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    Re: Tips to choose the best iPad Keyboard

    Top iPad keyboards:

    Logitech Ultrathink

    Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard:This one lies on the top of my list. There are many benefits of buying a Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard mini keyboard for...
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    Tips to choose the best iPad Keyboard

    Apple iPad is one of the most successful tablets in the market. It comes loaded with ample of great features. You wont really need your laptop if you have a iPad with you. But to use the same...
  3. Re: Error 0x80070057 Cannot make system restore disk

    The issue that you are facing is mostly caused because of a software called Truecrypt volume mounted when you are trying to create a system repair disc. You just have to dismount the Truecrypt volume...
  4. Poll: Re: Which is the best torrent client Tixati vs uTorrent

    Yes, you can run Tixati and other torrent softwares like uTorrent at the same time on your pc. You can even set the maximum upload and download speed in both the torrent clients. Personally I have...
  5. Re: Unable to change/ disable the Windows Keyboard Shortcuts on windows 7

    Can you try to disable the sticky keys and filter keys and see if that helps. To do this go to Control Panel and click on Ease of Access center and then find link for "Make the keyboard easier to...
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    Re: need games and apps for MT6235 iphone 4s

    You need to check what kind of file does your MT6235 iphone 4s china mobile phone supports. Most of the china mobile phones that I have come accross use java files and so you can download and install...
  7. Re: How to Remove or Reset Trend Micro OfficeScan Uninstall Password to Default

    There is also another method to uninstall Trend Micro OfficeScan. To do that first disconnect the pc from the network. After that go to Start and then in Run type regedit. Now go to this registry key...
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    Re: How to fix 0×8004230C Error in Windows

    Follow the below instructions to solve this issue:

    First of all click on Start.
    After that click on Control Panel.
    Now you have to go to System and Maintenance.
    After that click on...
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    Re: How to identify Pirated CD

    I have heard that the music industry have also developed a security measure called Cactus Data Shield which is designed to add noisy garbage to the copied CDs. The other main issue is that it might...
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    Re: 100% usage of CPU problem

    Can you try to press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open Task Manager and check what process is using 100% CPU usage? I think that there might be some software corrupted or either due to heating issue the CPU...
  11. Re: Why lwsdebugout.txt file is growing when Logitech C510 HD Webcam unplugged?

    You can also use the below script to kill the LWS process and then delete the existing LWSDebugOut.txt and create a new file and then make it read only. Just create a file with logitech.bat and then...
  12. How to Root Micromax Canvas 4 A210 Smartphone

    I will tell you the procedure on how to root your Micromax Canvas 4 smartphone. Just follow the below steps completely and if you have any doubts then do ask me questions about it:

    First of all...
  13. Send and Receive Emoticons from Iphones on Android Phone

    As an iPhone user, we often complain when someone uses Android and does not receive a smiley. Today I will teach you how to install and use Emoji app on Android to receive and send smileys on iPhone...
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    How to clear Search History in Windows 8

    When you run a search from the home of Windows 8, it usually saves your queries and stores them in a log. Here's how to purge this history.

    On the Home screen, move the mouse pointer at the top...
  15. Re: How to Block Animated GIF's in Chrome Browser

    There is also another extension for blocking animated images until you click to start it for chrome browser which is called Paused!. It is actually a fork of the "Pause Pause Pause" extension that...
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    Re: Won't Play Some MP3's - Genio Slide

    Am glad that you found the root cause of the problem and solved it as well. But one thing that bothers me is if the SD card was able to show content in your mobile phone but was not able to play...
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    Re: Won't Play Some MP3's - Genio Slide

    It could be a case of corrupted Mp3 files which is why it is not playing in your mobile phone well. Download MP3 Checker 1.08 that will identify a corrupted file from just the contents. This software...
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    Re: Won't Play Some MP3's - Genio Slide

    Have you tried converting those mp3 files to wav file format or some other format and checked if that works fine on your Samsung Genio Slide B5310 mobile phone. Since those mp3 is working fine on pc,...
  19. Re: Nokia Lumia 510: Low-End Windows Phone Spotted

    WPCentral reports that the Lumia 510 has received the approval of the Chinese authorities, whereby the public are being given more detailed features of the phone. Originally, the Chinese Baidu...
  20. re: Blue Screen - STOP ERROR 0x0000007A on Windows XP

    You should not install more than 1 antivirus in your system, because if there are more than 1 antivirus, then it each one of them start to block some or the other files on your system, which corrupts...
  21. Re: Need help to install driver for a PCI device

    If you get an error message such as the "devcon failed" then all you have to do is look at this path - C:\Windows\inf\, to get a detailed information about the error. You will see...
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    Re: How to make backup copy of Lotto Buster 2010

    I dont understand, if the cd of the Lotto Buster is working on your computer and other as well, then why cant it be copied to any computer. Seems like, there is some real-time protection used in the...
  23. Re: Thomson X-View 2 5.3-inch Android Smartphone Overview

    Thomson has also introduced X-View 3 which is also equipped with a 5.3-inch touch screen, that has a dual-core processor with a clock speed of 1 GHz, an 8-megapixel camera on the back, 16 gigabytes...
  24. Re: Chrome OS allows users to save files directly to Google Drive account

    So Google Drive is finally able to synchronize files between Google and the various supported devices, either by copying the file to a PC or by downloading via the web interface, which is available...
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    Re: On Premise or Cloud Web Conferencing

    I think that both the options that you have selected are good but then my recommendation would be on cloud solution, so for that you can download the service description for Lync Online in 365 and...
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    Re: Samsung GT-S5620 Monte Touch Screen Mobile Phone

    I wonder why did you wash your samsung monte mobile phone? Electronics should not be washed by any kind of liquid items, even by mistake if any liquid is spilled on the phone then it is possible that...
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    Re: Hack registration in Kindle

    If in case you get some hack to unlock Kindle from Region restriction, then it won’t work for long time. Some day or other Amazon will detect your fraud and will cancel the registration anyways. So...
  28. Re: Google Translate app 2.5 for Android reads Images from Text

    This can only be achieved when the user selects the application icon with a camera and focus to the text, then select the finger at the fringe of the image containing the words that he wants to get...
  29. Re: Only 8 hours battery life in Samsung Galaxy Note i717

    Hi emcee,

    To stay on the 2g network on your mobile phone, just choose the GSM only option and your mobile phone wont pick up 3g networks, although if you require it you can always switch back to...
  30. Re: Only 8 hours battery life in Samsung Galaxy Note i717

    Hi emcee,

    First of all you should never use 3g networks on your mobile phone continously because it drains the battery quickly, so to change back to 2g networks you should go into Settings -->...
  31. Re: Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich to be ported on Raspberry Pi

    People have already put several Linux distributions on this $25 or $35 Mini PCs. The firm also said that "This application uses a distinct nucleus and VideoCore binary image of the one available on...
  32. Re: SSD Drive/ Hot Swap Bay on P8Z77-V DELUXE (Asus)

    I think that the white ports are sata3 for ssd's and set sata ports to ahci in the bios before you install windows then if by chance in the future you decide to add in an ssd you have already setup...
  33. Re: Google buys Wildfire Ad Firm for 250m dollars

    After failing to buy Buddy Media, Google has managed to buy its competitor Wildfire, a Startup that specializes in marketing social networks (social media marketing). Created in 2008 by Victoria...
  34. Re: BlackBerry 10 will have Voice Assistant like Siri

    The voice recognition works well and integrates with the system. Perhaps the technology from Nuance, taking into account is that this is a development version, and therefore the voice is too similar...
  35. Re: Windows 8 Final (RTM) releasing on October 26

    Yes, people who have windows 7 installed on their machine can easily install windows 8 via their upgrade utility and since windows 8 now has a web installer that does the checks before installing,...
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    Re: google drive is file hosting website

    Well, i would recommend you to make the file that you have uploaded as private, or even for friends only in your circle. This way it wont be public and people who you dont know or people who are not...
  37. Re: Skydrive for Windows is now updated with a new logo

    The previous logo, which was based on the image of a hard drive, surrounded by a gold ribbon was the perfect representation of what they used to offer at for SkyDrive (storage, presentation and some...
  38. Re: Microsoft Announces new Windows Server 2012 in four different editions

    The new Windows Server 2012 will also have new management tools, to promote optimized domain controllers, increased support for the capabilities of public and private clouds through secure...
  39. How to connect ADSL router through surge protector?

    Many times it is noticed that when you have a broadband connection of high speed, like above 1 mbps, there are chances of having power surges in the hardware of the system. Many people use broadband...
  40. Re: How to remove windows empty subdirectories

    There is also a software called Empty Folder Nuker that can find and delete all empty folders from a base folder of your choice. One advantage of this program is that it requires no installation,...
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    Re: Samsung GT-S5620 Monte Touch Screen Mobile Phone

    No, what i meant to say was, when you go into the mobile phone settings, reset it completely to factory settings, it will delete any corrupted profile or settings that you might have made, but also...
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    Re: Samsung GT-S5620 Monte Touch Screen Mobile Phone

    What do you mean by taking videos on the phone? Did you mean that when you try to capture a video on your phone and afterwards try to play it, then it connects to online internet and the video doesnt...
  43. Download Google Play applications to your computer for Free

    The web version of Google Play, as we know, that allows us the option to install applications from it directly on your android mobile phone or tablet, is possible either via the data connection or...
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    Re: Cancel Backup...

    One last shot that you can try is, go in the windows start bar and then type "backup" in the search area, open "Backup and Restore" and in the new window you'll have a button that will allow you to...
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    Re: Deleting Usbstor Key in windows 7

    I think that you can find out the path of the registry key of Usbstor in windows 7 by going to start then run >> gpedit.msc >> Computer Configuration >> Administrative Templates >> System >>...
  46. re: Google Chrome for Windows 8 in Metro Style released for download

    I also heard that Mozilla is developing Firefox browser for Windows 8, and is likely to launch in the upcoming days with its new product. But what about Opera and other browsers, are they also...
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    Re: Google buys Quickoffice Suite

    Google, also made ​​this week another purchase, for the firm called Meebo, with which it seeks to expand its social networking services and add more tools to Google Plus, which will be an alternative...
  48. Re: MSI Slider S20 Windows 8 Tablet Announced

    Apart from the sliding features, there is nothing new in this MSI S20 when compared to Asus Transformers tablet. There are also no trackpad though it is possible to slide the top cover to reveal a...
  49. Re: Block Pop-Under (banner ads) from Website

    For Apple Safari, here are the things:

    Launch your Safari browser and click on "Safari" at the top left corner of the menu bar. Now click on Block Pop-Up Windows. Then restart your browser and you...
  50. Block Pop-Under (banner ads) from Website

    Browsing web feels good. We learn many new stuffs, we get news, watch movies and many more but when we get any Pop-Under ads, thats very annoying. There are many websites that have good content to...
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