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  1. Re: Windows Store stops in Windows 8, says not connected to internet

    You might be having problems with corrupted Store Cache and that is why it is not working normally. To solve this issue you need to press Windows + R keys on keyboard and then type wsreset and press...
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    Re: Driver Fusion safe to use on Windows 8

    Even I will not recommend you to use Driver Fusion software which are not worth it at all. If you want to remove drivers then simply go to Device Manager and install new drivers only from the...
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    Re: how to install .net 1.1 on windows 8.1

    It is not possible to manually install the .NET Framework 1.1 on Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012, or Windows Server 2012 R2. It is no longer supported. If you try to install the package,...
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    Re: cant install Realplayer 16 on Windows 8

    Did you try to run the .exe file in the compatiblity mode. To do that simply right click on the exe file and then go to Properties. After that click on the Compatibility Tab and then from the given...
  5. Re: software to take screenshot in Windows 8.1

    Another tool that can use for capturing screenshot is called PicPick. It is a software containing a set of practical tools for your screenshots. With its simple and user-friendly interface, it is...
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    Poll: Re: Best Free PDF Editor Program

    I am using the Foxit Reader program which is a free PDF document viewer, with incredible small size, high launch speed and rich feature set. Foxit Reader is designed for a wide range of users...
  7. Re: getting error "OneDrive has stopped working"

    This problem with the OneDrive usually happens when your connection to OneDrive was lost or there are temporary problems with the OneDrive service. To solve this issue, try restarting OneDrive....
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    Re: How to delete Real Player's system folder

    Well, I think that you are talking about the Real Player Cloud Service that gets installed at the time of installing the video playing software. I guess that it is an integrated part of the software...
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    Re: Installing Office 2003 in Windows 8

    You can try to install Office 2003 in Windows 8 in Compatibility mode but I am not sure if it will work or not. First you need to right click on the setup.exe file and then click on Troubleshoot...
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    Re: LastPass vs KeePass, which is the best?

    You should definitely go with LastPass because it is the best. When I was using KeePass then i was having issues to mount the media while holding Keepass volume and then run it on PC and so on. But...
  11. Re: before installing Office 2010 it asks for msxml 6.10.1129

    There is a simple solution to this problem. You just need to uninstall the MSXML from your computer and then open C:\Windows\System32. Aftert that you have to rename all the MSXML#.dll files to an...
  12. Re: Media Center crashes when burning - SBEserver

    Try to perform a clean boot and see if that works. First log on to your computer with administrator rights. After that click Start and then type msconfig.exe in Search box and then press Enter. A...
  13. Re: "This file is locked. Try the command again later" message in a shared excel document

    You should try to close the file in Quick View before you try to save the shared workbook. If this doesnt work then another user might have opened the Shared Workbook so wait for sometime and save...
  14. Re: want to connect fingerprint biometric device with

    After you purchase any Biometric device then the dealer should also give a CD with the API to interact with that instrument. You will need to check for the CD and then get the proper API to interact...
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    Re: Microsoft Office 2010 Language DLL error

    I was facing the same problem and the solution that worked for me was to update Visual Basic for applications. Simply open Programs and Features and then choose the office client that you are using...
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    Re: how to add more emoticons to communicator

    First of all you will need to change the font to Wingdings. After that you have to use the Windows Character Map by going into Menu > Start > Programs > Accessories > System Tools. Once you are here...
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    Re: get line number in Notepad and Wordpad

    You will have to select the option of Word Wrap and the follow some steps to do some changes in teh registry. To do the changes click on Start and then type Regedit in the Search box. After that go...
  18. Re: Pinnacle Studio 16 incompatible in Windows 8.1 Preview

    Recently there was a solution given for this problem. All you need to do is reboot your computer and then download a patch called PS16_fix_for_Windows_8_1_32and64.exe by searching it from the...
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    Re: audio problem with Asus Maximus V Gene

    You can try to use Driver Cleaner software to remove all the remains of the old audio drivers and then reinstall the audio driver. What happens is that some of the remnants of the old drivers remain...
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    Re: sync gmail calendar with outlook 2013

    You can try to use a tool called Sync2 which can synchronize Outlook between computers. It is the most powerful Microsoft Outlook synchronization add-in software. You can sync Outlook personal...
  21. Re: remove Gmail notifier plus from Windows 7

    I think that the Gmail notifier plus software that you have downloaded could be a direct exe file that requires no installation, this kind of software are also referred as a portable application that...
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    Re: best screen recorder for Windows 8

    The best software that I can recommend for screen recording is Camstudio. I use Camstudio to make all my videos and after that run them with Handbrake converting software to compress down the video's...
  23. Re: Adobe flash player on Kindle Fire to watch youtube videos

    The Kindle Fire eReader uses Android operating system and adobe doesnt creates flash player anymore for androd os. There are some versions of Flash player that are supported by the silk browser of...
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    Re: SkyDrive will not sync in Windows 8.1

    Even I was facing this similar sync issue with Skydrive app in Windows 8.1 preview. But I have found a little fix that solve my issue, although I dont know whether it will work for anyone else or...
  25. Re: Connectify disconnects continuously in Windows 7

    Well, can you try to go to the Network and Sharing Center and then Adapter Settings and then Connections that is used by Connectify. It will most probably be local area connection, so right click on...
  26. Re: cannot sign in after updating skype to 4.0 on android

    I also had this same problem and I noticed that if we clear up the app data in Skype then the problem would be solved. All you need to do is go into Android Settings and then Application Manager and...
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    Re: Software for Exe file Extractor

    Another software that you can use would be MultiExtractor. It helps you extract, search or unpack any type of images, icons, sounds hidden from any file (PowerPoint, Photodex, SCR, EXE slideshows,...
  28. Re: Error:"C:\Windows\Installer\Messenger.msi" on windows live messenger

    if the purpose of not working to be determined have the technology to do what Windows Live has been asked to make a copy of the letter with the intention to appreciate the quiet, were not able to...
  29. Re: Error:"File not indexed, cannot import" while indexing on Windows Movie Maker

    I think you need to download the Windows encoder so that you can solve your problem. Go to any official website and then attempts to download and save the Windows encoder software on the desktop....
  30. Re: After a recent update will Microsoft Outlook 2007 experience Send/Receive or performance.

    I would like to advise you following steps and so that you can solve your issue. To do this go through following steps and after that go through your issue. To do this make hit on the start icon and...
  31. Re: Meeting Reminders on Outlook 2007 wont Popup in the middle of the screen in Windows 7

    Thanks for the clarification, although it certainly was not the answer I expected. I too have been very unhappy to have reminders pop-up meetings on the screen I'm working. That's too subtle reminder...
  32. Re: Cannot share or save OneNote 2010 notebooks to Skydrive

    I would like to suggest you the following steps to save a document to your Skydrive and by doing these steps you can solve your issue. To do this goes through following steps. First open the...
  33. Re: Need information on Windows Phone 7 applications

    Application Deployment your Windows 7 will be a little more expensive than it is for Apple i phone. Policies are explained here. You pay 5,000 rupees to registration, which takes you five free...
  34. Re: Update for Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 (KB2412171) disables archive

    I have same issue on mine system as well. The issue is on KB2412171 and I am not able to control folder and its takes too many times to operate. I have repaired the inbox but it doesn’t made much...
  35. Re: Unable to reinstall Office Home and Student 2007, error during setup, event id 1001

    I have gone through this same issue and I would like to suggest you the following steps and so that you can solve your issue. To do this make hit on the start icon and after that go to the computer....
  36. Re: Duplicate emails downloaded over and over by outlook 2010

    I would like to suggest you the following steps and after that you can solve your issue. To do this go to the outlook and after that make hit on the tools and after that make hit on the E-mail...
  37. Re: How to stop network password pop up on Outlook 2007

    I have gone through this same issue and I would like recommend you the following steps. Go to the start and then make hit on the run. Now under the run program type regedt32 and then hit the ok...
  38. Re: Unable to install Corel Video Studio X3 on windows

    After long searching I have found this solution. To solve this issue you need to create the file called reset.cmd. to do this open the notepad and after that under the note pad write the following:
  39. Re: Outlook does not respond while sending email

    Especially primary thing to do is update your Windows operating system with newest updates and scrap. Generally emails with assault with the attachments, and can be attacked by a threat to keep your...
  40. Re: Does my MSN Messenger is crashing due to power outage

    I would like to suggest you the following things and so that you can solve your issue. To do these go through some steps below: first open the windows explorer to do this go to the start and then...
  41. Re: Running Microsoft Security Essentials, Windows Defender error: 0x800705b4, timeout period expired

    Every Windows operating system has a registry. The registry contains information about your computer and determines the performance of your computer. Did you notice that after a short period of time,...
  42. Re: Autodata 3.24 won’t supported by Windows 7

    I would like to advise you to perform the clean boot in Windows 7 so that you can solve your issue. To perform the clean boot follows the steps below. First click on the start symbol on the desktop...
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    Re: Media Player 11 & Denon iPod dock ASD-51

    I think that on the box of Denon iPod dock ASD-51 there's an Apple icon which says "Made for iPod". iPods are made to work best with Apple iTunes, not Windows Media Player. Although they play mp3s,...
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    Re: Software to play bluray, 720p, 1080p movie

    To see a blu ray on your computer you require a blu ray player, I am having the LG BH10, a card that is hardware capable of playing blu ray content, it is integrated with the ATI HD4350" and a...
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    Re: Office 2010 compatibility with Office 2003

    I just opened an Office 2003 Compatibility Pack, a XLSX, DOCX and PPTX one, all of Office 2010, and opened without problems. Of course, you have to take into account that some features do not work,...
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    Re: Not able to install Office 2010 updates

    Look, I installed a office 2007 ultimate professional, but I could not uninstall. I did what I told the Microsoft Support page and deleted the system folders that might contain that version of...
  47. Re: Word 2010 is not working after installing Duden plus 6.0

    Statement of the Duden Hotline: That program is unfortunately not compatible with Office 2010, this is not supported. There are currently no corresponding patch is available. Only with the new...
  48. Re: When to create a new outlook profile ?

    I think you would have made certain changes in your program files that is restricting you to access the default email folders. I would ask you to do a certain troubleshooting steps, check if it...
  49. Re: How to copy a pivot table into a 2 dimensional table ?

    Yes it will not copy that easily, copying a pivot table to another will leave blank spaces or cells in the newly created table .This happens normally when the source table contains some complicated...
  50. Re: Filenames appear as hexadecimal code in excel ?

    I think he is right , you are not the on who created those files that is why you are getting hexadecimal numbers instead of file name. But still I will suggest you one more way , let us check whether...
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