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  1. YouTube videos stall or won't play in Mozilla Firefox

    Hi, i am using Windows Vista with Firefox as my default web browser. I do use Internet Explorer for few important tasks as well. Now recently i received an update for Adobe Flash Player. I was having...
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    lost recycle bin icon

    My brother has a MSI laptop running with Windows XP SP3. There is no problem in the system but don’t know how and why his Recycle Bin icon from the desktop has disappeared. According to him, he...
  3. Ping but the response is

    I have two laptops running with same Windows Vista Home Premium. Recently I bought a Canon PIXMA MP 628 printer and installed on the network. I can access this printer without any problem from one of...
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    Re: dsquery -limit command not working

    I appreciate your help Janos. But can you please be more specific what exactly you mean by "similar user name". However I changed the limit to 200 and still get the same error.Thanks again.
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    dsquery -limit command not working

    As my title says I’m facing some problem with dsquery -limit command. I wanted to know return more than 100 results from AD. For doing the same I used the following command:

    But I guess...
  6. install windows xp through external USB CDrom drive

    Last month I bought a new Dell Netbook running with Windows Vista operating system and 500GB Hard Drive. Now I want to install Windows XP as well on another partition. But the problem I am facing is...
  7. Re: USB 2.0 External Hard Disk is not detected by XP SP2

    Thanks for the reply 1kshana. Yes other all USB devices are working on my PC. I already use MP3 players, 2 USB Flash drives. All of them work fine. One more thing I would like to say that I have one...
  8. USB 2.0 External Hard Disk is not detected by XP SP2

    I’m using a Windows XP Computer with SP2 since past two years and it has never given me any problem. Recently I bought a brand new 120GB external hard Drive. When I connect the same with my...
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    BSOD stop error 0x0000007E

    I have a Dell 4700 running with Windows XP since past two years. I never had any problem with this system until yesterday. Yesterday when I was doing some work on the same, suddenly I received a BSOD...
  10. Re: "Cannot Install This Hardware" "Access is Denied"

    Thanks for your suggestion Janairo. I was not aware of this. Though earlier I tried disabling SpyBot (which obviously dint helped) but I forgot to disable my antivirus. Will do it in next few hours...
  11. "Cannot Install This Hardware" "Access is Denied"

    I’ve a desktop running with ATI Radeon X300 display adapter. Due to some reason I need to update the drivers for the same but I can’t. I even tried editing the registry entry that enables...
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    Re: BSOD reason code 0x805000f

    Yes Troy, we are using Symantec with Roxio. Is all that in the bugcheck string? What should I do now?
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    BSOD reason code 0x805000f

    I’m in need of some urgent help from you all. It is Dell Poweredge 830 running SBS 2003 SP1 server . Don’t know for what reason my server crashes every day at the same time. I tried to figure out...
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    installing speech recognition

    Hello, I’m running Windows XP Pro with MS Office 2007. On my personal laptop I use to do most of the work using speech recognition. As it is not in Office 2007 neither on my XP, can anyone please...
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    Office 2007 Trial expired after installation

    I recently download and installed Office 2007 Trail on my PC before I go to buy it. Installation went fine without any problems. Now its been just 2 days I installed it and it is prompting me to...
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