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    Re: getting rid of istart123 virus

    I would recommend you to download a tool called AdwCleaner which is a free software that will allow you to make a good system cleaning in your PC and make it faster and optimize its performance. This...
  2. Re: error code 0x8007064a while installing Microsoft Security Essentials

    I have never seen that kind of error code while installing Microsoft Security Essentials. After searching for a solution over the net, I found that the problem could be related to a bad configuration...
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    Re: infected with s3amazonaws virus

    Another handy tool would be Malwarebytes Antimalware. It will allow you to actively eradicate malware infecting your machines. With the rather simplistic interface, it is divided into nine tabs;...
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    Re: removing Tuvaro virus

    This Tuvaro is a toolbar that gets installed when you try to install any free software on your computer. You will have to uninstall it manually. Just try to delete the files in the Temporary Internet...
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    Re: Yontoo 1.10.03 problem

    This Yontoo 1.10.03 is actually a part of some programs that gets installed if you dont untick it while installation. This program modifies how websites will look like to you while you are browsing...
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    Re: How to remove fixmyregistry.exe file?

    If the above is not able to remove the threat then download Junkware Removal Tool. This program is portable so you dont need to have it installed in your system. You just have to run it on the pc by...
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    Re: removing Bizcoaching info virus

    First of all you will need to open Internet Explorer and then right click on its gear menu at the top. After that click on the Internet Options again. Now go to the Dialog box and click on Advanced...
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    Re: removing GS Supporter 1.8

    You can download a tool called Revo Uninstaller for free to uninstall anything completely and all its traces on your computer, either in the registry or on your hard drive. Revo Uninstaller will thus...
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    Re: Googleupdate.a3x error message

    It seems that your computer is infected by a malware called Verecno. You can follow my given method ahead to solve this issue. First of all press the Windows+R button on your keyboard and then type...
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    Re: getting rid of Dmwu.exe IBUpdaterService

    First of all if you want to remove the Sweetpacks program from your computer then click on Start button and then choose Control Panel and go to Uninstall a program. After that search for SweetIM for...
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    Re: Nation Zoom Homepage Hijacker removal

    It seems to me like an issue possibly caused by a malware on your computer. To get rid of this problem you need to go to Firefox > Addons > Extensions and remove any suspicious entries like toolbars...
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    Re: removing ICE Cyber Crime Center virus

    Incase you are not able to run any antivirus in your pc in safe mode options then you can try to restore your computer to a previous state when it was working fine with the help of System Restore. It...
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    Re: getting rid of QuickShare program

    This QuickShare program can be easily removed from your computer by using CCleaner. You just have to go to Tools and then choose Uninstall. After that you can get a few popup windows which appear to...
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    Re: removing Sweet packs from my pc

    Can you try to install the Search Reset Addon in your firefox browser. It is a free addon that you can search from the extension in Firefox browser. This software will be able to revert the most...
  15. Re: computer locked after clicking on install.exe

    You can even try another tool called Hitman Pro to get rid of this issue. This is an anti-spyware program which includes automatic simultaneous use of multiple anti-spyware known as Spybot - Search &...
  16. Re: How to recover User ID and Product key using Malwarebytes

    Yes, you will have to open registry editor and to do that click on Start and then in the run type regedit. For Windows XP you will have to go to this registry entry -...
  17. Re: removing trojandownloader.win32/adload.DA

    I would suggest you to go to Malwarebytes website and download and install the latest version of Malwarebytes Anti-malware in your pc. Once you have launched this antivirus then update it...
  18. Re: How to remove Conduit Malware with Microsoft Security Essentials

    Well, I have read that conduit is usually not a malware but a platform. These kind of things gets easily installed in your pc with the useless free programs available on the internet. So, if you can...
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    Re: removing PUP.datamngr virus

    The PUP.datamngr virus is nothing but a web browser extension. To get rid of this virus, you will have to launch Internet Explorer browser and then go to Tools and then Manage Add-ons. After that go...
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    Re: How to remove linkbuck virus?

    If you are getting Linkbuck url at every internet browser that you are opening then try to download an antivirus software called Hitman Pro. It is a standalone program which looks for unknown and...
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    Re: Is JDI backup limited safe or virus?

    You might have installed a backop software called MyPC Backup in your laptop and it is digitally signed by JDI BACKUP LIMITED. With this software you can backup all your data's on to the cloud. So,...
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    Re: getting rid of sweetpacks virus

    Well, you need to go in the Add and Remove Program in your Control Panel and then find out SweetIM Bundle By SweetPacks from the list and click on it and then try to uninstall it from the list. Once...
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    Re: TB Verifier.dll virus?

    You can easily remove the TB Verifier.dll file from your pc. All you need to do is download and install a software called CCleaner and then go to Tools > Startup and delete the TB Verifier.dll...
  24. Re: Exchange 2003 Information Store Service Can Not Start

    Can you go the following registry key - HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\MSExchangeIS\VirusScan and then try to set Enabled to a value of 0. After that stop and restart the...
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    Re: Pre-Authentication Failure

    Can you try to insert the below command from any device that you are trying to connect and check if any error is occuring on your machine. You will need to also run eventcombmt.exe and check from...
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    Re: What is persi0.sys

    Actually, persi0.sys is nothing but a file associated with a software called Deep Freeze which is one of the security program and mostly popular in the internet cafe. Sometimes the persi0.sys file is...
  27. Re: NT Authority/System account for Scheduled Tasks

    You will need to use the below code to call it, just save the code in file my_work.bat and then schedule it according to your plan:

    @echo off
    echo %date% %time% %username% >> g:\in\test.txt...
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    Re: DSM SA Data Manager service won't start

    If anyone else is having this problem then try to go into iws.ini file and then change the port from 1311 to 10010 or something else. Actually the service will not start if there is a port conflict....
  29. Re: Microsoft Security Essentials error code 0x8024400a

    The error code that you are getting might be happening due to some programs or processes that could be interfering with Internet communications or either resource problems on the computer or high...
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    Re: get rid of TBVerifier.dll

    If the TBVerifier.dll file is locked by another file or process then you can download an app called Unlock It by searching it on the net. After you have installed it then open UnLock It to find the...
  31. Re: error message BackgroundContainer\BackgroundContainer.dll

    Well, can you try to press the Windows key + R key on the keyboard. After that type taskschd.msc and then press Enter key. Now you need to click on the Task Scheduler library folder and then right...
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    Re: infected with DMUninstaller

    I used HitmanPro 3 tool to remove this DMUninstaller PUP. It is an anti-spyware software which includes automatic simultaneous use of multiple anti-spyware known as Spybot - Search & Destroy or...
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    Re: removing iLivid malware

    iLivid is a PUP type of program and it will usually install bad toolbars like seachqu, babylon, etc. So, you will need to uninstall this program from your pc. To do that click on Start and then go to...
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    Re: remove whilokii program

    Download a tool called AdwCleaner by searching it from the internet and install it in your pc. AdwCleaner is a free tool compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, operating system. It scans your PC...
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    Re: removing Desk 365 virus

    There is a simple tool called AdwCleaner to get rid of this problem. It has a search mode and a suppression mode. It is very easy to uninstall with "Uninstall" option. It scans your computer to get...
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    Re: How to remove Advanced System Protector

    You will need to first of all start your pc in clean boot. So click on Start and in the Search box type msconfig. After that a window will pop-up, click on startup tab and then untick everything from...
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    Re: How to uninstall Smart HDD Virus

    To remove Smart HDD Virus from your computer, restart your pc into Safe Mode with Networking. After you have logged in then download iExplore.exe by searching it from google. After that double click...
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    Re: removing PUP.optional virus

    Are you running any P2P programs like utorrent or bittorrent, if yes, then I would suggest you to completely remove them from your pc or disable them from running. After that backup your registry...
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    Re: Windows Defender Offline wont boot

    Hi jacob2013

    I think that you will have to do a complete System Recovery of your system. To do that you will have to boot your pc to System Recovery Options. But for this you will require your...
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    Re: How to hide hostname from router

    I think that you can use a software called Technitium MAC Address Changer that allows you to change Media Access Control (MAC) of your Network Interface card (NIC) irrespective to your NIC...
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    Re: How to remove virus from services.exe?

    Can you try to go to Start menu and then in the Search box type cmd. After that at the top you will see a file called CMD at the top of the Start menu, just right click on it and then choose to run...
  42. Re: internet connection drops continuously on Windows 8

    Are you able to appear online but the internet browsers are not working? If so then it might be possible that the TCP/IP protocol could be corrupted. If you want to solve this issue then you have to...
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    Re: remove Trojan: JS/Seedabutor.C virus

    Have you installed Java in your machine, if yes, then remove it as soon as possible. If it is not there then make sure you have updated Java and there should not be any old versions of Java in your...
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    Re: internet browser hijacked by

    First of all go to Start and then Control Panel and then click on Uninstall a Program. After that right click on unwanted program and choose to uninstall a program that is related to the to...
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    Re: infected with webcake malware

    First what you can do is remove the malware from the Add and Remove area. To do so, just click on Start and then click on Control Panel and then click on Add and Remove Program and then search for...
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    Re: ! My Picture.SCR virus removal

    The .scr file format that you have written is actually a script to transmit a Trojan. So, to remove this "! My Picture.SCR" virus from your computer, boot pc into safe mode. After that, in safe mode...
  47. Re: How to remove NIS 2013 with Norton Removal Tool

    Have you tried to use the Norton Removal Tool that you have downloaded? You should always download the Norton Removal Tool from the official website of Norton only. And even if you are getting the...
  48. Poll: Re: Which is the best anti-spyware software for computer

    I use Ad-Aware and it is one of the best known anti-spyware software on the market. It has bounced back recently and offers a complete anti-malware protection. Ad-Aware Pro Security is based on the...
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    Re: How to remove Easy Life Virus app

    You can also try to easily remove Easylife App add-on from your internet browsers. Just follow the below tricks to remove it from different browsers.

    In IE browser you have to go to Tools >...
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    Re: problem with GetDefaultBrowserError:2

    Well, I would say that instead of installing it from their server online, why dont you download the Java offline file and install it in your pc. Just click on this link and download the offline file...
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