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  1. Re: Cracking noise on a new internal hard drive when turning on system

    I had faced issue like this before. Such cracking sound usually comes in old hard drive not in new one. New drives are not having such. You have to contact the seller and show him the issue. And get...
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    Re: Want a good wireless headphone for TV

    Yes you can do that. But you can connect a wired headphone. Not wireless. I had seen many small connectors on the web that comes with this small cable that offers you a 3.5mm to RCA connection. You...
  3. Re: Which 1000 watt psu will be better for a extreme gaming machine

    1000w is a way to high requirement. I do not really think you have to go for such high psu. The best would be to go with a 750w psu if you are not having dual grapahic cards in your pc. I have a...
  4. Re: Antec NeoEco 620C PSU unable to handle Corsair H100i Liquid Cooler

    Corsair H100i Liquid Cooler is an high end cooler that comes with 120mm radiator. It needs more power. I think the psu you have is not enough to handle the entire power requirement. You have to...
  5. Re: 7 port usb hub only provide charging no data transfer

    Compare to 7 or 10 port usb hub, a 4 port hub works really well. That is because it does not need much power. And if you are using a 7 or 10 port hub then you will have to use a separate power...
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    Re: Is there a device similar to Chromecast

    If your tv has a internet connection then I do not really think you need Chromecast type device. You can just stream the content on that directly by creating a media server. That will do the job....
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    Re: Possibility of upgrades on a Mac based system

    Upgrades are a kind of big pain. And when you are going to sell your old mac pc you wont get much paid. It is right that in windows custom build you have more option. What I am going to do is buy a...
  8. Re: Is adding 2 fans on the cpu case is enough for Core i5 pc

    Adding a liquid cooler will increase the cost of your system. But spending one time is recommended. Because here you are not buying new stuff again and again. And if you are going for air cooler then...
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    Re: AMD PC with liquid cooler restarting

    Most probably it looks like a psu problem to me. I think because of this your system is getting restarting. You have to change that. When you play game your system power requirement increases. And...
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    Re: Where to find a good Keyboard for Smart TV

    It is right that finding a right remote is necessary so that you can sit back and enjoy your movies. I will recommend you go with Logitech K830. This is one of the best keyboard for SamrtTV. It is...
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    Re: Dell Precision 690 DVD RW stopped working

    For optical drive you can try updating the driers. Or you can also try to re-install the same through Device Manager. For that you have to right click on My Computer > Properties > Hardware > Device...
  12. Re: What does caution message in Crystal Diskinfo means

    Do not assume that your drive is dead until you test it with different software. There are so many software on the web that gives you a detail information on the drive status. You can try running...
  13. Re: Planning to buy Razor BlackWidow Ultimate Gaming keyboard

    I am a great fan of gaming keyboard. I am using one from CMStrom and it is always 2 years old. The keyboard works quiet nicely. The benefit of having this kid of keyboard is that they are very...
  14. Re: Replacement for Silencio 352 front usb and power button

    I am having HAF X. It has a front panel port on the top side. But the same stopped working after few months of buying. As it was under warranty they fixed it. But again after a year the same issue...
  15. Re: Android/iOS app to control Asus O!Play BDS-700 blu ray player

    You want to control the player through app. That means you want to play audio and video through it. The best thing you can do is here is use the remote. Connect your TV to the pc and you can navigate...
  16. Re: Drive bay to increase storage for a mid tower cpu case

    The best thing you can do is buy a few drive and a new cpu case. A good one is Antec One S. This case has all things that you need to make a decent pc.You can add multiple drives on it and make a...
  17. Re: SanDisk's X210 upgrade for mid range gaming pc

    Go for 256GB atleast. This would be costly but good in terms of long usage. SSD's are definitely a ultimate solution for those who need high end system and good performance output. If you go with...
  18. Re: What are the different type of wireless display device

    Different manufacturer come up with different type of wireless technology. DLNA is the most common one. But this is only used for audio purpose. For video there are more different thing. Sony comes...
  19. Re: Which type of screen guard is best for any Smartphone

    I use a anti-glare one on HTC One X. The screen is already covered by Gorilla Glass, but still adding the screen guard keeps it more clean. Almost all screen guard which are sold are anti-glare.
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    Re: Advice for 64GB memory card for DSLR

    64GB card are very costly. But they are also build for extreme performance. So here you are not wasting your money. I can list you some of the best card in the market and which are also really...
  21. Re: Need advice to capture HDR videos from digital camera

    Short tips cannot help you much in getting the right HDR image. But you can begin with many basic things. Like when you are taking photos and you need hdr specific then take raw photos. You can...
  22. Re: Does SSD matters in a 4th generation Intel Core i5 laptop

    It is right that SSHD are really affordable. Today you can buy a Seagate 1 TB LAPTOP SATA hard drive for Rs.9,600. You are getting high storage space with good performance. It gives you a 5400RPM...
  23. Re: Help needed to organize hanging cables inside my pc

    For that the best thing you can do is switch your cpu case. Buy one which provide you more better output. There are many full size cpu case that comes loaded with impressive cable management...
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    Re: What is the use of mSata port

    mSata is called as cheap alternative for having ssd setup on your system. A slot is usually provided in high end motherboard. So that you can have a ssd connecction on your system. Now there are...
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    Re: How will I know failed hard drive in RAID

    Many hard drive comes with SMART capabilities. This tool allow you to locate the current drive status. All you have to do is download a windows utility in which you can run and test it. The tool is...
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    Re: Wireless mouse with high range for projector

    If you are willing to spend a good amount then I will recommend you to go with Logitech MK240. This comes for Rs.1500 and it is a amazing product. The only issue is that it is a combo. It does not...
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    Re: Speaker stopped working after cleaning pc

    Flashing bios can help you here. But you have to find the right bios version. Long before my pc was restarting continuously. I checked everything but not able to figure out the cause. Then on the...
  28. Re: How to properly dispose all CD that has important data

    I think a portable version of Heavy Duty Shredder is also available in the market. You can buy that one which will be another cheaper way of dealing with confidential data. Some paper shredder are...
  29. Re: Time to upgrade to USB 3.1 for more faster data transfer speed

    That is a good news I think. The new interface is surely better. But I do not really think the transfer rate will be 10gbps on all system. It might be around 400 to 500 mbps or even lower. That is...
  30. Re: Can I use my old pc and web camera to use it like a DVR

    You can go with card like AVerTVHD Bravo. This are costly cards but really great for recording TV shows. It is a internal card that comes with a set of software package also. Try this one and then...
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    Re: Tips to choose a good Surround Sound System

    In terms of home theater system everything is costly. Nothing is cheaper. So if you do not want to compromise in the audio quality then I will recommend to go for some of the best one available in...
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    Re: Good mouse with dpi control for gaming

    Checkout CMStrom Recon. This is a great mouse series that offers you smoother performance and programmable keys on the body. The mouse offer you two control buttons through which you can manage the...
  33. Re: Internal TV Tuner card vs External for recording HD TV programs

    There are very few external TV tuner card which are better in terms of output. But you can find a really long series under internal cards. I will recommend you to go for Umax Tvision TV 5821 LCD TV...
  34. Re: Seagate ST4000DM000 4TB drives not recognized in Windows XP

    Did you checked the same in bios. You must go in bios and see first the drive is listed or not. Then only you can move ahead to troubleshoot the issue in Windows. Even when you boot the drive is...
  35. Re: Best between Fractal Design Define R4 and Antec 1100 case

    If new compare both of them then Fractal Design Define R4 is far more better. It looks simply great. In looks I found it better compare to Antec. Fractal features a steel body that makes it durable...
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    Re: Seagate ST2000DM001 drive freezes

    There are some nice hard drive testing tools available in the market. Like SeaTools for Seagate hard drive. This is a complete testing tool that can give you clear information on the hard drive...
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    Re: Is Antec P280 good chassis for gaming pc

    I do not really think this type of chassis are worth buying. They are far more costly compare to regular one. If you go on web and search for standard mid tower atx case then you can get that below...
  38. Re: Which one to choose from Kingston V+200 or Intel SSD 520

    SSD's are great choice when you are looking for performance. But I had seen there is a major price fall in SSD's from long time. There is a nice price fluctuation due to which this time we can...
  39. Re: Lost of Hard Fault Per Second error in Windows Vista

    This error is associated with system ram. You will need to run some good memory diagnostic tool and you can find the output on the same. If there are errors then you will need to replace your ram...
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    Re: Kingston HyperX 3k vs Samsung 830 SSD

    I can provide you a bit information on Kingston HyperX 3k. This is a nice high end model for enhancing the system performance. You can expect really good performance from the ssd. The reason lies...
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    Re: Using new cpu on a old motherboard

    I can give you a short list of different motherboard and processors on the web. You can simply go ahead with one which fits your budget well. I am here assuming that you are willing to buy a new...
  42. Re: Does constant system failure is due to weak power supply

    There are many reason behind instant shutdown. That can be due to poor connectivity also. Sometime due to heating stuff also such thing happen. It is essential that you must check out the connection...
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    Re: Silent cpu fan with decent cooling output

    Here are some recommendations that will help you more in finding out the most appropriate cpu cooler that I am looking for. Some of them are Corsair Hydro H80i, Coolermaster TPC-812, Zalman LQ320,...
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    Re: My PC does not boot on first time.

    It is a smps problem. Before changing that check that the smps cables are well fitted on the motherboard. You can remove it and fix it back. Check the tiny pins that connect the power button with...
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    Re: Adding speaker to cpu case

    You are talking about custom mod. You will have to do that manually.You can surely add. For that first thing you have to do is create a space inside your pc. You can get a small size speakers and...
  46. Re: SanDisk Extreme 240GB is not passing TRIM commands

    The developers of the SanDisk Extreme 240GB SSD have added some new type of NAND support and LOG support using which the hardware handling and internal read buffering have been well maintained. Also...
  47. Re: Read and write speed of SanDisk Extreme SSD is slow in Mac Book Pro

    You can try aligning the drives of the SSD properly to suit the speed along with the Nvidia SATA chipset. According to what speed you are getting, it seems that by default the SSD has been aligned by...
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    Re: Low internet speed on MSI AE2050

    Since you haven’t mentioned which region you live in, maybe the ISP must have reduced the download speed you get. You can’t completely assume that MSI AE2050 is responsible for low internet...
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    Re: NH-D14 cooler outbeats H80 easily?

    Check the power supply you are providing to both the cooling devices, that is NH-D14 cooler and Corsair H80. Maybe the PSU you are trying to use along with Corsair H80 must not be powerful enough....
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    Re: Best fans for side panel of my PC

    If you have a less amount of space inside your CPU cabinet, then the best fan for Cooler Master R4-TMBB-18-FK-R0 Turbine Master Case Fan. This fan is compact in design. But don’t go on its size, it...
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