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    Not able to decode with Windows DVD Maker

    I recently purchased an Acer aspire notebook, which is running with windows 7 ultimate OS. The system was running fine with all of its installed application as well as with the specified hardware...
  2. Re: "iw3mp.exe has stopped working” error message with Call of Duty 4

    I am also facing a relevant type of issue with this same game Call of Duty 4 video game. Though this is also appearing this same error message whenever I open launch the game, and along with the...
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    .mkv file not opening in VirtualDubMod

    I am trying to open a.mkv file with VirtualDubMod for editing and converting the format of that file, but this application does not allow me to perform this operating, though it is asking for the...
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    Lost Major packet with SG TCP optimizer

    There is problem with the TPC IP optimizer software that I am using from last few months, though before that I did not encounter nay such problem with this software, when I was streaming a online...
  5. With or without the USB speaker no sound from Media player and internet explorer

    I am having a Toshiba laptop, this is running with windows vista OS, the problem is there is no sound from my system whenever I open any media file from in windows media player, along with this also...
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    Re: Dell 5520 wireless card not installed

    There is a similar issue in my Dell latitude laptop, with the Broadcom wireless outer driver, if I tried to load the driver; it says that the driver is not compatible with the system. Actually I am...
  7. Re: Google Chrome downloading but not installed

    I am also having a issue with the Google chrome web browser, when I tried to run the installer file, it flashes that the program is already ruining in your system, close the second one. though I run...
  8. Re: Logitech pro 9000 webcam CD not loading in windows XP

    I am also facing a problem with the installation disk of Logitech pro 9000 webcam, whenever I tried to run eth installation program, it simply flashes that the programs is running with other program,...
  9. Re: Desktop wallpaper keeps disappearing in windows XP after reboot

    I am also having a problem in my desktop screen, some of the icons are not appearing into my desktop screen, along with if I reboot my system for getting somehow help on this problem, the background...
  10. Damaged file "E2883E8F-472F-4FB0-9522-AC9BF37916A7" in download programs

    I am using a Acer aspire notebook, this is running with windows 7 ultimate OS. the system is running fine with almost all of its features and the functions. But there is damaged file in found under...
  11. Re: Wireless network stopped responding in windows 7

    I am also facing relevant type of issue in my windows vista compatible dell inspiron one desktop PC. This is also dropping the wireless network connection frequently, it happening with me from last...
  12. Re: MSI Live update corrupt BIOS SVET, need help

    Thank you all of your for posting such nice replies for my problem. Though I am able to download the correct BIOS file for the MSI LIVE media, and along with also checked into the live media, this is...
  13. MSI Live update corrupt BIOS SVET, need help

    The BIOS in my MSI laptop was running properly, there is problem with the MSI live which is installed in my system, and whenever I tried to update this one form the MSI website this BIOS seems to be...
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    Windows 7 photo slideshow stopped working

    I recently upgrade my system from windows vista to windows 7 OS. the system was running fin with almost all of the application or software’s those were installed into my system, with windows vista...
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    Re: System tool spyware, need help

    I am using AVG antivirus program from a long time, though this was running by my elder brother, and this recently handover to me, now I found that there are some any applications are effected with...
  16. Re: Windows 7 64 bit: fault module d3d9.dll with most of the games

    I am also facing relevant problem with the windows 7 OS, this crashes few time after launch any high definition game in my system. I tried many tricks to resolve this, but nothing was helped me. I...
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    Image editing software for windows 7

    I am looking for a good photo editing software I am using a windows 7 compatible Acer aspire laptop, this I purchased recently, and this working fine with all of its functions and features. Whereas I...
  18. Re: Mail RSS not working properly in macbook pro

    Hi, I have finally has a problem with my mail rss feed.If I run the cron.php, all the news from the forum or by send a e-mail , the RSS feeds updated. Up to that ok, but my internet Package now...
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    Outlook web access 2010 for ipad

    Hello friend,
    i am very new user of a apple ipad device, I recently purchased this device. Now I am here to collect some of the information regarding this topic, that I am willing to share with...
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    Note Taking application for Apple iPad

    Hi all, I am a college student and recently bought the apple ipad, this very much impressed me with all of its inbuilt features and also with the looks of this device, though this is a advanced...
  21. "Exception raised" pop up window in Internet Explorer 8

    I have been using windows 7 compatible Compaq Presario f739 AU notebook, this was running fine with all of its features and the other applications those I installed. The only problem in my machine...
  22. Re: BitDefender firewall not allowed to upload file

    Facing relevant issue, this was starts occurring after install bitdefender 2011 security tool, when I tried to open some of the web sites., it simply directs that this site is blocked by the security...
  23. Re: Not received email registration with BitDefender 2011

    Relevant issue with the BitDefender tool application, this is recent installed in my windows vista compatible Acer laptop. The problem is that whenever I tried to open the bitdefender application...
  24. HP dv2000 CTO Notebook is not turning on

    I am not able to turn on my HP pavilion dv2000 CTYOM notebook; this is running with windows 7 OS, the laptop was running fine with all of its features and also with the inbuilt features. I am game...
  25. Not able to print Internet explorer file in default black & white settings

    There is a problem that I am facing in my Toshiba laptop, running with windows 7 OS. also installed internet explorer 8 web browser, I make it as my default browser along with this I am using a...
  26. some parts of website not showing in internet explorer 8 with windows vista

    Some parts of web sites are not showing in my internet explorer web browser, running with windows vista in my Compaq Presario laptop. And this problem was arrived when I applied a non-Aero theme....
  27. Printer not detecting in homegroup wifi network

    I am having a home group wifi network, for this I am using Broadcom wireless router, my laptop is running with window vista OS. The machine was running file till the last with all of its features and...
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    Lost windows vista boot up screen

    I lost my windows vista boot up screen, after upgrade my Compaq Presario notebook from windows xp to vista. Though along with this I did not make any change in my machine hardware or software, only...
  29. Re: Canon LaserShot LBP 1120 printer not recognizing in windows 7

    Relevant issue, this is occurring with my newly purchased HP laser jet printer. It is running with windows vista OS. The printer works fine the date with all its functions. But from this morning it...
  30. Re: Brother MFC 7840W wifi printer is not recognizing in windows vista

    Similar issue with the wireless printer which is attached with my Acer aspire notebook. Whenever I tried to connect the printer with my machine for print any page, it takes few time to first of all...
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    PC infected by sinowal virus, need help

    Hello friend, I am having a Hp pavilion series laptop, this is running with windows 7 OS, and other specification of the machine are like AMD Athlon processor, along with this Ati Radeon graphical...
  32. Not able to perform windows vista clean installation

    For some of the application termination problem, I tried to reload windows vista in my Dell isnpiron laptop, after getting the error message, I applied some of the tricks but nothing works. Before...
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    Re: No driver in device manager

    Relevant issue with the driver and software application programs, after install then they are not added on the start menu list, under all programs. And this I encounter after install a browser...
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    Re: DC Universe Online Game Crashes

    I am using an Asus machine which is compatible with ATI HD graphics card, along with this, I am also facing a game crashing problem. The problem is start occurring from yesterday night. Also the...
  35. windows 7: hard drive partitions are not working properly

    Hi all, I am having a Toshiba Tecra A11 laptop, which is running with windows 7 OS. The machine was working fine till the last few days. It is specified with Intel dual core processor, AMD graphics...
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