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  1. Re: error code 0x8007064a while installing Microsoft Security Essentials

    I have found a solution but for that you need to open regedit. After opening it go to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Installer\Products and find a folder that has Microsoft Security Client listed as the...
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    Re: removing Tuvaro virus

    I will suggest you to download AdwCleaner software through which you can remove unwanted and potentially dangerous programs from your pc. The application works successfully with any adware component...
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    Re: removing PWS:Win32/Zbot.gen!AJ

    You can download and run the Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool if your computer is running Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, or Windows XP. The easiest way to download and run...
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    Re: how to get rid of AnyProtect TrayIcon.exe

    You can also download and install a tool called AdwCleaner that removes all kinds of adwares from your pc. AdwCleaner is one of software that must be executed first if want to find on your systems...
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    Re: Nation Zoom Homepage Hijacker removal

    If you are looking to solve this issue then you will have to type abour:config in the url bar of your web browser and press Enter. After that, you need to confirm the information message if it shows...
  6. Re: VirTool:Win32/BeeInject is a false positive or not

    Have you download a tool called HitmanPro and scanned your pc via this software? It is an anti-spyware which includes automatic simultaneous use of multiple anti-spyware known as Spybot - Search &...
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    Re: removing Keybar 1.8 toolbar

    You can also try to disable all web browser add-ons which are related to the Toolbar or ActiveX Control. So, first of all open Internet Explorer. After that click on Tools option and then click on...
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    Re: Is swt-win32-3740.dll file virus?

    It is nothing but a Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT) which is an open source widget toolkit for Java designed to provide efficient, portable access to the user-interface facilities of the operating...
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    Re: removing Sweet packs from my pc

    You can try to get a tool called Adwcleaner to get rid of this problem. It is a great tool, free, fast, reliable, written by Xplode, to help identify and eradicate numerous malicious software hidden...
  10. Re: Windows defender has been turned off and isn't monitoring your computer on Windows 8

    I would suggest you to remove the antivirus completely and restore to the default settings. To restore your Windows 8 operating system to its default you can use the Refresh your PC without losing...
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    Re: removing PUP.datamngr virus

    PUP.datamngr is nothing but a potentially unwanted program that gets installed when you try to install some freeware software, it comes packaged inside all software that are free to download. To...
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    Re: TB Verifier.dll virus?

    You will also need to remove this TB Verifier.dll conduit search from your web browser. So to do that, open Internet Explorer and then click on the Tools and then click on Internet Options. After...
  13. Re: The directory service is missing mandatory configuration information

    You can try to disconnect the DC you are trying to demote and then run for a while. If everything is working fine, DNS, DHCP and all FSMO roles transferred and there are no issues then you can try to...
  14. Re: Network Printer offline server 2003 untill re install

    What is the make and model of the printer that is connected to your computer. Have you tried updating the printer driver to the latest version. If that doesnt work then try to do a System Restore....
  15. Re: Acer Aspire won't connect to wireless network

    Are you by any chance running Acer eNet, if so, then remove it immediately. Even even after uninstalling that software the wireless doesnt work then try to update your Wireless Nic drivers that can...
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    Re: NTDS ISAM: Database Corruption

    There are many reason that causes the NTDS database corruption. For example there could be hard disk failure because of bad sectors or disk write caching enabled on the disk. There could be...
  17. Re: ROBOCOPY Error The security ID structure is invalid

    The EMC develops a utility called EMCOPY which can help you to copy the content off of difficult file systems. You can also check the below examples for some more information:

  18. Re: Task Scheduler - does not run executable, err: 0xe0434f4d

    Actually, you are getting the error which means that it is still running but failing in the process. I think that it could be a rights problem, so if you run it, then it will do what you can do but...
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    Re: HUAWEI B683 3G WiFi Router firmware

    Can you tell us which firmware version you are having on your HUAWEI B683 3G WiFi Router? Most of the HUAWEI routers cannot be upgraded you see. So, if Huawei has not released any firmware for your...
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    Re: getting rid of PUP.Optional.Conduit.A

    The Conduit virus is a type of browser hijacker and if it is installed in your computer then a Conduit toolbar will be added in the browser. So, to remove this go to Start and then Control Panel and...
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    Re: Sony Reader PRS-T1 wifi problem

    Can you try to restore the firmware for your Sony Reader PRS-T1, download it from this link. To restore, you will need to disconnect your ereader first. After that run the fix_permissions command and...
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    Re: What is otshot? How do I remove it?

    Can you click on Start and then in the search box type "*shot*.*" without the quotes. It will take you to a folder where this otshot is stored and from there you will need to uninstall this program....
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    Re: How to get rid of DirtyDefrag.exe virus

    There is an easy way to remove this DirtyDefrag.exe virus. Just open registry editor and then delete the below registery keys that are specified:
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    Re: Kindle Paperwhite extra Dictionaries

    There are many foreign language dictionaries stored in your Kindle Library in your ebook reader are your Amazon account that includes Spanish, French, and Portuguese. You can easily get any of these...
  25. Re: getting Cloud 7 EP threat after upgrading Norton subscription

    Even I was getting this same false message and after sometime I found out what was causing the trouble. The issue is related with the Flash Player plugin. So, all you need to do is just remove the...
  26. Re: NORTON 2013 Reputation Revocation List failed to complete

    First of all can you please tell us which operating system have you installed and using at the moment? In any case, you can try to wait for some time and then run the live update again manually and...
  27. Re: Run AVG AntiVirus with MalwareBytes real time

    I think that AVG Antivirus will work along with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware PRO without any problems. Actually, Malwarebytes works differently than antivirus program when they are run in real-time...
  28. Re: McAfee will stop running and goes to sleep, please help

    Which version you used to run McAfee on Windows Xp? Can you tell us what time you used between the sleep scan when the problem stated to occur? I did found out something that it must not run when the...
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    Re: WIN HDD/HDD Virus found on Windows XP

    I would advise you to run the full system scan and after that you can solve your issue. To do these restart your system and after that hit or press the F8 key constantly on your keyboard. After that...
  30. Right click on My Computer and choose Manage....

    Right click on My Computer and choose Manage. Then go in Device Manager. In that look for the wifi adapter. And see that it is installed properly or not. Most of the time issue occur if the drivers...
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    Re: How to convert from chm to pdf

    Open the chm file and copy entire content of that file, along with that open a word document file in your machine, nor paste entire copied contents of that file into the word document, you might be...
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    Re: HP pavilion err2err3

    1) On power-up, the boot screen as the normal load (the HP logo displays ... ... Options F11 to get into the BIOS)
    2) Where should enter the boot screen GENERALLY MS (bar scrolling of...
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    Re: Intel core i5-760 having bad heatsink

    Is the high temperature that you mentioned in your post, is happen all time or this happen in a particular time with the particular program execution? Because of this happens the single time, then...
  34. Re: Not able to access windows internet security files

    As per my opinion this problem might be caused for the graphical interface that you are using in your machine. so for that I recommend you to update the graphics driver version, go to the control...
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    Re: Screen freezing with GTX 280

    I think there might be any issue with the graphic setting in your machine. So I suggest you to reset the entire machine. before that do one thing, reboot the machine and enter into the machine in...
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    Re: How to reset BIOS password in Inspiron 1545

    I have a simple way to recover the BIOS password from the console for that you need to remove the CMOS battery from your machine. The machine will by default remember the time and the mode when...
  37. Re: Windows 7 : not detecting Bluetooth driver for iPhone 4

    Repair the driver, just few months ago one of my friends has encountered the similar issue, and he did this process and now he is having no problem with his computer and Apple iphone. Before run the...
  38. Re: Dell 966 printer not recognized by my laptop

    All the printer are comes with the unique software and driver which is compatible with the printer. The problem that you mentioned in your post, is sounds for either hardware or software, so simple...
  39. Re: Ubuntu 10.10: wireless card is not recognized

    I had the similar issue, one day after encounter the problem I am consult with a technician, and he suggest me that first of all remove the wireless card, the cause is for the misplacement of card. ...
  40. Re: windows 7 Pop-up error "EXCEL.EXE is not a valid win32 application”

    I had the similar issue, no excel file is execute in my machine, also running in the 32-bit system architecture. And I searched everywhere for the solution and after a deep search I found a solution,...
  41. Re: Lenovo ideapad Y560: wifi keeps dropping connection

    I read your complete post my friend Abedi, as per my knowledge there are some of the firewall setting those are prevent to access some web sites. So check in the firewall setting and make sure that...
  42. Re: what are the Active and passive attacks in a networks ?

    I think you have provided an incomplete piece of information as far as the That Man in the Middle is concerned. The example you showed which has three participants A, B and C and C is the intruder in...
  43. Re: Not able to reinstall windows XP Pro on my Dell Latitude D600 Laptop

    Go to the device and make sure that all the drivers for your machine are listed there in that window. Which version you installed in your machine? I think the windows version that you installed...
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    Re: How to check who is on my WLAN Network

    It is true that on wifi network, data is sent to all machines on the network. However, in standard use machines ignore packets. Thus, using the network interface in a definite mode you can listen to...
  45. Re: Blank screen appear after install NVidia GT220

    First of all you do one think, update the BIOS of your machine. Always make sure that your motherboard is working the latest version of BIOS. This is useful to run any software as well as the...
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    Re: Desktop with latest technology

    From all the computing utilities one of the main thing is operating system, if your machine is the 64-bit system architecture, then install the desire one which will definitely run the entire program...
  47. Re: Ubuntu: Wireless Network not working properly

    I also like to recommend you change the network interface that you are having in your machine. I am using the Broadcom network router, which is works fine and suggest you to just go through once with...
  48. Re: Vista: Windows Explorer close frequently in start up

    I suggest o go through the User Account Control (UAC), it might be help you to overcome form the problem. It offers the prevention of any unauthorized faults in the machine. This task is requires the...
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    Re: Internet responding slow in windows 7

    Remove all the external devices that you are using in your machine and also close all the applications in the computer and reboot the machine, are you using the single operating system? I recommend...
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    Re: Usb driver for Huawei E1750

    I would suggest you to first uninstall all USB drivers. To install the drivers go to My Computer -> Properties -> Hardware -> Device Manager -> Show all hidden devices as well as restart the computer...
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