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    Re: Good Cpu cooler with 120 or 140mm fan

    I am using Cooler Master Hyper 212X Cooler. This is a great cooler. It is great for AMD FX series and bring amazing output. Even if you overclock at a low or mid level the cooler can handle the...
  2. Re: Microsoft Wireless TV Display Adapter not working on Windows 8.1

    I had seen this problem reported by many on the official forum. It looks the adapter is not really compatible with many SmartTV's. Compare to that Chromecast is lot more easier to use. It is having a...
  3. Re: Are there any devices with next generation usb

    It is just in the new and there are few devices that are going to have that port. USB 3.1 will surely be different but there are already many type of usb ports in the market. And you can go with...
  4. Re: How to fix reverse sound on gaming headphone

    This happen sometime. You have to reconnect the headphone to fix the issue. Remove the same from your laptop and connect it back again. And then test. If you are still getting the same reversed sound...
  5. Re: How to add a printer under parental control in Mac

    Luckily Mac has a option for this. You can simply disallow a printer for a user. You have to go in Workgroup manager for the same. In that you can find the list of users who are allowed to access...
  6. Re: HP Deskjet 1512 All-in-One Printer slow scanning

    It can be due to very high dpi settings. You have to check that before scanning. And you can find that in the scanner settings. If you are using the default scanning software then just start the same...
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    Re: Windows 8 displaying wrong printer port

    This usually does not happen. Your system might be taking the right port, but due to lack of proper drivers printer is not working. If you are not having the cd then you can go with the manual...
  8. Re: Mini iTX case suggestion for ten dual core cpu office pc

    Try to find something based on your budget. Do not just buy anything. That will be costlier for you. There are ample of good budget case in the market which I think will be enough. The one that I...
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    Re: Very low audio on headphone on Mac pc

    Can be some issue with the headset pin. You have to remove it and insert it back. Just try to insert it tight and see. Sometime he plug does not fit well and you get this audio problem. You can try...
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    Re: Water cooler on Corsair 900D cpu case

    If you are gong for big size radiator then it will be fixed on the top side. While a small one can be placed at the back. It is right to go with big size so that there is more instant cooling. This...
  11. Re: Excess bass on iBall Tarang desktop speaker

    You can also manage that through windows media player. You can keep the bass low so that other sound effects goes well. For that go in windows media player and play any song. Then right click and...
  12. Re: Recovering photos from damage sd card of Sony digital camera

    Your memory card is damage. There is nothing you can do. What you can try is connect the card to your android phone and see whether the images are visible in Gallery. If you get the same error in...
  13. Re: Defective front audio of Thermaltake XASER III V2000A

    If it is stopped then you cannot do anything. You have to use some other audio jack. For back if your cpu case is kept on a tablet then it is easy to access. But for front you can try using a usb...
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    Re: Best SSD upgrade for gaming pc

    Go for Kingston SV300S37A/120G. This one comes for Rs.5300. A good ssd drive that can help you to get fast gaming output. You can make a performance pc out of the same. I found the drive very much...
  15. Re: CPU fan keeps on restarting and there is no display

    I think you must check the connection inside. That will be causing the issue. You must see all connectivity ports first. Check the cpu power cable also. That would be placed wrong and then check...
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    Re: How to control SSD temperature

    It is right. SSD's does not really heat that much. There can be some other hardware. If you are having multiple hard drive then check the other one. A regular mechanical drive heats-up really fast...
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    Re: Low quality audio from Xonar Essence STX

    Driver update is the only thing we can do from our end. You can try switching the card on different slots. But still if you get the same average sound output then the card is not proper. Xonar...
  18. Re: Advice on CoolerMaster full tower case for gaming

    There are two series by CoolerMaster. You can go with H AF series or you can go with Cosmos. Cosmos is the extreme series where you get ample of amazing cases. You can make great extreme pc through...
  19. Re: Kingston SSD not visible after Windows 8.1 upgrade

    I had set the SSD as first boot device. IT works well. If you have a desktop then you can atleast open the case and check the cable. But in laptop the same is more complicated to manage. The best...
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    Re: current driver of MATSHITA DVD-RAM UJ-841S

    I think driver updater software will work here. There are some of the best tools available on the web which can really help you in fixing the problem. Advance Driver Updater is one tool which can...
  21. Re: Which one is better between Close Looped Liquid Cooler or Open Looped Liquid Cooler

    Closed loop is only better. Because it is designed to give maximum cooling. Here you will get a smart design which is easy to setup and simple. You have to play with the rings and fit them properly.
  22. Re: Need help to choose high performance 1TB hard drive for gaming

    WD offers some of the best drives in the market. I thing going for that will be better. Now the are two more series other than blue. That is green and black. The green one is designed go give quiet...
  23. Re: New in the current series of iMac released by Apple

    The new series is powered by Quad Core Intel Hashwell processor. And also the graphics are more enhanced with the next generation wifi technology on it. For storage it gives you Pcie Flash solution...
  24. Re: UPS stopped working after connecting a Laser printer

    It is damaged. The battery is gone. You have to contact the repair guy for that. Just contact him. He might have to replace the battery inside it and then it will work. That is a costly fix. Or the...
  25. Re: Can cooler stand can help to reduce overheating in laptop

    Your system is getting off due to heat. Now to find whether the fan is working or not go in bios. You have to hit del or f12 key on the boot to enter it. In that there is a pc heath section which...
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    Re: Possibilities in repairing a SSD

    Try firmware update. That might help you in fixing the problem. You can find the firmware on the official website of your manufacturer. Download and run the update. That's all. Through this firmware...
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    Re: Printer with simple web printing options

    I know one model that has some useful web based options. It is HP Officejet Pro 3620. This printer is in my office. It is quiet awesome and provides cool features. Now you just have to hook the...
  28. Re: Better between 5.1 and 7.1 audio channel for home theater

    If you are getting a good 501 audio system then go for that. All you will get is a more high volume on 7.1 while other all features are exactly the same. I am using a 5.1 audio system and it really...
  29. Re: Want some help to assemble 7 case fan with reasonable psu

    Why you need that much fans. You can just hook 2 or 3 big size fan which is more than enough. For adding 7 fans, you will need to upgrade your psu. The existing 440w will not work well and the output...
  30. Re: High end Sound card suggestion for audio editing

    For high end sound output you will surely need a exclusive hardware. Instead of wasting time on internet you can simply go on which is a high end audio card series by Creative. Under...
  31. Re: Silverstone Milo ML03B vs Antec Three Hundred Cabinet

    Silverstone ML03B is a htcp case. It is designed with horizontal layout giving out enough space for adding multiple hard drive and also a graphic card. It also has a usb 3.0 ports on the front side....
  32. Re: Good Hardware Diagnostic Tool for Windows XP

    HP Diagnostic Tool is great here, but I do not think it works with all systems. I am having one laptop on which it is not working. One advance tool that I found is AIDA64. This is a kind of advance...
  33. Re: Vista laptop does not recognize attached NAS drive

    Try to update the lan drivers and then check back. I am sure that will fix the issue. Go in Device Manager and then right click on the lan adapter. Right click on the same and then choose update...
  34. Re: Can’t install HP Officejet 4500 in Windows 8

    If you update the drivers directly from the settings of the HP Officejet 4500 printer, then it might happen that drivers that are new will get updated. Chances of them being compatible with Windows 8...
  35. Re: Best CPU cooler for Thermaltake V4 computer case

    The computers at my office have Cooler Master V6GT in them and let me tell you that this is the one of the best cooling devices available for the PC. This cooling device has a muscular look and a...
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    Re: Script to add http printer in Windows XP

    I have been reading this code and let me tell you one thing that you will be directly messing with the printer drivers that are installed in your computer. It is safe to have backup of the...
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    Re: High temps with Intel i7-3930K

    If the region in which you live has high temperature, then it might happen that temperature of the processor will seem high to you. You must provide a CPU cabinet that can provide a good airflow to...
  38. Re: Seagate ST2000DM001 making high pitched sound

    I have got a work around for this problem. Not sure whether it will work for your or not but at least you can give it a try.

    Firstly into your Admin control panel go to the Application Server,...
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    Re: Videos lags on WD My Passport drive

    Well there is the problem with your WD drive itself. Lets tryout some troubleshoot to get it fixed. First you have to download the Data Lifeguard Diagnostics utility to run a test, at the ...
  40. Re: Is it good to adjust the EQ of headphones or not?

    EQ (Equalization) is the way to increase or decrease some specific frequency to be more correct according to our needs. By doing this we get the sound as we want to hear. And if it is correctly done...
  41. Re: how does the Denon D7100 headphone sound like

    I have experience with many headphones and after i saw this headset its seems that the designer was trying to get the classy looks from D2000,5000 and 7000 in one headphone, i.e. D7100.I am happy to...
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    Re: How to fit Push & Pull Heatsink

    What I found in using this, that it does not really put any kind of difference. The only thing gives you is additional fan support. There should be adequate gap between both the fans and the heatsink...
  43. Re: Best between ATH-M50S LE and ATH-M50 headphone

    I think that you should go for the ATH- M50S LE headphone. I had personal experience with it, its really good. It offers good quality and clear sound, even if compared with ATH-M50. ATH-50S LE...
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    Re: Want to buy Sony MDR-XB1000 headphone

    Yes this headphone is vanished from the market and from the online stores also. Even I wanted to buy one for me because my older one is almost dead now. But even i dint found it anywhere in the...
  45. Poll: Re: Which one is good brand, Corsair or Seasonic

    The Bronze rated unit will not be able to touch 90% efficiency under the load condition as compared to gold rate PSU unit. Even though I noticed some Gold PSU which are completely dropped to 80% when...
  46. Re: Why external My passport drive is showing up as Local disk?

    Looking at the situation I recommend following steps that you should try and let me know whether it worked for you or not.

    Right click on My Computer icon and click on Manage.
    From Computer...
  47. Re: Bios update to v0035 Bricks Intel DZ77GA-70K System, how to recover it

    I was also having the same problem. I wanted to restore the bios settings but I was unable to do so. I told this problem to my friend and he gave me the detailed explanation to restore the bios. To...
  48. Re: Replacing optical drive with hard drive bay in Dell precision m4500

    Hello there, I know that how important the data are for us. I also had the same problem you are lucky that you are replacing the optical drive very early. I lost all my data and had to give the drive...
  49. Re: OfficeJet J4580 with Windows 7 Pro 64-Bit will not install fully

    You should insert your HP Officejet J4580 All-in-One Printer installation CD in your computer and then type Uninstall_L3.bat in search box and then press ether key. Now double click on...
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    Re: How to print envelopes on HP 8600 pro

    The first thing I should say is to check with Word's envelope tool prints the envelope. I also tried with some settings but was not with positive results later it came to my notice that the envelop...
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