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  1. Re: No sound from Creative X-Fi Music sound card after restarting Windows 8

    I think that the default sound drivers that came along with the Creative X-Fi Music you purchased are faulty. My suggestion is that you go on the website of the manufacturer of this graphic card and...
  2. Re: Should I cancel my order for Kindle PaperWhite?

    I think that Kindle PaperWhite has the best page turning effect that I have ever seen in any eBook reader. According to me the main reason can be that the touch screen is of great quality. Just a...
  3. Re: Vodafone 3G Data plan can’t be used in 2G network

    I too find this weird. I mean where 3G network is not available or signals are low, the 2G network is started. But the charges are not so high. I use MTNL’s 3G network and there is no such problem...
  4. Re: How to check 3G usage on Vodafone in Mumbai?

    I too find this new menu a bit complex than the old tariff verification method. I mean in old system when we used to press *225*6# we would directly get the amount that was remaining balance, the...
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    Re: Is the Pixelar Mreader any good?

    Pixelar Mreader is a good reader but it still needs some finishing. I think a new firmware which would eliminate certain small problem will be much better. Some features when used make the eBook...
  6. Re: Download firmware of Augen ‘The Book’ eBook Reader

    This new firmware that you have been talking about is awful. It will make the page turning very irritating. The page turn becomes jerky and will take lot of time to be completed. Another problem is...
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    Re: Wexler Flex ONE e-reader worth it?

    I think that the keypad on Wexler Flex ONE e-reader is the worse. The buttons are dull and there is nothing great about it. Also they do not respond properly many times. You have to either press more...
  8. Re: How to divert Airtel calls to international number?

    No service provider including Airtel from India has started providing service of diverting the local calls from local service provider to international service providers. So you cannot divert your...
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    Re: Airtel 4G started in Bangalore

    It is the simple fact that since HTC Sensation was not built or designed for EDGE network, it must not have any logo for showing the EDGE or 2G network. As it detected the presence of internet in...
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    Re: Firefox 15 is hanging continuously

    I suggest you to check the firewall of the anti-virus that is installed in your computer. Maybe the firewall and the Firefox 15 are not working properly with each other leading to this problem. When...
  11. Re: Firefox 15 page loading is very slow when opening modem page

    This is no bug that is stopping the modem’s page from opening. I think that there must be some extension that is creating this problem. I suggest you to remove the add-ons and extensions that you...
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    Re: How to find a substring in a string?

    That was a good piece of code that you have provided Rashid, it actually works. But again it fails to find the strings which have more than one space in the MAC address. I think that it is the only...
  13. Re: How to secure our account in Guild Wars 2?

    You have to be sure that you are locking the computer properly even at home when going away from it. Also see to it that you have checked away the options like remember me or remember my password....
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    Re: Cannot resize window in Outlook 2010

    This type of problem happens if you are using any third party themes or desktop changing utility in your computer. If this is the case, then I can tell you that the theme or desktop modifier that you...
  15. Re: Didn’t get High Resolution Texture Pack for download in Sleeping Dogs

    This problem has been seen many times when downloading game from Steam. Due t changes that the developers of Steam keep making the data loses consistency and many times the incomplete content is...
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    Re: How to schedule Spybot in Windows 7?

    You can schedule Spybot to work at specific time to detect the spywares in your computer. For this you will have to edit the scheduler available in Spybot. On the top there is a tab, you will find...
  17. Re: Has AMD reduced the price for 7950, 7870 and 7850 cards?

    I think that AMD has started using low priced material to make graphics card. They must have reduced the price thus. With cheaper parts, the total cost of making the hardware will even go down. But...
  18. Re: Kobo Touch eReader Firmware 2.0 download and information

    Many times it happens that the book we download has another book that follows its story, in other words a sequel or prequel. It happens usually when you hear a book name and download it only to...
  19. Re: After upgrading Pandigital eReader, it is not working

    I suggest you to take it to the nearby service centre or contact the respective person who is working with Pandigital for technical support. The depth of the problem cannot be measured by just seeing...
  20. Re: SanDisk ultra SSD 128 GB hangs on Windows 7 logo, old hard drive boots fine

    It seems that the SSD that you have installed in your computer cannot handle the load that Windows 7 puts when starting up. I suggest that you try using lighter operating systems in it, like Ubuntu...
  21. Re: Kindle Keyboard 3G web browsing limited to 50 MB monthly only

    Also Kindle tracks the progress of the readers in their Kindle. So if some user is downloading too much, they can easily figure. Instead of 50 MB restriction, Kindle could have designed techniques...
  22. Re: When results of IIT Ramaiah Entrance Test 2013 will be announced?

    Usually the results of IIT Ramaiah Entrance Test are declared in mid weeks of May. The result for IIT Ramaiah Entrance Test of year 2012 was declared on May 14. You can easily take decision according...
  23. Poll: Re: How often do you backup data on your computer?

    I work in a company where there are three working shifts in a day. So the computer I use is actually used by three people in a day. Every person who uses the computer installs his software or copies...
  24. Re: Download link of Kindle for PC 1.10.1 and info

    You can synchronize the Kindle with your Kindle for PC 1.10.1 to mark the saved pages, bookmarks and so on. If you have not got Wi-Fi or 3G connection on your Kindle, then you can connect it to the...
  25. Re: How to use NOOK simple touch internationally?

    That’s a great idea which I never thought of. I think I too will get myself a NOOK simple touch. I too am a resident of London, England and I am currently residing in Moscow, Russia. The only thing...
  26. Re: Disable screen page turning on NOOK simple touch

    I agree that the page changing feature in NOOK simple touch is very irritating. It actually makes use of other features like bookmarking or highlighting certain part of the book irritating. When we...
  27. Poll: Re: Do you own any Apple electronic products?

    I think the heavy price placed on the products of Apple is the major reason for turn off that keeps one away from Apple products. Maybe the products are good and must be best among all, but what is...
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    Re: Kindle Touch with 3G bezel

    If the problems with the touch screen of Kindle Touch is ignored than Kindle Touch is very good to use. He connectivity to internet using 3G is very good and also the features that it provides are...
  29. Re: Is there any privacy issues with eBook and user privacy?

    I too feel worried that nowadays an eBook and an eBook reader are snooping into our private space too much. Like while reading on my iPad, I always get notifications like share this part on twitter...
  30. Re: Windows Server 2003 not accepting any other version of Opera 12 except build 1422

    I am reading such kind of problem for first time. I have used Opera for such a long time. I have used various versions on standalone system, servers and some more places. I can’t tell you what the...
  31. Re: What more you would like to see in Winstep?

    I think that possibilities of having 3D desktop should be made available in Winstep. For example, we can have three or more desktops for use. But we can switch them by clicking on the side arrows....
  32. Re: ObjectBlock is too resource intensive in Windows 7

    As you have mentioned that the startup has become slow, then it is because the ObjectBlock loads all its components at the startup. This creates a bottle neck problem for operating system as it loads...
  33. Re: Improvements in Civilization V: Gods & Kings

    In Civilization V: Gods & Kings, developers have added religion which the player can build and change as the game progresses. You have to build faith in the game to meet the Pantheon of Gods. As the...
  34. Re: End of Nations will have naval units?

    It would be fun to have battles in water using the naval units. I recently played Naval War: Arctic Circle and it had exciting water battles. When the developers of End of Nations will introduce...
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    Re: Graphic quality of End of Nations

    Talking about graphics; let me ask you one question? Does Starcraft or World of Warcraft have high end graphics? These games have decent graphics which helps one to identify one object from another....
  36. Re: Ghost Recon: Future Soldier pc version will have ranked dedicated servers

    Ubisoft should see to it that when they start a dedicated server for PC version of Ghost Recon: Future Soldier they also use some high level of anti-cheat mechanism. Cheating on a PC game is very...
  37. Re: Collector's Edition vs. Signature Edition of Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

    The Collector’s Edition and The Signature edition of Ghost Recon: Future Soldier contains such items that are limited and exclusively available if you pre-order these versions. I have ordered the...
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    Re: Is Crafting hidden in Krater game?

    The blueprints for crafting items can be found by right clicking on the inventory tab on the screen. Every blueprint is denoted by various colors. I haven’t found many blueprints, but white labeled...
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    Re: What is Krater game all about?

    To survive in the world of Krater one has to craft weapons and build and develop characters that will fight and survive. The world can be explored by the players and collect objects to upgrade...
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    Re: Attaching fans on radiators

    The radiator that you are using is a normal water flow based radiator. It will have an inlet tank which is not visible in the above picture which contains water. This water is then sent in the flow...
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    Re: Max Payne 3 Language is 50% French?

    The languages that are available in Max Payne 3 are based on the region to which the game belongs and also the console. For Playstation 3, the game I available in North America, Middle East Asia,...
  42. Re: Glitches in Harley Quinn’s Revenge on PS3

    I have found one glitch in Batman Arkham City: Harley Quinn’s Revenge at the mission at the dry docks where we have to fight the thugs and the Harley Quinn itself. When I attempted it first time, I...
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    Re: Bypass cutscenes in Max Payne 3

    In Max Payne 3, the loading screen will have the cut scenes related to the story. I actually find this method better than the regular loading system. In other games, one has to wait for the level to...
  44. Re: Making new skins and maps for Iron Front - Liberation 1944

    I am also eager to know some way in which I can modify the content on Iron Front - Liberation 1944. I want to add numerous maps to the game. This game would be more fun if some urban map is added to...
  45. Re: DiRT Showdown for PC will have Steamworks or Games for Windows Live

    I prefer using Steamworks over Games for Windows – Live. As compared to Games for Windows – Live, Steamworks provides their services to more regions. Steamworks is available for access from...
  46. Re: Does Airtel gives good internet in Pallikaranai area?

    I too am a resident of Chennai and I live in Kovilambakkam which is near Pallikarnai and Airtel does not provide internet connection in Pallikarnai. Yes, I use Airtel’s broadband internet in...
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    Re: Geforce 301.42 WHQL driver launched

    Geforce 301.42 WHQL driver will also add more dynamicity in the V-Sync that is provided by the graphic card. Due to this dynamicity, the graphic card will enable and disable the V-Sync as the...
  48. Re: What game engines Game of Thrones use and does it supports DirectX 11?

    The engine used for the development of Game of Thrones is the Unreal Engine 3. This engine helps to provide a fine animation to the characters to bring alive the personality in it. The artificial...
  49. Re: What the total Game of Throne Playing Time

    Game of Thrones has two characters to play with, that is Mors and Alester. Each of this character will have its own story have its own story to complete. This game can be completed and the missions...
  50. Re: RE2 and RE3 Heroes characters can be played in Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City PC

    I agree with your opinion. The whole process of bringing the main characters in single player campaign will be equivalent to development of a whole new game. Even if the developers make it possible,...
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