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  1. Re: Mcafee buggy update caused net failure in many system

    Manual option can recommended. As you said that McAfee has removed that buggy update, we can run the setup manually. I tried overwrite the update on existing installation but that does not worked. I...
  2. Re: How to add Screensaver in Linux Mint 13

    There are some animations which are not good enough. I had installed xscreensaver. I thought that this would give a nice look as you mentioned that there are 3D screensaver also. But this did not...
  3. Re: When Blackberry 10 OS is releasing

    I had found on some news that this new OS will have a lot more similarity of Windows 8 interface. So that means the OS is mostly designed for Touchscreen gadget.
  4. Re: Viber 2.1 for iPhone and Android

    There were several known issues with version 2.1.6. Some of them are as follows:

    Android phone which installed vibes suffering from Audio issue where they were hearing poor quality audio on...
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    Re: Why is Android Open Source

    Making Android as open source system really increases the chance of other vendors can implement it or publish it on their platform. It will increase the popularity of such a OS. I don’t know...
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    Re: Sync Live Mesh with Windows XP

    I don’t know for what reason, the Microsoft has removed its live mesh support from Windows XP. I really like the Windows XP. The best thing is, it is fully patched/ updated. There are currently 3...
  7. Re: What exactly the patch fixes in Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

    There are lots of new titles that will fill the number of chapters in the saga of Resident Evil. However, about Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City, Capcom certainly has not released much...
  8. Re: DELL E193FP monitor only showing blank screen when booted

    I barely assume that there is a problem with the graphics card driver. In this case, start Windows in Safe Mode (press F8 before Windows starts, here is just loaded the VGA driver) and in the device...
  9. Re: Windows 7 Firewall Control v5.0 released

    "Windows 7 Firewall Control" makes it easier to deal with the built-in firewall of Windows Vista and Windows 7 After starting the application automatically running programs are closed for now. These...
  10. Re: Remote Desktop connection to Server 2003 Console using Windows Mobile

    RDP is getting rather long and for that you need to pass through the firewalls and routers. While connecting the mobile, you will get problem with serial, Bluetooth or some network connection. In...
  11. Re: How export movies to iDVD with chapters

    Perhaps the problem lies in the transition to the media browser. I choose then the average size in the "Media Browser". I carry out again the passages. Even this time iDVD tells me the error. I burn...
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    Re: How to Install Winamp Skins

    There are 2 ways to change your homes skin:

    Normal way:

    Extract the files from the program folder located in C: \ Program Files \ Winamp CD Case \
    On the program, right click and select...
  13. Re: Ivy Bridge and GeForce GTX 680 Watercooling system

    The company Helvetic-Chinese Arctic presented a hybrid cooling system "air-liquid interface" developed specifically for the video card GeForce GTX 680. The system involves the combination of two...
  14. Re: How to Install Silverlight on Android

    At the recent Microsoft conference MiX11, for developers revealed that in future we will be able to run Silverlight content on Android devices. It could be video, games and applications that are...
  15. Re: New Sansa Express 1GB bricked due to firmware update

    I immediately updated the player with the firmware 1.01.01A. But I believe that the equalizer does not work properly. In practice, the adjustments are not regular: the frequency extremes and do not...
  16. Re: Does Blackberry Tour 9630 compatible for OS 6 upgrade

    I don’t know anything about the V6.0 update for BB tour 9630. The only thing I know that I had received the v5 on the Tour. The Tour 9630 update is from sprint and OS is running stable. So far it...
  17. Re: How to increase wubi partition size

    To increase the size of Wubi partition:

    Start with Ubuntu and install LVPM
    Then run it and tell it to do the "resizeroot" if you have one partition / file. Otherwise you do a "resizehome" if...
  18. Re: How to replace Blackberry 9700 Screen

    There are no major problems for disassembly / reassembly of BB phones. I bought a set of Torx T6 screwdriver and used a plastic guitar to take off the screen and detach the screen from its mounting...
  19. Re: BlackBerry Bold 9900 Autolocks at random time

    Did you try reloading the OS? The issue seems like a firmware related and I don’t think that there is any other way to solve it other than reloading the OS on the phone. Otherwise you need to...
  20. Re: LG Spectrum scanning SD card continually

    Can you tell the size of your memory card? How much data stored on the SD card now? Make sure that you have not filled the SD card fully. Keep some more space as free so that the mobile able to use...
  21. Re: Steam client available for Android?

    Valve denies that it is working on a Linux version of Steam steam. The Steam client is only available for Windows and Mac OS X. Rumors about a Linux version of the client appeared on when Valve...
  22. Re: Macbook Pro freezes often with WD Scorpio Black 500GB

    The macbook has the ability to be opened as seen in the sources but from what I know the cover is attached to the laptop via bolts and I do not know how to open it. Then inside, bottom left is the...
  23. Re: High number of pending sectors in new Western Digital WD20EARX

    I do not know very much about what might be technically wrong with a hard drive (other than obvious things like broken plates, runs aground by car or crashed heads), but I would guess What program...
  24. Re: PC with MSI 870A-G46 does not boot up

    It seems to me that I have found something regarding your processor. I don’t know how important is this but I am pretty sure that it can something do with your compatibility of the CPU and mobo....
  25. Re: AC Freezer 64 Pro CPU cooler on MSI A75A-G35

    As far as I know that the 3-Pin voltage control operates completely different than the 4-Pin-PWM-Control. . If you are using the 3-Pin, full voltage will be supplied to the fan when the system gets...
  26. Re: DPI settings and Button mapping won't work for Logitech G700 mouse

    You might have updated the Setpoint software but then you have to do it again for the mouse. I mean the update for the mouse, but you will need the G700 Select your own and come in range, where the...
  27. Re: How to install Windows 8 Consumer Preview on a Mac using BootCamp

    Yes, what he is telling is really true. You can make use of the Windows 8 32-bit iso image and burn it on a DVD. I tried the 64-bit but it didn’t work. Next thing is to create a Boot camp partition...
  28. Re: AMD Radeon HD 7970 benchmark results

    A graphics card may be customized either in the cooling system or at the level of the PCB, or both at the same time. For most of the Radeon HD 7950 available at launch, manufacturers have taken the...
  29. Re: How to sync mp4 video to mp4 audio track

    I think that it is completely possible to strip the audio with either Audacity otherwise Avidemux. After that you can use the Audacity for editing new audio track. Open the the audio track into...
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    Re: How to set up e-library

    Why don’t you look for online library rather than E-library? You can create your own web page with email accounts, and domain name. Then you can store all your paperbook in that. Nowadays you can...
  31. Re: How to do Port forwarding in BSNL Teracom Modem

    In order to do Port forwarding in BSNL Teracom Modem, just follow these steps:

    First of all go to the router page/security/port forwarding
    click on add
    dot user-defined->give a name
  32. Re: Enable 5.1 audio from ATI Radeon HD5850 HDMI out

    The HDMI interface provides enough bandwidth to simultaneously transmit uncompressed image and sound at up to 7.1 sound (multichannel PCM). Thus, it is for movies not bad if the software player...
  33. Re: How to remove "drop in savings" drop down from Google Chrome

    If this issue is really annoying for you, then try Malwarebytes. It will take care about any issues. I had the same drop down and after running the Malwarebytes scan, everything has vanished from the...
  34. Re: Wifi connection using Knoppix Linux Live CD

    Knoppix also gives the possibility to save your configuration to allow the next boot to restore your personal settings. Try with the ndiswrapper driver. If it does not make it work, find Linux...
  35. Re: Monitor VGA to Laptop VGA, Low Refresh rate, Black Screen

    The connections of laptop LCD's are not standardized. Moreover, this is not a VGA port, which sticks out there with you, so you'd need probably suitable electronic system for implementation.
  36. Re: Which is the best and accurate free backlink checker

    Backlink test is top in almost every way: The scope of the (relevant) basic information is large and the presentation is appealing. This is especially true for the additional information at the end,...
  37. Re: MobileNoter app to sync OneNote notebooks using iPhone

    MobileNoter uses to own cloud syncing service. That doesn’t work with my setup: Windows 7 with OneNote 2010 and iPad 2 Wifi sync then stops with an error. I also lost a few of my notes. I will not...
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    Re: Lenovo G570 Notebook BSOD

    I think that the issue has probably something to do with the incompatible driver. So make sure that all your drivers are up-to-date. If possible update them right now. Always get drivers from the...
  39. Re: Does 3TB SATA II HDD compatible on MSI K9N Neo (PCB 1.0) motherboard

    AS far as I can say that there is no reason that the interface speed bottlenecks the HDD performance. It is not important in this case but you need to look for the other factors like internal...
  40. Re: How to use HP t5325 Thin Clients with Session Broker

    The Microsoft technical support tells that it is the permission issue on the RD session host server. I don’t know what that is but on the technical support, they have briefly explained about this....
  41. Re: Color mixed up when printing from Epson stylus photo R220

    If you are someone who likes refilling your printer cartridges and Epson printer you have, surely you have noticed they have a chip where they have a counter on the amount of ink available in the...
  42. Re: Experiencing Vibration on Cooler Master HAF 932

    In my case the air stream through well. Front and rear purely out above. The temps are not bad for the CPU and graphics cards. CPU at 60C in games (Battlefield Bad Company 2 takes good CPU). I may...
  43. Re: Linksys E3000 router cannot connect to multiple devices wirelessly

    I think Often this has to do with security settings, but also by other causes are:

    Look for other computers are able to connect. If so, then the problem is confined to a computer.
    It may be...
  44. Re: How to fullscreen Excel Worksheet

    Ok I am working on the macro - what am I doing wrong. I have added a module with

    Sub Maximum_Open()
    ' Maximum Macro
    ' Macro recorded 2/23/2007 by mrpaulo

  45. Re: Will Factory unlocked iphone 4S work in India

    I think it's great that finally Apple has decided to sell factory unlocked phones. In my opinion the plan should be more customizable as each person has different needs. We must also note that in...
  46. Re: Sony Releases MicroVault Mach Flash Drives

    It seems to be a great choice for those who are looking for fast data transfer from one source to another. The USB 3.0 Flash drive from Sony really provides the best way of storage. The back...
  47. Re: Sim Unlock not possible from T-Mobile For Asus Garminfone

    Tmobile does not provide a code for the partner, but there are ways to unlock, but it usually takes about two weeks to receive the code and is a bit 'expensive
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    Re: Low FPS in X3: Albion Prelude

    Do Overlocking by the help of an expert. Background processes can be viewed by typing msconfig, last tab and you can see which plans would walk along in the background and start with, some you better...
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    Re: UPGRADE from Nvidia GeForce GT 320

    On the home page of the graphics chip manufacturer they is testing your GPU to see whether your built on Battlefield 3 capability or not. This works directly in the browser and runs over a secure...
  50. Re: Benchmark Scores from AMD Overdrive

    I do not have default values!

    My CPU is Opteron 170 @ 2900MHz overclocked
    Integer Computation: 8620 D / s
    Floating Point Computation: 5465 MI / s
    Memory Speed: 2010 MB / s
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