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    Yeah, even i had the same problem. Vista wont...

    Yeah, even i had the same problem. Vista wont give me any option to Run it as Admin and it wont allow me to enable the built-in Administrator as well. After reading some articles on web and combining...
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    Re: Blackberry support on SBS 2008

    To work for the same first you will BES. I am doubtful about installing the same on SBS 2008. I am not able to find any reference on the same on web and hope there will be some solution available....
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    Low Virtual Memory Startup Error and Lockup

    I am facing a major performance issue with Windows XP. I am not able to find why this thing suddenly appeared. I am using Windows XP Pro here. It is giving me a low virtual memory error on my screen....
  4. Run time error when trying to install add-in.

    I am getting a run time error when I try to install addon on Word. I am using Microsoft Office 2007. Somehow there is a problem with it. Inside Word option you can find a category as Add-in. In that...
  5. The target principal name is incorrect. (-2146893022)

    Due to some problem I have to reconfigure my SBS. Now once I had done with all the settings there is a weird problem. I am not able to work on it. When I try to access some files I am getting a...
  6. Language of installation not supported in Microsoft Office

    I am using Windows XP SP3. I had installed Microsoft Office 2007. I had bought a korean language pack from Office 2007. I want to provide the same to a client. But when I tried to run the setup, I am...
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    net logon service not running

    I got complain from users this morning who are using Windows XP client. There is some issue with Net Logon service. They are getting problem accessing the network shared drive. I tried to reconnect...
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    Where to download DNS test tool

    I want some help to find DNS Test tool. I want to test my AD DNS here. I am getting a few problem while configuring the server. I am not able to get the exact issue. I am looking for a DNS test tool...
  9. I am planing to upgrade my SBS server to 2008....

    I am planing to upgrade my SBS server to 2008. Rightnow I am using Windows SBS 2003 Server. I want to upgrade the same to 2008. The server is also having Exchange 2007. So migrating directly to that...
  10. Is it possible to install Office 2007 without cd-rom

    The DVD drive of my pc has stopped working. I tried number of things to fix it but the same does not worked. Now I want to install Office and I am having the CD with me. I want to know that is there...
  11. Can't capture or import video using Windows Movie Maker

    I am facing problem with Windows Movie Maker. It is not able to capture a video from camcorder. It is connected and detected in Windows Movie Maker. Also I can see video but somehow it looks the tool...
  12. Re: how can i download windows movie maker 2.1 without dowloading

    Thank you very much for the help Big Fish. It was helpful.
  13. how can i download windows movie maker 2.1 without dowloading (sp2

    Hi, as the title says I’m looking to download windows movie maker version 2.1 for my Windows XP. I jhave a Vista laptop as well running with WMM 2.1 and it like the features and its interface hence...
  14. Disable - Password must meet complexity requirement.

    I am in need of some help to get rid of Password must meet complexity requirement feature. I am facing problem with configuration of a appropriate password policy. I had seen user getting trouble is...
  15. "The Acrobat PDFMaker Server could not be loaded" - a possible solution?

    I’m using Windows 2007 with all latest windows updates and patches. It is having MS Office 2000 and Adobe Acrobat 7 installed. Since past couple of days whenever I I click on ‘Convert to Adobe...
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    How to disable games in Windows XP

    I need some help here to disable all the games in Windows XP. I am unable to work on the same. I am trying to do the same through GPO. There are around 10 workstations on the network. I had seen...
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    Hello Vera, you are not alone with this problem...

    Hello Vera, you are not alone with this problem buddy, count me in too. Even i get the same error message whenever i try to make any changes in Parental Controls. In my case the problem started when...
  18. MS Office 2007 wont let me install Frontpage 2003

    I am using FrontPage 2003. It is a separate installer. Now I am trying to install the same on my new computer that has Office 2007. First I tried to run the setup of front page directly but somehow...
  19. Cannot find close, restore and minimize buttons in Microsoft Office 2007

    I had installed Microsoft Office on Windows XP SP2. I am using Office 2007. This is the latest version and there are many changes. I am not able to understand that this would be some kind of new UI...
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    RE: System Icons Missing in Notification Area!!!

    Aren't you getting any arrow as well in your Notification are? It may occur if by default your system might be having ticked "hide inactive icons" option. If they are not being used, you don't see...
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    Office 2003 Word encountered problem

    I need some help to work with Microsoft Word. I am not able to open any file on the same. When I try to edit the same I am getting a error on it. I am using Office 2003. Th error is related to Word....
  22. Inbound & Outbound Replication Issues in Windows Server

    I am facing problem with Domain Controller on a site. I do not understand the issue here. I am having a single domain which is at the main office. But the DC is facing issue there. The problem is...
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    Time Sync on a Windows 2003 Server

    I am having two servers here. Both of them have Windows 2003 Server. I am facing a bit issue with them. I tried a number of different settings, but it does not looks to be working fine. There are two...
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    USB Audio Codec

    I bought a USB Turntable recently. The maker is Ion. With the turntable I got Audacity software. Now I am facing problem with audio conversion on my pc. I a having a Compaq Destkop with me. The model...
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    DNS Problem on Windows Server 2008

    We are having a small network in our organization. There are two server installed on the same. Both are Windows server 2003 and also Active Directory is configured on both of the same. I had checked...
  26. "The command cannot be performed because a dialog box is open" Word 2003

    I am using Microsoft Office 2003 on my system. It is working nice. I had just re-installed this some months ago. But now whenever I try to open a document I am getting a weird error on the screen...
  27. Problems with graphics driver - Intel 82845/G/GE/PE/GV

    I have a old Pentium 4 Motherboard with me. It comes with onboard Intel 82845 graphic chipset on the same. I had just ordered a new 20inch monitor. The resolution that it supports on default mode is...
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    Date and Time Update Problems

    I am having a Windows XP PC. It is running on Home Edition SP2. I had just updated everything and there is no problem with the same. It is completely patched. Now I found that my system time is not...
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    Cannot Record from my Microphone

    I need some help with recording audio on a slide show. I am having a mic. It was working fine but when I tried to record a narration it just failed to work. I cannot find any solution for the same. I...
  30. Is office 2002 (XP) fully compatible with vista?

    I want to know that does Office 2002 is completely compatible with Windows Vista. I am a bit doubtful on the same. I am having a copy of Office XP that I can use on my new Windows Vista laptop. But I...
  31. Windows is configuring Microsoft Office Professional Hybrid 2007

    I had installed two different edition of Microsoft Office 2007 on my system. One is Small Business edition and other one is Professional. Both are trail. First I was using the Professional edition....
  32. Msvcp80.dll and msvcr80.dll file missing errors

    I need some here. I am trying to run Adobe Reader 8.0. When I launch the same I am getting a error that cannot access Msvcp80.dll and msvcr80.dll. I am also getting the same kind of issue with Nokia...
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    Where does outlook express save email files

    I need some help here with Outlook Express. Can anyone tell me where it actually saves all the email files. I cannot find it. I am using windows OS here. I am going to format my hard drive. I am...
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    MSN messenger live...Error 80072ee7

    I need some help with fixing msn error message. I am getting this error constantly from last two days. I am using a wireless router at my home. I am having a laptop on which the messenger is...
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    can't remove Adobe -- patch package poblem

    I am having Windows XP installed on my system. It is a home edition. I bought this system a couple of day ago. Now there is some issue with my pc. I am trying to remove Adobe Reader 7.0.5 here. But...
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    Re: Spell Check Not working in MS Word

    Thank you very much for the help buddy. that really helped. Problem fixed.
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    Spell Check Not working in MS Word

    Hi, this is Microsoft Office 2003 running on Windows XP SP3. Something went wrong with my Word. Whenever I try to run Spell Check in the document, it gives me an error message saying:

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    Physical memory dump

    I am constantly getting a physical memory dump error on my pc. The bluescreen keeps on appear even if I do nothing. It just started recently. There were some virus infection detected and due to which...
  39. Naming information cannot be located; Server not operational on Win2k3

    I am having issue with Windows 2003 Server for printer share. It was working great but somehow the same lost the connection. The printer was first accessible to all but suddenly it stopped working. I...
  40. How to fix AutoCorrect bug in Microsoft Office

    I am getting a weird bug in Microsoft Office 2003. It is related to auto correct. I have around 4 different account on my system. In which the problem appear on 2 profile. There is some issue with...
  41. How to find old computer accounts on Windows Server

    How can I see computers that are not connected on AD but have account. I had created some account before and there were many systems replaced in the meantime. Now the issue lies here with computer...
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    Finding Product Key In Registry

    I had registered Windows long time ago. I lost the cd here. I am not having recovery nor I am having any record of the same like bill or other stuff. I want some help to locate my license key. I...
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    Force User Logoff from windows server

    What settings are required to enable force user log off on windows Server. I want to configure some kind of settings that can allow auto log off. And on the basis of a time frame. After a time period...
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    Roaming Profiles - Problem with User Desktop

    I need help to configure Windows 2003 Server. I had created a roaming profile here and also enabled folder redirection. I had did this through group policy. This was done for application data and for...
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