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    Re: Nexus 7 always disconnects from WiFi

    Many times we face Wifi drop problem because of conflicts with other wifi running devices on the same network. As you said you have few other gadgets as well connected to the same wifi, I guess this...
  2. Re: IE 10 on Windows 8 wont allow me to use SkyDrive

    I too use Skydrive on my desktop. But just to check out if there is any problem using it on IE 10 like yours, i tried opening Skydrive on my browser and it worked good. No crash no problem, i used it...
  3. Re: Search from chrome omnibox redirects to webwebweb

    Yes, it is true to some extent that QuestScan is the one plays important role in directing browsers to some other websites but there are many cases where even though QuestScan is not installed,...
  4. Re: Android 4.2.2 for Sony Xperia Z available

    Well if anyone really want to mess up with the bootloaders to get Android 4.2.2 on Xperia Z then you can also go with “CyanogenMod 10.1.0” Custom ROM that is made up with 4.2 JB and is compatible...
  5. Re: How to get Airtel 3G data balance information

    Not a problem dude. You can still create WiFi hotspot on your E72 as well. Wondering how? Check this small utility Once installed, you can make any of your Nokia...
  6. Re: Is it possible to install Android 4.0 ICS on Samsung Galaxy S3 by rooting

    I tried to locate the right firmware, but did not found the download. While I had the rooted ROM file. I cannot go further. It is recommended that you must first locate the right firmware file or...
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    Re: How to add Screensaver in Linux Mint 13

    Yes there is no better screensaver software present. I can get some basic slideshow image or wallpaper changer. But I do not want to overload the system with useless apps. That would make the system...
  8. Re: Cannot connect to remote desktop from outside of network

    Mostly the default remote connectivity needs a proper ip configuration and incoming port. This is to be unlocked. By default Firewall block a number of ports to avoid any issue. You will need to...
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    Re: HP Scanjet 4370 windows 7 driver needed

    There is no driver for HP Scanjet 4370. I have a similar scanner and I tried to download the drivers from many website. But ample of them did not worked. Last when I posted the issue on hp forums I...
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    Re: Suitable rss reader for linux

    There is a simple RSS reader for all type of Linux Distro. It is called as Liferea. You can find the download from and if you have doubt on the same you can read the...
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    Re: Camera quality of Nokia 808 Pureview

    What I do not like in smartphone that they need time to adjust for a shot. In a digital camera you can capture many moments instantly without wasting much time. Smartphones lack those adjustment.
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    Re: Dead Trigger is for free on Google Play

    We had already heard about malware infection on android platform. Thanks to piracy this is spreading and people yet are not aware that they must stop using such tools. Instead of that try a bit hard...
  13. Re: How to install Power8 Start Menu on Windows 8

    I am using the same on Windows 7. There is a reason to use this. My current start menu lags a lot. I am working on quiet slow system. But I hope for Windows 8 users this will be of quiet benefit.
  14. Re: Does adding too much RSS in Microsoft Outlook can make it slow

    It is far more better if you go for a rss reader. That is actually the best option. Do not simply merge all your rss updates and mails into one client. It will freeze the pc entirely and make your...
  15. Re: Can VLC on Android play any kind of audio and video file

    I had noticed that the quality of video hampers a little. For example if you play a flv file format on vlc the video quality is poor and the same when I convert it to mp4 it is awesome. Good...
  16. Re: How can I print a file to Excel instead using Printer

    Every settings lies under Print. You cannot just print a file to Excel. You can send the same to onnote if you have to or get a pdf with appropriate addon. I had shown you some settings fo the...
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    My windows 7 setup is working great, except for...

    My windows 7 setup is working great, except for one annoying glitch: every time I boot up from shutdown, windows 7 freezes progress bar while that green is going back and forth. If I press the reset...
  18. Windows 7 RTM Search causing Sharing Violation in Excel 2007

    I just changed my workstations and switched to Windows 7, Office 2007. More and more of my users complaint sharing violation when saving it in Excel sharing violations repetitive (unable to save...
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    Re: Anonymous Logon attempts from unknown ip's

    I am working with an ADSL modem within the bridged mode environment . I am running with the direct access to the internet on this system and have already configured the firewall settings with the...
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    Anonymous Logon attempts from unknown ip's

    I have installed the Windows 7 home premium on my home machine . After turning my modem within the bridged mode, I started receiving such type of anonymous logon events in my home system. I am...
  21. Re: Moving Public Folders From Exchange 2003 to 2010

    Thanks to all of you for helpfl information . This is the scoop. The public folders running with so many subfolders with the messages as well as attachments. The Root directory and subdirectories are...
  22. Moving Public Folders From Exchange 2003 to 2010

    I am going to migrate from 2003 to 2010 now . I already moved entire public folders over working with the Public Folder Management console within 2010. They entire migrated but the subfolder stored...
  23. Nokia x6 auto isd sms sending problem

    I bought a new one nokia x6 phone that is a second hand phone....when I switch on my cell by switching off it delivers a ISD SMS then a message displays your last call cost is rs 5.00 ..I have...
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    Re: IE 8 won't print complete page

    No, I never use IE 3 browsers simultaneously but one after another by uninstalling before installing another. Only Firefox and IE 3 cohabiting, (the problem existed before I installed Firefox, which...
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    IE 8 won't print complete page

    I have Windows XP Pro SP3 and Canon Pixma iP4300 Since the Automatic update of Internet Explorer 8 I have no reaction when I try to click a document directly from the internet explorer. For example i...
  26. Internet Explorer problems related to opening browsers hanging with 'connecting' message

    I have a problem when i try to open links from a web page, The problem is that the window makes an attempt to open but closes immediately. I tried to fix as recommended by Microsoft, in their support...
  27. Re: Unable to terminate phone calls on my KIN phone

    I am having issues with the Phone. Because the cell phone lags whenever i try to open or close the phone. Moreover i had to press End Call repeatedly to end the phone call finally sometimes i had to...
  28. Unable to terminate phone calls on my KIN phone

    I am not able to terminate the call using my KIN Phone. I have been using a KIN Phone for last one month and this has been the problem since last two to three days can anyone tell me how can i get...
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    Qosmio X500-Q840S or Qosmio X505-Q850

    As my laptop has stop functioning and it is almost dead so i am looking for a new laptop. So after searching online i have certainly decided to purchase the Toshiba Qosmio X500-Q840S or the Toshiba...
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    Re: WiFi for Blackberry 8330 Curve/Telus

    Hi Vayya, I am also a newbie for these type of tasks and information but I can sugest you that there is not any way through which you can go for as you wanted to do . I am also a new user for the...
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    iPhone 4 Car Mount or Dock

    Recently purchased a new iPhone 4. i would like to know are there any car mount or car dock available for iPhone 4. I know that i am asking this too early but as this is an awaited product the dock...
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    Re: Ubuntu and Blackberry desktop manager

    I was just considering that if anybody have any idea if it's possible to work with the Desktop Manager within the WINE with the Ubuntu operating system? I am still a newbie for this very Operating...
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    Facebook Application - cannot connect

    I have finished the downloading of Facebook application and it has been accomplished from the Blackberry official site. Anytime, I try to plug then always getting an error message as .
    I have...
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    Linking your PayPal and eBay accounts

    I can not find the answer to my question, so I post Hoping to find an answer. I would edit a posting started yesterday evening. In finalizing ebay asking me to link ebay to my paypal account / paypal...
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    Re: How to start with basic programming

    Finally i have decided to start with the C language since one of my friend also suggested me to star with the C language. Anyways thanks for the reply can you tell me whether i will get an eBook to...
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    How to start with basic programming

    Hello friends , I have decided to learn programming since i am planning to build my career in the programming field so i would like to know from where should i start. Which programming language will...
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    Re: SSH and SFTP API for Java

    Hi guys ! I would like to know whether java. come up with the SFTP API that is also accepts private-key (freeware version)? If not, then would you suggest me ..From where I can found the SFTP...
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    Re: PSSWCORE error message

    On every boot of my pc I have a message error it asks me to install it. The feature you tring to use it IS a cd rom ou autres removable disk That Is not available insert the disk and click ok status...
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    Is PEV.EXE a Combofix File

    I have a very weird problem, I first had a virus which does not affected much After playing a game online my desktop computer crashed ( 3 times in the same game), we think it's the graphics card in...
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    Flex and SOAP 1.2

    I have used the Flex builder 3 application and i am well aware that the Flex builder 3 application is not compatible with the SOAP 1.2 . can any body tell me whether a flash applications will be...
  41. Iphone Frozen Will not boot up after Deleting all of the data

    Yesterday I restored my iphone and deleted the older files. But since iTunes was restore and after downloading the latest version of firmware, the iPhone will not boot. It starts with the apple on...
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    Re: WD Velociraptor is not detected

    Well the disc is not recognized by the bios, it is as if they were connected, not detected, the disc worked fine until q him out of my computer and take it to another computer, I made some copies and...
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    WD Velociraptor is not detected

    I have been using the WD Velociraptor hard drive since last few months and i currently my hard drive is not detected so i would like to know the reason behind this. Initially the system use to get...
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    Re: Adobe AIR support with Java Applet?

    I am running with some small applet that I have integrated with my Flash web Solution. Currently,I am going to port the same flash web solution to AIR application. But as I was trying to find the...
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    Flash player vs flash Plugin

    Recently purchased a new laptop installed with windows 7. As i was browsing through the control panels add/remove programs i found some programs which i think that i don't use including the Flash...
  46. Acrobat failed to connect a DDE server

    Hi guys ! I need your help for this one error because, I didn't got this before with the Adobe reader. It is not going on every machines installed with the Adobe reader. There are some machine in my...
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    DX58SO AHCI Raid SATA ports

    As i was setting up the SATA ports but eventually one of my friend arrived and he told me that only sata ports 0-3 work in the Advanced host controller Interface (AHCI) mode and the remaining two...
  48. Adobe Reader 9.3 crashes when submitting email form

    Adobe Reader which is installed on a Windows 2008 R2 Terminal Server, getting crashed every time when it tries go for the submitting of an email. I think, it's crashing when trying to make interface...
  49. Re: All my desktop icons are Adobe Reader icons can't access related files

    Thanks for the reply as you have suggested one of my friend also suggested the same thing and hence i am looking forward to install a good antivirus application on my system so can you guide me which...
  50. All my desktop icons are Adobe Reader icons can't access related files

    I have been using a desktop computer installed with windows 7. Recently i am shocked to see that all my desktop icons are changed to Adobe reader. Also the pdf files cannot be accessed have anyone...
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