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    Re: How to remove small mini cd from iMac

    I found a video on YouTube that shows a simple way of removing stuck cd from the mac pc. It is a very impressive trick. You need two cards. Something like a visiting card and at one end you have to...
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    Re: vodafone 3g network signal dies indoor

    My friend is from UP and lives in a remote village area. He uses Vodafone 3G pack on his phone mostly and whenever he goes in his village he has to switch to GSM mode instead of WCDMA mode network in...
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    Does anyone knows about HTTP/2

    HTTP/2 is a new kind of thing which is the market. I want to know what it is exactly. There were news that this will be a new kind of protocol which will offer speedy website load time. But yet...
  4. Is BSNL giving 3G mobile data packs at cheap rates

    I have heard that recently BSNL has reduced their price on 3G mobile internet data packs for our smartphones? Is this true because recently there were some other mobile network providers like...
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    Re: PC freeze after adding a 2TB WD drive on it

    Thanks for helping. I dont have a sata cable rightnow, I will get one and will try the procedure you said. I am also thinking the issue might be with the cable. I will post back if this does not work.
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    PC freeze after adding a 2TB WD drive on it

    There is some issue in my pc. I am having a Gigabyte G41 series motherboard. I am using Core 2 Duo processor and 4GB RAM. There is some problem with my pc. I bought a new WD 2TB hard drive and this...
  7. How to rename multiple files at the same time in Windows 7

    Windows 7 File Manager is quiet impressive to use. It is fast and allow instant access to picture and movies. I was using a third party file manager recently which I removed as it was slow. The...
  8. Which graphic card in the market comes with liquid cooler

    I want some help to find which graphic card in the market is coming with liquid cooler. I am not able to find anything here. A few high end models that I had found comes with a big size fan. But...
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    any reviews on Kobo Aura H2O

    As you all might be knowing that Kobo has recently released its new Aura H2O ebook reader with 1ghz processor, 4gb storage, waterproof feature and 6.8inch HD Screen. So, has anyone actually used it...
  10. Looking for help to get a choose eBook reader

    Compare to other eBook readers in the market, I think Kindle paper white is the best one. I want to gift this to my uncle and I am quiet confuse what to go for. I had tried finding out some points on...
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    How to reduce battery consumption on Ubuntu

    I had switched from Windows to Linus. The issue was with the battery. In Windows 7 I hardly get around 3 to 4 hours of battery life. And after installing Ubuntu it is a lot more improved. I am...
  12. What is the Call Barring Password for Airtel Mobile

    I am using Airtel Sim and I cany seem to use the call barring feature. It used to work properly before but later on I forgot the password. I have tried some passwords but it got blocked. Now whenever...
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    Streaming online mp3 files on VLC

    I want to stream audio files through vlc. I have a list of some blogs and website that has linked audio files in it. But when I click on them at around 5 to 8 different sites open up. And each time...
  14. How to optimize WordPress site for mobile and tablet

    What are the options available through which I can optimize a website for mobile and tablet pc. My existing site looks very bad on mobile phone. The entire design just mess up. I want to some option...
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    BSOD with Kingston HyperX Blu RAM

    I am using an old motherboard along with an old processor. There was some problem with the motherboard so I purchased a new Asus motherboard that was compatible with the Intel i5 core processor that...
  16. How to fix CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED error on Windows 8

    Having issue on Windows 8 system while playing games. I am playing Story of my uncle. When I start it goes well and after few minutes the system crash with CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED error. Nothing...
  17. Applying for personal loan through policy bazaar

    I want to apply for home loan and I want to do that through policy bazaar. My friend suggested me that this site has a very simple way of applying for loan. I had already called my bank and they say...
  18. Spintires flickering too much due to crossfire?

    I have 2 HD 7000 series graphics card in crossfire in my pc along with 8 gb ram and fx8350 cpu. This configuration is good enough to play Spintires I am sure. But after lauching the game, when I am...
  19. What are the common network utilities in Windows 7

    Windows 7 comes loaded with many common network utilities. One of them is ipconfig. Through which you can find out all the details about your pc ip. I had note down all the parameter and I am working...
  20. thread_stuck_in_device_driver error in Windows 8.1

    I have been using Windows 8 on my computer without any problems. But after installing the latest Windows 8.1 update, whenever I am trying to turn on my pc then a screen comes up with an error message...
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    intel i7-920 running at 100C at load

    One of my friend gave me his computer with i7-920 processor and motherboard. After testing the mobo and processor both seems to be working fine. But the CPU at idle is running at 58C and if I am...
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    Microsoft Word crashes while scrolling

    I am having a weird problem with Microsoft Word. It is crashing when I am trying to scroll down. I have around 20 images in the file. That made the file very large but it is my project work. There...
  23. Cheapest motherboard for 3rd Generation Intel Core i7

    Which is the cheapest motherboard in the market for Intel Core i7. It has a LGA 1155 socket support. I want a good board that can be enough for games. I do not want to buy a very high end...
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    Tower defense games for Windows 8

    Are there any good tower defense games for Windows 8. I am unable to find them. I really enjoy tower defense. I am planing CastleTD on my android tablet. I use the hdmi cable to connect it to my...
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    HP Officejet 4620 is using too much ink

    At office I am using HP Officejet 4620. This printer is using too much ink. The cartridge end up really fast. We are taking a few color prints. Most of the time it is black and white. I am unable to...
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    Loud fan noise from Alienware Aurora

    I am having a bit issue while using Alienware Aurora. When I start any game in it after 1520 minutes there is a loud noise in the system. It is fan sound. And it keeps on coming constantly until I...
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    Re: Resizing partitions on Ubuntu 14.0

    I had seen various solution for this. But all says that we need a bootable cd for resizing the partition. What if one is not having a bootable disc. Then how he will be able to shrink the partition....
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    Resizing partitions on Ubuntu 14.0

    I had updated my Ubuntu Os to 14 version. I have a 500GB drive among which 100GB is reserved for the operating system. I some option to resize the partition and make it more smaller. I also have...
  29. How to deal with Windows 8.1 kernel error on tablet

    I am not really great in fixing tablets, but I know that kernel errors are not good. This are directly related to the hardware. I was checking the event viewer section of windows tablet where I found...
  30. Looking for some good family games for Android

    I want a list of good family games for android. There are three tablets at my home and all of them are having android. I need some good family games that people can play together. And if it is has...
  31. Installing Mac OS X Maverick on Gigabyte Z77X-UP5 TH-CF

    I had never attempted to install MAC on any other pc. I had restored mac once on my fiend laptop who was having Mountain Lion on that. I want some help to finally install Mac on Gigabyte Z77X-UP5...
  32. netscape is not supported in internet explorer 11 error message

    I am using a computer and have recently upgraded to Windows 8.1. I have also updated Internet Explorer 11 on my pc. If I am trying to use IE11 to submit application form on other website then I am...
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    Poor Call of Duty fps on Radeon HD 7970M

    I am getting very low fps on Call of Duty. I am having a 64bit system. I am using Core i5 cpu with 8GB ram and Radeon HD 7970 graphic card. It is not a new pc. It was working quiet well with some old...
  34. error message "No DLLs were found in the Waterfall procedure"

    I have a laptop and everything was working fine until yesterday. When I am trying to use the integrated webcam on my laptop, then I am getting an error message that says "No DLLs were found in the...
  35. Warlock 2: the Exiled Application aborted and crashing

    I have recently bought this game Warlock 2: the Exiled from Steam and installed it in my pc without any issues. The game was running fine but when I am at turn 105 in exile mode and after ending the...
  36. USB-IF xHCI USB host controller driver for Windows 8

    I have recently upgraded my laptop to Windows 8 and have installed every other drivers that is known. But when I go into the Device Manager I can see that there is warning sign with the driver for...
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    Vista laptop fails to read Blu ray disc

    My friend gave me a blu ray disc that hold huge amount of video files. But when I insert that in my system it is not readable. I am unable to copy the files. I am using Windows Vista and I have...
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    Good monitor under Rs.4000

    Which monitor will be good under a budget price of Rs.4000. I want this for a old pc. It is placed on the reception and hardly used. The pc is only for providing details to people and maintain...
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    What is new in Batman Arkham Knight

    Another new series of Batman game is on hold. I had played all the old one that brought a bit of change in storyline but still stuck on the same game-play. This time the news is about Batman Arkham...
  40. youtube full screen video shows white border at bottom

    I usually watch gaming walkthroughs on youtube channels whenever I get stuck in the game. Recently from 3-4 days, I have noticed that if I am trying to play any youtube video in full screen mode then...
  41. how to turn off screen shaking in Diablo III: Reaper of Souls

    After installing the game and playing as a Barbarian whenever there is any hit then it will make the screen to shake. This is very annoying for me and many other as well. There are many people who...
  42. Men of War: Assault Squad 2 crash and blue screen error

    So, I got an early access for this game and installed it and few minutes of playing it crashed my pc and went into a blue screen error. I know that this game is still in the testing process but I was...
  43. How to join NDA and info about its entrance exam?

    Can anyone please tell me the full procedure to join National Defence Academy in India? Also what steps do I need to take for its entrance exam, SSB, medical, etc? I have cleared my SSC examination...
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    Real Racing crashing on Nokia X Android

    I had installed Real Racing on Nokia X Android phone. The game was installed but when I am trying to play it is not working. The game is just crashing. I can only see the ea logo and then the game...
  45. Anyone playing Pacman and the Ghostly Adventures

    Pacman and the Ghostly Adventures is a recently released game for pc and consoles. I want gameplay info on this. I had seen the trailer that looks really amazing. Pacman is re-invented in this. But I...
  46. Want help to install Gigabyte Z77X-UP5 TH-CF wifi on other motherboard

    In my office I have a system with Gigabyte Z77X-UP5 TH-C motherboard. This a high end board that comes with bluetooth and wifi connectivity. The wifi is working through a tiny card. I am not sure...
  47. Intel Core i5 locked cannot overclock on MSI board

    I am trying to overclock my system. It has Intel Core i5 processor, 4GB ram and a msi board. I got a utility with the board with automatically overclock and boost the system performance. But I am not...
  48. Is there any software to diagnose cpu case fan failure

    There are four cpu fans connected on my case. Among which two 120mm fans are placed on the top and front side. And there are two more additional fan. One is placed on the back and other one on the...
  49. Xinput1_3.dll error on launching Assassins Creed Liberation

    When I am trying to launch Assassins Creed Liberation game I am getting Xinput1_3.dll error on my screen. The message says that windows is unable to find the file. From where I can find this dll...
  50. Not able to play DVD videos on Samsung NP300E5X-A0BIN Laptop

    I am having a bit issue with playing DVD's on Samsung laptop. This is a new laptop purchased yesterday. I am unable to figure out why this thing is so slow. First of all I am trying to install VLC on...
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