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  1. Re: Getting database error on new wordpress site

    It is always good to keep a backup with you whenever you want to make changes in your site. Database error is common and will appear if there is any alternation done. Here you can try checking the...
  2. Re: Is it possible to connect to mysql database through a php file

    Whatever you try, it is not possible without having the database username and password. Even if there is some php script which can connect you to the database, you will need the login details. Or...
  3. Re: installing .NET Framework 2.0 via Group Policy

    The following example steps can be used to create a Group Policy object to deploy the .NET Framework 2.0 in a network:

    Click on the Start menu, choose Run and type cmd
    Create an...
  4. Re: How to easily migrate a entire html website to WordPress

    If you need a bug free site then hire a developer. You can find ample of them online. A developer can help you to get what you are looking for. He might
    design the site exactly as per your need. It...
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    Re: How to repair Sony DPT-S1 ereader

    Try to perform a soft reset on your Sony Reader Digital Book by following the below steps:

    Locate the reset button access hole. It is labeled RESET and, depending on your model, can be found...
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    Re: Which microSD card for Sony PRS-T3?

    I have read the Sony manual where it says the memory card uses more power or something. I dont know what it means, like whether in general or only while reading a book more power is utilized. I am...
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    Re: WordPress website takes long time to load

    There are few plugins which can help you to get optimum output. WPCache is one of them. Just add this. And it is correct that you have to optimize your site images to make it work more faster. Or...
  8. Re: Among Drupal and Wordpress which has best feature for Spam control

    I have a WordPress website and I am using Defensio Antispam on it. This is amazing tool for controlling spam. It works fine and does not affect the site performance. Before this I was on Drupal. I...
  9. Re: How to develop android apps at affordable cost

    There is a affordable solution available. For that you will have to try a web based android app developer kit. There are some sites which give you simple and smart virtual platform through which you...
  10. Re: HowTo sync user password from domain A to domain B

    You will need to enter a valid user credential with user name and password that is having read permission in the domain controller. Incase you would like to import users from multiple domains then...
  11. Re: Internet explorer 10 Metro won't remember password

    I don’t think it is the registry problem because even I had the same problem and I simply fixed it by changing few settings in the Internet Options. Actually when you launch the browser, by default...
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    Re: Ebook to learn Android Development

    I will recommend you to stuck with video tutorials. That will be more helpful for you to deal with the problem you are facing. There are ample of video guide which is having full information on...
  13. Re: A good software developement framework for beginners

    There are ample of software development kits. Like Cowboy Coding, DBU, etc. A framework is not just a pack of suite, but a kind of process involved in the development procedure. Each of them offers...
  14. Re: How to create a simple widget for Android Devices

    I will recommend you to go on and look for the complete android development guide. Here you can learn and understand how to create application and widgets for Android platform....
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    Re: Best resources for learning Drupal

    These are the best online resources to learn Drupal:
    Drupal’s official website
    Basic Drupal Guides
    Drupal Gardens
    Drupal Module Finder
    Drupal Code Search
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    Re: Ebooks for learning word press quickly

    Top 5 Ebooks for learning word press quickly:
    How to Create Small Business Websites Using the Thesis WordPress Theme

    WordPress SEO
    Learn WordPress
    Getting Started with WordPress Plugins
  17. Re: Risk involved in downloading multimedia files from web

    When you are using a download helper type tool to get files from media sharing site then there are less chances of getting virus. Because this media sites do not upload corrupt or infected content....
  18. Re: What qualities should a software development kit must have?

    After a software is developed, it must not happen that size of it will go more than necessary. The size of the software will increase because of the unwanted modules and unused parts. Manually...
  19. Re: What does Windows Phone 8 Software Development Kit offer?

    I think the size of the softwares will increase just because of high resolution text and icons that will be of high resolution which will increase the total size. I think this will be needed to...
  20. Re: Is it possible to watercool a Playstation 3

    No there is no such thing. You cannot add a separate cooler to PlayStation 3. Even if you buy any cooling kit I am sure that is not going to help much.Heating is quiet a common issue with...
  21. Re: Is Huawei Mediapad 10 better than Apple iPad

    I don't think so. Huawei has released a rich tablet pc out in the market. For India it is available for some Rs.28000. If I had a choice of buying mediapad, I found rather add more amount and get a...
  22. Re: Using Patch My Pc to update Windows system

    It looks waste of time. I had seen as you keep on updating your system, it became more slower. For windows update you can choosy but for flash and java stuff run the same. Every now then we can see a...
  23. Re: Good Bug Tracking system for Software Development

    I have found these to be the top 10 Bug Tracking system for Software Development:

    Double Choco Latte
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    Re: What is a lifecycle of a computer?

    Once the requirements and expectations of the client side is acquired, the software developers plan out the structure of the software. Here in this part the software developers develop a diagrammatic...
  25. Re: What are your views on Panasonic Lumix GX1

    I had seen certain test based on this camera. If you are not a professional photographer and need a mid range support then this device can be too costly for you. I will recommend you to have a look...
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    Re: How to set up make .conf in Gentoo Linux?

    Since you are modifying the Linux, you will also need to modify the performance by setting the values for working of hardware peripherals. For getting the maximum performance from CPU when using...
  27. Re: What does the polling rate of Razer DeathAdder mouse do

    The polling rates are normally used to track mouse movement. Mouse sends its x and y movement calculation and the information of button where it is pressed to computer. The rate of sending...
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    Re: What is Clambook

    You look confused. Clambook is not a notebook neither it is some kind of ultra sim laptop. It is a smartphone dock. A kind of product for those who wants to see their smartphone on bigger screen....
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    Re: How to Program Sata Controller

    To learn that you have to first understand what is AHCI. This is a standards that actually is used in order to specify the functions carried out by Sata controllers. Wikipedia has good resources on...
  30. Re: Multiple commands for a batch file in a for loop?

    It can be done by creating different kind of bat file and then calling them one by one. I had seen certain script which workfine in that way. What you need to do is creat a multiple bat file...
  31. Re: Flash/Actionscript links won't work in Google Chrome

    I think this is just because that Google Chrome has a built-in Flash plug-in, and the other web browsers which you are talking about uses Adobe's standard plug-ins. So I think you should first try to...
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    Re: Idea for the Fanless PC

    Well I like to suggest you the few component that might be better than that you have selected and that would be

    Nofan CR-95C IcePipe 95W Fanless CPU Cooler it has no fans,...
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    Re: how to create a website

    You had just registered a domain name. The second step here is to buy hosting. You have to purchasing a webspace for any hosting provider you want. On this webspace you will have to upload your site...
  34. Re: need to create folder in the name of Astra

    It will be better if you try to explain the same in more detail way. Are you trying to do this on Mac platform. Instead of using a script you can to use option Update Folder List in Astrasync. The...
  35. Re: Is it possible to upgrade Lenovo IdeaCentre D400 to WHS 2011

    Everyone know that the process of Windows Home server 2011 installation is little bit tricky because of its distinct nature and because it is not sometime like other Windows Oss. First example is, it...
  36. re: I wish to enhance my PHP, wanted to know how do we write good PHP codes?

    PHP is undoubtedly the best one available today. It gives ultimate solution of software development. It is highly secure and robust form of application development and it generally helps us yield the...
  37. Re: How to fix error "no acceptable compiler found in $path means "

    If there is Xcode then you must not face the issue. It should work properly. Do you have symlinks also installed in your system. Symlink helps the compiler to to provide a proepr reference to a...
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    Re: Where to find free Steam Group Viewer PHP

    There is a free script for the same. Just search free Steam Group Viewer PHP on google. This script allows you to use snippets of codes which are taken from steam forums and steam api. With the help...
  39. Re: How can users automatically login using form authentication and active directory on ASP NET 4.0?

    There’s nothing to call it greed. Anyways, it’s a very simple thing to do. All you need to do is use Windows authentication. This will definitely fulfill your so called ‘Greed’ ;)
  40. Re: Indian Police Service Examination (IPS) Eligibility criteria

    Hey you can just google out "Eligibility to be an ips officer" and check out the targetstudy site for more information, I have checked out the same and they have just explained the eligibility and...
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    Re: Did you use Waterfox?

    I have the Java 64 bit for the reason that I make use of IE 9 64 bit, do I require a 64 bit flash for Waterfox? YouTube working just fine in Waterfox. I have establish that It is not able to can't...
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    Re: Creating a business directory website

    See there are various programs available out here with the help of which you can create a business directory. Like there is Joomla, php, Wordpress, .Net platform and many others but the question is...
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    Re: Will using iFrames hurts SEO

    if you're just thinking about how to create and promote a website, try to avoid using frames. By the way, most webmasters consider the use of frames technology obsolete, undesirable and problematic.
  44. re: Is there a way to protect auto bloggers and articles Copying?

    I suggest use the trackback system for link , because this way you will receive Trackbacks with which you can detect both who refer to your articles as those who are stealing content, and give...
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    Re: Types of directory submission for SEO work ?

    As far as I know there are 5 that is

    Free Directory Submission
    Paid Directory Submission
    Manual Directory Submission
    Automatic Directory Submission
    Niche Directory Submission
  46. Re: How to create Snake game in Visual Basic 2010 express

    The entire game is have to run on one rectangular game board, the board is divided into number of cell and each cell on the board is either empty or it is occupied by a piece of food or it is...
  47. Re: how to create a simple student profile in java

    In order to create a simple student profile in any programming language, you have to make use of variable to store the student name, roll_num , Std , etc. for that you must be clear with what data...
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    Re: How to use switch statement in java

    The following is the syntax of switch statement
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    Re: Ubuntu on ASUS AT3IONT-I DELUXE motherboard

    i have attempted the whole things to setup lirc and the remote but the 8 special buttons do not work. I just run EventGhost to state the keycodes. It is states 4 interfaces, specify for all specific...
  50. Re: How to provide security to usb device in linux??

    If you are trying with the connecting the USB drive to your system and at that time you don't want that the programs to start then for doing that thing i will suggest you to try with the doing as::...
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