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  1. Re: Evernote desktop app is quiet slower as compared to tablet

    It can be due to slow internet connection. I am using the desktop app on Windows 8 and it looks to be working really well. There is no issue with that at all. Here you have to run a pin command to...
  2. Re: Input Director fails to find slave system on reboot

    You have to turn on a few things from Global Preferences to make the setting permanent. Input Director does not identify a slave system on its own unless and until you manually add the same. A number...
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    Re: best between Teamviewer and LogMeIn

    Even I will recommend you to use the Teamviewer application. After that you connect through this software, it will create yourself a password so that you can easily connect whenever you want to. This...
  4. Re: What you prefer, keeping a server in office or cloud

    Well I prefer to go with cloud. Before we were having a windows server at our office. It was having 1TB drive among which 20GB was provided to every user for keeping files. But a number of time the...
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    Re: Bluestack slowing down my dell laptop

    Run Task Manager when you had started bluetstack. Just check in that. If the ram usage is high then you have to put more ram in your system. You can get a 2GB ram stick and add the same. I think that...
  6. Re: Inspiron 1520 unable to pick wifi after Vista re-installation

    Just re-update the drivers and the issue will be resolve. You can find the drivers no the official site of Dell. Go in the support section and choose the model. Select the list of drivers you want on...
  7. Re: Unable to save Office 2011 files on Mac shared folder

    There are few things you can try from the below link. Below you can find troubleshooting help for fixing file sharing problems. It mostly cover commands to control and manage file permission. If you...
  8. Re: Tips to keep your system driver updated for maximum performance

    I am using Driver Max that works really well. It is a nice tool which scan the entire system and give me drivers. I am using a paid edition. I think this is a worth buying software. Because it does...
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    Re: Best Teamviewer alternative software

    Another software that you can use is CrossLoop. It is a program that will allow you to access a remote PC safely. To do this, you dont need to change your firewall settings or router. For optimum...
  10. Re: Problem to install Windows Live ID sign-in Assistant

    There is no need to run system restore or remove existing Live ID components. You have to just check whether Windows Update System components is enabled or not. If it is disabled then you won't be...
  11. Re: How to activate Microsoft Office 2010 RTM 100% Genuine?

    Why don;t you try using a open source office solution. There are many alternatives available for Microsoft Office. The best one among them is Libreoffice. This tool is free and does not cost...
  12. Re: Office 2007 error Setup cannot find the required setup controller

    Using a third party windows uninstaller will fix the issue. The first thing you have to do with that is remove the existing program from your system. The uinstaller will wipe out everything. I am...
  13. Re: Where to find some good portable cleanup applications

    For file cleaning stuff try out CCleaner Portable. They are smart enough to boost the system output. It is all in one tool through which you can clean up unwanted files from the system and make it...
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    Re: Download PROPLUS.msi

    The PROPLUS.msi file should be present in the Office installation disk. Even if you dont have the disk then you should try to download the whole file from microsoft website and then burn it on a...
  15. Re: How to restore the backup of data created in Tally 7.2

    Restore usually means to bring back the data. So by taking the backup of Data, Tally will let to restore the data from any medium into any other storage medium. To do the restore all you need to do...
  16. Re: How to apply soft effect on portrait photos

    Fixing image is not a big deal. You just need to lean a few Photoshop tricks. You can find huge number of tutorial for the same on the web. Try that. Photoshop will be the best tool for going ahead...
  17. Poll: Re: Advanced SystemCare vs Advanced System Optimizer

    I don't think you really need that one. You can stick with the free tool. System optimizer can wipe out startup file and remove unwanted junks. That's all. There is no need to go for any advance...
  18. Re: Animation software for creating story books

    For that you will need to learn how to use 2D software. There are many through which you can design a story book and teach kids more interactively. There are ample of simple animation making software...
  19. Re: Encrypting file with common standard and sharing through SkyDrive

    Symantec has a powerful options for that. It offers you a File Share Encryption standard which are applied on cloud storage. Now this is a enterprise thing. But still you can collect more information...
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    Re: best screen recorder for Windows 8

    I use Camtasia Studio which is a simple to use software that lets you record, edit and share your videos. You can first use the wizards available to capture everything you want with ease, like for...
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    Re: youtube downloader for android phone

    There is another tool called TubeX which is considered to be the fastest youtube video downloader ever. You get a very fast youtube download speed with TubeX since it uses concurrent threads,...
  22. Re: Bluestacks graphics card error at installation

    You need to have a good graphics card and ram inorder to get Bluestacks working in your pc. Without a graphics card and a minimum of 2gb RAM you wont be able to use Bluestacks in your pc, infact it...
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    Re: How to fix damage raw photos

    You are in great trouble friend. It is necessary that you must keep a backup always ready whenever you are going to final processing of images. Unfortunately there is nothing available for recovering...
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    Re: Looking for screenshot gif file creator

    I use a slideshow on my web page. I am having a WordPress website and on that there are thousands of plugin available. I can embeds a slideshow which works fine and has no issue with the performance....
  25. Re: Pinnacle Studio 16 incompatible in Windows 8.1 Preview

    Even I was having the same problem. When I upgraded to Windows 8.1 then Pinnacle Studio 16 failed to start. I even tried to right click on it and run it in Compatability mode but this option was not...
  26. Re: Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie releasing October 10th?

    The month of October has remained favorite for Google for introducing new products, whether it is hardware or Software. In past years they have launched their Nexus Phones, Nexus tablets, ICS,...
  27. Re: Dell Latitude Windows 8 Tablet, touch keyboard not working

    Alright, then probably the service is disabled. Just go through the following step:

    Press Windows + W keys to bring up the search box
    Type "services" followed by Enter key.
    Scroll down and...
  28. Re: Dell Latitude Windows 8 Tablet, touch keyboard not working

    Did you made any changes to the system recently? It seems so because to me it appears like the service that controls the touch keyboard might have disabled somehow and hence it wont appear any more. ...
  29. Re: Desktop based facebook software for windows

    I do not really think there is any such app. There are dedicated apps but they are not so effective. The best thing you can do is use some kind of plugins on your web browser to use facebook. You can...
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    Re: Will Caching work on regular hard drive

    Caching does not work on regular drive. Even if it works then your drive will performance slower. The best thing you can do here is add a good SSD on your system and install Cachine tool. Sandisk...
  31. Re: Is there any option available to fix corrupt image file

    What is the format of that image file? Can you post that here. Then I can help you to find a proper tool which can simply read it and give you proper information. You can also via that extract files...
  32. Re: Camera stopped working after Windows 8.1 update

    Hellp Kidman,

    As far as I know Camera is the built-in application in Windows 8, and if you have any problem with any of these applications, Microsoft store notifies you the same. Did you got any...
  33. Re: "Something went wrong, Sorry we ran into a problem" error upgrading from Office 2010 to Office 2013

    Even I was facing the same problem but was finally able to solve it by changing the Wlan network to more secure one. I cannot say for sure what was the issue causing it was having but I guess it...
  34. Re: How to export email messages to Outlook 2013 64bit from Windows Live Mail

    Actually the problem here is Windows Live Mail use to export files in .EML format but Outlook only supports .PST formats. Hence it has been always problem for importing/exporting files from WLM to...
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    Re: Pico Power Emergency Phone Charger

    The body is extremely small. It can be just bigger than a match box. That’s all. There is nothing on the body except two led indicators. The first lies to the micro usb connector. When you connect...
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    Pico Power Emergency Phone Charger

    Pico Power Emergency Phone Charger offers up to 3 hrs of battery power in case of emergency. It is a very portable charger loaded with 900mAh battery. So in case if you feel that your charging will...
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    Re: Antec VP460P 450-Watt Power Supply

    Antec VP450P offers a reasonable budget solution for those who love to have a decent power supply unit with mental satisfaction of security for the hardware from power risk. The feature also includes...
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    Antec VP450P 450-Watt Power Supply

    Antec VP450P is a decent smps that offers better quality and incredible performance output on all type of systems. It can be a good entry level power supply for gaming pc also. The PSU is designed to...
  39. Re: ASUS P5G41-M LE with Intel E7500 overclock

    If you found articles on web that showed up to reach high clock rate on this board ignored that. Those are done on high end boards and the article that you find are mostly based on the cpu. There is...
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    Re: Overclocking Google Nexus 7

    Gaining some is enough. Like till 1.6Ghz. It would give a bit boost in performance. Anyhow Android is not a stable platform for overclocking. You must check properly on web before going for this...
  41. Re: Importance of Firewall while using Router

    Requirement of software Firewall:

    Windows comes with Firewall which is turned on by default. Whenever you run a setup or connect to any LAN game you can see a popup of Windows Firewall. You can...
  42. Importance of Firewall while using Router

    Firewall is a bit irritating sometime. Especially in Windows when you are trying to connect to a LAN game and you receive a popup to unblock the process. This result in game crash sometime. I had...
  43. Re: Mcafee buggy update caused net failure in many system

    That is a problem for many McAfee users. As those who are not aware might face issue. Those who do not really understand much technical stuff will be still struggling to get rid of this issue.
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    Re: How to use Teamviewer on a Tablet PC

    This is right that if you have a poor touchscreen support then it a bit complicated to handle the same. I had used the same and it worked well. It is necessary that you must get a good tablet with...
  45. Poll: Re: Do you trust Ebay, if so, then how often do you use it ?

    It is recommended that you check wisely before buying. Because this can create a issue in future. My friend had bought a phone which has a battery issue. He contacted the seller for refund. It took...
  46. Re: Why does a number of software development does not meet the deadline

    This is a clear scenario. I had seen a number of companies using project tracking software. This software works on some time-line where one work should be done given time. That is too a very...
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    Re: Can I add visual styles in Windows 8

    Microsoft has enhanced Windows 8 in many ways. Did you remember Windows Phone design. If we check a mobile operating system then we can locate straight forward options to get job done. Windows 8 is...
  48. Re: Good programming language for making security tools

    Perl is another powerful yet ignored language which is used for various security application. If you want to learn good about security then do not stick with any language. Instead of that go on web...
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    Re: Is Python too complicated to use

    According to me Python is a complicated language for novice. If you know nothing and you had just started to gain some experience then you will get bounced easily by complexity. You have to...
  50. Re: Microsoft disabled all Windows Gadget in Vista and 7

    That is not a serious matter. I thought this is something different Microsoft is doing. But good know that they took a step to secure the users to some extent. By this way this news is of no worth...
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