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  1. Re: Tata Sky+ HD stuck at initializing, not starting up

    Even I would not suggest you to take the Tata Sky+ HD box to any local repair shop because the box might end up totally by those repair workers. It is always a good idea to spend money on the Tata...
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    Re: vodafone 3g network signal dies indoor

    Since its a network issue then most probably you will need to call their customer service to resolve this issue. You can try to share your contact number with Vodafone and then will get back to you...
  3. Re: Configure TP link MR3220 for reliance wired broadband

    You just need to configure your username and password in the router settings by opening any web browser and putting this url - . You can even set the option of Auto connect and after that...
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    Re: How is Airtel myPlan for Family ?

    I have taken the Rs. 299 plan and got 8 Free packs. The packs can be anything from this list such as, 100 minutes local mobile calls free or 135mb 3G data free or 40 minutes of roaming outgoing free...
  5. Re: DNA a211-I wrongly flashed firmware now it reboots, unable to connect

    Do you have the stock firmware for your DNA-A211-I wifi router, if not then search for it on google and download its proper firmware first. After that try to flash it again with this stock firmware...
  6. Re: Getting dns error after every 10 minutes on mtnl

    If nothing helps then you have to contact the ISP. You can also directly ping the dns and you can find out whether it is working or not. Like in cmd you can run a ping command as ping -t and...
  7. Re: Is BSNL giving 3G mobile data packs at cheap rates

    I have heard that BSNL is giving low 3G tariff plans to their customers. Below are some of the BSNL 3G mobile data pack rates that you can check:

    For 240 MB data for Rs. 39
    For 500MB data for...
  8. Re: TP-LINK TD-8817 ADSL2 router configuring with Airtel broadband

    It is very easy to set up this router with the CD and very easy to configure. You just need to select other in Country drop down menu and other ithe ISP drop down option. After that put User ISP...
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    Re: low signal issue with Tata Photon Plus

    Can you try to troubleshoot network connectivity problems in Internet Explorer and see the results. Open Internet Explorer, and try to access the Web page that causes network connectivity problems....
  10. Re: got 1GB extra data internet with Airtel 3G Rs. 255 pack

    It is some kind of offer for subscribers who subscribe to airtel 1GB 3G data pack within promotional campaign period with be getting 1GB free 3G data internet. When this subsribers buys 1GB 3G data...
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    Re: Airtel ADSL disconnects every 10 minutes

    Well, if you are using a high end internet connection of 16mbps then you are supposed to get your own modem from a good company like Dlink or Linksys. I seriously have a doubt on the Modem/Router...
  12. Re: Postpaid or Prepaid Airtel Broadband plan?

    Yes, even I agree that there are not many companies that are providing a Prepaid ADSL internet connection because of the reasong that they have to lay cables and this is what that costs more money...
  13. Re: Idea Roaming from Uttar Pradesh East to Mumbai incoming call free plan?

    Below are some of the list of recharge that you can do for Idea Roaming facility on your Sim card from UP east:

    Rs. 17 - All Local & STD Mobiles @ 1paise/Sec for 30 days
    Rs. 24 - STD mobile...
  14. Re: Does airtel charge for data usage properly?

    Airtel is a good brand and they never cheat their customers for their products. The only problem is that their price is very high and you will be capped in the Fair Usage Policy after downloading...
  15. Re: Unable to redeem Rs.30 discount coupon on freecharge

    Those are all valid coupons. You have to use them on the basis of terms and condition and then only they work. I had bought a McDonald coupon from them on which I got a burger and ice tea free. But...
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    Re: Hathway HD Stream 3 in Pune Question

    I am using Hathway broadband and they have advertised the HD Stream coonection as fiber but its still a cable connection. You will not get any type of landline. But the login system that is used in...
  17. Re: information on Airtel pay per second plans

    If we compare it with Tata Docomo's roaming SMS rate then it is the same like Rs. 0.60 for local call and Rs. 1.20 for STD calls in home network but a higher Rs. 1.50 per sms within India in most of...
  18. Re: What points should be considered before changing mobile operator

    For those who are going for permanent contracts that means postpaid has to take care. There are chances that operators try to impose some fix charges on you and you came know after a month about...
  19. Re: Flashed Wrong Firmware on UTStarcom WA3002G4 ADSL 2+ Router/Modem? - Don't worry! :)

    Can you tell us how did you set the router? Have you connected your system to the router via the lan cable? You have to give some valid value or name in SSID box. If you havent given that then you...
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    Re: How to find reliable freelancing job online

    First off all when you are trying to find this kind of jobs online you will get ample of site that will ask you to buy a kit. This kit has something that can help you to locate jobs more easily. But...
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    Re: How is MITSOT for Telecom Management?

    The future of MBA in Telecom Management is good in India. You dont have to worry because telecom market is having a huge growth now a days. You can go with the Symbosis Institute which seems to be...
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    Re: Which ISP is best for pings in New Delhi?

    Many people are saying that Hathway is a good option that you can get in Delhi. They even get approximately 2 to 15ms pings and sometime even 0ms pings. Playing games online also dosent lag on this...
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    Re: Not getting 3G Speed on AirTel Dongle

    Well, technically what you can do is, uninstall the Airtel Software in your pc and reinstall it. Also, try to move your computer near to the window where external air flow is good in your house. I am...
  24. Re: configure dlink router for Hathway Docsis 3.0 broadband

    I was also having the same issue that you are facing so I recently installed a new firmware for the wifi router. After that I was able to log into my router without any issues. I then did some manual...
  25. Re: Reliance thunder 1099 plan with 4mbps - review

    I have heard that they have given an ADSL2+ Modem/Router with this broadband plan which can also support upto 8mbps download speed. So, if you know any technicians from reliance then you can ask them...
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    Re: 8mbps Plan of MTNL Broadband

    There are also other MTNL broadban 8mbps plan that starts with Rs. 1290, Rs.1690 and Rs.2290 and all of these plans offer the same speed of 8mpbs download and 2mbps upload speed upto 50gb, 85gb and...
  27. Re: teracom GAN4.FT130-J-TE-R9B018-IN resetting it settings very frequently

    What is the error message that you are getting? I think that you need to configure the settings in proper manner. Try to disable MAC filter first. You also need to allow the router to connect number...
  28. Re: How to connect my Dell monitor to Tata sky STB to watch TV

    You dont need to have a TV Tuner card or computer if you want to connect Tata Sky. All you need to do is just connect it to the composite input with simple RCA cable and it will work properly.
  29. Re: How to setup wifi for Hathway Docsis 3.0 50mbps plan

    Yes, you have to follow the above suggestion given to setup the wifi internet connection. Just clone your computers mac address and it will work properly. If there is any issue from their end then...
  30. Re: Airtel broadband tariff increasing from March 26 2014?

    Yes, it was confirmed that Airtel is going to hike fixed line broadband prices from April 17, 2014 by upto 40%. Now the new rent cost would be from Rs. 250 to Rs. 349 and they are informing their...
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    Re: Doubt regarding Download Speed of BSNL

    Can you tell us from Feb 1 to Feb 28 how much internet bandwidth have you used, you can check that in the "BSNL Broadband Data Usage Checking", just search for it on google. Even if you have exceeded...
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    Re: Career in Bioengineering

    Bioengineering is a very good field and there is a lot more potential in it. But if you pursue to Master's degree then it will add much chances for you to get a job. After you complete BEng. you...
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    Re: Pursue HSC Privately

    You can only appear as external student for HSC exam if you have completed 2 terms of 12th std with pratical. Incase you have not registered with any college as 12th standard student then you can...
  34. Re: Airtel 3G 4GB Data Pack available for 90 Days

    I am using Reliance 3g internet data plan of 4gb for 90 days for Rs. 350 but in a month I am limited to use only 2gb internet data, which is quite weird plan. This plan is good but the only problem...
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    Re: Beetel 220BX1 ADSL2+MODEM BSNL Configuration

    You just need to change the settings by visiting in any browser to gain access to the modem control panel. After that use the username as admin and Password as password. You might...
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    Re: AN1020-21 + VOIP + Spectranet

    Can you tell us what other router are you using with AN1020-21 and what is its model number? Have you connected any lan port to desktop and is the internet working fine? It will let you know that...
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    Re: Can I Unlock Photon Plus (Olive USB Modem)?

    You can easily try to unlock your Photon Plus for using the Olive USB Modem by visiting a mobile repair shop in your area. They will charge you a minimal amount for unlocking the Photo plus to be...
  38. Re: Tata Sky HD+ error "disk is powering from energy saving mode"

    If even after restart the Set Top Box is still showing you the same error then try to first format the hard drive completely. Aftert that test to see if you get the same problem. If yes, then I also...
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    Re: using external hard drive with Airtel HD+

    I have read that even if we copy the recorded videos from the usb drive to our computer then the files are not even recognized by the pc. When I tried it then there was no content displaying on my...
  40. Re: internet data usage shown by Airtel is fake

    Even I was facing a similar issue where I lost 2gb of data without even using it. I called customer care only to hear that they have the most standalone system which could never go wrong. Last week I...
  41. Re: Airtel binatone DT820 with Asus modem question

    Open any internet browser and then go put in the url address. After that a page will appear, simply put admin in the login id and password in the password area. If this is changed by some...
  42. Re: Micromax Mmx144f 3g with vodafone card problem

    Can you tell us what is the operating system you have installed in your computer? Have you tried to uninstall the software that came with the 3g data card and then check to make sure if the drivers...
  43. Poll: re: Which City has the highest number of Mobile User in India

    India is one of the biggest consumer market. It is ever growing. A few years back we hardly see any new gadgets release in the market. But now we can see a tons of new products coming every year. The...
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    Re: Hathway Docsis 3.0 broadband plans

    I called the customer support of Hathway asking about this Docsis 3.0 broadband plans and they told me that these plans are only available in the Andheri West and Nariman Point area. One of my friend...
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    Re: How to use Airtel Rs 1 Entertainment Store

    I cannot understand why would anyone want to watch videos online on their mobile phone? It will be wasteful because anyone can easily copy the same song in his mobile phone and watch it over and over...
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    Re: hathway broadband ports are blocked

    By the way, can you tell us what kind of game server you want to run on yout computer? You should know that you will need to have a good server specs in order to host games on your machine. Also, for...
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    Re: need a good mobile service provider in Pune

    Yes, even I agree that Idea network provider for mobile phones is the best network in Maharashtra. The Airtel network usually works best in North side of India. Other networks that you can choose...
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    Re: Sify Wireless Broadband Review

    Sify broadband is the worst internet provider I have ever experienced in my life and therefore I want to suggest everyone that dont go for it. I always used to get some kind of error BB109 and after...
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    Re: How is Tikona 2mbps plan in mumbai

    I would recommend you to not go for Tikona internet connection. If you get any other service provider then go for it but not Tikona. I have experienced their services for 3 months now and I have...
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    Re: after BSC Biotech which course is best

    Below are the details of Post Graduate courses offered in the Maharashtra University:

    Master of Science in Biotechnology
    Master of Science in Organic-Chemistry
    Master of Science in Zoology...
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