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  1. Re: Windows 8 pc freezing while using Bluestack

    You can try testing out different type emulators available online. If Bluestack is giving you hard time then you can try testing out Andy. There are ample of them and you can use all your android...
  2. Re: How to use Tor browser in Windows 7 for surfing

    Tor browser works through Tor Network. It has its own site list where and you can access those through that. Tor just tries to keep your anonymous. So that no one can really track what you are...
  3. Re: Which free video editing tool offers professional features

    Movie maker is a free tool and it is not going to give yo much. It is a kind of basic video editing software that can be used for regular videos and for making slideshows. But you cannot simply use...
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    Re: Screen Recording software (series)

    Screen recorders are resource intensive programs. If you go with browser based addons or tiny software like Screen-O-Matic then you wont get the quality you are looking for. For recording programs...
  5. Re: Wintoobootic stuck on creating a bootable usb

    I am using Windows 7 USB DVD tool that works in the similar manner. It is a nice and easy to use software that works in the same way and provide you a instant bootable usb. I am quiet sure that it...
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    Re: Sony Movie studio vs Movie Maker

    Sony Movie studio is ideal for home video editing. It has a simple timeline based UI. If you need advance features then you have to go with Adobe Premiere Pro. This software is amazing and loaded...
  7. Re: How to add a folder location in right click menu

    What you can do is copy the entire address of the files and folder in a notepad file. You ca find that in Windows Explorer. And you can access that easy by just copy pasting the same in Windows...
  8. Re: Where can I find Prof. Kev Nair - Fluentzy Ebooks

    Even I am also trying to find out the same thing and yet I am not able to locate any source from where I can get this for Kindle. I had tried finding out number of time but the same is not available...
  9. Re: How many folders can I archive through winrar at one time

    You have to do that manually. Like selecting one folder and then right clicking that and then choosing add to archive. This will create a .rar file on the name of folder. I do not think there is any...
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    Re: Nero Portable vs. Nero full edition

    If you go with the full edition you will also get a some advance options. Like you will get options to create a movie file, you will get a option to create regular backups and etc. I am quiet sure...
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    Re: Purple videos in VLC media player

    Looks like some kind of messed up internal media codecs. You have to remove VLC and install it back again. And then test it. I am quiet sure after re-installation it will start working and you wont...
  12. Re: MP4 converted online does not play in Car DVD

    The best tool for doing such type of conversion is using Bigasoft. I am using this from long time. It has a Total Video Convertor software that will help you to get reasonable file format with simple...
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    Re: Windows 7 is unable to detect usb speaker

    It will only work if there is a usb audio support on the same. Or else it wont work. You have to simply try finding out the driers for that. First search for the speaker model on the web and see that...
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    Re: How to put an audio in a gif file

    For that you have to edit the entire file, recreate the animation. I do not think it would be easy for you to do the same. You can try using some tool that can help you to make flash animation. There...
  15. Re: Which software can offer accurate GPU load test

    You are talking about the benchmarking thing. Even if you can provide the models of your all three card it will be easier for people to offer you the right answer. But still you can try out using...
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    Re: Software similar or better than Notepad++

    I do not really think there are those kind of text editors. What you can find is basic text editors that have similar features of Notepad++. One that you can try out is VIM. It is quiet nice and...
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    Re: DVD burning not working in Nero 9

    Sometime the issue is also with the optical drive. If it is not working well then the DVD burn will fail in between. Here I am using Nero portable edition from long time. I create a lot of disc...
  18. Re: No Windows Media Player enhancement sound effects on headphone

    For true surround sound experience you will need to buy a costly headphone from Creative. They are one the that offer you amazing audio output. While regular headphones are not so amazing. You have...
  19. Re: What is a redist folder in a game downloaded from torrent

    You can extract it if you are having a good antivirus in your pc. You dont have to worry much about the threat. You can try using a free edition of lots of antivirus on the web. There are effective...
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    Re: Can't get rid of Mplayerx on Mac pc

    Removing things is not complicated. You can find ample of articles for the same on the web. You have to check before installing anything. Most of the free tools has malware issue. You must download...
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    Re: Unable to sync iPhone 5S with Windows 7

    Sync issue are common. Sometime the pc is not able to detect the phone properly while some time the sync mode is changed. You have to go in the settings to check the same. Just see what is the mode...
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    Re: How to reduce size of Windows Image file

    It is not recommended that you must move the image file. Because it is in a different partition and if in future you have to restore the entire pc then it will fail to work. It is good to leave that...
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    Re: Skype video chat not working on Linux

    If Skype is not working then you can try something else. There are many web based video chat software that operate directly in the browser. And all you have to do is create account on that. I had...
  24. Re: Microsoft Excel crash after downloading files from Microsoft Outlook

    It is will be nice if you run a repair setup of Microsoft Office to resolve the issue. This will make your browser a lot more stable. For that you have to simply insert the office disc in your...
  25. Re: Cropping videos on a free movie editor tool degrade the quality

    It is right. I am also using Bigasoft and it is one of the best video editor software. I am quiet there is nothing simpler than this. I am using it to convert various video format and it works very...
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    Re: News reader application for Ubuntu

    LightRead is considered as the best news reader application for Ubuntu. The best part of this application is its user interface. It has a three column layout. At the left you have folders through...
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    Re: What can be done to speedup vmware

    Slow performance can be due to various reason. You said you have a good hardware, but still in virtualization there can be issue. If you are using windows based Os then you can try defragging your...
  28. Re: Adware warning while installing DVD Shrink

    When you are installing the software on the setup menu si there any additional thing. Like a toolbar or anything which the setup is trying to install. You have to simply remove the tick from that and...
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    Re: Automated android backup on Windows 8 PC

    It can be done well through a pc suite software. One software that I know which works quiet effectively is Mobo Genie. This tool is really good for those who need a nice backup solution. It has a...
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    Re: Will Bluestack work on Ubuntu through Wine

    Don't try. It will not work. It is extremely unstable. You need windows pc for that. I had installed Ubuntu on vmware on my windows 7 pc. I tried installing bluestack on that but it is crashing. It...
  31. Re: Is it possible to recover movies from a damage copyright protected DVD

    Windows Media Player has a ripping option that can help. But only if the DVD is working. If not then you cannot do anything. Still you can try my solution. Insert your disc in your pc and then...
  32. Re: Cannot start Office 2013 after installation

    I had also deal with same issue in my system. I was unable to get proper output. Later on I found the issue was due to outdated add-ins. This is because Office was crashing. The issue was resolved...
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    Re: Hard drive failure notifier for Windows 8

    Driver fitness test are only less helpful. They just provide you information on the drives. That you can find in the bios. For keeping things effective it is essential that you must use a good backup...
  34. Re: Professional Voice Assistant software for Windows

    For voice assistant I think using a phone is good. You can keep a phone on the entrance that works for the internal communication. You can apply a auto recorded message with keys selection. It is...
  35. Re: DropBox software application is not being installed

    Can you explain that in more detail. Are you getting any error at the time of installation. Or when you installing the setup crash. Any software installation fails if you are trying to install the...
  36. Re: Cannot install VGA driver on Acer Iconia W700 after Windows 8.1 upgrade

    Drivers are always a big problem after performing clean upgrades. I am unable to understand why we are not getting all the updated drivers pre-installed in the new Windwos upgrade. This would be a...
  37. Re: Adding different password to different folders in Windows 7

    I know one tool that can help you configure different password for different folders. The name of this tool is Instant Lock. This is a tiny software with simple interface. Once installed you just...
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    Re: Error 25004 Config.XML is not specified

    There are two ways through which you can get rid of this issue. First you can try using the fix provided in the below link. This fix allows you to get rid off office installation errors. You can just...
  39. Re: Application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000018)

    It is some kind of virus issue. You have to scan your system for the same. Using your existing antivirus will not help much. You will have to use make a bootable antivirus scanner. You can do that...
  40. Re: 0xC00D1163: A problem occurred with digital copyright protection

    Just for testing purpose whether the video which you are trying to play is proper or not use a different video player software. You can try Media Player classic. This tool is free and can play...
  41. Re: MS Project 2010 - How do I save it in landscape? as a PDF?

    The only way to get project reports in landscape mode is through print setting. You will need to go in page setup and try to configure the same. You might face issue with page size. If the page or...
  42. Re: set up not working while installing ms office 2010

    You are trying to run the setup through a damage setup file. You have to re-download the same. If you are having a license copy then still you can activate the trail edition of Office 2010, which you...
  43. Re: Error Code 57 in Windows Update KB951847 component will nto instal

    Looks like dot net components are corrupted in your system due to which you are getting the issue. You will have to go ahead with a complete wipe out. System restore is also not going to work here....
  44. Re: Help to convert hand written html codes to digital for college project

    You will need a scanner for that. A scanner with OCR features. OCR also knows as text recognition technology helps you to convert handwritten text to PDF files or other editable formats. Some scanner...
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    Re: How to split folders in different size

    There is no tool for spilling a folder. But you can try splitting a video file. I do not think it is even possible to split a word or excel sheet. The best thing you can do is go with manual process....
  46. Re: How to protect Word files from being shared on internet

    You can add the author details but that is easy to modify buy others. You can find those things in the Document Properties. For that you have to click on Office button and then you have to click on...
  47. Re: Not able to install Ubuntu on my Lenovo laptop

    Before going for the setup I will recommend you to analyze your hard drive. There can be bad sectors in the system which is causing the issue. There are many options available through which you can...
  48. Re: Image Enlarger software with good resolution output

    There is a one trick you can try. Arrange a good dlsr cameras. Which has a high megapixel output. Take pictures of your old photos through that cameras.
    Try to take as many as you can so that the...
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    Re: Cross platform online backup solution

    Try SpiderOak. It is a online backup solution but also has a desktop based software. You can use the same to copy your files and keep your data secure. Wherever you go you will have to install the...
  50. Re: Need a backup software for continuous backup

    When we talk about backup then we need some reliable solution. You cannot go for anything. Because once the program is configured then it has to keep on working on its own. If you have to manually...
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