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  1. Re: How to find reliable freelancing job online

    I found one website online which was selling a kit to start business online. I thought it will be helpful. After contacting them they ask to buy a kit and I ordered the same. But at the end there was...
  2. Re: How to find reliable freelancing job online

    I found one website online which was selling a kit to start business online. I thought it will be helpful. After contacting them they ask to buy a kit and I ordered the same. But at the end there was...
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    Re: Looking for Reasonable IPTV service

    Go for dish connection. Really that is more better and cheaper. IPTV is quiet costly here. You will need to pay for the internet bandwidth + for the channels. So that makes it more costly and it is...
  4. Re: Department of Telecom (DOT) is blocking File Sharing Websites

    The block varies on the basis of ISP. Like I am using MTNL and I am able to access the websites. They are blocked here. May be it is on BSNL or Airtel or on any other ISP. It is correct that due to...
  5. Re: Using 3G internet on 2G internet subscribe package of Airtel

    This mistake happens lot of time and it happened with two of my friends. I don’t know what they did exactly, but I suggest you to visit the Airtel customer care center and ask the concerned person...
  6. Re: Internet Explorer 10 Release Preview will support add-ins and toolbars

    So you mean to say that it does not work in Metro Mode. And if so, do you think that they will add all the features for Metro mode in standard mode. So is there any kind of thing where we can create...
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    Poll: Re: Wii U vs. Playstation Vita

    My Vote will go with Playstation Vista only. I do love to play games on all Sony consoles, especially on my PSP console. Also all the games which are made for PSP are always amazing. i dint found any...
  8. Re: Nintendo 3DS Touchscreen is not working

    Before sending it to service center, lets try out some troubleshooting. First of all if you using any kind of screen protectors please remove it. Now after doing that go to Game Notes via Home menu...
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    How to Recharge Videocon DTH

    Many of us are not aware about the multiple recharge options that are available for Videocon D2h service. I am listing all of them one by one. You can use them as per your convenience. Videocon D2h...
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    Re: Mts Mblaze USB Data card Prepaid plans

    I found something better in Monthly plans. It start from Rs. 198 which provides you usage of 200MB for 30 days and Rs. 1 per mb extra used. So the best in this is going for Rs. 798 where you get 5GB...
  11. Re: Can’t download Sniper Elite V2 demo via Steam

    I was able to download it easily, but now I think as it is giving some problem as one of my friend is also facing this problem as the above user have. I'll put notes according to what I think of the...
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    Re: How to Install Silverlight on Mac

    I have had the problem with installing Silverlight on Mac. First I didn’t get it but later I have assumed that it might be due to the MacKeeper which I have never used before. So if you have any...
  13. Re: Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City multiplayer CO-OP not working xbox 360

    Look like there is some issue with your network and the if you ask me this is nothing to do with the game itself . its like lot of people including me , I have this , my friend...
  14. Re: How to troubleshoot Beetel 450TC1 using Airtel broadband connection?

    Do you getting SSID on Laptop wireless network page? You should also go through the Client TR_069 menu and simply disable the same. you can do the same by using AIRTEL sets. However I am not sure...
  15. Re: Getting QoS Settings for Beetel 450TC1 router with MTNL Triband connection

    In order to set a Priority for Online Gaming

    Specify a name on QoS Policy
    Set the Priority Category as Online Gaming
    Select applications as “Add a new game”
    Set the Priority as...
  16. Re: Configuring Binatone airtel modem for BSNL

    Do some random R&Ds:

    If you are on PPPOE mode try switching to 1483 bridging. And also if possible try out the modem/router in any of friend’s PC.
    And all over to this the wildest trial you...
  17. Re: How to use openDNS server in ZTE ZXDSL 831AII modem?

    Dude, I can give you easy solution for it. You just search out openDns site itself. If you search then definitely you will get the some tutorial so that you can fix your issue. One more thing if you...
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    Re: Planning to buy a new USB GSM Modem

    Carriers like reliance and TATA are very good in signal strengths. Especially reliance is good in providing 3G connectivity. So you can opt for that if you want to. So that is one option that you can...
  19. Re: Plan had 4 Mbps connection but getting 2 Mbps.

    The best way to get rid of from this issue, you just talk to SDE of your exchange. Then talk to customer care and ask him for his number and try to request him to leave the cap. Most of the people...
  20. Re: Can we suspend BSNL Broadband for certain period of time

    Before giving your negative feedback regarding the BSNL broadband I would request you to read out the following points and then make any of your valuable comments:

    The phone connection will be...
  21. Re: Configuring Binatone airtel modem for BSNL

    The first and the for most thing I would suggest you is to check out the MSS/ MTU value and try changing it to the decrement values with the difference of 8 stepping down.

    I should tell you that...
  22. Re: How to use WLan in Bridge mode with AR800v v3.0 modem?

    Just want to ask you whether which version of utorrent you are using, and also want to ask you whether do you see any tick mark in green color at the bottom of the Utorrent app. Or else do you see...
  23. Re: does changing processor increases broadband speed of BSNL.

    So as you inquired , I suppose that you are asking for connection with the Desktop and laptop to transfer files between them, and to solve this one, if you require to connect them with each other...
  24. Re: Sometime WIFI is not visible with utstarcom wa3002g4

    You should first try to solve this issue by resetting your utstarcom wa3002g4 modem and after resetting your modem you have to see whether it makes any difference or not? If that does not help you...
  25. Re: Best wireless internet connection in New Delhi

    I would not suggest that you go for the local internet service provider; they are not at all trustworthy. You can ask anyone who is using the local internet service and check that what the problems...
  26. Re: Beetel 450bxi has stopped working after reset

    You should try these steps to fix this problem.

    First you have to open start menu.
    Select network.
    Now right click on LAN.
    Select properties.
    After that you have to select TCP/IP.
  27. Re: Poor application performance on windows server

    When I run my WPF app locally or in excess of a remote desktop correlation (Windows 7 x64), the submission works smoothly through no performance problem. When I deploy the similar WPF application to...
  28. Re: Vodafone overcharged me for the 3G service

    For this I would like to say that you should again go to the Vodafone gallery and talk them about the charges which they have imposed in the bills were hidden and never shared with the customers. If...
  29. Re: TATA INDICOM asks additional rent to stop postpaid connection

    If you have any query regarding the bills or services then you should write to the .
  30. Re: Reliance providing wrong information to the customers

    For this have talked to the reliance gallery or not as what I feel that you might mistakenly heard some other thing or there might be some misunderstanding between you and the customer care....
  31. Re: How to block the idea Sim card that got lost

    See what I have told you is that if you do not carry the documents with you but you know in whose name the card is and if you have whole details regarding it then you can block the card by providing...
  32. Re: How to block the idea Sim card that got lost

    First thing you need to do is that, go to any nearby idea gallery with the documents or proofs you submitted while activating the number. As they would ask you for the documents you submitted and if...
  33. Re: Sharing a folder only to a user on another machine

    If you wish to just share the folder with any particular user then just sharethe folder and give full permission to that. Now go to the advance tab and find location. There you have to add that user...
  34. re: BSNL stopped giving modems for the unlimited plans

    Yes why not wireless connection is being provided by bsnl people and if you get a wifi router from BSNL on RENTAL Rs 80/month. You will have to keep a security deposit of Rs.1000 and if you are done...
  35. re: Is there any free 3G services available for MTNL users

    This is the company promotional offers, that by which the MTNL will increase the number of customer to use the 3G Services. So if such offers are there then activate it and make use of that offers to...
  36. Re: Idea India 3G customized Dashboards for Huawei E173

    Yes there is the customization of the Dashboard for the Huawei E173 is done by the Idea Cellular, so there are many of the latest and useful plugin are included in this updated Dashboard. So if you...
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    Re: Latest Software Update for IDEA E1732

    I have made the updating for my Idea E1732 broadband, so after the upgrading I have seen the following changes:

    The upgrade have fix for the 619 error for the idea profile.
    There are the fixed...
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    Re: download speed of Vodafone 2G and 3G

    i think you should use the 3g data plan of vodafone as it is low in price compared to other providers and delvers high speed data rate. however i don't have an idea about whether it is having a 4G...
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    Re: Vodafone k3570-z hangs randomly

    Well according to me their might be some problem with the Vodafone Mobile Broadband Software which you are facing in your laptop and I think you should first try to solve this problem by reinstalling...
  40. Re: What are the tariff rates of cable broadband in Kolkata

    I had a bad experience with the BSNL broadband connection and I am also looking for a better Broadband connection. I think that the Alliance Broadband Connection sounds good , because I have heard...
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    Re: Gmail Account Hacked in Hathway

    This is the possibility that can be happen there in the personal account:

    The first thing is that, this type of mail and offensive mail cannot be avoided.
    Don’t enter your personal...
  42. Re: battery life of Samsung Galaxy Nexus is awful

    If you want to increase your battery life then:-

    Reduce Screen Brightness of your Samsung Galaxy Nexus.
    Remove unwanted widgets, more widgets less battery life.
    Select 2G/3G network, if you...
  43. Re: Unable to run RAM above 1600MHz with the AMD FX Bulldozer

    my run at 1600 8-8-8-24 with no problem, so here you just have to change the latency. just change itand check if this is usefulfor you or not.
  44. Re: Whenever connection is idle D-Link 2520U gets disconnect

    You have mentioned that whenever your connection is idle D-Link 2520U gets disconnect and that is why first I will suggest you to check all the settings related to the internet connection in your...
  45. Re: After every 2 minutes Idea net-setter huawei e1732 gets disconnected

    I have gone though the problem which you are facing with your Idea net-setter huawei e1732 and I would like to tell you that first you should connect your Idea net-setter huawei e1732 device with...
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    Re: What is the speed of the idea 3G in pune

    I’m using the 3G service from the idea and I would say that speed of the internet is just fine it opens the pages faster than the 2G services. Which I think help me save more time and I can do my...
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    Re: Hard Drive Prices rising up

    Of the supplier's remaining operations in Thailand, several plants were not affected by the flooding and a further six remain immersed, with operations evidently suspended. "The careful product of...
  48. Re: Why does Printer Cartridges cost same as Printer?

    I've caught that Kodak ink streams have positively competitive ink. The just regretful thing about them is that they will just generate real nature photographs depending on if you utilize Kodak...
  49. Re: Is it possible to use 2 Power supplies?

    Utilizing several Pico PSUs denotes you will have several capacity blocks. In reality, in light of the fact that they are 12v capacity blocks and the 6-bind connector on illustrations cards ONLY give...
  50. Re: By mistake thermal paste got in to CPU socket

    Thermal compound is meant to fill minuscule crevices amidst the CPU and the HS/F. You ought to utilize the thinnest feasible covering. I was going to specify something about LGA775 and the...
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