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  1. Re: Problem while inserting data in MS Access

    I have checked and my table is empty or so it has no risk of duplication. My primary key is of type AutoNumber. But is it annoying part inheritance, since the two tables provide specifications and...
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    Re: Nvidia PhysX with ATI card on PCI-E

    I would like to discuss about the adjustment of the brightness of the backlight. You can set the reduction of backlight after a period of time has elapsed specified.

    Tap Start> Settings> System>...
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    Re: Ferrari One XGP System

    The peripheral Acer sells it directly, calling Acer DynaVivid Graphics Dock. Its design reminds me of the Acer Aspire Revo , with very similar dimensions and weight is around 0.65 kg. With this...
  4. Re: Switching from Core 2 Duo to Core 2 Quad appropriate?

    Have recently C2D E6400 by 3,2 Ghz on C2Q Q6600 changing seats. The Q6600 is currently running at 3.4 GHz, the 3.6 Ghz do go too well, but must be present (not just in terms of higher Vcore). Did the...
  5. Re: Nokia N900 continuously tells not sufficient memory in target place

    Flashing the eMMC as well as rootfs on your Nokia N900 will totally reset the device to factory settings, reverting the whole thing to factory settings, counting /home among all (app-)partiality,...
  6. Re: GRUB messed up while installing Kubuntu 10.10

    Make use of a file manager to increase the partition where Kubuntu is installed, after those just edit both the “/boot/grub/grub.cfg” and “/etc/fstab”, if you can boot the live CD; utilize...
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    Re: How to get paid for receiving calls?

    I only memorized that one of my friends used to call his virgin mobile from his other phone and kept two open for an indefinite period. He had a scheme for limitless outgoing in his another card. He...
  8. Re: Information of Visual Web Developer Express

    There are many thing is there about Visual Web Developer Express. But I like to give you some detail of security. Through using ASP.NET features like membership, roles, and login server controls, you...
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    Re: Details of chkdsk command

    The chkdsk command is obtainable from within the recovery console in Microsoft Windows 2000 and Windows XP. The chkdsk command is frequently used with numerous other recovery console command.

  10. Re: SharePoint 2010: Problems with integration with Reporting Services

    Sometimes, it also pops up saying that "Object Reference not set to an instance of an object". This CAN OCCUR inaccuracy if, after the Reporting Services Add-in is installed and activated on a...
  11. Re: How to add and delete users in a distribution group?

    To add a distribution list (group) as a member of another distribution list (group), follow these steps:

    In the console tree, right-click the right mouse button on the distribution list (group)...
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    Re: Nokia Service Center Locations in USA

    For the same I have gone to the official site of the Nokia ad I have found the exact solution of my problem. I have then gone to perfect service center of the Nokia. And my Nokia N95 is now working...
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    Re: Impressions numbered in Indesign CS4

    It is as simple (or complicated) as typing, only we must use the appropriate command, choose the starting point, the font size, angle of inclination of the text (not the letter) and type the letters...
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    Re: Trouble while attaching photos to email

    I was having similar type of issue. I do not necessarily have an updated version (in fact I control this aspect of things wrong because I do not use and was serving for the photos). But I solved part...
  15. Re: Windows Live Messenger Error Code 80080005

    To work around this problem, change the value of the subkey in the registry:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ System \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ Session Manager \ SubSystems \ Windows
    If you want to...
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    Re: Children laughing sound clip

    Hey this right. I heard that the Cosby Show, and Naughty By Nature "Everything will be alright" can be used at various tv shows. I think they must have copy right for that.
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    Re: Best place to get large poster printed

    You have to go to the AdoramaPix for fine printing. They gives better print and they provide highest quality. The source for the highest quality photo prints and photo books and all your photo...
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    Re: Adjust default Finder column width

    Open the window of a directory, your home for example, in the present list in the menu appropriately. Show "View Options" [command] + J select the option "All windows" set column widths (Possibly...
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    Re: Free Sound Effects Site???

    You have to use for this purpose. Looking for movie and tv sound clips? You've Reached just the best sound site on the 'Net. All of Our audio files and Databased Have Been Categorized...
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    Re: igs to Cinema 4d

    If you converted the objects. Obj then format, as far as I know, they come as objects polygon. I guess that Carrera has created the "NURBS" name, but they are still regular polygon objects. You can...
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    Re: Painting in Photoshop CS5

    CS5 Suite Web Premium is for the production of websites and digital content standards. The Flash Platform is included in this sequel, like Dreamweaver, for content management (CMS), enabling the...
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    Re: BodyPaint 3D Question

    BodyPaint 3D is a program that can make the textures of our choice on any 3D image, painted directly on the image in question. The painting offered by the proprietary software is very comprehensive...
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    Re: render engine for animation?

    There are several methods for 3D rendering (methods of calculations to obtain a raster image in two dimensions). The most common methods are the ray tracing and rasterization. The RIP is the method...
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    Re: Dell Changes DCSE Program

    DCSE accreditation is valid for one year. As new products are launched, the DCSE Certified technicians required to pass new modules within announced specific periods. Anticipating the Associate DCSE...
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    Re: Security deposit not refunded

    It might be possible that your security deposit may have been adjusted against any of your pending bills or pending charges. It might also have been charged if your cell phone which you have returned...
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    Re: bin to mpeg converter

    I have downloaded the converter mentioned in the above thread posted by the 'ThoMas321'. It is working well and I am able to convert the bin to mpeg. I think you too need the same thing. So, you can...
  27. Re: How to use a PDF creator to password-protect any document?

    Now, most PDF creators using a weak encryption method by default, but you can use a better encryption for added security. You can simply change the encryption settings in the options panel, the...
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    Re: How to make a photo manager?

    Not only can you organize your photos with ACDSee 9 Photo Manager, but you can even get a thumbnail of each image you can choose to edit, set a new size and shape, organize zoom levels, and even...
  29. Re: Running Virtual PC Integration features without password

    The following are the steps useful for installing Windows Virtual PC and Windows XP mode :

    Download the installers for Windows Virtual PC and Windows XP mode on the website of Windows Virtual...
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    Re: HyperV vdi brokering

    You can Log in to VDI Manager by following the given steps :

    Go to http:// <server_name>: 1800 (or http://localhost:1800 if remote administration is disabled) and use the credentials of the root...
  31. Re: Why Winamp keeps asking for permission in Windows 7?

    Despite the optimization of which he was the object, the UAC can be disabled by Windows 7 as follows :

    Control Panel
    Accounts and protect users
    User Accounts
    Change settings of...
  32. Re: How to use Office programs with plug-ins of Norton AntiVirus Office?

    If you have installed Norton AntiVirus 2006, then follow the steps to disable it :

    In the taskbar, click the right mouse button on the Norton icon, and then click Norton AntiVirus Options.
  33. Re: Advantages of Project 2007 over Project 2003

    The cost profile is not distributed properly in the month when the following conditions is met :

    Actual costs are entered before the profile.
    The duration and rates exceed a monthly limit.
  34. Re: Advantages of Migrating from Microsoft Access to MySQL

    The first question is what you really need to migrate to MySQL? Using the MySQL server as a storage place for data from Microsoft Access offers several advantages: high performance, cross-platform,...
  35. Re: Microsoft Access to prevent database corruption

    Security data must also be a concern, along with problems of database corruption. Since Microsoft application link file access back-end MS Access file located on a central server, different users can...
  36. Re: What are Document Assembly and Document security supported in the Open XML Format?

    Security is increasingly important in information technology. The Open XML format allows developers to a higher level of security when working with office documents and create solutions where...
  37. Re: Content Manipulation of MS Office with XML files

    In a PowerPoint presentation saved as Open XML format, the content is easily accessible. As the first version of PowerPoint that provides an XML format, it opens many new scenarios that were simply...
  38. Re: Error Message while trying to Save a file in Excel 2007

    The process was interrupted while creating the temporary file because you pressed ESC, some hardware failure or software or other media problem occurred. The original file remains intact and, unless...
  39. Re: How to use a VB ActiveX component for Word automation from Internet Explorer?

    I would like to suggest you to download Autoword.exe. After you download Autoword.exe, follow these steps to configure the example :

    Create a folder named bill in the virtual root directory of...
  40. Re: How to use ADO to read and write data in Excel workbooks using ExcelADO?

    If you are using the Visual Basic, then follow the steps mentioned below :

    In Visual Basic, open the file ExcelADO.vbp.
    In the Project menu, select References, and then set references to...
  41. Re: How To Dismiss a Dialog Box Displayed by an Office Application with Visual Basic?

    Study the object model of the Office application to see if there may be some property that prevents certain dialog boxes. For example, the Excel Application object has properties AskToUpdateLinks and...
  42. Re: How to Enable AutoArchive Feature in Outlook 2007?

    The following steps could be useful for setting Properties of the AutoArchive feature for a folder :

    In the Folder List, click the right mouse button on the file to be archived automatically,...
  43. Re: Error while shutting down .pst file or the .ost file in Outlook 2007

    If you are running Outlook 2007 SP1 without the cumulative update for February 2009 and exit Outlook while you are present the gear icon, conciliation must restart the next time you run Outlook. In...
  44. Re: How to use a setup log file to troubleshoot Office Setup?

    The verbose logging is not used for the initial installation of Office, but it can be used in case of failure of the setup, the second attempt installation creates a detailed log file. However, the...
  45. Re: A corrupt global template causes errors when automating Word 2007.

    I think that you should first know the basic concepts of the global template. Then you will understand the issue that is causing an error. The global template file used by Word can be damaged. In...
  46. Re: Troubleshoot problems while trying to activate Office 2007

    If you try to install an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) of a 2007 Office product on another computer, remember that you can install the OEM version only on a single computer. You must purchase...
  47. Re: How to create a bulleted or numbered list in Word?

    If you have not started a list, you can create a bulleted or numbered list automatically as you type. To do this, follow these steps :

    Start Word and open your document.
    Do one of the...
  48. Re: How to select the Styles in

    The first five icons at the top of the Styles and Formatting window to select the category on which styles you want to work. Click on an icon to display the list of styles in this category, such as...
  49. Re: Troubleshooting error messages that receive while trying to send and receive mail in Outlook

    These error messages may occur if Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Outlook Express can connect to your mail server. These error messages are frequently caused by one of the following :

    There are...
  50. Re: Error : "Msimn.exe has generated errors and will be closed by Windows" in Outlook Express

    When you use Outlook Express, you may receive another error which is similar to yours :

    MSIMN caused an invalid page fault in module MSOE.DLL.

    These both errors may be due to one of the...
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