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  1. Adding a first Windows 2008 R2 64 bit DC in to Windows 2003

    I am having a parent and child domain here. They are like a.locl and aa.a.local. The domain and forest functional level here is Windows 2000. While the parent and Child domain has Windows 2003 Domain...
  2. Outlook keeps asking for password - Help Needed.

    I am using SBS 2008 Server. From last couple of days there is a problem with the connectivity. The problem only occur on a single client which is having Windows Vista SP2 on the same. The user has...
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    Cannot join domain on Windows Server

    I need some help with Domain configuration. I am unable to jion the same. i am trying to connect two Windows XP workstation on the same but somehow it looks the connectivity fails here. I cannot find...
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    Express Recovery 2 - Gigabyte

    I am not able to run Express Recovery on my system. I am having a Gigabyte EG43m-S2H motherboard. With 4GB DDR2 RAM and 300 GB Seagate. I am trying to create a system image using Express Recovery 2....
  5. Domain Controller "status"on new W2K8 server is "not available"

    I had configured a new Domain Controller. There is a new windows server installed which has Windows Server 2008 x64 bit OS. Later on performing adprep, dns and ad ds role I went into the server and...
  6. Re: Problem After Creating Home Folder with vbs script

    Thank you very much for the help guys. That did it.

    Help appreciated.
  7. Problem After Creating Home Folder with vbs script

    I have created a script which automatically creates users and assign them to security groups. It also created and sets home folder. Before I post my problem, just heave a look at this script:...
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    Cannot login to domain controller

    I am facing a problem with domain controller login. It is not working. I am getting a error on the screen. The error says that Windows is unable to connect to the domain. The domain is not available....
  9. Want Office 2003 interface instead of Office 2007

    How to get Office 2003 interface on Microsoft Office 2007. I had just upgraded and unable to find out any option related to that. I was also looking for some kind of transformation pack on the web...
  10. Creating custom default user profile copy

    I need some help here to create a custom profile in my system. I am unable to do the same. I found some articles on the web related to creating a custom user profile but that does not look to be...
  11. how to erase hard drive and reload win xp

    Hi, I’m new to computers atleast for this task, hence need you guys help. I have a very old Dell Solo 9550 laptop running with Widows 98. It has huge unwanted data and scrap which is eating up the...
  12. Cannot run ATI Catalyst setup on SBS2003R2SP2

    I am facing problem while installing ATI Catalyst on SB 2003. I had contacted amd for the problem but it looks that there is no respond from it. As per the specification which is mentioned I was able...
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    Boot.Ini and recovery Console

    I am using Windows XP. I had actually upgraded form Windows ME and the upgrade process failed due to which my system is not booting up problem. I am using a laptop here. The upgrade process was not...
  14. BSOD - error code 1000000a, parameter1 0000bab4, parameter2 000000

    My Windows XP pc freezes a lot. I am getting a constant bluescreen crash on the same. The error is code is 1000000a, parameter1 0000bab4, parameter2 00000002, parameter3 00000001, parameter4...
  15. Installing files for East Asian Languages without CD-ROM

    I am looking for some help in installing language on my Windows XP PC. I am here using the XP installation cd. I am using Windows XP Home Edition here. I tried doing the same through control panel >...
  16. I appreciate your help Winckle but i dont think...

    I appreciate your help Winckle but i dont think its gonna work for me because in my case i am able to click all icons in control panel as well as the Turn features On/Off applet starts. But after...
  17. Turn Windows Features On or Off shows a blank window

    I am a Windows Vista user. Recently installed Vista on one of my XP running desktop. Due to some problem I am trying to re-install my Windows Media Player. To do the same I went to Control Panel >...
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    Word and Excel files slow to load.

    I need some help to fix the performance issue of Microsoft Office. It is working extremely slow. When I open any file it takes a huge time to load up completely. It is a bit annoying. Compare to that...
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    Setup cannot find any hard disk drives

    I am facing issue with windows repair. Suddenly windows stopped working. So I thought to perform a repair setup and hope that it will help to some extent. But when I try to run a repair setup it is...
  20. Unable to Start Server Service - svchost.exe

    I need some help with svchost.exe. I am here not able to share any of my folders on the local network. It is not working at all. When I apply the sharing settings I am getting a error that the...
  21. uninstall and reinstall office 2007 without using additional license

    I recently bought Office 2007 with three license key and have already installed it on my three computers. Now as I also bought a new laptop I want to remove office suite from one desktop and install...
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    I tried your suggestions too buddy but seems like...

    I tried your suggestions too buddy but seems like even it cannot help. I disabled all the services, then checked the installer and restarted computer, no success. But seems like there is a new...
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    Re: Windows Vista: error 1719!! Help!

    Seems like there are several users facing Error 1719 with Vista, including me. Mine is Vista Ultimate edition 32bit and this error wont allow me to install or uninstall anything from my system....
  24. Desktop has background only, no icons or taskbar

    I am using a Windows XP PC here which is working extremely slow. When I start the pc it loads up slowly that shows blank screen. Only the task bar is visible. There are no icons on the screen nor...
  25. Video Codecs- Lead MCMP/MJPEG Codec (VFW) Movie Maker problems

    I am facing a problem with Windows Movie Maker. I am using Windows XP here. I am not able to capture any video through my Camcorder using Movie Maker. It was working but somehow it looks like problem...
  26. Trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain

    I am facing a big issue here. At the time of adding a new user to the workstation I am facing a error related to some trust relationship. I am using a old user account. This was used before and at...
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    converting wmm from wmv to avi

    I need some help with converting WMV audio files here. I want to convert WMV files to AVI but I am not able to find out a working solution for the same. I need some way by which I can create a proper...
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    Exchange OMA issue on Windows Server

    I am facing problem with OWA. I am having Windows Mobile 5. I am able to sync properly and somehow it looks the sync is not at all working properly. Whenever I try to do that I am getting a error...
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    Not able to skip autochk on windows xp

    I need some help here with my system which is having Windows XP SP2. There are two hard drive on it. The first one is the oldest. I just added a new one recently to extend my storage. Now the system...
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    Missing - Local USers and Groups

    I cannot see Local Users & Group inside Computer Management. It is not visible and there is nothing listed. I am getting a error when I try to access it. The error is unable to access computer...
  31. RWW vbscript: remote desktop disconnected

    I am using SBS 2003 Premium Server. All users connect to the server via RWW. Now when some of them are trying to access they are getting some error related to vbscript. The one that I had mentioned...
  32. Tsweb, RWW and OWA not working in Windows Server

    I am upgrading my server to SBS 2003. I am expecting to have some better features now with more additional options. But somehow after the installation things went wrong. A number of services fail to...
  33. There is no disk in the drive, please insert a disk into the drive

    Whenever I start my computer I am getting a error message on the boot screen. The message related to some no disk in drive. I am getting the error continously on every boot. My DVD drive is empty....
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    How to change time sync server

    I need some help here. I am not able to get proper time on m network. There are many Windows XP Workstations available on the network and they are connected to the Domain. Before the time server...
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