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    Re: Is Virus Attack on Action Center?

    You just try to scan the System with the help of the updated Antivirus, or the alternate thing you can do is to scan for Virus/Malware with the help of Linux boot CD. If there is any chances for this...
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    Re: How To Install Ie6 Or 7 On Xp Sp3

    First of all check if you have completely uninstalled the existing internet explorer browser from your system. After the complete uninstallation download the internet explorer 6 or 7 from the...
  3. Re: After allowing Windows to update audio drivers, audio is distorted.doesn't work.

    yes may be the driver might be corrupted for sure. so the only thing you can do is that try and remove the particular audio driver. That's what you can do. The best and the simple way by which you...
  4. Re: Accidentally deleted iPhone backup, can I create backup with iTunes?

    Yes you can do that what you have to do is right click on the iPhone name that gets displayed in the iTunes a drop down menu will come down. Now it will be giving you the option of backing up. A...
  5. Re: How to import Windows Media Player Playlists, into iTunes Playlists for iPod

    Importing Windows Media Audio (WMA) could not do exactly what they want at the moment. I have not had a chance to test it properly, but iTunes is likely to ignore the WMA files in the playlist. I...
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    Re: Do OS X LION supports OpenOffice

    I am agree with the above user as I am not sure whether the one that you have mentioned will work or not but still you can try LibreOffice. As I am also using the same with my LION running machine.
  7. Re: Clicking 'include Video' in Sync Photos crashes iTunes

    There is some problem with your ITunes software that you have installed.

    and by the way which version of OSx you are using in your machine?

    have you made any update to you existing operating...
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    Re: Download VLC Media Player for android devices

    I was waiting since very long for VLC player and finally I am happy that we have got this. I am having an android phone. I am eagerly waiting to get it on my android phone. I have seen the image and...
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    Re: Fix paf file error on Powermill

    Does this work for PowerMill 2011. I had tested this for a ton times but nothing worked. Also there is no new version of Flexm server provided with the DVD I got from my friend. If anyone found...
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    Re: what is Nvidia Lightboost technology?

    The "lightboost" technology isn't a latest technology of the glasses rather a lightboost compatible monitor almost certainly means it gives at least two times as much light as nowadays monitors.
  11. Re: How to build VMware 5.0 environment for home lab

    Provided you are not going to run anything with very high I / S, this should work fine. Just be sure to get the fastest drives you can, facing the biggest drives. Testing and learning, should serve...
  12. Re: Different -x parameter in VMware workstation 8

    Use the "-n" parameter very well. I tried "-n" "-x" (y-nx), but no luck .Basically I have the same results as when using "-x". Thanks for your help! I have about 300 workstations to update the time!
  13. Re: Client Operating system freezing often in VMware workstation 8

    I ran the uninstall to install VMWare 7.1 8 during the process. It was a completely clean. It is really odd. The mouse still moves around but I am not able to click on anything. If a process is...
  14. Re: Will fedora 15/gnome 3 work on VMware workstation 8

    I imagine the fedora 15 Install Live would be an option much lesser than 3.4GB could still be used to reply the query.
  15. Re: Long mode not working in VMware workstation 7

    Obtaining Detailed Diagnostics-
    To verify that the VT-x is enabled and locked in each core, download the attached ISO, burn it to CD and boot the machine from the CD. make a note of that the...
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    Re: Windows 7 IE9 Rendering broken with Fusion

    In my Windows virtual machine 7 cannot change this setting! Always make use of software rendering . Just disable the 3D acceleration of the virtual machine resolves the trouble.

    Directly from the...
  17. Re: How to convert VMware workstation 8 to VMware workstation 7?

    I am also facing exactly similar problem.

    It took a whole day to install the damn thing. VMware Tools to install a big problem. But finally it worked.
    Connections to the network a big problem....
  18. Re: Flash is dying, Adobe prepares- Supports HTML5

    I don't think a lone individual ever asserted flash could consistently remain applicable. Its the way that it is related, and that it will remain this route for regardless a few more years, that is...
  19. re: Can VMware viewstation/awd view client be encapsulated as ThinApp?

    If I remember it was a very difficult package. AWD at launch creates shortcuts associated with the user in a new folder on your desktop. I witnessed this work in SoftGrid for the screenplay of the...
  20. Re: Poor video performance in VMware Workstation 8

    I have two NVidia GTX 560 in my main machine. so it's not a query of my host to be sufficient. I've tried successively with 3D acceleration on and off the virtual machine and there was no...
  21. Re: Why don’t many people prefer using OpenOffice?

    Likewise observing estimating it doesn't expense that much for groups (OO underpin isn't free), and at home its not enjoy Office expenses a parcel either. Final time I checked, the Home and Student...
  22. re: NETGEAR WN802Tv2 error occurs after v3.1.1 firmware update

    If you have facing the problems then do the following steps , First you have to reboot your WN802Tv2 and after that see whether your Access Point does not showing any error or some warning message....
  23. Re: How to Remove Address text in Windows Explorer on windows XP

    There are the software which are been made to do such type of the settings in the system, and also you will be able to do the setting for the Address text in the windows explorer. So I would suggest...
  24. Re: Unable to access folder in Simpletech external HDD

    I attempted running chkdsk from the command prompt. It need 3 full days for it to completion, and gave me this:

    75008 file records processed.
    File verification completed.
    1 large file records...
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    Re: Desktop redisplay after boot in Windows 7

    I don't suspect there is it true that one is modify that 'in fact' creates this? I have a quite 'gathered' desktop myself, and it in previous times would happen to me. Once I traded my mechanical C:...
  26. Re: Unable to move message to folder in Outlook 2002

    I doubt that the underlying situation is an imperfection in Outlook, or some unique situations (an intricate communication impact) dependent upon my instatement. Doubtlessly, it is an entire parcel...
  27. Re: VMware workstation 8 unable to work in Gentoo os

    In general, if you're a major user of gentoo workstation, you must: a) use profane and VMware add the overlay to your make.conf b) registration of troubles through the gentoo bug tracker...
  28. Re: Installing Mac OS 10.7 (Lion) on VMware fusion 4.0.1?

    Update: After redownloaded the installer and the application was available in the Applications folder, I was able to drop into the wizard and everything worked properly.
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    Re: Getting Black Screen in VMware fusion 4.0.1

    Two ATI Radeon HD 5770 is. I usually run four monitors, but tried to disconnect all but one and there was no difference. I have not tried to remove a graphics card though.
  30. Re: VMware view client disconnect after every 15 minutes

    ADM files are also Group Policy to push down. It is not very descriptive as to its purpose. I saw him, but had no idea it was related to waiting times PCoIP inactive session. It takes more clearly...
  31. Re: Where can i get Gateway MX6441 Notebook drivers

    - If you haven’t get it yet then you can simply download it from the below mentioned link, but let me tell you as this one is actually for gateway MX6440 notebook, but still I am assuming that this...
  32. Re: Unable to uninstall Alcohol 120% in windows 7

    if suppose you are still not able to remove it then according to me you should try to delete it manually, you can simply delete the software folder from the Program files, from the path C:/program...
  33. Re: Looking for Virtual desktop infrastructure monitoring tool

    Maybe Veeam monitor free edition is a solution
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    Re: Lost connectivity in VMware view 4.6

    check my log

    18:36:17,955 INFO <Main Thread> [wswc] Windows Client started
    18:38:10,458 INFO <logloaded> [MessageFrameWork] Plugin 'wswc_PCOIP - VMware View Client PCoIP Interaction Handler'...
  35. Re: Unable to recompose all my desktop pools using VMware view 4.5

    Upgrade to View 4.6 and Composer 2.6 did not help. Old Pools did not work, nevertheless pool which was twisted today morning, before upgrade, working fine.
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    Re: PCoIP not working in VMware view 4

    The latest release of VMware View is not compatible with Internet access as the previous .Can only be accessed from the client in Vista. If a browser to the IP of the SS would have to enter the site...
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    Re: K-Lite Codec Pack VS Shark007 Codec Pack

    As compared to other codec packs the K-Lite Codec Pack has major advantages, first of all it is update frequently, so it’s always up to date for the best components. Also it is very user friendly...
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    Re: What is the mystery behind the missing file?

    I don't have Norton. I do, on the other hand, have Avira AntiVir. This project is a unhindered project so I question getting a response about in case they broke a particular role or document. I'm...
  39. Re: How to enable "Save and Quit" feature in firefox 5

    yeah you can do it for sure. Just follow the mentioned steps in order to carry out the results you are expecting.

    At the pinnacle of the Firefox window, click on the Firefox button and...
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    Re: will there be Direct X 12 for Windows 8

    Has anyone said you that direct x 11 would be not working with the windows 8? And until you don’t get any such news till then please don’t just say anything whatever you think as let the ness be...
  41. Re: Unable to play Windows Media file on preconfigured Windows 7

    Ok not a tough deal with it.
    First I would be saying what this tool actually does this would be deleting all the existing windows media DRM licenses on your current windows7 and then I would be...
  42. Re: Need to do seek in timeline for Adobe Edge

    I try this code on my system and finally I was successful to solve this problem. I also faced this problem in the yesterday. Because of the code not set properly I can’t able to run the animation...
  43. Re: Adobe Edge looks great but not works in Internet Explorer 8

    Adobe gave the software users need to view the Flash content on the web browser. In this process you need to add the flash software with this adobe edge software on this system. This might be work to...
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    Re: Possible to have sound in Adobe Edge

    Well you can do it and also you can add the Sound on the time line which is one of the options and also it is the panel to work for using it and I think that it would be awesome to use and also to...
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    Re: Unable to install downloaded adobe edge

    As there are different version of OSx, you should make sure that the software you have downloaded is perfectly compatible with the mac os you have.
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    Re: Adobe edge crashes while launching

    I am agree with the above user but I think I can say that there could be some problem with the software you have installed in your machine, I would like to recommend you that you should try to...
  47. Re: Hybrid drivers for dell alienware m11x R1 laptop

    off course you can download this drivers as the GFXui error was resolved for sure as you update the driver.

    You can download the drivers from the dell’s official website, as this one is...
  48. Re: bridged network, DHCP not working with Lion OS and Fusion 3.1.3

    Would be asking you to have a simple attempt and I would be hoping that this would be solving your problem. Ok so try to remove the adapter from the device manager and then just restart it to see if...
  49. Re: I am looking for VMware workstation 8 Beta downoad

    Those feature really looks better than Vmware 7. I was not aware about the same. But anyhow it is better for only those, who want to access virtual computing via web.
  50. Re: Getting VMware VDM server authentication failed error, While trying to login in vdm client using vdm

    To entitle your pool you must:

    Log in to your View Administrator Console
    beneath check select pool
    highlight pool
    click on entitlement
    pop up window will ask for specific user right...
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