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    Re: Android Lollipop for Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

    It is correct that this device is having a good hardware which is capable of running the latest android operating system. But officially Samsung is not offering any update on the same. So you have to...
  2. Re: How to keep Android tablet files on auto backup

    I am using Google Drive and that is the best I think. It works well and has no issue with syncing. You just have to pick things for that. And then the sync will start.It is a bit slow but works fine....
  3. Re: Which smartwatch is compatible with iOS and Android

    I had seen the watch. It is quiet simple. If you want a feature rich watch then Motorola 360 is something worth to go for. The watch is powered by Pebble OS. And it runs on ARM Cortex-M3 processor....
  4. Re: Which will be the best phone to buy for Christmas gift

    I also thin that would be the best model right-now as you are getting quiet heavy discount on the same. You can select the one you wont. The overall cost of Moto G Second Generation after having the...
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    Poll: Re: Will you buy Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

    The cost of this phone is high because of its curved display. It is the first phone to have this kind of screen quality. But if you check the internal specification then there are already cheaper...
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    Re: Is Huawei Honor T1 a good tablet for gaming

    This tablet runs on 1.2 GHz A7 Qualcomm MSM8212 Quad Core processor and 1 GB LPDDR2 ram. It also has a 8GB storage in the same. I am quiet sure you will be able to play all type of games and run...
  7. Re: How to find in iOS which app is accessing my private data

    You can find that. There is a option available in iOS from where you can find where a app is accessing your private data or not. And then you can get rid of the same. This would be easier I think....
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    Re: Which gaming console will be best for kids

    Yes I will also recommend you to go for Wii U games if you need something less extreme for kids. There is a Wii bundle pack on the web that gives you information on various games. Like a recently...
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    Re: Is iOS 8.1 working well on iPad 3

    The new update works slow on iPad Mini. I did this and I am having major battery issue. The battery here lasts only for 4 hours. And also the performance is a terrible. It is very slow and does not...
  10. Re: How you manage your contacts on Android device

    That is because your gmail id is configured for syncing contacts. It is a good thing. Because you are always having a contact backup in your phone and that helps a lot. Now to get rid of that there...
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    Re: Aligning iPhone 6 icons on the display

    That is the reason I just shifted to Android. I was planing for iPhone 6, but I waited for a few weeks to find out the most common bugs. The worst thing this phone is bending problem. I had seen that...
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    Re: iPhone 6 Camera always take picture upside down

    It is a weird issue and I had seen the same thing in my friend phone also. Well you can try adding a image editing app and you can use that to rotate the app properly so that you can see it clearly....
  13. Re: Message Notification sound not working in iPhone 6

    That is weird. I think you are using a custom audio here and that is why you are not able to get it worked properly.I will advice you to go back in the settings and from there you can try finding out...
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    Re: Dark Shadow on the top part of iPhone 6

    I had seen that. My friend just ordered a brand new iPhone 6 and he can see the shadow effect on the top side. The same was not in iPhone 5S or 5C. I called Apple care for the same, but they have no...
  15. Re: Want to connect iPhone 6 to my care through Bluetooth

    Sometime this issue is with the Bluetooth compatibility. Apple devices work well when you try to pair them with each other. But when you try use other third party programs then it is quiet...
  16. Re: What is the privacy issue with Facebook Messenger App

    The issue lies in the new new Facebook Messenger app. There was a recently update that has generated the issue and this is mostly related to the spyware thing. This app is widely used and the issue...
  17. Re: iPhone 6 just a big size device nothing impressive

    I was not really amazed when this release the new iPhone. I thought Apple this time will be working on the display. They are going to bring a new type o screen which might be curved or there would be...
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    Re: Jailbreaking iPhone 4 with Cydia Installer

    Yes you can use this. But you have to use that on your own risk. Jail-breaking is a risky process that does not work well if you are using wrong applications. Your phone might crash or keep on...
  19. Re: Is there a way to root a android phone temporarily

    There is nothing like that. Once rooted then things is permanent. You cannot un-root it back again. You have to backup the stock rom for that and I do not think that is possible without rooting. If...
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    Re: Want a usb track-pad for desktop pc

    There are but it is costly. And you will get a much bigger size track pad. Search for Wacom Bamboo CTH300K. This one is a nice track pad that you can use in your pc and it will offer you nice work....
  21. Re: Wifi does not reconnect after sleep on Macbook

    Check for any latest software updates first. Try to install that which will add a bit more stability in using your system. Restarting the router will help you a bit in fixing the issue. It might be...
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    Re: 0% battery left after restarting Macbook Pro

    If this thing is happening frequently then surely your system is having some kind of battery problem. You have to take the same to apple care to get it fixed. I do not think there is any way to...
  23. Re: Choosing a Windows 8 laptop on the basis of performance test

    You can try to find the same through computer's base score. Windows has a Experience Index. But it is not created in one day. It is created by the application and games you are using on the device....
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    Re: What will be new in iPhone 6

    Most of the things are rumor. There is no clear information what actually the new iPhone is going to bring. Apple always increase the screen quality by adding a bit more clarity on the same. The...
  25. Re: Does installing antivirus slow down Windows Surface tablet

    I had tested a few one. The best thing you can do is install mse in your tablet. You can download that from the official site of Microsoft. Install that and update it. Turn the firewall on. This...
  26. Re: Is there a external camera available for android smartphones

    I also find mostly Chinese brand. There are no branded things available. And there are cameras which have a Bluetooth connection but they do not connect with android phone. You cannot use them with...
  27. Re: No Bluetooth device detected after updating to Windows 8.1

    Download and install bluesoleil in your system. This one is the best software to use Bluetooth. I do not trust on the default application in windows. I am using this from long time and it works...
  28. Re: Contact sync issue on Android phone through Gmail Contacts

    It is too complicated to manage if you are having too many contacts. When it comes to address book then you have to check at two places. One there must be a app for your phone and second it must have...
  29. Re: Will CyanFox Android Kitkat 4.4.2 rom work on Canvas 2

    I had used Note 3 rom. It slow down the phone. That is a drawback here. It adds to many things and you dont have any option to remove the same. Air Gesture does not work so great. The rom surely add...
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    Re: How windows phone are better than android

    There is a cold war between windows and android device users. I had seen Android users are more satisfied when it comes to usage. They are happy with the thing android gives them. While windows is...
  31. Re: How to completely migrate Blackberry data to Android

    As far as I know you have to start with taking backup. You can sync the contacts through your Google account. But for other stuff you have to use different app. There is a different way to migrate...
  32. Re: Anyone got new Android 4.4.4 update on Moto-G

    I am also waiting for the same. It is not released. The update is pending and it is really a surprise what this update is going to bring. Most of the kitkat updates that I had seen brings up a...
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    Re: Note 3 speakers damage in rain, how to fix

    Samsung phones are very delicate when it comes to water issue. I had lost my phone long back just because of that. When you are buying a high end phone then it is good that you must go with a durable...
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    Re: Is Amazon Fire OS better than Android

    Fire OS is unique. It is not like android. But most of the features looks like taken from other devices. Like the blink feed kind of screen. Surely the OS will boost your productivity and it will...
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    Re: Where to find a good tablet under Rs.15000

    There are ample of models in the market. But it is good if you can go with something branded. If you can increase the budget then you can find a better one. Like Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. This one is the...
  36. Re: Is it possible to connect two Bluetooth headset to the same smartphone

    You cannot do that. Because by default the phone will select only one headset as an audio output device. And other one will be disabled. You can connect multiple but only one is going to work. I had...
  37. Re: Which one is the best quad core tablet in the market

    when it corms to quad core then you must not really trust on many model. Battery drain is one of the biggest issue with these model. You can checkout Micromax Canvas Tab, iBall Slide 3G Q1035, etc....
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    Re: Keeping iPad photos on multiple location

    Picasa is a good choice for those who have android. And this app is also available for iCloud. You can just sync your photos to Picasa and access them in a browser or on a mobile phone. It is really...
  39. Re: What are the additional features of Android Kitkat Operating System

    Kitkat brings out many benefits to customize the phone. Like you have a option through which you can apply a new launcher that will improve the phone speed more. You can do that from the settings...
  40. Re: What is the difference between Nokia X and Nokia XL

    Going for the bigger one is a good choice because you get a big screen and better camera also. Nokia XL is released for those who need a good screen support and camera on the front side. In XL you...
  41. Re: Budget quad core android smartphone to beat Moto E

    Micromax just launched a new phone to compete Moto E. It is called as Unite 2. This phone give you a bigger screen compared to Moto E. It has as 4.7 inch screen and it comes loaded with the latest...
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    Re: Gaming laptop under 80k

    Checkout MSI GT70. This one might be cheaper, but I am not sure about the exact price. This model offer you 3rd generation Intel Core i7/i5 Processor choice. It has a amazing 17.3" Full HD screen...
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    Re: Subway Surfer crashing on Moto E

    It is right. I had got this issue on Moto G before. I had installed 6 new hd games on it and they all started crashing one by one. I also got a constant notification about slow disc space. At last I...
  44. Re: Panasonic P81 13MP Octa-Core Jellybean Smartphone released at Rs.18000

    There are two models which I saw on web that are capable of beating this phone to some extent. The first one is Samsung Galaxy Mega. It gives a 5.8inch screen but is low on processor. It has only...
  45. Re: Suggestions needed to Build Your Own PC for personal use

    Leaving the monitor aside you can get a decent hardware config under 50K. For video editing, you need a system that has a good processor, high capacity ram and 2GB GDDR5 gpu. I have AMD FX8350 build,...
  46. Re: How to move videos from Dropbox to iPad internal storage

    It is very simple to add a file for offline viewing. You can not only add videos, but you can also add text and music files. All you have to do is just mark them as favorite. The file will be...
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    Re: Lenovo A369i freezing on UC Browser

    You have to see the background process. You can donwload a good task killer form Google Play. This will help you to get rid of the problem you are facing. Norton Utilities Task Killer Lite is one of...
  48. Re: Want to replace the existing android keyboard with some effective one

    With some settings you can also customize the Google keyboard and make it more effective. Google Keyboard is the most simple and effective one. Once you are use to the same you can type quiet nicely....
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    Re: Cannot shrink wallpaper size on iPhone 5S

    That is a bug in the phone. You can go on Apple forums and see a very huge discussion on the same. I am also trying to do the same. I am having iOS 7 which I had updated on my device and now I am...
  50. Re: How to transfer all android phone photos to pc through wifi

    SuperBeam is for device to device to transfer. You cannot move the file to a pc through that. For pc you need a ftp type of software. The best of using android is that you have tons of apps for it....
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