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  1. Re: Looking for eBook for starting a eCommerce store on Drupal

    There are few books. Most of them are for back end stuff. Like managing the site and for doing other stuff. The one that I find will help you is Building E-commerce Sites with Drupal Commerce...
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    Re: Which telecom provider offer Free Facebook

    You can go with BSNL for the same. Because they are the only one who are offering you this kind of service. If you have a BSNL connection then you don't really need to activate internet plan. You can...
  3. Re: Which is the cheapest mobile data plan for one day use

    There are many telecom providers who can give you a decent mobile internet connectivity. But it is essential to find the one which has the best speed. Here I am going to recommend you to go for Idea....
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    Re: Which Movie did you watch last?

    Just watched Gravity last week in 3D. The movie is amazing. It being long time Sandra Bullock appeared better. The movie gives a realistic adventure of space journey by few astronauts and their...
  5. Re: Future cars will be rated on the basis of Collision Avoid Technology

    Subaru has the best among all. There was a test carried out recently to locate which automobile is has the best collision avoidance technology. Subaru cards proves to be the best among all. They have...
  6. Re: How to use Visa Debit Card securely on web for payment

    I am using internet banking. That is more better. Because here you have to login into your bank account to pay money. And the password is never saved. I think compare to paying via debit/credit card...
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    Re: Telecom Department blocked

    No, it is not blocked. It is working fine. I am not getting any message here. I am accessing the website from Mumbai and it is working fine. Which region you belong. It looks your ISP is trying to...
  8. Re: Beetel 450tc1 wifi modem when restarted gives error PPP PASSWORD INVALID

    I am not sure but I think that there might be something wrong with your router, I wanted to know if you have tried updating your routers firmware? If not then try that out and see if that’s making...
  9. Re: Can we use any wifi router with Tikona for internet?

    Even I don’t have any idea what exactly to be done but after reading out your thread I can make out that your knowledge regarding this issue is much poor than me. Let me tell you that even I am in...
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    Re: Tata Sky HD unlimited USB recording started?

    The news is true and it will be launched soon. Tata Sky has not revealed any information regarding the unlimited USB recording service yet, but I think that in this year they will launch this...
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    Re: When is Front-Lid Kindle coming out

    The E Ink feature is really great but that has the issue with reading in the dark that is reason the Amazon is bringing the new Kindle with front lighting. It will be available in the form of the...
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    Poll: Re: Wii U vs. Playstation Vita

    I have read many comments from various people who has both PS3 and Vita and according to them both are good at their places. Both are portable and can be taken anywhere along with you. But I would...
  13. Re: Homepage is automatically changing to findamo search in Firefox 12

    Look, I am not sure whether my suggestion would work on other browser but if you have any such problems with Google Chrome then you can easily get rid of it. I am very much sure that my procedure...
  14. Re: Is it a good idea to wall mount a computer for gaming

    If you ask me I don’t think this will be a good idea as instead of buying a new 29 inch LED monitor you should sell your old computer and buy a new computer. I mean if your computer is in a working...
  15. Airtel DigitalTV Channel Packages Price List in India

    Airtel DigitalTV offers you a number of channels on your TV set. There are set of packages that you have to purchase. Along with this it also provides you a option to choose some channel on your own....
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    Re: How to check BSNL Broadband usage ?

    There is a software called as BSNL Broadband usage finder which helps you keep a track on the amount of internet bandwidth consume by you. I am not sure how much this tool is effective, but there are...
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    Re: Which is the best Airtel GPRS or Idea GPRS

    This depends on the network availability. In some places Airtel provides a very nice speed while idea do not. Like the place where I live idea netsetter is very poor. I had seen many of my friends...
  18. Re: Points to make Sniper Elite V2 an ultimate Sniping Simulator

    The role of the sniper has always had a special charm. In almost every war film shooters are represented as cold calculators in love with his own weapon, determining the fate of a battle or in a...
  19. Re: Tips to kill a walking target in Sniper Elite V2

    Sniper Elite V2 is a title that was captivating from the first moment. His biggest drawback is the will to become accessible to a wider audience, introducing difficulty levels that are likely to...
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    Re: Word 2007 SP 1 Crash on Close

    You can just try and repair your Microsoft Word 2007. For doing that you need to go to Control panel ---> Add Remove program ---> MS Office 2007 ---> Change ---> Repair.

    Just follow this step it...
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    Re: Aircel Student Plan

    The plans varies as per area I think. I had heard aircel providing the same in Karnataka also. Does this plan is applicable in all parts of India. Older updates in the same plan shows this is most...
  22. Re: The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings with Avp.exe

    If Kaspersky is detecting this as virus then please heal that process with the Kaspersky and if that is not able to heal the process then your antivirus is outdated and it’s time to you to update...
  23. Re: Time Capsule backup failed to restore on new computer

    Your first Time Machine backup is several gigabytes because it backs up your entire computer. It may take overnight or longer depending on how much data you have. Once you have completed the initial...
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    Re: Printing Options available in HTC One XL

    After such a long time since rumors began circulating, HTC has the cloud service HTCSense off temporarily in order to subject it to a revision. How long the recent renovations to HTCSense are not yet...
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    Re: GeForce GTX 560 Ti or Geforce GTX 680

    Nvidia back on the front of the stage with the GeForce GTX 680. This new chip is she the of tit for tat AMD Nvidia? That, anyway, what put the record straight in the small world of the graphics chip...
  26. re: Text SMS app with wifi for non android/SmartPhone

    Kik Messenger is an application that lets discuss smartphone to smartphone messenger, Kik is available for iPhone, Blackberry and Android phones. There are many applications on the iPhone that allows...
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    Re: Asus VG278H vs. Samsung S27A950D

    The Samsung S27A950D you could describe as a striking appearance. Not only because of its tight housing and asymmetrical foot. But also because he is one of the first 3D monitors that 2D movies to 3D...
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    Re: Suggest me good PSU for Sleeving

    I think that it will be better for you to check in the range of the corsair. I am sure that you will get better options in that.
  29. Re: Performance of SanDisk MicroSDHC Mobile Ultra 16GB (red / gray)

    I really never think for the brand when it comes to memory cards. I get the one which costs me less. I think that they all are same but the bigger brand costs you the most. They all give you the same...
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    Re: Lenovo ThinkPad X220 cursor moves randomly

    The best thing that you can do is to contact to the Lenovo support and they will tell you that what is the problem with this and how can it be solved. They are the people who solve the issues like...
  31. Re: Cannot overclock with Nvidia GeForce GTX 680 GPU BOOST

    I don’t think that there is any need to do any overclocking. This card is made in the best way from Nvidia and I really liked the technology. I don’t like to take risk and doing higher...
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    Re: Blacklight: Retribution Black environment

    I think that you are now left with just one option and that is to reinstall the game. If none of the solutions helps you then something in the game is corrupted and reinstallation of the game is the...
  33. re: How does gpu boost work with Nvidia Geforce GTX-680?

    How GPU Boost differs from AMD's Powertune that the Radeon HD 6950 and HD 6970 made his debut? To put it simply refines Powertune the steps between the highest P-state of a GPU and the intermediate...
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    Re: Found ipad 3 light leakage

    This is not with all the units of this phones. I am also having the same phone and that is not having any light leakage. so it will be better for you if you can directly contact to the dealer and ask...
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    Re: Does Intel Server Board S1200KP support VT-d?

    I found that the significant performance increase with new processor Intel ® microarchitecture delivering world-class performance and superior energy / power efficiency. This Provides enterprise...
  36. Poll: Re: POLL: Smartphone vs. Digital Camera vs. SLR Camera vs. Compact Camera

    For a compact camera, you use the LCD screen to compose the image, with an SLR camera do you use the viewfinder of the camera to look directly through the lens. Most SLRs come today with Live View,...
  37. Re: Information about Samsung SyncMaster S23A700D LED Monitor

    I am using the same and I can say that this really worth its price. I have bought two. I can’t find any negative to this.
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    Re: How to get anywhere in Zynga Slingo?

    Zynga Slingo Bingo is an entertaining slot machine mix with a number of entertaining game modes. With its 14 built-in languages and the aggressive marketing of Slingo is found in many parts of the...
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    Poll: Re: Vote for the best Android Phone for 2012

    The HTC One X supports GSM 900, 1800 and 1900 MHz networks. The One X can fast mobile internet with HSDPA and UMTS support. The speed of HSDPA removes the difference between home and move on. With...
  40. Re: iTunes 10.5.2 freezes instantly after execution

    Do you have some antivirus running on your computer? I am asking this as there is possibilities that that program is interrupting the processing of the iTunes. Just disable the antivirus and see if...
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    Re: Max Payne 3 vs. Diablo III

    Max Payne combines three sophisticated firefights Bullet along with more advanced Time and Shoot Dodge effects, and Natural Motion's character, behavior simulation Euphoria for life-like movements...
  42. Re: Never ending Sing-A-Grams in The Sims 3 Showtime

    You can additionally decide what you would like to inform the audience between songs. For mages, you'll be able to decide when to try to do tricks and the way to interact with the general public. The...
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    Re: Advice for first time HTPC user

    Before going to purchase this, you must ensure that what is your requirement and according to that you can do the selection. This will save the unwanted waste of money.
  44. Re: What implementation do you wish in The Sims 3 Showtime?

    I don't think that there is some need to do any modification or implementation to this. It is good in the way it is. I was not expecting anything better than this from them.
  45. Re: Simport in The Sims 3 Showtime is forced on players

    yes this is forced but this is really a good. You are saying this because you have not tried this yet. Just play the game a nd you will get to know that why it is forced on players to play with...
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    Re: I hate new patch for The Sims 3 Showtime

    No, this is not looking the background process problem. Once you are done with the patch then just reinstall the game and when you do that then it will run without any problem.
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    Re: Best wifi enabled ADSL Router

    Even I would suggest you the wireless Linksys router but not the one which is mentioned above. For your convenience I would better let you know the most important specifications of this router so...
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    Re: Planning to buy a new USB GSM Modem

    See it depends upon which network are you using. Like if you are going wih the 3G network then the speed that you will be getting is upto 21 mbps while in 2G you will be hardly getting upto 256kbps...
  49. Re: Do Nettalk device work with broadband with Modem only?

    So you mean that you normally keep the computer system ON to connect. If it’s so then that not needed if you set it once in "Always On" mode.

    I already sent a nettalk duo to Chandigarh some few...
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    Re: Youtube videos are slow with 750 UL BSNL plan

    For you kind information let me tell you that 750 UL plan doesn’t gives you sufficient speed in order to watch you tube videos efficiently without any interruption. It actually gives you the speed...
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