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    Re: What to do if computer does not turn on

    Most of this time this kind of issue is with the power unit. If you are having some kind of inverter at your home then try connecting the pc directly to the power source. This is going to help you...
  2. Re: What hardware is needed to build a Steam machine

    To build a decent steam machine it is essential to look the overall hardware. Because here when it comes to steam machine then we are talking about extreme gaming pc. So here you must stick with Core...
  3. Re: What can be the cost of a good laptop briefcase

    I had bought American Tourister Speed Nylon for Rs.4000. It is an amazing durable cause. You might have heard about American Tourister. This is a branded company that offer you durable cases and...
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    Re: Recovering files from a dead hard drive

    It depends on the amount of data to be recovered. If the data is too high then it will be complicated to get all the files and they will charge on that basis. I will recommend you to ignore this if...
  5. Re: Unable to increase cpu fan speed while overclocking

    There are few tools which can help you to test whether overclocking is going to work on your pc or not. You can run a test through Prime95. This is a good and simple tool to use. It offer you enough...
  6. Re: Building up a budget amd pc for high end gaming

    Yes going with Intel means you are going to get more stability in using the system. I had seen one difference between amd and intel. AMD gets heats up really fast. And if you have a pc with regular...
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    Re: Printer disappearing on Windows 8.1

    This type of problem is limited to network printers. You have to check that printer spooler service must be working in the background. Or else you will keep on getting the same error. For that go in...
  8. Re: Are Core i5 4670 on board graphics enough to play games

    Games like Roller Coaster Tycoon can work well on your system. You can play those. But I am not sure about the others. I had tested a few games like Left 5 Dead, CS Go, etc on Core i3pc with...
  9. Re: Is adding 2 fans on the cpu case is enough for Core i5 pc

    If you are going for overclocking then I do not really think 2 fans will be enough. You have to go for more. Instead of adding them on the side place it on the top side. Make some hole through drill...
  10. Re: Is it possible to build up a pc under Rs.20000 for gaming

    You are having a very stiff budget. Due to which it is very hard to get a pc under that price. It is better to add a bit more money. You are going to buy this only one time. And it is good if you...
  11. Re: Razer Deathadder vs Roccat Savu gaming mouse

    If you are looking for maximum reliability then I will also recommend you to go with ROCCAT. Razer Deathadder is a cheaper alternative and ideal for those who are not having much budget. I found...
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    Re: SSD advice between 64GB to 160GB

    There are some drives which are designed to deliver more performance. They are bit costly but better than others. If you are looking for a SSD upgrade then going for Samsung 840 EVO is one of the...
  13. Re: What help to install HP LaserJet 1536dnf MFP on Windows 8

    This printer also has a lan support. If you are unable to use the printer through usb you can try using the lan connection. Just connect the printer on that. And if you are not having the lan setup...
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    Re: Static current on CM 690 II

    Static shock occur mostly due to a faulty psu. It might be having a improper wiring or some kind of leak inside. That is why your entire pc is getting current. It is not good fr your hardware and for...
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    Re: Normal cpu temp of Alienware X51

    It is good to take the system to Dell service center. If the fan is not working then you can get a replacement there. Charges will based on your warranty period. Most of the time the thermal paste...
  16. Re: Poor graphics on HP Pavilion 22-h040ea TouchSmart All-in-One Desktop

    Try to change your screen resolution. You might using a much higher one due to which you are facing the issue. You can reduce the resolution to lower one so that you can get a bit appropriate output....
  17. Re: Thermaltake Chaser MK-1 vs NZXT Phantom 630 Gunmetal Grey

    If you directly compare the features between NZXT Phantom 630 & Thermaltake Chaser MK-1, then thermaltake has more thing. First of all it has a hard drive dock on the top side. That saves your 2 to...
  18. Re: What is the maximum system a quad core cpu can handle

    60 degree is not really high temperature. I think it is common when you are playing games. I had seen system going above 70degree. If the system temperature remain stuck at 60 degree then there is...
  19. Re: Planning to buy Razor BlackWidow Ultimate Gaming keyboard

    Razor BlackWidow Ultimate is a specialized product. It is for those who only need quality. I had used a few Razor gaming keyboard where I found they are just amazing. It comes with many feature which...
  20. Re: Replacement for Silencio 352 front usb and power button

    You will have to contact Coolermaster for that. they might give you the replacement. I had the same issue on my mid tower case. It was working fine but the front usb were broken. I tried replacing...
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    Re: How to get HD audio from a old Vista PC

    Windows itself comes with different audio settings that can be used to get surround sound effect. I had tested this settings on Windows 7 and I think the same will be also available on Windows Vista....
  22. Re: How to use 3TB hard drive on Gigabyte 990FXA-UD5 motherboard

    Gigabyte 990FXA-UD5 driver cd comes with a tiny utility called as 3TB unlock. This utility can help you to use the entire space of your hard drive. It creates a virtual partition in your system where...
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    Re: Need help to remove Intel stock cooler

    Most of the time it is easy to remove. But sometime when we push it really hard the clips gets firmly locked. There are plastic locks at the bottom that spread and hold the board. Try slowly to push...
  24. Re: Which portable heat-sink for can be good for overclocking

    There are ample of nice cpu fans available in the market. Do not go for smaller one. Your cpu is getting heated and this is a serious problem. Going for a potable liquid cooler kit is the best...
  25. Re: Error 0x80070057 while formatting SSD on Windows 8.1

    There is one simple way to find whether the SSD is damage or not. You have to defrag it. If the defragmentation goes well then the drive is ok. But if that is not fine then the SSD has some serious...
  26. Re: Can cooling pad will keep my laptop safe from overheating

    For gaming I always recommend a desktop. Because there you can make changes as per your need. In laptop you cannot do much. In desktop you can even add a liquid cooler which is quiet better for...
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    Re: PSU with maximum number of SATA Cables

    You can get maximum upto 16 sata cables for psu. That is the maximum. Those are all extreme level psu. Like Corsair CMPSU-1200 AXUK 1200 Watts PSU. This comes for Rs.22000. It is a high end and...
  28. Re: Vista drivers for pci\ven_1102&DEV_7003 devices

    If you can give details of your system hardware then it is more better to give you solution. It is hard to find drivers if you are not aware about the motherboard. You can download the drivers from...
  29. Re: Office pc custom config suggestion under affordable price

    You can go with Intel Core 2 Duo system. You can buy a board under Rs.3000 with 2GB ram atleast. You can get a 500GB Hard drive at a very reasonable price. Through which you cab build your own system.
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    Poll: Re: Compact gaming keyboard vs full size

    I will also recommend to go with metallic full size keyboard. The reason lies with big size support with all smart keys and extra programmable keys on the left. We are use to the full size keyboard...
  31. Re: Which type of screen guard is best for any Smartphone

    I bought from online shop. It is called as Anti-Glare screen protector. This help to block the light which is coming from the backside. It reduce the light reflection. This type of screen guard are...
  32. Re: Where to get a good lens cleaner kit for Canon camera

    There are many. Good one is Vangurd CK2N1. This is a two in one cleaning kit can be use also for pc. It works really fine and does not has problem.It comes with a cleaning solution and tiny cloth...
  33. Poll: Re: Which is the best brand for buying desktop speakers

    Any 5.1 audio speaker set will do the job. Almost all of them are better. JBL is costly. You can find a budget speaker under Logitech or Creative. Go for Creative. They offer you amazing sound...
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    Re: Help needed to reset AirPort time Capsule

    I can quickly give you the method to soft reset. For that first arrange a pin. Hold the reset button for some second. The light will start flashing. This shows that the device is in reset mode. Go in...
  35. Re: Need help to make a new fan slot for gaming pc

    For adding a fan on your old case you will have to mod it.You will require a drill. You have to add up a few set of holes and then hook the fan on the same. This is a bit complicated procedure....
  36. Re: Best one among air cooler and liquid cooler by Antec

    I was using a stock cooler by Intel that came with the processor long back. When I play game the system gets restart on its own. At start it was low but soon it was more frequent. I was unable to...
  37. Re: USB device stucked on write protection error

    That might not work. Write protection error is very nasty and you cannot remove it so easily. Virus do that. There are some third party software from which you can try to format the pen drive. But...
  38. Re: Most silent and cheapset cooler for regular ATX build

    Coolermaster has a stock cooler for Intel processor. It comes for Rs.237. You can buy that. It is cheap and decent. It has a single fan on the top side and less noisy also. If you want extreme quiet...
  39. Re: Failed Hard drive shown healthy in Disk Management

    Run chkdsk. This command will help you to locate with the drive. All you will need is to provide the drive path in cmd and run the command. It will check the drive for bad sectors and will give you...
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    Re: Good mouse with dpi control for gaming

    I too agree with the same. Corsair Vengeance M65 is one of the best gaming mouse. It has high sensitive buttons that allows you to control gaming. You can take the perfect shot and aim on right...
  41. Re: External USB DVD drive failed to detected on front side usb port

    I do not think so. It will work on a regular usb hub. You will have to find the one that comes with power adapter. On that you can use the external optical drive. Because the hub itself runs on low...
  42. Re: Is Thunderbolt PCI card good alternative for slow data speed

    Yes it can. It offers you data transfer speed in gigabits. But the device where your system is connected must also have a thunderbolt connector. Then you can connect your pc and backup device on this...
  43. Re: Constant scan and fix error on 500GB external hard drive

    I found one solution on Google and I think that might help you. First insert the usb drive. Right click on the Recycle bin and empty it first. Then go in Folder Option and enable view hidden files....
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    Re: Antec kuhler 620 or Corsair h55 cooler

    Corsair h55 is a straightforward liquid cooler that comes with simple connection and low maintenance. Most of the time people need to worry about the cleaning of liquid cooler. But this cooler is a...
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    Re: Antec kuhler 620 or Corsair h55 cooler

    Corsair h55 is a straightforward liquid cooler that comes with simple connection and low maintenance. Most of the time people need to worry about the cleaning of liquid cooler. But this cooler is a...
  46. Re: Silverstone Milo ML03B vs Antec Three Hundred Cabinet

    Mini cases are really are uncomfortable after some time. This kind of chassis comes between Rs.1000 to Rs.3000 in which you can buy a full size atx tower with many additional features. It is...
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    Re: Seagate Barracuda 2TB ST2000DM001 drive dead

    Try some data recovery tools. That might help you. Connect the drive to some working pc and run the data recovery software. I think that will help you more in fixing the issue. If the drive is active...
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    Re: Method to setup Kingston HyperX 3k's in raid

    I am using two internal hard drive on raid which goes well. There is no performance issue at all. But I am doubtful about the SSD. I do not think this is going to work really well. You will need two...
  49. Re: Which one to choose from Kingston V+200 or Intel SSD 520

    I am using OCZ from long time and I am quiet happy with the output. I bought it with my laptop. Adding a SSD is really great for boosting the performance especially for gaming and video editing job....
  50. Re: Should I stick with my existing 440w psu or upgrade it?

    Better upgrade it and go for a higher one. There are some psu which also comes in 500w series. You simply buy any one recommended model from it and test it out. The power output is the most important...
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