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  1. Here is one more link that offer you more...

    Here is one more link that offer you more information on how to deal with the problem. The link has detailed steps that allow you to manage problem with application pool identity. It is possible that...
  2. I think that make sense. You have to go under...

    I think that make sense. You have to go under security policy requirement and ensure that you keep thing straight. Do not just go for low security policies. That can be risky to some extent. You have...
  3. Do you get any option to choose the proofing...

    Do you get any option to choose the proofing tools among 2003 and 2007 version. Well I think it is not complicated to work on mixed environment. There will be no issue unless everything is kept on...
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    If you had open any document under compatibility...

    If you had open any document under compatibility mode then there are common chances that you find a very few number of tools to use. It is necessary that you must open in normal mode and then see....
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    RE: How to force user log off

    Yes, the user is still logged in, whenever i try forcing loggin him off the screen saver came out. And he is still able to log in.
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    How to force user log off

    I’m the administrator of Windows Server 2008 / Domain. We have Several users and workstations connected to this domain. I received a message from my boss to disable account of one of our user who...
  7. Windows can't load administrator profile ~ System restore not work

    There was a spyware in my system. So I performed system restore. My antivirus kept on giving me warnings about the same. After system restore a new kind of problem appeared. It says that Windows is...
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    Check the below link. It will offer you some help...

    Check the below link. It will offer you some help on fixing the problem with VSS. The Microsoft link below gives you some more reference that will help you follow up the problem. First of all problem...
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    Re: Microsoft Office Professional Hybrid 2007

    I have seen something similar on my PCs as well. Usually it appears when I start MS Office PowerPoint. Everytime I use to get an message box saying the following:

    "Preparing to install.
  10. Try to change the windows theme. I think that...

    Try to change the windows theme. I think that would put the old interface back. Just go in personalization and put the theme to classic. The theme is basically applied by Vista and there is nothing...
  11. Document Image Writer print driver included in MS Office 2007?

    I am going to buy MS Office 2007 in next few days for my official work. But before that I wanted to confirm whether it contains the following programs:

    Microsoft Office Document Imaging
  12. spell check coming up in French? instead of English

    I recently upgraded my Office suite to version 2007. My language is English and everything is working fine. But there is a problem with Outlook Express. Don’t know why it is appearing in French...
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    Flash player dowsn't work in IE?

    This is Windows XP running with Service Pack 3, Internet Explorer 7 and Flash Player 9. Recently my flash player asked for update, and I allowed the same. It updated to version 9 and since then...
  14. Thread: mpeg2-ps

    by Fedlix


    I have few video clips recorded with my Sony Video Camera. These files are saved in .mpg format. When I try to import them in Windows Movie Maker on XP SP3, it gives me some error message and import...
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    Re: No WPA support in XP Home

    What issue are you actually facing. Does your wifi is not working or simply looking for WPA issue on your pc. If there is a driver problem then it is easy to fix just by updating the same. You can...
  16. Looks like some internal settings are not proper...

    Looks like some internal settings are not proper due to which you are facing the issue. You have to configure it back again. You can run some test like dcdiag, netdiag, replmon and then check back....
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    Chkdsk utility and disk cleanup utility

    What is the job of chkdsk and disk cleanup in Windows Vista. I am doing a short course on Windows where I found that using this both can help me to deal with number of system problems. I am not...
  18. Error code 0x80020009, wmp.dll will not register

    I have some problem with Windows Media Center. When I try to run some video play music I am getting a error 0x80020009 and it stopped working. Later on there is a wmp.dll not register message. I...
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    Error Loading operating system

    One of my office PC running on Windows XP failed to boot up. After troubleshooting it for some time I came to know that its boot sequence is got corrupted. Hence it was giving an Error message while...
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    Vista Start Button stopped working

    The start button of Windows Vista is not working at all. The start button simply freezed and it does not allow me to do anything. I need some help to fix the same. It was working well a few days ago....
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    Computer shut off during installation, errors

    I was trying to install Windows Vista on new desktop. I started the installation, everything was going good but just before the end of installation process, my PC got shutdown automatically. I...
  22. Re: Event ID:9791 Event Source: MSExchangeIS Mailbox Store

    Hello Dakshi, did you managed to fix the problem? Even am getting 9791 warnings on a weekly basis, but have not seen any other issues on my server. What do we need to do in order to fix it?

  23. Is it possible to share file and printer between Vista and Windows 98

    I want some help here to find solution on sharing file between a Windows 98 desktop and a Vista laptop. I am going to buy a new one. So before going for that I had borrowed my frends laptop that has...
  24. Activesync 0x85030022 error : the server you are synchronizing with is not an Exchange server

    After reading the title few of you might be able to understand what problem I am facing. I am working on SBS 2003 SP1. I had installed on Exchange 2003 SP2 along with ISA Server. I had upgraded the...
  25. 2007 Proofing tools - Spell checker for Finnish and Swedish

    I recently installed Office 2007 using MSDN subscription. Due to some reason I need Proofing Tools for Finnish and Swedish language. . They are missing from my office edition. I tried searching on...
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    Windows Vista Rollback?

    Hi, I upgraded my Windows XP computer to Vista last month. Everything went fine but I’m facing too many problems with the same, such as software compatibility, lag, etc. So now I want to roll back...
  27. Re: ERROR 1450 Insufficient system resources exist to complete the

    There are two primary cause for the problem. And I think for your one of them is what is causing the failure. One is due to cache manager. If you open larger number of files compare to the size of...
  28. Re: My Add/Remove Programs list missing several installed programs

    Thanks for the help S Kent but there is no white space in my Add and Remove applet. Also there is no unigue or common ending letter over here. By the way can you tell me if you have heard about this...
  29. My Add/Remove Programs list missing several installed programs

    Is there any one else who came across situation or is it just me? This is Windows XP with SP2. I went to uninstall a program from my computer which i installed about a week ago. But i was surprised...
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    Image format only matters in terms of printing....

    Image format only matters in terms of printing. While you can here share anything. If you go for png or other format then the size will be heavier. While jpeg is identified by many software. You can...
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    Script to clean WSUS on Windows Server

    I found a script that can help to clean the WSUS client on Windows Server. I am pasting that here and you can use it clean WSUS client if you are annoyed with the same. You have to just copy that in...
  32. re: Disable popup message Cannot find proofing tools in Office

    I had provided a link below. This link offers SP3 pack of Microsoft Office 2007 that has all proofing tools that are needed. The download size of this SP3 is around 188 MB. You can install that and...
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    RE: Call of Duty 2 and DirectX

    Many games comes with DirectX installer. Check your game folder. There will be a setup file of DirectX. Run it again. The next thing you have to do is update your video driver. You have to visit the...
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    RE: Macromedia Flash Player

    Launch Internet Explorer and click on Tools. At the end you can find Internet Options. Now look for Security tab. In that you can find a option as Custom Level. Click on that and then click on...
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    There are some free key finder software. This tools scans your system to locate the license key instantly. There are many key finder programs that work really well. I do not think it is complicated...
  36. Reformatting External hard drive from NTFS to FAT32

    I am going to post a few steps on reformatting a external drive from NTFS to FAT32. FAT32 format is essential if you are going to use your hard drive on Mac system. I think they do not read NTFS file...
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