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    Re: Looking for some good mouse pads

    Depend on for what purpose you use it for.
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    Re: pursuing BBA after passing 12th STD

    No you can take admission to BBA.
    But i need to know how could you just passed 12th exam i mean 12th exam are just over and there is time for result to come.
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    Re: Stylish mouse under Rs.1000

    You can get in on flipkart with affordable price do check it.
  4. Re: All email attachment was detected as virus in Internet Explorer

    Why internet explorer i mean there are so many good browser available today why don't you try it on some another browser.
  5. Re: How to get rid of website title in Wordpress post

    Try out some different theme, it is due to a theme which has that setting or layout. Try another one which you find suitable for your site and also look good.
  6. Re: forms and procedure to get admission in Maharashtra Engineering Colleges

    Admission is depend on the marks of CET which is an entrance exam where student should pass with good marks to get admission in there favorite college.
    Once this exam is pass then admission become...
  7. Re: It looks like pc are getting more and more unsecure

    Yes malwares are rising everyday and PC are becoming insecure day by day. We have to be alert about it.
  8. Re: best social media plugin for wordpress

    I would suggest Social Media Feather it is quite reliable and user friendly. But try to keep it simple i mean popup should be not irritating for users.
  9. Re: Online Radio not working on Internet Explorer

    Internet Explorer is not that speedy or best browser as compare to chrome and firefox or opera or safari. I would say try to run online radio in some another browser instead of internet explorer.
  10. Re: Does a free Wordpress theme is better than paid one

    If you wanna showcase only your product and services on website then free wordpress theme will work for you as your requirement is limited for using free one will be better.
  11. Re: after completing Civil Engineering doing MBA in Construction

    If you want to make a great career in construction and want to go long way then doing MBA is surely the best decision for the career.
  12. Re: ICICI PO exam is held for how many times?

    Bank recruitment take place often so can't say exactly how many times exam is been held.
  13. Re: How to recover lost SSC exam registration ID

    You can directly go to school and ask for it they have records and you can get it easily.
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    Re: Bank Job vs IT job

    IT means not handling basic computers person should have in depth knowledge of programming and development. I think Bank job would be better for you.
  15. Re: Eligibility criteria for Chartered Accountant and which exam to give?

    You have to passed HSC with good marks to give the CA exam.
    And info about the courses would be available online.
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    Re: government jobs for B.Tech ECE freshers?

    There are many job offer in government, i think you should go through the government job vacancy websites to know the openings and there eligibility.
  17. Re: after completing 1st year of college and dropping out, how to continue studies from 2nd year

    Depend from which college do you want to complete your further studies, you can also do distance education and complete it.
  18. Re: getting a job after finishing BDS in overseas country

    You have passed the BDS and so there are various opportunity for it, I would say try to get some experience first and then try to apply overseas which will be good for you.
  19. Re: becoming an Air hostess after completing 12th

    I think meanwhile you can focus on your looks and also on your english speaking fluency rest of things can be learn in training.
  20. Re: How many Subjects are there in F.Y.B.Com?

    For entering F.Y.Bcom you need to first pass 10th and then HSC also, then you will go in F.Y.
  21. Re: What are the Job options after doing M.Com?

    You can go for teaching field, then you can also apply for accounting jobs in any private company, bank always welcome commerce students.
    So no need to worry.
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    Re: Doing MBA after MBBS a good option?

    I never heard anybody doing MBA after MBBS i mean do it really need to do MBA after you have spent so much money and time to become MBBS.
  23. Re: WhatsApp Web keeps on disconnecting in Google Chrome

    This error occur due to due network issues do check your net connectio or wifi network.
  24. Re: Can I lock Firefox browser with some password

    Thanks for sharing i didn't know about it before.
  25. Re: Is it beneficial to do a online degree in computer science

    There are many site if you go and search on net but as masters said they are costly and as well as can't tell if they will be providing in depth knowledge of it.
    If you wanna get proper and...
  26. Re: Confused between php and java for web development

    I feel java is use the most and i would also prefer java for web development.
  27. Re: Does distance online courses have any benefits

    In online courses can't guaranteed of getting full knowledge its better to get the regular training for any course. If you just wanna get the basic info of any course then online may be useful.
  28. Re: What is preferred domain settings in Google Webmaster tool

    Agree with aadidev i would suggest the same.
  29. Re: Are there any good career options under Makeup Artist

    If you will go in film industry you will have a better career option as makeup artist but you should have great and some unique skill which will differentiate you from others.
  30. Re: Computer Science online vs college degree

    I agree now a days all is being advanced but our education system is still be old.
  31. Re: join LLB course after completing 12th standard

    After 12th you can join the LLB course and make career in it.
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    Re: What is the role of http

    http which stands for hyper-text transfer protocol is the data transfer system through which all the documents stored throughout the world are accessible to you it is the common language that enables...
  33. Re: 5 years of experience without graduation is good or not

    Apply for it. Knowledge it important no matter how you have gain it by doing degree or by actually working on it. Just one thing you have to do and that is you should convince the recruiter about it...
  34. Re: What are the career options available in Internet Marketing

    Today all businesses need internet marketing and yes career in internet marketing is wide.
    You can do SEO(search engine optimizer)
    SMO (Social media optimizer)
    Digital marketing.
  35. Re: What are the different fields in Engineering

    Computer Engineering
    Chemical Engineering
    Civil Engineering
    Environmental Engineering
    Forestry Engineering
    Geological Engineering
    Systems Engineering
  36. Re: Sports is not a popular career choice in India

    I think cricket is the only one sport which is so popular in India and one can make career in it.
    And talking about today's students so technology has moved so much that today kids are far away...
  37. Re: getting 90% in 12th standard board exam

    Make a timetable as per your comfort and follow it strictly.
    Try to make clear concept of topic don't by heart it.
    And most important be stress free do your study under stress, eat good food take...
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    Re: scope and salary package in ICWAI

    He would probably get 25,000 per month as a fresher, salary will increase as per experience.
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