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    Re: win xp Fake Police virus

    If the above solution doesnt work for you then you can also follow the below method on how to remove that fake virus:

    First of all restart your computer and when you see the initial screen of...
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    Re: MCE Remote control Freezes Media Center

    It’s hard to come upon any point with the piece of information you have shared. Since you have mentioned this issue has started suddenly, some recent changes might have messed up things in your...
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    Re: Best 2.1 speakers under Rs 2000

    I will suggest you to get “Altec Lansing VS2621”. It will cost you around Rs 2,000. It has 4-inch woofer which produces excellent level of mid-bass sound.
  4. Re: GIGABYTE GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 back side USB 3.0 ports stopped working

    Which version of BIOS you are currently running?? While looking after a fix for your issue I came across some other people who were facing exactly the same issue. Most of them have mentioned that...
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    Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs. Asus Padfone 2

    If Asus Padfone 2 is actually priced at 64,999 than I don’t see any point in getting it. I would rather get Galaxy Note 2 and ipad mini within its price. It would be worth carrying a ipad mini...
  6. Re: Sony Xperia T vibrator makes a strange noise

    It’s surely a hardware fault. You won’t be able to do anything from your end rather than visiting the near service center and getting it repaired.:thumbup1:
  7. Re: Sony revealed VAIO Tap 20 PC, Vaio Duo 11 slider tablet and VAIO T, E and S series Ultrabooks

    Sony has really come up with eye catching ultra books this time but as always their prices are too high. I really liked Sony VAIO Tap 20 PC, it can be a gaming laptop me but for now I’ll wait for...
  8. re: GeForce GTX 570 SLI or GeForce GTX 670 for triple monitor

    Ive come across some better choice than GTX 670:
    MSI N680GTX Twin Frozr 4GD5/OC GeForce GTX 680 4GB 256-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 x16 HDCP Ready SLI Support Video Card
    SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 7970 OC...
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    Re: Best Wi-fi Router-modem within Rs. 2000

    I have checked about it and have found some good ones, just check them out.

    Netgear JWNR2000 Wireless-N Router Router – Price 2253 INR
    Belkin Surf Router ( N ) Router – Price 2131 INR
  10. Re: MS Project Professional 2010 "failed to install this package" error

    Well, you can download the Ccleaner software. This software is designed to optimize and to clean the system. The software removes unused files from your hard drives, shortcuts without target, ActiveX...
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    I dont think that it matters if you use standard...

    I dont think that it matters if you use standard or enterprise edition for a DC itself, but you have some roles/features not available or complete, check here about the details, especially for CA:
  12. Thread: DivX Update

    by HELLIAN

    I would say that completely remove the Divx...

    I would say that completely remove the Divx software from your computer by going through the Add and Remove programs and uninstalling the same program. Best software alternative against it that you...
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    Re: Multiple Email Accounts in Outlook 2010

    I guess that pop mail might be the default behaviour, unless you set up each mail account to use as a different data file, in which case you will have 2 sets of Personal Folders, each set having the...
  14. Re: No sound from speakers, only through headphones

    When you are double clicking on the volume button, then can you pick options and then go to properties and what does it shows in the Mixer Device window over there? You need to ensure the Playback is...
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    The process required to configure smart card...

    The process required to configure smart card logon in Windows is broken down into four basic tasks:

    Configuring the Certificate Authority (CA) to issue the proper certificates.
  16. I think that you might not be able to change the...

    I think that you might not be able to change the language and you have to buy an English language one. There is also No ultimate version of Office. So, you will not be able to change the language...
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    What are the Top wii games

    Hi, I just received a new Nintendo Wii at my birthday and got only 2 free games cds with it. I was wondering what whould be the top wii games that I can get from the stores. This wii console is...
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    Yes why don't you simply go the manufacturers...

    Yes why don't you simply go the manufacturers website and download the drivers. You can only find the best drivers on the official website. While other third party drivers are simply not worth enough...
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    Re: Domain Controller Multiple NIC DNS problem

    You can try to disable the unused NIC in networking section. Or, it will still try to register even with any ip address. If it is disabled then Windows ignores it.
  20. Re: microsoft office professional 2007 trial product key

    I wish I could have helped you buddy you haven’t given any details about your system, from where did you got the keys, is it on the CD or in documentation, where did you bought the office, etc....
  21. Re: accessing

    Try to check it by following the method given on this website -
  22. When the default Domain Administrator account is...

    When the default Domain Administrator account is not able to move objects, then it appears that there is another problem going on that will be requiring further investigation. You will need to give...
  23. Re: How to get the value of AD user attributes in vbscript?

    You can check out the below link

    that has "streetAddress,postOfficeBox,l,st,postalCode,c"
  24. Re: How to Move WSUS Database From Windows Server 2003 to 2008

    You can go to the below link that explains how to migrate the Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) database from a Windows Internal Database instance (installed by default during WSUS setup) to a...
  25. I was doing something with the internet today...

    I was doing something with the internet today trying to port forward and I found out a workaround for this issue. Just go into network and sharing center >> Manage Network >> right click the one that...
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    Re: No Local Area Connection

    I have a small confusion here. You said "I'm able to get an internet connection but not a local connection." What exactly do you mean by that? Are you talking about your LAN connection not able to...
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    Re: sysfader iexplore application error

    I believe that software are best downloaded from the manufacturers website directly. So it is always best for you to download the freeware version or the commercial version of malwarebytes from the...
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    Re: Event Id 8, Crypt32

    What, pray tell, are you responding to. (I had to go to the web interface to find out; an *empty* message with only a subject line "Event Id 8, Crypt32".

    No quotes of the original message, and...
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    Re: codec to play iso file?

    Another software that you can use to mount ISO file is Virtual CloneDrive. Virtual CloneDrive is a freeand easy to use software for mounting disk images to the most popular formats: ISO, BIN and CCD....
  30. Re: Changing the primary domain DNS name of this computer

    As per the error that you are getting, can you tell us whether the server is a member of another domain? Or have you done a fresh it on a fresh installed computer on which you are trying to add as...
  31. How to install hard drive in Toshiba Satellite A35-S159

    I dont have any experience with laptops, so can anybody tell me how to install hard drive in Toshiba Satellite A35-S159 and also take out the hard drive from this laptop? I think my hard drive is...
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    If you want to resolve this issue, an...

    If you want to resolve this issue, an organization that hosts the secure Web site can purchase a certificate for each Web server from a third-party provider. Or, the organization can install a...
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    To establish a domain trust or a security channel...

    To establish a domain trust or a security channel across a firewall, the following ports must be opened. Be aware that there may be hosts functioning with both client and server roles on both sides...
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    Re: REGSVR32 0x80070005

    Actually, someone already posted a solution THREE YEARS AGO.
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    nickelback song for guitar hero

    Does anyone know that nickelback song for guitar hero is included in the game or not? If it is not included then why dont they put nickelback song in guitar hero? They surely have many cool songs...
  36. I think that the best laptop suitable for photo...

    I think that the best laptop suitable for photo and video editing is the one that has the highest memory and that can also enable you with multi-tasking. You can try to avoid those with low processor...
  37. Thread: wms idle

    by HELLIAN

    Actually WMS is a Windows Messenger Service and...

    Actually WMS is a Windows Messenger Service and if you are a home user, then you should not need the Messenger service running. You can disable it, the same can be found in services. The Messenger...
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    There is a Project 2007 Infrastructure Update...

    There is a Project 2007 Infrastructure Update 32-bit package, installation instructions, and deployment strategies that can be found at the Microsoft Download Center. To download this update from the...
  39. The corrupt dll file is causing the problem. The...

    The corrupt dll file is causing the problem. The file atiok3x2.dll is simply associated with ati driver. The driver installation disc that you had used recently had installed some incompatible...
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    mario galaxy secrets

    I have had my nintendo wii for years and recently I bought a classic game called Mario Galaxy. I am quite enjoying this game playing on my wii, but what bothers me is that there are many hidden ways,...
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    epson wireless printer setup

    I have recently bought a new Epson TX800FW wireless printer. If you connect it via usb it works pretty fine, however I want to know a way to connect it wirelessly, so can anyone tell me how to setup...
  42. The internet gateway that you are getting usually...

    The internet gateway that you are getting usually means that your pc is acting as a router for the other devices on the network to get internet access. If you want then you can safely delete the...
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    removing Win32/Bagle.gen!C

    My computer was infected by Win32/Bagle.gen!C when I did a scan with the new Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool. I only have the problem of Blue screen rather than anything else...
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    You can try out another player such as Winamp if...

    You can try out another player such as Winamp if you want gapless playback of music. Winamp is a fast, flexible, high-fidelity media player for Windows. Winamp supports playback of many audio such as...
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    Re: WMP 11 won't play .mp4 video file.

    Can you right click an .mp4 file and select Properties > Change Button and then select Windows Media player and click Ok and then apply and ok again. Check if that makes any difference. If not then...
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    The DC that you want to add to your existing...

    The DC that you want to add to your existing Domain, you need to go to the NIC properties and point the preferred DNS server to the existing DC, assuming that the existing DC is also a DNS server,...
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    Re: Windows Server 2008 DCPROMO

    Can you tell us which account are you using and of which groups is it member? It looks like the account that you are using doesnt have the "Delegation priviledge". You need to ensure the account has...
  48. Problem with online flv flash video and audio sync

    I cannot seem to sync audio / video on a flash correctly. I am trying to imposr avi files into a FLV Flash Video Burner 2.1.9 and exporting them out as flv but the problem is video plays fine but...
  49. Re: Vista 64 bit Movie Maker wont show avi files no matter what

    Just wanted to add more to the existing discussion. I am also facing the same problem. I am facing a bit problem with the audio when importing video to Movie Maker. I am having a Windows XP PC here....
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    prefetch.exe virus?

    Hello, can anyone explain me what is this prefetch.exe? What does it run for and does it slows down our computer, is it a virus? Is it safe to have it running? Thank you
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