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  1. Re: Tips to use your Android Phone as Language Translator

    How it Works:

    Google Translate App is the most simplest one to use. It gives you simple way of finding information on different languages.

    Google Translate

    Camera: To translate text from...
  2. Tips to use your Android Phone as Language Translator

    The smart thing of using a Smartphone is that you have option to work with different languages. Many time we travel to new places and it is very hard to find information if you not aware about the...
  3. Re: Tips to edit videos in Android Smartphone and Tablet


    Trim: Adjust the video play and end time by dragging the circle at start and end


    Split: Drag the round button to split a video into different size. You can cut the videos...
  4. Tips to edit videos in Android Smartphone and Tablet

    We all record videos through our tablet and Smartphone. And we upload that on various media sharing site. YouTube is the best one among all. But sometime you have to edit the video. Like removing...
  5. How to get unlimited health in The Amazing Spider Man 2

    The Amazing Spider Man 2 is an great action adventure game where you are in the shoes of Spiderman and doing death defying stunts. The game is based on different chapters and levels. Now here at some...
  6. Re: Tips to choose the right mobile portable charger

    myCharge Hub 9000

    myCharge Hub 9000 - This one also falls on the extreme capacity charger. It gives you a 9000mAh battery with upto 40hrs of talk-time. It is quiet portable and offer multi device...
  7. Tips to choose the right mobile portable charger

    Portable charger are always handy to power up your phone when you are outside. It happens an umber of time that battery drain out really fast and you don't have any power outlet out. Rise of android...
  8. Re: TechArena & Kingston Christmas Giveaway Contest

    Email address is

    Ans 1. I will be spending the whole day with my family at home celebrating Christmas.

    Ans 2. Germany

    Ans 3. 8GB

    Ans 4. Lifetime warranty
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    Re: windows 8 BAD-POOL error

    Hello SaSiL, can you be more specific about the error whether it is Bad Pool Caller or Bad Pool Header error? Because there is few difference in these error messages and though the solution. However,...
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    Beginner Tips for Dead Island Riptide

    Dead Island Riptide is a horror survival game. The game features a lonely island populated by zombies. You will have to make your way out and reach to the safest part. The game has awesome graphics...
  11. Re: Does a malware run in Windows Safe Mode also

    I am using AVG 9.0 Rescue CD. I found it quiet helpful to locate and find a number of issues with my system. The download size is just 84mb. I had made a bootable usb drive out of it.
  12. Re: Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 vs Sniper: Ghost Warrior 1

    The first one was quiet basic I think, but yet it was bit tough. The game just features shooting up enemies through sniper. There is nothing different. The second level is more enhanced and offers a...
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    Rooting Nook simple touch

    If anyone wants to root their Nook simple touch then they can refer this thread. Rooting Nook simple touch will allow you to use different reader apps available rather than just epubs and mobie/prc...
  14. Re: Private institution are now allowed to adopt civic schools for better education

    That is not the right thing to say. Somehow there is a need or way to enhanced what he have right now with us. Civic schools are important parts where mostly the poor grade people study. If this part...
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    Tips to learn HTML5 quickly

    If anyone is looking forward to learn HTML5 then the below tips will help them learn and understand it quickly. These are some things that one should know in the start.

    HTML5 doctype is simple:
  16. Re: Will in future Microsoft will work on Android OS

    It is the choice of users what they want. It is not right that everyone in the world loves Android only. Depends on the taste and usage people buy the best they need. They go for anything.
  17. Different Parts or Components of a Graphics Card

    Hello TechArena Members,

    I would like give some interesting knowledge about the most distinctive components of a video card. I decided to take a high-end video card, in my case, an Asus GTX580...
  18. Re: Will you buy $149 Smart Watch for your Android Phone

    At price of $149 it looks costly, but the gadget is awesome. Anyhow it thought it is a phone watch. But no, it is just an addon for your phone. You can control navigation, read messages, etc. So does...
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    How to Install Firefox on CentOS 5

    I leave this brief manual on how to install Firefox 5 on GNU / Linux CentOS 5 to 64 bits.
    Downloaded packages, create a directory named firefox5;

    mkdir firefox5
    Then move the files to the...
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    How to Install Winamp on Android

    Undoubtedly, WinAmp is one of the most popular audio players and complete that exists for desktops or laptops. This time we are surprised with the appearance of the version for Android phones, moving...
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    Re: How to Install Nimbuzz on Nokia

    Common questions related to Nimbuzz for Nokia Symbian:

    Nimbuzz is free?
    Yes, Nimbuzz is free, the application is free of charge for use and we may even have voice conversations with your...
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    How to Install Nimbuzz on Nokia

    Nimbuzz is a instant messaging application available for a wide variety of mobile devices from different brands and operating systems like Symbian, Android, iPhone OS, Blackberry OS, Java, PC, MAC,...
  23. How to Install Tally on Mac Operating System

    Tally is a famous accouting software used widely in India. Rightnow the application is only available for Windows. Those you are using Linux can use Tally via Wine. But what if you own a Mac system...
  24. Re: Tips to Add Google Docs and Google Calendar in Gmail Sidebar

    First login in to your gmail account and then open Mail Settings and then click on Labs Tab

    After that scroll down and check out for the Google Docs Gadget...
  25. Tips to Add Google Docs and Google Calendar in Gmail Sidebar

    One can now customize their Gmail Account in the way they want and add various other features like Additional Smiley Codes, Preview Pane ,images in text body etc, as the Google docs and Google...
  26. Re: ESET NOD32 v5 Installation failed, error code 2753

    If you are not able install ESET NOD32 v5 in laptop, then I would recommend you install in safe mode.How to install in safe mode just follow this path. I hope it will help you.

    Restart your pc,...
  27. re: How to wireless controlling a light switch located in different location

    You can make use of motion Detector, so that if some person will passes over there near your garage the light will automatically go ON. This may help you out. Or you can also contact the experience...
  28. Re: How to Boost Performance of Samsung Galaxy S

    I really like the Samsung Galaxy S because it is one of the best phones on the Android category. The phone looks really cool and comes with different price range. Everything is fine in this phone but...
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    Re: Basic Windows terminology

    Windows XP allows the user to work with a default start menu to look the same as previous versions of Windows. If you want to work with this type of menu, you can customize it by clicking the...
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    Re: Practical advice about cell phones

    Calling and sms are two most basic feature of the phone, in fact phone is made for this function only. This is possible with any phone, so if you do not want more than that, it is sufficient for...
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    Re: Tips for Email Marketing

    Anyone who wants to achieve in the e-mail marketing high opening and conversion rates, operating expenses and must be creative. E-mail is cheaper than communication via paper, they can be...
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    Re: Tips for Virus Prevention and Detection

    If you want to protect your computer against viruses then here are some tips for protecting your system:

    Install an effective antivirus software on your computer and update it regularly.
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    How to update Firmware of Samsung LED TVs

    This is a small guide with images which will tell you a easy way to update firmware of Samsung LED TVs. I had used the USB method here which is the most easiest. Other than this you can also use the...
  34. Difference between Distributed computing and computer networks

    This is the simplest differentiation between Distributed computing and Computer networks:

    A computer network: It is when more than one computer is connected through hardware, and it communicates...
  35. A Valley Without Wind Beginners Tips and Hints

    A Valley Without Wind is a action adventure game which focus mainly on survival type gameplay. The game reminds me of Age of War and similar type of game. There are ample of new worlds to survive and...
  36. re: what is ecommerce and what is it advantage and disadvantage

    The benefit that the suppliers get is:

    They get an opportunity to Increase their visitors with the help of the Search engine marketers
    They can provide detail information about their product...
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    Re: Discussion on Highest Paid jobs in India

    Medical Professionals: These professionals have a perennial demand. On the other hand, specialization in specific fields can turn unexpectedly. It is common knowledge that a capable surgeon is a...
  38. Re: Interview questions and tips for TCS (INDIA) regarding VMware

    Well I am not sure about rounds that tcs conduct but I know the questions they ask on vmware.
    • How to restart ESX Management Agent?
    • Tell me the Installation steps during ESX Server....
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    Re: Tricks and tips for Sony xperia Arc

    Make use of Sony ericsson data monitor
    not to recall task killers
    Deleted temporary cache from Browser
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    re: Bada OS tips and tricks

    You can save all of your new contact numbers to your Gmail account (Or to some of the other service that happens to be syncing your data) rather than the phone, as the data o the phone might get...
  41. Re: What Is the Difference between a Jump Drive and an External Hard Drive?

    Both jump drives and External hard drives permit you to archive information and data for your machine. The departures in the middle of the few include versatility, space and expense.
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    Re: What Is a Computer Source Code?

    Computer source code, moreover, isn't simply a sequence of puzzling numbers. While it goes with different modifies that communicate with parallel code and educate the Computer of what activity to...
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    Re: Weird And Wonderful Computer Furniture

    X-Rocker Gaming Chair Pro: Did I say it's a fairly decent Havem chair and have seen some sweet setup, especially when Gran Turismo game to come out and see people send photo of gaming magazines of...
  44. Re: MAC OS x86 10.7 Lion USB stick installation for Asus P8P67Pro and P8P67 based systems

    Yes if you can do that then there is no harm in trying with the same, that’s what I feel here. I am sorry that I did not mention about the same in the above step and I really apologize for that,...
  45. MAC OS x86 10.7 Lion USB stick installation for Asus P8P67Pro and P8P67 based systems

    Guys I have made this thread to inform you all something about the same. well the topic you all are quite familiar with on how to do the usb installation for the mac os users. So I am listing down...
  46. Re: Tips for Preloaded Symbian Applications/System

    Configuring Data Connections
    In almost all Nokia devices, and most of the latest Samsung Symbian device, a server application called Setup Assistant (usually buried in the settings area, but...
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    Things you should avoid in SEO

    There are number of things that are recommended that you should avoid them. Mostly due to lack of knowledge and appropriate information we face such time when some practices effects the site ranking...
  48. Re: Network Controller Driver/Adapter not working with Dell Inspiron 15R.

    If you are still facing the same problem then you have to reinstall Windows 7 operating system using the installation CD provided to you by the manufacturer. I don’t think you have an alternative...
  49. Re: What is MSI K9ND Speedster 2 sata speed limit?

    As this is your normal PC , it more convenient you to go with SSD either than to go with SAS, because it will create much noise also, which not be a much clever step, so go with SSD, So are per the...
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    Using phpBB and Wordpress together

    This is an question where most of the user do face trouble. Wordpress and phpBB are most popular CMS at moment and free. Rightnow there is very less information on the integration of phpBB, and...
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