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    How is Airtel myPlan for Family ?

    I have heard that Airtel has recently launched a Airtel myPlay for family, has anyone used it so far? How many people can I add in this plan? What is the rental Plan and are there any additional...
  2. getting Radeon R9 290X to work in Windows XP

    I have recently purchased a new Radeon R9 290x graphics card and installed it on my old system which is running on Windows XP. I am soon going to build a new computer but till that time I want to use...
  3. How to compare two different documents in Word 2007

    I am having two files with me. I want to compare them. There are around 14 pages in that. One is the original document and other one is edited. I am not able to figure out where changes are done. I...
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    Sony Movie studio vs Movie Maker

    I found a trail edition of Sony Movie studio. I am using Microsoft Movie Maker from long time. It allow me to create simple videos. I want a bit extra options. Like nice transition effects, good...
  5. ForumRunner ask users to download paid apk on android

    I had just done with configuration of forumrunner on my vbulletin system. I had done with the setup and it looks to be working well. I am having forum that is based on education and it is quiet old....
  6. Does changing Linux desktop environment can speed up its performance

    I want some help in fixing the desktop environment of Linux pc. I am having a Ubuntu based system, which is not working well. I am having around 2GB ram on the same. But sometime it respond very slow...
  7. Where can I find customized led lights for cpu case

    I am trying to make my cabinet look a lot more better. And for that I am trying to find out led lights. I am not quiet sure where to find the same. I want budget lights with simple connectivity....
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    How to archive all emails in Apple Mail

    I want to archive some old mails in Apple Mail. I am having some problem in using the same. It is very slow. Sometime it takes around few minutes to load the compose box. I think there are more than...
  9. How to simply configure a printer in Mac Snow leopard

    I am unable to add a printer in Snow Leopard. I tried a lot but it is not working. I am not able to figure out how to fix this thing but it keeps on failing. I am quiet sure there can be some way...
  10. Bluescreen on Windows 10 after running CCleaner

    I had installed CCleaner on my Windows 10 pc. It is a newly upgraded system from Windows 8. I am using the technical preview edition here. I use CCleaner from long time. I keep this to clean my pc...
  11. Do you think WhatsApp blue tick is helpful

    The new version of WhatsApp brings a blue tick which appear when someone reads your message. Do you really think this matters. I did not find anything fascinating in this new options. It is quiet...
  12. Which are the best budget android phone for the year 2014

    I am looking for the list of best budget phones for year 2014. I do not really think there are any more models coming up. So there will be a few good among which one is Moto E and this phone looks to...
  13. Cannot find Notification Bar on my iPhone 6

    I just lost notification bar on my new iPhone 6. I am using the iOS 8.0 version and I am unable to see any notification bar on the same. This is not at all visible. I had tried to look around for the...
  14. Message Notification sound not working in iPhone 6

    After having iPhone 6, I am trying to checkout all the settings. I am trying to personalize the phone by adding my own ringtone and other stuff. I had installed a few chat messenger and email app. I...
  15. Unable to take file ownership using CMD in Windows 8

    I am trying to take ownership of a folder using CMD. But it is not working. I have a Windows 8 system. There are some folders that were installed by a third party program. I removed the software and...
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    LG G3 Aux plugging in car problem

    I have recently purchased a new LG G3 smartphone for myself and it is working just fine without any issues. Today when I tried to connect the aux cable from my car stereo into my LG G3 smartphone...
  17. Proxy server or anonymous surfing which is the best

    I want to keep my browser history clean. And for that there are two things I can try out. Right-now I am using anonymous surfing. That means private browsing. It is a integrated features in many...
  18. What hardware is needed to build a Steam machine

    What is the best hardware configuration to make a steam machine. Something that can be ideal for gaming only. I am not looking for a very high hardware configuration. Something that can fit in my...
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    Can't get rid of Mplayerx on Mac pc

    My friend has installed Mplayerx in my mac system. And I am not able to remove it. I am quiet new to mac and not really aware how to remove this. I do not really need this. The default video player...
  20. Unable to add Internet Download Manager on the latest version of Firefox

    I had just updated my Firefox browser. And after that I am having issue with Internet Download Manager. After update the first issue occurred is that I was not able to see the download button on the...
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    Want help to split large pst files

    I want to split large pst file and mail them on my email id. I am having different emails configured on my outlook and I am using this from last 2 years. So there are many old and important emails in...
  22. Charm bar freezing and not responding on Windows 8.1

    I have recently upgraded my operating system from windows 8 to 8.1, it was working fine but from two days the charm bar is bothering me. It is not working. When I move the mouse cursor to the right...
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    Windows 8.1 charm bar is not working

    I am facing bit issue with using the charm bar in Windows 8.1. It is not working at all. I am not able to do anything on that. First of all when move mouse to the right side the charm bar takes a...
  24. Not able to download 1080p hd YouTube videos through video download helper

    I had installed video download helper on my system in Firefox. I had downloaded a lot amount of videos through this. But I am not able to download a 1080p video from the same. I have to download some...
  25. Windows 7 crash with blue-screen on Sony Vaio SVE1513CYN after driver installation

    I had formatted Sony Vaio SVE1513CYN laptop. I am trying to install everything back again from scratch. The biggest issue with Sony Vaio
    SVE1513CYN is that it is not having appropriate drivers....
  26. Windows auto update failed to work after windows 8.1 upgrade

    There is some issue with windows update once I had upgraded to windows 8.1. There are no more automatic updates. Before I was using Windows 7 where I receive a few updates regularly. But now as I had...
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    SAMSUNG 840 EVO SSD slowing down

    Last month I purchased the SAMSUNG 840 EVO SSD and at that time the sequential read speed was over 500 when I first ran the benchmark software. But now it seems to be decreased to 450 and it is...
  28. Re: How to skip cinematic in Murdered: Soul Suspect

    Thanks for that reply it worked. I played the first start where after cinematic I have to open the door by aligning the hand on the door nob. Then the soul alignment thing comes. Later on the first...
  29. How to skip cinematic in Murdered: Soul Suspect

    I want some help to skip the cinematic of Murdered: Soul Suspect. I am trying to adjust the video settings. After applying a new one the game ask for restart and the entire cinematic being when I...
  30. removing trojandownloader.win32/adload.DA

    Yesterday Windows detected trojandownloader.win32/adload.DA in my computer. So, I started running Microsoft Safety Scanner but it was not able to detect it. I dont know why it is not detected but...
  31. How to remove Conduit Malware with Microsoft Security Essentials

    I am running Windows 7 on my pc with Microsoft Security Essentials antivirus installed on it. My pc has been infected with the Conduit Malware and Microsoft Security Essentials is not able to pick up...
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    Sandisk released the first 4TB SSD drive

    Sandisk finally launched its first 4TB SSD hard drive. This will be a big news for many. Today SSD's ar costlier but slowly they are getting into budget due to rise in technology. Sandisk took a real...
  33. HP Z1 All in one Desktop for photo editing

    I have to advice someone a good all in one pc that has some really nice hardware config with big screen size. I found HP Z1. I want to know whether this one is good for photo editing or not. I had...
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    Unable to clear history from Bing

    I am trying to wipe out Bing history but it is not working. I want a hit help here to clean the history. I had seen so many suggestion and they keep on appearing. I had tried wiping out the browser...
  35. Cannot see second hard drive on Dell XPS 8700

    I am trying to attach a second hard drive on Dell XPS 8700. It is a IDE hard drive. After connecting the same the drive is not visible in My Computer. It is a old 160GB IDE drive that was used on my...
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    stop ASUS AI Suite from overclocking

    I recently downloaded and installed Asus's AI Suite III in my asus motherboard and did some overclocking with it. Now I am looking to stop the overclocking and go back to the stock settings but I am...
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    Does anyone knows what is Tizen

    I am looking a bit information on Tizen. I had seen a mobile on youtube from that. But I am unable to find information on the same. Is it is a new mobile phone like android or windows Os that is...
  38. Will applying liquid cooler will boost game fps

    My graphic output is not as good as it is expected. Even on a high end graphic card things are very slow and laggy. I am talking about a AMD FX series system. I think the cpu is heating over here. I...
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    Wifi adapter to control BenQ projector

    At our office we are having BenQ projector. It is configured on ceiling. It is fixed and cannot be moved. I had connected a pc to that which is further connected to a lan cable and keyboard/mouse. I...
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    Kingston DT-101 G2 pen drive data vanished

    I have an old Kingston DT-101 G2 pen drive on which I have stored some games. Today when I plugged it in the USB port of my computer then it was not disaplaying any data on it? When I right click on...
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    best calendar application for windows 7

    I am running Windows 7 on my computer and found out that there is no inbuilt calendar software anywhere in this operating system. So, does anyone know from where I can download one of the calendar...
  42. Bing Search Bar not working fine on Internet Explorer 11

    There is a weird problem in Internet Explorer 11 after installing Bing Search Bar. When I try to delete a search text or url in the browser by hitting backspace key it delete 2 alphabets at a time. I...
  43. custom message for shutting down Windows 7

    I am running Windows 7 on my computer and I want to know a way to display a custom message when shutting down this operating system. I have looked for many software available on the internet but...
  44. Unable to delete print queue of Dell AIO 948 Printer

    I am always being facing a bit issue while printing with Dell AIO 948 Printer. It is very annoying when you have printer stuck in that. There is nothing I can do. I have to restart the pc always to...
  45. default location of Windows Photo Viewer on Windows 7

    I am running Windows 7 in my pc and want to know where is Windows Photo Viewer default location on this operating system? I want to set this as a default program for opening some picture files since...
  46. Want some advice on making my cpu case wireless

    I have a Corsair cpu case. I am having dual hard drive in it. One is 1TB that I had bought recently and the other one is 500MB which consist the OS. I had not created any partitions. The 500GB drive...
  47. Frequent Hathway internet disconnection issue in my area

    I had just got a new Hathway internet at my home. My neighbor is also using the same. But I am facing a disconnection problem here. The net is not constant. I am using IDM to download files. The...
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    EasyTune 6 Error on Gigabyte GA-78LMT-S2P

    If I am trying to install EasyTune on my Gigabyte GA-78LMT-S2P then I am getting the below error:

    Error 1316.A network error occurred while attempting to read from the file...
  49. DELL Ultra Sharp U2412 flickers while playing games on full screen mode -

    My friend go this new DELL Ultra Sharp U2412 monitor. It is a 24inch monitor with amazing display. He was using a small one before from Samsung. But now he get a bigger one to get more better gaming...
  50. Build quality of Oppo N1 Android Smartphone

    I want know about the build quality of Oppo N1. If we talk about brand then we can expect a bit better build quality. I found Lenovo, Sony and Nokia giving out some good durable phones. While most of...
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