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  1. Internet Explorer 10 wont work in desktop mode on Windows 8

    I am running Windows 8 on my computer and everytime if I open IE10 using the metro application then it works properly but when if I try to open it in desktop mode then it will not do anything. It...
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    Re: No connection to the router with Windows 7

    The "LAN connection" that is created by the Web'n'Walk Stick gets when you connect to "" number, IP and DNS assigned. My problem is that Windows 7, it does not see, then through this connection on...
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    Re: Nvidia driver problem with COD 6

    Yes, but a GTX 295 because one must always expect more problems like a single gpu so unfortunately I know so many of this problem with the 200 series have the GTX 400 series, it seems to be virtually...
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    Re: Nvidia driver problem with COD 6

    I investigated the cause times. For me, it seems the Ref clock from the PCIe. The HT Ref Clock increases moderately (4-5 MHz), then adjust the PCIe clock to 96 MHz (which seems to be a bug in the...
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    Re: Nvidia PhysX with ATI card on PCI-E

    The style of displaying numbers, currency, date and time specified in the locale. To change the locale:
    1. Tap Start> Settings> System> Options> Area.
    2. Select a country / region. The options in...
  6. Re: GRUB messed up while installing Kubuntu 10.10

    I have some installation instruction of GRUB 2. It is set up by default on new installations of Ubuntu. Releases such as Ubuntu 9.04 which are improved to 9.10 will keep GRUB except the user votes...
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    Re: Enable Automatic Tool 1.0.4 of Quick Launch

    It is because you have verified what new toolbar is spelled in Dutch. I don’t know sorry, and you have to make sure the hotkeys also, attempt to see if you can find the consequences with your...
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    Re: Creating a 7-Zip Switchless Installer

    There is an MSI installer of 7-zip? I was in fact appearing for a few days ago but did not discover anything. Even not on the official site, and even not anywhere else. Maybe it is in the innovative...
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    Re: Information of Visual Web Developer Express

    I have some detail related to your topic. It is Web Sites and Web Application Projects. You can make use of Visual Web Developer Express to produce and work with ASP.NET Web sites and Web Application...
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    Re: Details of chkdsk command

    I have some syntax of chkdsk which helps you to gain deep knowledge:

    Syntax of chkdsk for MS-DOS, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME.

    It checks a disk and shows a status report.
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    Re: Webcam and microphone with Silverlight 4

    To initialize the video capture, you will need to create an instance of the class "CaptureSource" by initializing its properties "VideoCaptureDevice" and "AudioCaptureDevice" to specify the video and...
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    Re: Webcam and microphone with Silverlight 4

    To capture video images AsyncCaptureImage use the method which receives a <WriteableBitmap> Action delegate type as a parameter. In the delegate we can get the captured image to potentially save it...
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    Re: Product Demo in Silverlight

    This demo is a demo without pretension, unlike his counterpart GWT, it does not use distributed services, just a few controls found on shelves and mixed together to give a coherent and consistent in...
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    Re: Error 158 in Windows Live Hotmail

    It is far from the Gmail filters with message rules, but Hotmail offers you to organize your mail into folders. Specifically, you can create folders and then classify the emails you receive. This...
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    Re: Adjust default Finder column width

    You install the developer tools, and you open the file preferences in question with Property List Editor. You click on the small gray triangles to scroll through items, and you change line :
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    Re: BodyPaint 3D Question

    BodyPaint 3D is an indispensable tool for any 3D artist who wants to keep control of materials and textures. Therefore, BodyPaint 3D is integrated into any version CINEMA 4D. But you can also combine...
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    Re: Business accounting software question

    Direct accounting application for small and medium-adapted to the new general accounting plan. Amicont has an advantage and is as follows: any data entered or changed, including a sketch book, is...
  18. Re: How to use a PDF creator to password-protect any document?

    The big advantage of PDFCreator is to be accessible as soon as the application that contains this document allows the printing of paper-says to do this: Select the original document, print through...
  19. Re: Hunters Email Fight Club - Spam avoid, spyware, scams and cookies

    Do not Eat the Cookies: Cookies are trackers that remember your IP address. They are handy for sites you use often and do not want to go through the process of validation. However, some villains will...
  20. Hunters Email Fight Club - Spam avoid, spyware, scams and cookies

    Follow these common sense advice to avoid problems with mail.

    Suspect Everyone: Most unsolicited email is spam someone just covered with the hope of making a sale or generate a list. However,...
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    Re: Circular Kernel context logger

    When your computer becomes unstable at startup, you can try the boot which is to open Windows only. That is to say without other programs open at the usual. The boot is useful when you suspect one of...
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    Re: Configuring TMG 2010 in Hyper-V

    This problem underinsured motorist When the conditions are true following :

    In the Web listener That the SharePoint Web publishing rule uses, HTML Form Authentication IS configured.
    The Web...
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    Re: Hyper-V Multicast problems

    This error can be because of the hypervisor, which is not running. The hardware must meet specific hardware requirements to run the hypervisor. If the computer does not meet the requirements, you can...
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    Re: Image Processing and Barcodes

    The choice of symbology used to encode the data should also be carefully considered. Linear (or 1D) bar codes can be classified into two distinct groups: large / multiple codes and codes narrow...
  25. Re: How to use Office programs with plug-ins of Norton AntiVirus Office?

    For using the Office programs with plug-ins of Norton AntiVirus Office, you might have to disable the Norton AntiVirus Office. You have to use this method only if you can not update the Norton...
  26. Re: How to use the WebBrowser control to open an Office 2007 documents?

    To create a Visual Basic. NET opening Office documents, follow these steps :

    Create a new Windows Application project in Visual Basic. NET. Form1 is created by default.
    In the Tools menu,...
  27. Re: Error message "Old format or library type is invalid" when automating Excel

    First you will have to verify that the locale of the computer are set to a language other than English. For doing this, follow the steps :

    In the Windows Control Panel, double-click Regional...
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    Re: Advantages of Project 2007 over Project 2003

    When you change the actual costs time, a different behavior occurs in the following circumstances :

    If the resource assignment cost, which includes the cost has been affected in isolation, the...
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    Re: Unable to perform command error MS Access

    A message error to access any of the components of access can occur due to corruption in Access databases, the concurrent execution of the same component users access the database multiple virus...
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    Re: What are the new features of Access 2007?

    Access 2007 includes professionally designed templates to complete database to create tracking applications that contain predefined tables, forms, reports, queries, macros, and relationships. New...
  31. Re: Microsoft Access to prevent database corruption

    Since the chances of data corruption increases with poor network rewrites also consider the performance issue. The performance of the database will greatly improve the link Microsoft application file...
  32. Re: What are Document Assembly and Document security supported in the Open XML Format?

    Unfortunately, the code within the documents is not the only potential safety risk to be taken into account. It may avoid the risks inherent in binary objects such as OLE objects or even images,...
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    Re: How to create an Office Open XML files?

    You should have some idea about what it takes to create documents for Word, Excel and PowerPoint files using the Open XML file formats of Office. In theory, simple. All you have to do is create a new...
  34. Re: How to use a VB ActiveX component for Word automation from Internet Explorer?

    ActiveX component in Visual Basic example that interacts with Web page script to generate a paper invoice control user request. The Web application may allow the ActiveX component to get ordering...
  35. Re: How to use ADO to read and write data in Excel workbooks using ExcelADO?

    Unlike a traditional database, there is no direct way to specify data types for columns in Excel tables. Instead, the OLE DB analyzes a limited number of rows in a column to "guess" the datatype for...
  36. Re: What are the drawbacks of using server-side Automation of Microsoft Office?

    Server-side components must be multi-threaded COM components highly reentrant, capable of providing a minimum overhead and high throughput for multiple clients. Under almost all reports, the Office...
  37. Re: How to troubleshoot performance issues in MS Outlook 2007?

    If you have a .Pst file or a large file .Ost file, you may experience application pauses during typical operations in Outlook. These operations typically include reading email messages, email move...
  38. Re: How to check incorrect project references in Visual Basic Editor in Word?

    In Microsoft Word Visual Basic Editor, you can create references to object libraries or code in an external document or template. This will be able to call external procedures as if they were written...
  39. Re: A corrupt global template causes errors when automating Word 2007.

    Another option for you is renaming. Because after renaming the global template that you have created will restore the setting which is default of the several options, in which custom styles, custom...
  40. Re: Issues while installing SQL Server on Windows 7

    In Windows Server 2008 R2. NET Framework is a component system. Therefore, you can not install. NET Framework from the point of redistribution. You must install the. NET Framework role of the server...
  41. Re: Error code: 0x80180109 in Microsoft Office 2007

    Some times the error 0x80180109 pops up. The main reason described by the 'super soaker' is true. To resolve this problem, install a 2007 Office suite, Office 2003 or Office XP. Then try to validate...
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    Re: How to create a custom template for Visio?

    If your design requires a custom setting of the following settings, set the appropriate parameters in a model :

    size or scale of the page
    size or window position
    styles or text form
  43. Re: How to enable right-to-left language support for Word 2003?

    You can add languages by modifying the Regional Options which are present in the Control Panel. To do this, follow these steps for your operating system :

    Click Start and then click Control...
  44. Re: Troubleshooting error messages that receive while trying to send and receive mail in Outlook

    The most common causes of these error messages are problems with Internet connectivity and incorrectly configured account settings in Outlook and Outlook Express. First check that you are connected...
  45. Re: Error : "Msimn.exe has generated errors and will be closed by Windows" in Outlook Express

    To resolve this problem, first make sure that the. DBX files are not Read Only. If the problem persists, rebuild the registry key identities. Also I would like to tell you for backing up the messages...
  46. Re: WordArt gradient fill prints incorrectly in Publisher 2003

    Also try to export the WordArt as Tagged Image File Format by using the following steps :

    Right-click or right-click the WordArt object, and then click Save as Picture.
    In the dialog box...
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    Re: What is an

    To attract the maximum number of users, the software is designed to be particularly compatible with Microsoft Office, Office all the more prevalent. This compatibility is sought in terms of file...
  48. Re: Guidelines for selecting the appropriate picture format in Office program

    I would like to explain about the Bitmaps which are required frequently in Word programs. Windows bitmaps are an images that can store a single raster image at any color depth, black and white to...
  49. Re: How to Arrange the contents of the Labels in Word?

    To add electronic postage, you must first install an electronic postage program, such as buying a service on the World Wide Web. To use electronic postage, follow these steps :

    Click Electronic...
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    Re: How to create and modify a label in Word?

    Microsoft Word provides several label products that you can use when you perform the following tasks :

    Creating a Mail Merge (Tools menu, point to Letters and Mailings, and then click Mail...
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