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    Configure the internet address

    We were trying to Migrate our SBS 2003 to SBS 2008. The procedure went fine without any problem until we reached Internet Address management. Here we stuck with the following error message:
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    Hard Disk May be Corrupt *not sure*

    I recently bought a new HP laptop that came pre-installed with Windows Vista. Laptop is just about 2 months old and was working fine until yesterday morning. Since them whenever am starting the...
  3. Re: How can I play a Wav file from batch/cmd script?

    Thanks a lot guys. That sounds really useful. Will give it a try tonight and let you know the results.

  4. How can I play a Wav file from batch/cmd script?

    Hello friends, am I need of small help from you all. I’m using Windows Vista 32 bit and trying to play few wave files thought command scripts likes I use to do earlier in Windows 98 and Windows NT....
  5. RE: I just bought a Toshiba laptop, it says I need a product key

    Even I need some help in the similar scenario. It is my Acer Aspire laptop that came with the auth card saying “Because you are buying a Microsoft Office Ready PC, you new PC has Microsoft Office...
  6. "last attempt to restart the system from previous location failed"

    I’m using a Windows XP system. Today morning after installing a small software I rebooted my system. During boot I received a message saying “last attempt to restart the system from previous...
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    HP w1907 LCD Monitor Driver Download

    It is my newly installed Windows Vista desktop. When am trying to connected HP w1907 LCD Monitor with the same, its not working. I mean, system is not getting the monitor drivers. I checked for...
  8. Re: Windows Vista Laptop cannot access Windows XP Computers on the

    Thank you very much for your replies and suggestions. First, I ran the XP File and Printer sharing wizard and both XP computers show the printer as being shared. When I ran that wizard on Vista, it...
  9. Windows Vista Laptop cannot access Windows XP Computers on the network

    I’m running three computers that are 1 windows Vista running on Sony VAIO and 2 Windows XP desktops on my Home Network. All are enabled for File sharing. But the problem am facing is though both...
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    Event ID 4004 and 4015

    I am running Domain 2000 since long time on which I recently added two Active Directory 2003. After doing this still my 2000 DC is running fine without any problem but on one of the two new 2003 FC,...
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    Microphone Drivers

    I am having a Windows XP desktop running with Pentium D 830 Processor, 845 chipset motherboard and Realtek Audio HD. System and its sound is working fine but don’t know why I’m not able to make...
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    Re: Sandisk U3 Cruzer Problem

    Hello Buriim, you are not alone with the said problem, count me too. Even I have 1GB Sandisk Cruzer Micro drive, which directly launches Windows Explorer on connecting instead of opening U3...
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