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  1. Re: Will deleting Unused Desktop Shortcuts provide free space

    Dude, you are JOKING right? I shortcut link is less than (by a mile) 1 KB in size. Unless you have a billion of them on the desktop you are NOT going to save space.'

  2. Re: How many time/computer I can install Windows 7 ultimate per license to be activate?

    ONE time of course. Why would you think you can install on as many machines as possible?

    The only exception is the VLK release for corporate users.

    I'm sure most people here have stolen their...
  3. Re: Ran registry cleaner program and lost registry do I restore these without a disk?

    Most registry cleaning programs create and undo file - usually named as ****.reg

  4. Re: Windows 7 64bit can't shutdown, always restart

    There is NO REASON to update and re-flash your BIOS unless you specifically have issues that the new BIOS is intended to fix.

    This is your fault ... in the future, follow the directions and...
  5. Re: LMS service cannot connect to Intel(R) MEI driver

    Every time something happens on a computer everyone immediately assumes it is a virus. My god, things happen - usually at fault of the user.

    It's impossible these days to use Google to search...
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    Re: Window 7 ICC/ICM profiles reset

    Why are you still using a Release Candidate version of Windows ?
  7. Re: Only 2 gigs out of 4 showing after installing Win 7 64 bit

    You cannot be serious ! There are still people who have no clue of the memory limitation of the 32 bit OS ? OH MY GOD
  8. Re: Windows 7 Remove Regedit Delete Confirmation

    No !

    Please read my message again. I want to remove the delete confirmation within REGEDIT, when deleting registry keys ... not the recycle bin.
  9. Windows 7 Remove Regedit Delete Confirmation

    I am using Windows 7 Ultimate 32-Bit and I want to remove the delete confirmation in regedit. I have many keys to delete and having to confirm every delete is annoying.

    Anyone know a way to...
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    Clearly some file is being installed that...

    Clearly some file is being installed that corrupts the display of video in explorer ... if I install something it stops working and doing an uninstall corrects it. However, I don't know what file is...
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    Webcam creation of the video preview failed

    Using HP dv9815nr laptop, XP SP3, 3GB RAM, and such.

    This machine is supposed to be Vista, but I downgraded per instructions from the web. All is well except one thing. It is a small issue but...
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