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    Re: iOS 7 releasing on September 10th

    Hi, just want to add something here. Checkout the mail where release dat for iOS 7 was leaked:
  2. Re: Windows 8.1 Preview error “You need to install one or more updates to your firmware or device drivers”

    Glad to hear that you fixed the problem. Here is a note for users running Windows 8 on Intel’s 32-bit Atom System-On-Chip (SoC) processors and willing to update to Windows 8.1. There are new...
  3. Re: Windows 8.1 Preview error “You need to install one or more updates to your firmware or device drivers”

    Is your Dell Inspiron laptop updated with all new drivers and firmware? If not, you will surely get that error message while updating to 8.1. The problem is not with just Dell but with other brands...
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    Re: Install Classic Shell in Windows 8 RP

    I did not like the interface. I though Windows 8 will be bit different with enhanced interface instead of this Metro UI. It offers you a pin feature by which you can keep your most viewed documents...
  5. Re: HP Envy 4-1002TX high performance ultrabook

    Still ultra-portables are quiet costly. The reason can be the design. Fitting a gpu, cpu and other devices inside compact design rise the cost to great extent. We can hope for better and cheaper...
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    Re: Need Zune alternative software

    Wow, thats great Maq.h. i was not aware of this and always use to go through that irritating process of connecting cables and Sync. Can you please tell me in which instance, my Lumia will Sync with...
  7. Re: Why does a number of software development does not meet the deadline

    It usually depends on the firm that you are working with. It is right that you need a perfect co-ordinator or guy who knows everything about the project. The people you met online mostly are like...
  8. Monster Life game out on Google Play for Android phones

    I made this thread to discuss on Monster Life. This is a new game released for Android and is free on Google play. The game offers a simple puzzle type gameplay with ample of new stuff. I had...
  9. Unable to update Jelly Bean 4.1 on my Motorola Xoom tablet

    Need some urgent help from you all guys. I heard that Google has released the jelly bean update for Moto xoom tablet last week but when i am searching for the same, am not getting any update...
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    Re: Opera Mini 7 working very slow

    Thanks for the info friend, but re-installation as well dint fixed my problem. Though i noticed a bit speedup but it is not how it was working with mini 6. What else can i do to fix it ? One more...
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    Opera Mini 7 working very slow

    Hi, i just upgraded my opera mini to the latest Opera Mini 7.0.3 on my Android Samsung Galaxy S5360. Installation went fine but when am using this browser, i felt it working slower than its earlier...
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    Re: How secure Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is

    Well dude, If am not wrong I guess ASLR was first introduced in Ice cream sandwich. But as far as security is concerned, even that is not secure from getting exploit or getting effected with Malware....
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    Re: Turbo C not giving output properly.

    I think you need to install Borland software in your computer and you need to write same coding in Borland software. If coding run successfully and give proper output it means there are no problem in...
  14. Re: Can i open multiple applications in Windows 8 Consumer Preview

    You’ve got to be kidding, currently there is already IE, Word and Excel open on my desktop. There’s no issue of the type you mentioned for sure.

    I’ve been using Windows 8 Consumer Preview...
  15. Poll: Re: Which music/video player do you Prefer and why?

    Definitely, Winamp player it is so compact and so loaded with several functions and options! I like playing songs with it because of its song quality and loudness! Definitely better then windows...
  16. Have you purchased all the items in Petville

    I was just wondering. Is there anyone who has purchased all the items in stores in anticipation of trading becoming available? If you have bought all items, did you also buy each item in each color...
  17. Enough of the begging for items in Tresure Isle

    It's bad enough having to repeatedly ask the game friends for cookies and other stupid items, but now the items where you can only get them by posting. 15 expedition items REALLY? There are not...
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    Re: Netgear router connection problems and iPad

    I have the same problem the Ipad once opened the page where you enter username and password is still there and it does not proceed with the connection setup. My iPhone 3g connects easily with the...
  19. New Energy Levels in PetsVille is not acceptible

    It appears as the Energy Level scale in the PetsVille game is not acceptable and hence its better to know what do you think of it. I would like to know whether these energy levels are better than...
  20. How to deal with rude neighbors in FarmVille

    Please move if the wrong place and i am sorry for placing it here if so. My wife has 2 neighbors they deleted me because if cityville because i had the balls to quit playing and blocked the app. Well...
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    Re: Unwither Ring Pros and Cons

    I have one and love it, it's cute and it's nice to have it for when I forget about short crops or when FarmVille has it's issues. I've already planted a few Strasberry crops and then fell asleep and...
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    Re: Should i delete Nursery Barn in FarmVille

    I'm in the same boat. I've gotten rid of my turkey coop, my animal feed building, and have gone from 3 dairy farms to 2. I keep hoping Zynga will listen to the masses and rethink the baby...
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    How to use facebook credits on cityville

    I have a facebook account and i have started playing CityVille. Sometimes it appears as you will have to use the facebook credits of my system. How do you use facebook credits on cityville or any...
  24. Re: Accidentally deleted capitol building in CityVille

    Instead of deleting an extra road, the bulldozer erased my capitol building. The popup warning was for the road not the Capitol building but it disappeared, anyway. Is there a way to get it back?...
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    All In One beta Store Tab in FarmVille

    Whats up with this , I m on level 20 and my friend is on level 21 she has an All-in-one(beta) shopping icon in her world tab and it makes shopping a lot easier. But for some reason I don't have it...
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    No Debris and Rocks in FarmVille

    I am not able to find any rock or debris in FarmVille as my other neighbors do find sometimes , what is the way to get Debris and Rocks in FarmVille , I am playing FarmVille since last two months it...
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    HTC Desire HD Vs Samsung Galaxy S

    Its almost been a year i am using a Nokia E63 Cell Phone. But now i am looking forward to purchase a new tab type Phone with full touchscreen so i researched a lot to find one for my self and after a...
  28. Re: Wireless card is not detected on Dell xps m1730

    Ok thanks, I tried the procedure which you have mentioned in your above reply. As I though the network card is working perfectly and It detects the available networks. I tried to install Intel Pro...
  29. Wireless card is not detected on Dell xps m1730

    For now I have a problem which says my wireless network adapter built into my laptop no longer detects the wifi network. The wireless card in question is the Intel PRO / Wireless 3945ABG. I already...
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    Re: Dell C640 is not charging

    only the background light is gone if you light a lamp on the screen, you can tell that all programs are still running. And if I collapse the display and then open my back is the backlight back for 10...
  31. Which is the best amongst Bulldozer vs Nehalem

    I will be purchasing a new processor within a day or two. But am confused between the Bulldozer and the Nahalem processor so please tell me which processor should I buy want to purchase the best CPU....
  32. How much time will google take to index my page again

    So for my lack of experience was the following question arises: the sitemap I went two days ago, can get my site is well indexed and I do not go because you have to wait a while? Or on the contrary...
  33. Re: Dell inspiron 1525 monitor beeps few times and says no signal

    Hello, Good afternoon, my problem is that overnight the battery stopped charging and does not work only serves plugged like a normal computer that may damage the battery is missing. what could be the...
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    EVGA GTX 570 89 ° C and very loud

    After the anticipation, now unfortunately the problem. I posted it already in the EVGA forum, but since now everyone is asleep. My newly installed EVGA GTX 570 overclocked gives me problems. After 10...
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    Re: Gigabyte X58A UD5 cool boot BSOD

    Thanks for the replies and suggestions. The parts are all 3 weeks old.
    Memtest shows no errors after 1.5 hours. The capacitors on the motherboard look ok, no buckles or the like. My system I'm...
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    Gigabyte X58A UD5 cool boot BSOD

    Yes I need some help with getting BSOD. I get it at the beginning of the boot (every time) and when trying to enter safe mode, I have the same BSOD after Classpnp.sys is loaded. When i try running...
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    Re: ASUS P3V4X fan not working

    Hello folks, getting a hook in your problem, tbem to a problem, I turned on the pc, when it gets there to start the windows and flashes the screen with the boot options. I've chosen mode that then...
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    Re: PCI EX1 slot trouble on Gigabyte MA74GM S2

    My problem is that my computer does not detect my PCI slots on the motherboard. PC is a somewhat crazy, because I do not recognize me another hard drive some time ago, and was solved by passing a...
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    GTX 460 graphics Error with windows 7

    The problem occurs when installing Windows 7 and installing graphics drivers, me gives a blue screen and restarts continuously. It seems that file fails nvlddmkm.sys and error code is 116. I've tried...
  40. How to Make Transparent Dock and reflexes in iPad

    For those who want to make the dock transparent and realize that Winterboard is not possible, as I leave here.

    The two files (they are iconos.png) are:
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    samsung corby photo file became invalid

    I've samsung corby gt s3653, i've downloaded samsung PCstudio from net and installed in my phone. When i connect my phone to the system it shows all photos but when i remove my phone from system and...
  42. Replacing keyboard of my Dell Studio 1558 laptop

    So here this evening from the keyboard of my dell studio 1558 laptop does Plus no keys function as yesterday I had no going to Control Panel / keyboard and tell myself that there is no problem....
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    Re: Overclocking my ASUS M4A785TD-V EVO

    My Athlon X4 630 was four months outstanding at 3.5 GHz. Here, the multi-HT was reduced from 10 to 8 and increased the FSB from 200 to 250 MHz. The voltage was at 1.375 V. The motherboard is the Asus...
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    D3Dx9_43.dll missing How to Fix this error

    After installing a game, it says that d3dx9_25.dll was not found What to do?? thank you for your help. I have been using a desktop computer which is installed with windows 7. Yesterday i was trying...
  45. Good CPU Cooler for Phenom II 1090t black edition

    I am looking for a good for my Phenom II 1090t Black Edition , I want you to suggest a quiet and powerful CPU cooler for socket AM3. I have an AMD X4 Phenom2 945th. The fan should cost a maximum of...
  46. Re: Virtual pc XP mode Resolution error in windows 7

    I am also facing a similar kinda issue with the virtual PC XP mode. When i try to log on to Windows XP mode, I am getting an error message "The local policy of this system does not permit you to...
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    Dell Inspiron 1545 CMOS error

    Here is the laptop my uncle is a inspiron 1720 with vista on it. It happened to start windows but then not do anything at all. Forced to turn off the pc by forcing the button. I launched a test...
  48. Re: Gateway Laptop Black screen and sound loop

    Today I tried to turn it on and I pop another thing on the screen and the words ENTER on a black background and then it was only the flashing dash. Another thing I sometimes will read and then...
  49. Gateway Laptop Black screen and sound loop

    I am having a gateway laptop m-6813m, which functioned well, Some of these days it is giving me a problem but it does nothing just light up the but screen is totally black a friend told me that it...
  50. Re: HP Pavilion DV2713TU laptop shuts down randomly

    I have a laptop that has 2 ½ years is a Gericom Silver Shadow, P4, 1.7 GHZ, 256 MB I'm having a little problem since a few days, my laptop turns itself off, so every time I have to turn back. Do you...
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