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    Re: Maximum characters in Meta tags

    I think the same vary as per search engine. There might be minor difference only. Here in Google you have around 69 Characters for a Page Title and 156 for Meta Description. This are counted with...
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    Re: Windows mail problem..maybe corruption?

    This does not looks mail corrupt issue. Can you see your entire message. If not then definitely there is certain issue. Check the sender. If you are not familiar with the sender then the mail can be...
  3. Re: After installing Kaspersky Mobile Security 9.0, GPS is not working in Android 2.2.

    If you are thinking for that reason then I will say you to contact with the technical support and explain them about your question, I am sure that they will do something in your case.
  4. Re: Is Gap of Rohan a new pvmp zone in The Lord of the Rings Online: Rise of Isengard?

    My recommendation to you is not to attempt unique armour now. I am expressing this in light of the fact that try not to worth for the time as you will reinstate every last trace of the thing, would...
  5. Re: Rest XP and level cap in The Lord of the Rings Online: Rise of Isengard

    This is totally correct but as a revamped, the PvMp zone can be a truly vast pitching indicate for this. I am able to envision that it will come a parcel for the publicizing guff as this has not...
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    Re: How to use Facebook Blaster Pro

    It is against Facebook policy. There are some privacy concern for that and if you test such tools you can get yourself ban. I will advice to close this thread for stopping no more discussion on such...
  7. Re: Use TMUF login as TM² login in TrackMania 2 Canyon

    The rule here is precisely the same as in the antecedent. The downloading of tracks, models or skins prices, Planets, which are acquired by rank and race can acquire the embodiment of a turn. On the...
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    Re: Resistance 3 lacking game map

    That may seem a bit shocking after 40 and 60 players on RFOM and R2. Rest assured, however, our main motivation in determining our new player account the fun times that we and the community had on...
  9. Re: Do you have any idea to get out from Google Dance?

    It's not that simple and they should be more educated on the procedure. Fundamentally Google dance trying to agree on how to relative sites is to your keywords. You can checks Google servers to...
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    Re: Do Skype group chat cost anything?

    I am agree with the above user and as answer to your question let me tell you as you must have to pay for this service.

    But if you are thinking of conference chat then you can have too many other...
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    Re: Does it is bad to use torrents

    I like torrent for file sharing, not for downloading the files illegally. Mostly I do not really on cracked version. You can get the demo and trail of many games and software free. Download then run...
  12. Re: Suggestion for Configuring a Tightly Secured Router with Wireless Routers

    I think that it is useless to disable the SSID broadcast. Some driveby will still right away notice the access point since it has to send out beacon signals.
  13. Re: Unable to Synchronize bookmarks with latest version of Opera Mini

    New look of Opera Mini 6 get all speed benefits and data savings facility. This will be helps to the optimized browser for all iOS devices. The bookmark synchronized option able to do this task in...
  14. Re: When saving an .html or .mht file, Opera 11.1 silently erases previously saved files in the same folder.

    Yes, this is a bug with Opera 11.1. But, recently I saw 11.11 changelog and I didn’t found anything related to fixing of this bug. Therefore, I think they have no idea about this serious bug becasue...
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    Re: Original Facebook site in Opera-mini 4.3

    Every time i try to log in it shows an mobile based format of this Facebook. Initial stage I use it but for restricted facility I decided to do something that help me to access the complete Facebook...
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    Re: Hebrew characters in Opera-mini

    I did not have any problem with opera mini in nokia n97 but I also can’t able to view any Hebrew characters in this Opera-mini web browser. I never see any setting that can be help to solve this...
  17. Re: 2.8 billion minutes of Facebook chat powered by windows live messenger

    For the time all the platform has been same for the social networking sites all of them has been successfully able to gather a good amount of traffic for each other. I have been using the yahoo...
  18. Re: Aliases offered by the hotmail to help you manage and secure your email account

    Oh only 15 aliases I dint knew about this restriction I knew all about it I think that this Is very less attempts, I haven’t used it though I have only heard about it and I hope that I would be...
  19. Re: Desktop Windows Live Mail vs. browser Windows Live Hotmail

    I feel like the windows has been working very much on the Internet explorer and the browser version and it is the best choice they have been really working very much on it and you would be finding it...
  20. Re: Customize the message indication on Outlook 2011

    Very easy method you can use here is by filtering. You can just filter unread messages and you get list on your screen. Why to do all those modifications.
  21. Re: How to change default setting of Firefox back to no proxy

    A user.js file is an unusual method of modifying preferences, optional for advanced users only. Changing the default setting preferences can either be done by user.js file. Alternatively, you can...
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    Re: Best browser for Windows 7 64 bit

    If you go to the internet and search for the best browser for the windows 7 and also for the 64 bit, then you will be able to get the long list of the browsers to use on the windows 7 64 bit, so you...
  23. Re: autofill is not working in firefox 5 and hotmail

    I think you should install the firefox again. I would suggest you to try to uninstall the firefox and install the firefox 5 back again. I suspect that there are some files missing and the firefox...
  24. Re: Don’t need the bing search tab opened by firefox 6

    I think you should not use firefox browser. I have been using firefox and I have had lots of problems with firefox. So I decided to not to use firefox. I use internet explorer 9 and let me tell you...
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    Re: Firefox 3.6 Update without permission

    Click on the firefox checks the Mozilla servers for the application update and if it is able to find any downloadable like with the update that would be found in your computer then the present...
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    Re: How to customize Firefox startup page

    If you want then you can change the homepage to the and as you do that then this will open the old Google homepage which...
  27. Re: Firefox 5: CPU goes to 100% after each 5 mins

    There might be some kind of update running in your computer which is raising the CPU uses. Do you have some antivirus installed in your computer? I am asking this because it might be the antivirus...
  28. Re: Very week Hero Specialties in Might & Magic Heroes VI Beta

    It's too advantageous to enroll a 1st level discretionary brave individual in the direction of the start of the preoccupation and leave them in the regiment of a town, actually leaving to level up at...
  29. Re: Cannot configure setup with Beetel ADSL2 and wireless router

    for authentication type and setting up wifi i would suggest you to search forums regarding them would be helpful. also you can search on the google website regarding this and get some assistance.
  30. Re: Error by using the Search key words in Chrome 13

    My problems solved by using BitDefender antivirus software which have the "Real-Time Antivirus Protection' on. When I turn off the real-time protection that was activate when I recently installed...
  31. Re: Google Chrome is not working after updating to v13 from v12 on SLED 11.1

    Well I think it not properly installed maybe you will have to uninstall and install again. And if you still having webpage crashes unpredictably, you can just reload the page. If you're getting...
  32. Re: Google chrome 13 crashes while using Google search.

    1. Click the Customize and control Google Chrome icon and select Options. choose the Under the Hood tab and in the Privacy part, Now what you have to do is that uncheck Predict network actions to...
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    Re: How do I see saved passwords in Chrome 13.

    Chrome has the capability to stock up passwords that you give it consent to store. I will illustrate how to sight those passwords. open Chrome by twice left clicking the desktop icon. Click the twist...
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    Re: Frequently losing connection due to flagtel

    I have checked the details regarding it on many other forums and I have seen that this is not the problem caused by only BSNL but all of the other providers are facing the same problem. I have heard...
  35. Re: Why there is no 64 bit Internet browser for windows

    I have used the 64 bit version of Internet Explorer which actually has lots of restrictions while using it. The one of the major drawback of 64 bit browser is that we cannot set is as the default...
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    Re: Cannot read profile using chromium browser

    let me tell you that i assume that this issue is because of the the operating system you have installed. i have previously heard that many people were having such issues with the chromium browser so...
  37. Re: Downgrade Iphone 3gs/4g from 4.3.5 to 4.1 version

    I have tried the following steps for a more simpler downgrade IPhone 3gs/ 4.3.5 to 4.1

    1. add this file to your hosts
    2. redsn0w_win_0.9.6b6 or DFU mode for the phone...
  38. Re: How to Synchronize Facebook and Twitter Events with Google Calendar

    Well there is software name as the FeedCal as it is an application which is been made to fix the problem as the user want to remember the events on the Facebook and also on the Twitter. So you can...
  39. Re: Windows 7: Login process initialization failure

    Reinstalling the operating system is the only solution for this if non of them,are working for you. You can do clean install of the Windows 7 again but only if none of the other available solution...
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    Re: How can I disable instant search on Google

    I did the standard "instant off" in my search page in Safari preferences, as well saved back to my home page plus bookmarks. No troubles with Safari. They are Google search preferences in Firefox...
  41. Re: Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad: A spectator Sports, not a War

    Well, according to me the start is always like total chaos with people running like mental like headless chickens as they have no clue what’s going on and not used to the map. All I can say is that...
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    Re: How to Tell if a Job is a Scam

    There are also the other ways of the scams which can be happen with you also. There must be common sense in the people to know that you will never get the amount which is huge in one day or in one...
  43. Thread: How Email Works

    by Grohu

    Re: How Email Works

    The document is split into better e-mails, and the client utilizes the expression “from” to split the record into the different e-mails. The proposed e-mail are then demonstrated to you, split by...
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    Re: Available free balloon pop in Farmville

    I have got around four shoots on the house. That is one on every week. One I didn't utilize with the intension that I might recovery it but when that I got a pig, smaller than normal vineyard...
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    Re: Opera 11.50: cached item link Unclickable

    I think opera is using the Empty on exit obviously privacy so that it can use Delete Private Data but empty on exit is actually at ease an second reason may be to try to remain undersized and clean...
  46. Re: Error code 0x89970005, while updating Microsoft security essential

    After this I will like to know that are you getting any other error code instead of this code. If yes then told me that code also, it will might help you more. Are you saying that the Access is...
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    re: Wobbling Screen on BlackBerry Torch 9810

    Yeah, the only complaint about the 9800 phone was that it would clank and wobble everytime i hit the screen or when I typed or the slider was moved. It just became after some time but now I am gonna...
  48. Re: How to install WebOS 2.1.0 & Adobe Flash on Palm Pre & Palm Pre Plus

    Here are some preware version installation instructions from my side which can be helpful.

    First just besure that you have the latest version of Java on your PC. You can download the latest...
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    Re: How to add CSS in Google Chrome

    I am using Google chrome nightly in my system. I don’t think it needs --enable-user-stylesheet switch to be enabled . it is already gets enabled in the browser so your task is just add the file...
  50. Re: Enabling about:flags in the Google chrome causing game not to work

    You are using the feature which was under development by the Google and can have some of the bugs in it. Since I have also faced the same problem the games are not running. The games are giving...
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