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    how to change login type in Windows 8.1

    I am having Windows 8.1 installed in my computer and I have got 3 user accounts setup on my pc that I use for different purpose. If I am turning on the computer then it comes to the lock screen and...
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    Asus P5Q3 black screen with Kingston RAM

    I am using Asus P5Q3 motherboard along with Quad Core 6600 CPU and 4GB Corsair RAM. I recently bought Kingston RAM 4GB stick to upgrade my system. After inserting the RAM the computer doesnt seem to...
  3. How to unlock Lost in Nightmares in Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition

    I have played Resident Evil 5 on my Xbox 360 for hundreds of hours but now with the DLc being added to the pc version for this game, I am trying to unlock "Lost in Nightmares" episode without any...
  4. Is Antec 620W PSU enough for Nvidia GTX 295

    I have a computer build which is running with Antec 620Watts Power Supply. I am using an old HD 4870 graphics card which is running properly on my config. Now one of my friend is not using his Nvidia...
  5. Mouse and keyboard randomly disconnect and reconnect again

    From last few days I have noticed that my mouse and keyboard will freeze up and I also hear the Device Disconnect sound but after few seconds both will be working again. This problem occurs randomly...
  6. Flight Simulator X crash fix on Windows 8.1

    When I was using Windows 8 then Flight Simulator X was working flawlessly on this operating system but after updating to Windows 8.1 this game is crashing whenever I am pressing the Fly Now on the...
  7. ICICI PO exam is held for how many times?

    Can anyone tell me how many times ICICI PO examinations are held in a year? How much is the number of seats available for it? I am a Third Year student and will I be able to appear for this ICICI PO...
  8. Gigabyte GTX 970 with AMD FX-6100 will bottleneck or not

    I have a very old AMD Radeon HD 5000 series graphics card and now I am looking to upgrade it to Gigabyte GTX 970 1gb video card. But I was thinking whether it will be fine to run this card with the...
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    ASUS M5A97 wont boot

    I recently started to build a new pc and it is not booting at all. The specs include Asus M5A97, FX 8350, Corsair 600W, 4GB RAM, Samsung Evo SSD and Radeon R9 280 video card. When I try to boot then...
  10. Dragon Age Inquisition crashes to desktop due to DirectX error

    I have installed Dragon Age Inquisition on my pc and it is running fine but giving me some kind of trouble every now and then. I am running Windows 7 64bit on my computer and have the latest DirectX...
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    Re: TheCrew.exe has stopped working

    Even I am facing the same issue. After playing the game for more than 20 time, Steam and Uplay also think that the game is still running but there is no process visible in my task manager. There are...
  12. cannot access Kobo Bookstore via Sony software?

    I am using a Sony ebook reader and I was able to access all the kobo bookstore after the transition but from yesterday it is not working any more. After bringing up the library it also shows the sign...
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    best graphics card for 4K display

    I am soon going to purchase a 4K display namely Samsung U28D590D monitor. Because it has a 4K display so to get the full resolution I believe that I will also need a graphics card? Right now I have...
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