browse the internet anonymously. One such that I was using was vtunnel. We just have to enter the website...
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    Re: How to use Airtel Money Transfer

    I wonder why Vodafone has not started this similar kind of service with them. The best part with this Airtel Money is that we can even make payments for DTH services at our home for all service...
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    Poll: Re: Best CDMA Service Provider in India

    There is a few set of plans available for CDMA users. Rightnow I found TATA as a reasonable solution. I am giving you links below where you can find ample of plans pack which are applicable for GSM...
  39. Re: Is there a Hathway broadband plan of 15 Mbps at cheap rate

    15mbps seems to be a good broadband speed, but as asked, what is the FUP on this broadband plan? Also, after reaching a certain limit of used data/downloaded data, what is the maximum download speed...
  40. Re: Reliance 3G download speed for mobile phone is very slow

    Actually, all mobile network providers say that they give a max of 21mbps speed if 3g is enabled in our phone. But even after having the good signal strength in our mobile phone we get approx 3-4mbps...
  41. Re: Which one among TATA Photon, MTS and Idea offers a good wireless internet

    Postpaid are costly. There are UN-necessary charges on them. While in prepaid atleast you have a choice to avoid extra expenses. I also think MTS is good here. But you must also checkout for some...
  42. Re: BSNL broadband keep lossing connection in windows 8 pro

    Have you installed latest windows 8 NIC drivers? If you haven’t than install it now and check your connection. If you face the same issue after installing latest windows 8 NIC drivers than you can...
  43. Re: Is Vodafone in Mumbai suffering from Network issues?

    You can contact the customer care of Vodafone and ask what the problem can be in the network. I am sure they will help you out. Maybe they are upgrading or making changes in their services or the...
  44. Re: What Ubuntu 12.10 offers in comparison to Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

    I was not aware about Ubuntu 12.10 update. Linux Mint 13 is the most recent open source operating system. It comes with new desktop which is Mate and Cinnamon.I upgraded for Ubuntu to Mint, but never...
  45. Re: Vodafone 3G Mobile internet vs. Mobile Broadband

    With mobile broadband, you will have complete internet access like any other broadband internet. You can also use internet on mobile as well as on PC or laptop. The only thing is that your mobile...
  46. Re: How to get BSNL SMTP server name and port number?

    To get the SMTP server name and port number via BSNL, it is best that you contact the respective person working with BSNL as he would be best person to help you out of it. Since you are getting the...
  47. Re: BSNL Modem selection and troubleshooting tips

    If you want to configure the Microsoft Outlook along with the BSNL connection too. Start the Microsoft Outlook and go in the tools and go in the options for setting accounts. Click on mail and add...
  48. Re: How to avoid Hathway manual login for internet connection

    Hey, I received a reply from Hathway and what they told me is that they will now update the system time to more than 4 hrs. I was not at all satisfied with what they did. Logging in after every 4 hrs...
  49. Re: Is Tikona a better option than using BSNL wireless EVDO?

    I am a complete new customer of Ticona. This is my 2nd week of Ticona Broadband connection usage and let me tell you that I am really enjoying it. i would expect you to go with the plan that I...
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    Re: Hathway blocking torrent sites?

    After few days of this censorship on internet, it came into news that Madras High Court had requested for blocking of certain WebPages that had content related to the movie requiring protection...
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