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    Re: How to unlock Radeon 6950 to Radeon 6970

    First tried to Ati Win Flash. I, like seven other bios, nevertheless I cannot flash again. Tried Ati Flash and the same. Hesitation it, in view of the fact that they are not dense. You can make sure...
  2. Re: Apple TV hard reset and soft reset troubleshoot fixed

    Under the Computers menu decision you might as well see your library, open that and you'll see a vertical menu with decisions like Music, Movies, Rentals, TV Shows, Podcasts, and so forth. You ought...
  3. Re: Best potential monitors - ASUS VH232H vs. ASUS ML238H

    Asus ML238H is an LED monitor and hence this will be more energy efficient than other LCD monitor. I use this monitor in last three month and still I have not faced any problem onto it. Hence I must...
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    Re: HDMI/DVI connection failed to register

    You can try by changing the connecting cable as that might be faulty and not providing proper connection to it. This is one thing and other than this, you must ensure that you are having the latest...
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    Re: Information about MSI N570GTX Twin Frozr III

    Besides the features like higher clock speeds, the manufacturer this product has additionally donated a dual-BIOS and the performance BIOS defaults. Alternatively, the BIOS will select Silent. This...
  6. Re: Is Viewsonic 21.5'' monitor very big for desk?

    According to the manufacturer of the monitor is suitable for office applications, multimedia applications and games, plus the ability to transform into a digital picture frame, simply removing the...
  7. Re: What Percentage of 3D games can be played with a single GeForce Gtx 570?

    I hope you know that a better card will always give you a better performance while playing. Even in 3d it will give you a better performance. It is actually very hard to predict the fps in 3d even if...
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    Re: Connecting PC (DVI) to the Thunderbolt display

    I think my friend it is the time to upgrade the video card on the Windows machine. Mostly the video cards which you buy today will be having a Display Port output in them. I have searched and found...
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    Re: Do BenQ MS510 projector has 3D vision?

    but apart from the you can have another option as well such as to have Acer Aspire GD245HQ, my recommendation is to have this machine for better rather superior clarity.


  10. Re: While trying to enable 3D in Google Earth with R265 drivers, Troubleshooting failure.

    since you have never verified that you are running Google Earth in DirectX mode, so for that checking I will suggest you for the set up in the Tools -> Options dialog's '3D View' tab. And their you...
  11. Re: Which is better GT430 SLI or single Powercolor RadeonHD6850?

    I think single Powercolor RadeonHD6850 would be very good. I think you should purchase it for around 180 $. This video card features the stock clocks (775 MHz for GPU and 4 GHz for memory) and it...
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    Re: is Men of War: Vietnam available?

    Yeah you can have this game for yourself as it is been already Release on September 13, 2011. And I think you have to purchase the game from the store, but the thing that made me wonder is like...
  13. Re: Random arrangement of the red pixels to replacing the Black

    Do these red pixels come into view in safe mode as well? if you haven’t tried it yet then I would like to suggest you that you should first try to run the machine in safe mode and see if the same...
  14. Re: Windows 7 ask for password after replacing the monitor screen

    I have never come up with such issues where the keyboard and cursor are frozen after changing the monitor screen . There might be internal damage happened or screen you change went on to go some...
  15. Re: Internet and external sound card make noise due to Dell monitor plugged in

    I hope this is just the normal noise on your system. You could also try to check that the same kind of sound arrives on the other system or not when connecting the same monitor. This explains so much...
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    Re: Funky aspect ratio in movies

    I read an article from Wikipedia which was relevant to this topic, although that was quoted for lacking confirmation, but I guess that was is a very good point to begin with. Some of the grounds go...
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    Re: How is Radeon 6770M for 1366x768 gaming

    Yes it is nice and also it is very reputable to play games on the middle range of the laptop which are of the gaming version. So I would also suggest you to go for it as it good to play on the...
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    Re: Additional features in Bada 2.0

    From Bada 2.0, you could probably give many-sided shapes of notification support in your application. You could probably utilize a mixture of any of the proposed warning sorts: Ticker, Quick Panel,...
  19. Re: Where can i get the ATI FireGl V5200 driver for Windows 7

    If you are looking only for the driver, then Windows 7 has the inbuilt facility that can be provide the opportunity to do this task. The windows update of the windows 7 helps to to download the...
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    Re: Which version of Windows 7 is to purchase?

    Windows 7 won't be out for a different year (supposedly fall 2012) granted that the beta is declared to be turning out soon inasmuch as w8 is declared to be having a 12 month beta. I've attempted...
  21. Re: MSI N560GTX-TI GPU crashes after updating the driver to version 280.26

    I am agree with the above user as if suppose you are satisfied with the previous version then you should stick with that only, and apparently as the extent to I know there isn’t any more changes...
  22. Re: Resolution setback in Samsung 2494HS Monitor

    I have detached the HDMI and joined and joined up the screen utilizing the DVI link that went together with it and now it appears to work fine.

    The HDMI link was one of the sweeteners which the...
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    Re: Samsung BX2250 monitor not working

    If suppose you are connecting your monitor with VGA cable then you should care about VGA-DVI adapter as well, I mean to say you should make sure that the adapter is also working fine.
  24. Re: Dell monitor starts for two seconds and then black

    If a monitor goes blank subsequent to a few seconds, through not even the back light in it, odds are we have a difficulty by means of the lamp otherwise other stuff. I can tell they typically come...
  25. Re: Latest drivers of ATI HD 5650 with Acer Aspire 7745G

    You need to use ATI drivers instead of acer. This ATI driver has to be helps to enhance the graphics quality of this video card. It will be beneficial for the system which has been necessary to play...
  26. Re: is CoolerMaster Xtreme PowerPlus 600 Watts compatible with MSI 560Ti Hawk or MSI HD6950 Hawk

    I would suggest you to go to some hardware shop and ask them. They will guide you properly regarding the combination. There you will get more opportunities to explore more graphics card compatible...
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    Re: Missing some apps in blackberry torch 9810

    Still if you not able to find these apps in your mobile, then you can downloaded these apps from blackberry official websites and there you will find many apps which is compatible for your handsets...
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    Re: Need help buying GPU for my PSU Budget 12k

    Avoid GTX 550 Ti. The reason behind this is because I use this graphics card and within one yeae I gives this kind of problem. Its drivers deliver continuous performance optimizations to your GeForce...
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    Re: How's Blackberry Torch 9850 first look?

    Now I am in not in mood of buying this phone because I am waiting for these phones available from Verizon. Until yet I am ready for waiting. I am not sure that these phones currently will available...
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    Re: Widescreen Computer Display

    As per me widescreen screens on record books are all around fantastic looking and they perform well but I think the widescreen screens for desktop workstations are simply ugly. They're too extended...
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    Re: Camera not working on Toshiba thrive tablet

    Camera not working is a firmware or hardware issue. Try to updates the firmware with the latest version manually or through an expert help. Hardware issue is a minor chance of creating this problem.
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    Re: Camera not working on Toshiba thrive tablet

    Camera not working is a firmware or hardware issue. Try to updates the firmware with the latest version manually or through an expert help. Hardware issue is a minor chance of creating this problem.
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    Re: VGA Connector not working with iOS 4.3

    yeah again the same problem I being the third one this forum to have the similar issue. My Samsung SP-H03 projector displays on the screen that "Not optimum mode" while the iPad it's outputting some...
  34. Re: Gigabyte GV-N560OC-1GI crashing after overclocking

    This is the right thinking that the problem is to be understood by the manufacturer you need to first check that what should be the thinking of the manufacturer over this problem. The manufacturer...
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    Re: Toshiba TV getting HDMI error

    I had a mess around with powerstrip utilized a few predefined settings that were generally indistinguishable to the V/H and pixel ticker freq that are post in my TV's manual. At the same time no...
  36. Re: I am getting white dots in Samsung UN46D8000 LED

    I want to give you better advice to you. This is simple and cost efficient solution for. You can directly log on to Samsung official website. And there you can put your query. In this way you can...
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    Re: Popping Noise in Samsung UN46B8000

    I know that this is very irritating to have the issues like this. I think that this noise is because of the usual expanding otherwise heating of parts if they are quiet. But I would advise having...
  38. Re: White Spot in Samsung DLP HLT5076S expanding rapidly

    Samsung create an aid solicit, & now my TV is settled, Free of charge. For alternate's with this situation if they call Samsung & get no place with client fix or told that they need to pay for aid...
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    Re: Internet not working in Samsung 6400 LED TV

    I have undergraduate and grad degrees in Computer Science and go with sophisticated business and barrier programming and IT foundation. To have tiered 1 and 2 back my system or router arrangement is...
  40. re: Samsung 580 series interferes with certain cable boxes via IR

    My interaction would be special but I will tell my story admirably well to give you the most information to report. Sad for the length but the Samsung 850 and our Time Warner link box could not...
  41. Re: Need the best Internet connecting Samsung HDTV

    I would be able to make a bootable SD chip or bootable USB thumb drive, taking into account installed Linux, to drive one of the four HDMI ports. That machine could do the same capacity as a...
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    Re: Samsung LN32B650 LCD TV timer not working

    I've been modifying for over 15 years (honestly not installed apparatuses). In any case, the present timer origin field is ALREADY a determination catalogue. I'll collect, if control memory space is...
  43. Re: Samsung BD-C5500 Internet TV unable to work after Firmware download

    Samsung might as well bring answerability for the shaky nature of this firmware stage provided that it could probably cripple a $170 unit unpaid to shaky downloading methodology and instatement. That...
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    Re: Samsung HT-C6950W Firmware upgrade not working

    DLNA setup is wired (CAT 6 link, great switch) I could probably run it through either the TV or the Bluray, both have DLNA and both have diverse "issues". I've got loads of special sorts of film...
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    Re: Samsung HLR5087 not turning on

    Personally speaking it is better to do your own work and get it repaired no matter is the seal is broken trust me Samsung people are not going to give you any good maintenance service at all,...
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    Re: Samsung UN46B6000 poor image quality

    Well what I want to say is that the problem is with the Led only and nothing else, that’s what I think over here. well nothing to worry what you can do is that get the TV replaced. Since this is the...
  47. Re: YouTube playlist shows 29 videos instead of 37 on Philips Net-TV

    There is to be also possibility that the problem is being related to the Philips internet TV. Then I suggest you to check the YouTube application on this homescreen of the TV. If the application...
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    Re: NOS application on Philips BDP8000

    The new BDP8000 as a prohibited device is blocked, when you want to stream a video. The same kind of restriction also applied on the Net-TV and hence I suggest you to use an proper way to solve this...
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    Re: DailyMotion not working on Philips Net-TV

    Net TV brings a wide range of online information and entertainment to your TV. The DailyMotion site is a service of the NeT-TV and if this will be gives the problem then I thinks the problem is in...
  50. Re: Many times NET-TV not support to watch the video

    There are so many internets capable TV set gives this kind of problem. The problem is to be arrives because the system can’t be able to just find the supported video file in the continuous manner....
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