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  1. Re: Windows Explorer Drop Down Address Bar remains Empty

    See that is a kind of bug you can say. Sometimes we do have to point at the options to see if they are there in the drop down list. changing the color and all does not matter at all. Thats what i...
  2. Re: Stress testing, monitoring and benchmarking tools for both Intel and AMD rigs


    3D Mark 06-Probably the most usually utilized project for testing your PC's performance. (Test previously, then after the fact your OC to see what amount of your apparatus enhances)...
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    Re: unable to uninstall EasyTune6

    Uninstalling easytune6 can be done by:

    use ccleaner and perform a registry clean-up,
    wipe up everything that was listed,
    restart and then clean the registry again,
    then try to re-install...
  4. Re: While selecting 'include video' in Sync Photos iTunes Crashes

    Well I am also having the similar problem. It has work fine before I advance the iTunes. Well I hope that the support will repair the problem quickly then you will search for the solution.
  5. Re: System previously being sync with iPad error message while connecting new iPad

    I have the same problem. I tried the trick immediately disconnect after synchronization starts and all that does is give me my iPad a synchronization error message and reboots itself. I can connect...
  6. Re: Which are the best Parallels vs. VMware on Macbook Pro?

    It's a bit long to post my full results of the two here. So here is a link to the two articles I wrote in my blog. The first link here the initial results of Parallels Desktop vs. VMware Fusion 7 3,...
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    Re: Photos are disappearing in library

    Another way is that set the attributed of this library location. In this process, you need to set the hidden attribute of this library to the disabled stage. Then you can view all the hidden as well...
  8. Re: Desktop Manager 6.0 lost the Bluetooth Connectivity

    Well my friend, I was also having the same problem I was not able to get the Bluetooth on the desktop 6, but I have search and also done some of the things then I was able to get, as I added a...
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    Re: Download VLC Media Player for android devices

    I have recently installed the vlc player for my android device. I have downloaded the NEON build and I have installed it. I would say that VLC player looks very good. It feels different and nice to...
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    Re: Flash is dying, Adobe prepares- Supports HTML5

    Going into Android tabs you recognize significantly more moving equipment. Realities are realities-Apple is always utilizing old hardware and charging twice the same amount as the majority of people...
  11. Re: Few Emails Received having huge text in Outlook Express 6

    I have message set to minor but it still is appearing as size 100+ for some contents. The sender might send a memo to me and others but just I hold the hang-up with it appearing as beast message.
  12. Re: Bridged Connection do not work in VMware workstation 8

    Nothing was "disappeared" after converting to VMware workstation 8 - otherwise it would not be working at all! As I said, both bridged and NAT work, it breaks my local network bridge.

    I just try...
  13. Re: Need Software for Modem / computer Speakers

    The requirement which you are talking about is been available on the software of the sound card which you have installed on the system. So you should check over it.
  14. Re: Why don’t many people prefer using OpenOffice?

    I think Open office is fantastic assuming that you would like to pay for Microsoft Office or you should do something brisk and you could not venture to utilize Microsoft Office. As Microsoft Office...
  15. Re: How to Backup Factory Installed Hardware without Reinstallation Disk?

    I'm certain you are well mindful that there is practically nothing back for Windows ME today so inasmuch as you stay with that OS you could be restrained. Since, you update to XP and you don't have...
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    Re: Install Ms office 7 over Ms office 2010

    It depends on which version of windows you are installing the software whether it is 32 bit or 64 bit because the software alters during installation when it installed on different bit operating...
  17. Re: How to Open PowerPoint and Excel Files on Toshiba Satellite

    I have the solution for this issue but I have not tried this so you just try this may it helps you out. So for these you have to go for the start menu and you have top type in the search box...
  18. Re: Cloning C drive to a new drive that works up to a point

    Yet I had the same issue so I run over to Tools > Options > Advanced > Maintenance > Store Folder it demonstrated to me that the setting was at Q (the old C drive). I clicked update and sharp it to...
  19. Re: Unable to move message to folder in Outlook 2002

    The "Can't Move the Items" inform happens when the default .pst record (for the most part Outlook.pst) outstrips a greatest size. The key is to situated up a chronicle folder (which might as well...
  20. Re: Where can we find Windows Picture and Fax viewer?

    Utilizing Tools | Folder Options and the File Types tab I found that my .jpeg files were consorted with Windows Picture and Fax Viewer and by set up to the Advanced catch and alter the Open Action it...
  21. Re: VMware workstation 8 unable to work in Gentoo os

    Each time you press "Enter License Key" button I get:

    NOT_IMPLEMENTED / build/mts/release/bora-471780/bora/lib/misc/vthreadBase.c: 674
  22. Re: Installing Mac OS 10.7 (Lion) on VMware fusion 4.0.1?

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion, unfortunately, but currently, VMware does not support booting from USB devices, but you can try using the boot manager Plop. Plop I use to boot multiple USB...
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    Re: Getting Black Screen in VMware fusion 4.0.1

    You got me an hour too late - I downgraded to 3.1.3 so I could return to work. He was unable to make use of any of my VM 4.0.1.

    I listened again and support the error rises to its software...
  24. Re: VMware view client disconnect after every 15 minutes

    I'll try that in the morning and follow up. I hope it .It sure looks that he is doing it on purpose, and his theory sounds good
  25. Re: How to swap Outlook personal storage table to MBOX

    .pst file is is an open proprietary file format used to store messages, calendar events and other releted item within the Microsoft Exchange Client, Windows Messaging, and Microsoft Outlook. This...
  26. Re: unable to open more than one Excel document at a time

    I also have the same question as whether you are about to open another Excel sheet or a worksheet, because see if you are about to open a new excel sheet at that time you have to make sure whether...
  27. Re: Looking for Virtual desktop infrastructure monitoring tool

    If you are monitoring for recital than those will work but with no funds I'm not convinced he can have enough money Foglight or Solarwinds. If you verify out . the characteristically has a inventory...
  28. Re: Help-Need to make a video recording tutorial

    You can create video tutorials using dozens of different methods. If you search on the Google then you found a lot of software that helps to solve this problem. You can use anyone of them but the...
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    Re: Unwanted auto text in Outlook Express

    There may be the issue, of not placing the text properly, which always leads to the generation of unwanted text in Outlook Express, so there is the AutoCorrect Options button, in the Outlook Express,...
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    Re: K-Lite Codec Pack VS Shark007 Codec Pack

    According to my suggestion you should use any of the latest media player they all have the feature for supporting any format of multimedia, you can also make the use of VLC, since it is the best...
  31. Re: How do you uninstall a program that won't uninstall?

    On account of XP Professional is the working system the situation here is deeper than we suspected. Stay quiet and think over how that approached be on that machine. The situation as I see it is that...
  32. Re: Missing important folder from my desktop, need help!

    You are right with insight into the past obviously I see that I ought to have backed up my files, but that is the way the treat pulverizes, its too late now.

    The recovery programming permit me to...
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    Re: How to find MVI files on Mac OS X 10.6.8

    Normally this MVI files present on the installed Windows Media Player library. Then if you have use this windows media player on your system then check the library of it. It could be possible that...
  34. Re: Is imaging software in windows 7 an effective way to replace my hard drive

    I think that yes it is a good way infect I have been doing the same thing and if you are having a very good idea to do it properly then it is just awesome way to find the best solution do it and...
  35. Re: Unable to play Windows Media file on preconfigured Windows 7

    Ok guys nice to see you guys trying to help me out of this and well you have been talking about the ResetDRM can you guys tell me how to use this application I haven’t heard about this before and...
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    Re: Need to do seek in timeline for Adobe Edge

    The common way to execute this code on your javascript program is to be add this code on the respective function and then make some changes onto it. Then try to execute it onto your system. You...
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    Re: Unable to install Adobe Edge on Windows 7

    I personally use the installation CD and must say that this will be work for solving such installation task on the windows 7 system.
  38. Re: Apple allows us to virtualize the Lion desktop version

    Basically I don’t think that this is ever a easy step to do this would be always needing a good knowledge for it most of the user won’t be knowing about it. As many of them haven’t been very...
  39. Re: Adobe Edge looks great but not works in Internet Explorer 8

    Adobe Edge Preview is a new web motion and interaction design tool. This is the new version of this software tool that provides facility to designers bring animated content to websites. If you have...
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    Re: Adobe edge Preview 2 is now available

    Adobe Edge Preview 2 is now available for download after some feature enhancements on it. It is an upcoming tool for creating smooth motion and transitions for screens of all sizes. Edge will be...
  41. Re: I am looking for VMware workstation 8 Beta downoad

    VMware workstation beta is not released for the public. You cannot get the trail directly. On the other hand the site has an interest form. Fill that form and wait for response from them. There is...
  42. Re: Not able to compile vmmon in VMware 7.1.4 on redhat enterprise 6.1

    You by now sbe acquainted with this, but I imagine worth mention: red hat Linux 6 is only support as guest operating system Workstation 7.x, not as a host operating system.

    When updating from a...
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    Re: How to use Wyse v10Land safenet ikey 2032

    Using VMware VDM client on my workstation I connected my XP virtual machine and tried to use the backpack without any luck. I got tired of opening the utility of the IPC and I get an error message...
  44. Re: Unable to do Nat port forwarding in VMware player in Linux (centos 5)

    If Apache is simple to make use of, nevertheless netcat is easier. Try 'nc-l port figure "then click on that port by means of every type of request (HTTP, Telnet, whatsoever you desire .I tried both...
  45. Re: How to compile VMware in ubuntu 11.04 using kernel 2.6.38-8

    For me it’s not working you can check the output
    udo vmware-modconfig --console --install-all
    Stopping VMware services:
    VMware USB Arbitrator ...
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    Re: Testing vmwgfx running under VMware in Linux

    Fortunately I have no / usr / lib / xorg / modules / drivers / were already attentive of that, nevertheless all my hard works were in vain, probing
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    Re: Winamp plugin + AlienFX Pidgin

    It must take around 0.5 sec at maximum. If it consumes that much time as the alienfx device crashed then they might be changed protocoll intended for new alienfx device then I require deceiver for...
  48. Re: Unable to start VMware player installer in windows 7 enterprise 64 bit

    I had faced the same issue with me also. Even I was not able to start the vmplayer installer. I searched a lot on the google regarding this but couldn’t find any much help. Someone told me...
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    Re: VMware Player is unable to start

    My friend I was also facing the same problem, as I was installing the VMware Player 3.1.4 385536.x86_64, so I have reinstall all the kernel driver and try to installed it and it has worked, so you...
  50. Re: Microsoft Outlook 2011 is running slow on Mac OSX Lion 10.7

    Spotlight is used to index all the messages which are downloaded on the computer of yours. once you have done the same you will feel the difference into the situation of yours. I let you know that...
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