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    Re: Life Is Strange crashing while loading

    Is there any program called Muvizu installed in your pc, if so, then try to uninstall and reinstall it and check if this solves the issue.
  2. Re: How to identify the score rate of skulls in Orcs Must Die?

    That is the approximate skulls you will be getting at any level. You can check the guide for Orcs Must Die 5 Skull from this youtube video -...
  3. Re: Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris game crashes randomly

    Dide you try to adjust game settings from the splash screen configuration option? Can you try to upload your .log and crash dump files here so that we can get more information about the error? You...
  4. Re: error "Cpu does not met minimum specifications" while playing Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

    I have heard that this game requires hyperthreaded cores to take control of the Zombie AI, but I dont know whether this is true or not. The Intel Core i7-990X processor should be more than enough to...
  5. Re: Ryse: Son of Rome crashes while playing campaign

    Incase the game is freezing or crashing for you after the campaign intro video then you should try to roll back the graphics drivers. This problem especially happens with the AMD users and you will...
  6. Re: NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM Revolution crashes with white screen

    Can you please first of all tell us what is your computer specifications? Have you installed the latest graphics driver in your computer by downloading it from the manufacturer's website? Have you...
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    Re: Metro Redux preload bug, help

    There are many people who have bought the bundle of this game facing 150mb preload bug and you might be one of them. There was fix given for this issue. First you need to go to your Steam Account and...
  8. Re: getting "The player has left the session" in Ultra Street Fighter IV

    It is fine to ragequit if you know that your opponent is much better than you are. Normally, whenever someone starts to ragequit then I have a good laugh everytime because I can tell that they are...
  9. Re: Risen 3 - Titan Lords crash to desktop while launching

    Have you tried to install Physx? Also, what is the processor that you are using? The minimum requirement for this Risen 3 - Titan Lords game requires you to have atleast 2.4 GHz Dual Core Processor....
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    Re: Magic 2015 crashes to desktop

    Even I was facing this similar issue where this game used to exit out after lunching it a few seconds. I then tried to get it to working by setting the launch options to Windowed mode. Just right...
  11. Re: Assassin's Creed 2 Save Game Fix and Downloads for PC

    I found one save game file that has all the sequences in it, from sequence 1 to sequence 14, I dont know whether it is a valid one or not, but anyhows, you can try it out and let us know if it worked...
  12. Re: Ulauncher crashes while playing State of Decay

    I am assuming that you might be having some other program in the background running, such as, GPU Monitoring program, Screen Capture software, Amd overdrive or something else. The game is known to...
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    Re: playing FINAL FANTASY III on Windows XP

    I dont think that Final Fantasy III is supported in Windows XP but as per its graphics interface it should be playable. Most of the games that are releasing, now a days, are very demanding supporting...
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    Re: Dark Souls 2 save game for PC download

    I was able to find a Dark Souls II Modded save game file that you can download from this link - I dont know whether this file is for pc...
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    Re: pirates of black cove, corsair missions

    Have you tried to download and install the patch 1 and patch 2 of this game. If not then download it from the below links:
  16. Re: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 save game location/download

    You will need to check in this folder location C:\ProgramData\Steam\267550 and see if the save file is deleted or not. Or else you can also go to this location C:\Users\Your...
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    Re: Kingdoms of Amalur help?

    I think that you might have missed most of the game while reaching to Alabastra. There are many quests that you have missed which has some gear and weapon rewards and until you dont complete all this...
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    Re: sudeki on windows 7 64 bits

    You can try to download the Sudeki - Installer.bat file from this link - It will help you to launch the game successfully on your pc. All the...
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    Re: Metro 2033 alternate ending savegame

    There is a website called cheathappens that have posted the alternate ending Ethereal level or the Enlightened Ending level save game for Metro 2033. But if you wish to use the same save game file...
  20. Re: Shadowrun Returns stucked at Launch Campaigns

    Can you tell us whether there is a config file in your Shadowrun directory which usually has the directory location in it. Just try to go to your Steam option at the top side of the Steam client and...
  21. Re: error E82000002 with Playstation 4, unable to connect to PSN

    For some european regions PSN is working fine for them but in other region it is still now working. You can try to turn off your playstation 4 and turn it back on and check if you can access the...
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    Re: error code E-8200012F with Playstation 4

    I think that this problem might be happening over the PSN server side. The server might be getting jammed because every Playstation 4 owner might be trying to access at the same time. But this doesnt...
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    Re: Cs 1.6 Win 8.1 BEX error

    Can you try to uninstall and then reinstall the game probably? Try by installing any one version of Counter Strike and see if it is working in your system or not. If still no joy then you can try to...
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    Re: Blackguards game wont start

    Can you try to mess with the launch options for the game? You can try to use either -fullscreen or -w xxxx for the resolution that you are using or else you can even try to run the game in Windowed...
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    Re: Cs 1.6 Win 8.1 BEX error

    The error that you are getting is because of old graphics driver and directx version that is installed in your computer. You just need to update both things and then you will not get any error...
  26. Re: LEGO Marvel Super Heroes game minimizes automatically

    Before restarting your computer you can try to again run the Visual C++ and DirectX redistributables that can be found in the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes game's Steam folder. Also try to verify the game...
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    Re: overheating problem with Sony Xperia Z1

    Sony Xperia Z1 will get hot if you are using it continuously by running applications or playing games. There is also a built in thermal application in this smartphone that will let you know when it...
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    Re: multiplayer in Shadow Warrior 2013

    Shadow Warrior 2013 game seems to be made in a smaller budget and focused more to be best playedin single player mode. It would have been great if co-op mode was added in this game but by focusing...
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    Re: Improper Names in Real Football 2014

    I have heard that this game has some bugs with the players name. Also, the career mode is having some problem as well and unless a fix for this issue doesnt comes in the next version there is nothing...
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    Re: Total War: Rome II crashes on my pc

    Have you installed the latest beta patch 3 for this Total War: Rome II game? If not then you will need to download it in your Steam game library and to do so right click on Total War: Rome II and...
  31. Re: Glitch there in "The Belgian Problem" that prevents in ‘Saints Row: The Third’

    I think that you have to paste it in the folder where you have installed saints row the third game.
  32. Re: low fps in The King of Fighters XIII Steam Edition

    Even I was facing similar problems of low fps with this game. Then I read on Steam community that if we run the game from the desktop shortcut then we will face the fps problem but if we launch the...
  33. Re: Hot Wheels World's Best Driver demo download for pc

    All I know about this game is that it is HD version of the game that might be previously released. And I dont think that there is any demo for this Hot Wheels World's Best Driver game available...
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    Re: Splinter Cell: Blacklist FPS issues

    It was told that, to solve the fps problem in Splinter Cell: Blacklist, one needs to roll back the graphics driver to an old version and then download and install a new beta version of the radeon...
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    Re: how to get Xbox controller working in Arma 3

    Have you mapped it to fire, then it will work properly. Also do you use the Arma default controller or have you mapped anything on your own? I think that it will be good for you to map the buttons...
  36. Re: Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs will not start

    Check to make sure that the game is not running on the onboard graphics but instead it should be running on the Nvidia card. The integrated graphics on your laptop might be not letting the game to...
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    Re: Plants vs Zombies 2 for pc download

    The first part of Plants vs Zombies was pretty awesome and it came out for only $10. I immediately bought it from the Steam store and to be honest, it was worth spending on this game rather than...
  38. Re: The Bureau: XCOM Declassified Steam servers too busy

    When you open Steam and then click on "Play Now" from the store page then is it getting installed, did you check this. Dont click in the library section to get this game. I used to get this error...
  39. Re: Payday 2 game crashes after every successful mission

    If the above solution doesnt work then try to disable the Steam Overlay and see if that works. To do this, click on Steam and then click on the Settings button. After that click on "In-Game Settings"...
  40. Re: Divinity: Dragon Commander autosave problem

    Well, if the game doesnt start then try to start the game in Windowed mode. You will need to download this file and then place it in this location - \Documents\Larian Studios\Dragon Commander\. After...
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    Re: Windows 7 and Flight Simulator no go

    Do you mean to say that even after the game loads, you are not able to do anything ingame? So, you are saying you can get till the ingame menus or something or stuck on the loading screen only? There...
  42. Re: Xbox 360 fail to recognized Chords in ‘Rocksmith 2’

    You can download the save game of Dead Space 3 game from this link - I think that all the chapters are completed in that save game and you could...
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    Re: The Last of Us game for pc available

    Well, your best bet would be to buy the Playstation 3 console and play the game on it. The petition for porting this game on PC is never going to happen, because this game is Sony Exclusive only. And...
  44. Re: Remember Me game freezes continuously on my computer

    Can you try to verify Remember Me game’s integrity on Steam, follow the below step to do that:

    Load Steam
    From the Library section, right-click on the game and select Properties from...
  45. Re: Call of Juarez Gunslinger crash to desktop "This program has stopped working"

    Call of Juarez Gunslinger craching problem also happens with some weird characters in your Steam Screen Name. So, if you are facing this problem then you can simply try to change your profile name to...
  46. Re: How to get Nvidia 3D Vision to work with Resident Evil Revelations

    What version of the graphics driver are you using, is it the latest one? Many people are playing Resident Evil Revelations without any issues with Nvidia 3D Vision, just try to download the driver...
  47. Re: Call of Juarez: Gunslinger Micro stuttering problem and unplayable with keyboard and mouse

    I am playing this game on my pc without any issues and not getting a problem like that you have said. Also, I am playing with mouse and keyboard only and not a controller and it is very responsive as...
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    Re: need hitman trainer

    Its the same hitman absolution 1.0.433.1 version trainer that you are looking for. Anyways, you can search on google to get the same trainer or perhaps an updated one for this game.By the way using...
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    Re: need hitman trainer

    I was able to download the Hitman Absolution Trainer 1.0.433.1 from the link given by Hitman22 user. What issues are you facing, which browser are you using? Simply click on the link and then there...
  50. Re: how many missions are there in far cry 2 & far cry 3?

    I have played Far Cry 2 and I also think that it was not great compared to the first and the thrid part of this game series. Far Cry 2 was having limited area where we had to continuously travel from...
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