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  1. Re: While selecting 'include video' in Sync Photos iTunes Crashes

    I was also having the same problem with iPAD2, as the latest ITunes and the iPad OS. I have removed all the previously synchronizing videos from the Pictures folder and it has synchronize with the...
  2. Re: Which are the best Parallels vs. VMware on Macbook Pro?

    First, I think one of the best points 4 VMware Fusion (and VMware in general) is its ability to support many popular guest operating systems. This is possibly one of the main reasons why you want to...
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    Re: Photos are disappearing in library

    The solution is simple. You need to use an proper search technique on your windows 7. This technique is very simple. In that first press F3 button. Then choose the location where to save you your...
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    Re: Download VLC Media Player for android devices

    To know about the support thing , I would say that go the file manager on your device and locate a file called /proc/cpuinfo and after that try to open it. Then you will see something like this,...
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    Re: Flash is dying, Adobe prepares- Supports HTML5

    Flash is perishing at a quick pace, and Adobe unequivocally put an additional couple of nails in the casket in supporting HTML5 themselves and giving iOS the capacity to see any flash movies.

  6. Re: Windows unable to install updates including Printer Issue at the same time

    I get a mess of feedback when I say Norton or MacAfee but you'd be amazed how frequently I have utilized the uninstaller from the maker's network destination and blast, the printer works or different...
  7. Re: Why don’t many people prefer using OpenOffice?

    Actually, I don't utilize OpenOffice on account of it. (Its interface looks like it came straight from the 90s), doesn't have some of the headliners I like in MS Office and has crappy similarity....
  8. Re: WinPatrol Monitor Cookies in Internet Explorer after Microsoft security updates

    I think this maybe more to do with MS & IE8 than WinPatrol, but I'm no expert. You can take the advice from the official site expert. It helps to you for explain the basic things behind this issue...
  9. Re: Unable to move message to folder in Outlook 2002

    Best equipped approach to alter this situation is as follows:

    Find Outlook.pst and Archive.pst and move (DON'T COPY) them to an folder on your desktop.
    Right click on Outlook's symbol and...
  10. Re: Where can we find Windows Picture and Fax viewer?

    To make a Shortcut on your Desktop right click on the Desktop and afterward sort the Location of the Item put
    C:\WINDOWS\system32\rundll32.exe c:\windows\system32\shimgvw.dll,ImageView_Fullscre en...
  11. Re: Need device drivers for hp Compaq 8000 Elit CMT PC

    I would suggest you to contact the customer support team at hp. tell them your issue and let them guide you accordingly. They are experts and they must have previously resolved many such issues.
  12. Re: Do Power Data Recovery tool is good to use?

    Actually you are right as there are too many software that promises the best quality recovery but didn’t prove the efficiency. But still as there are too many tools thus you should try the one that...
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    Re: will there be Direct X 12 for Windows 8

    I wonder that is this topic to think about? I don’t know anything regarding this what I only know is I am really enjoying what I am having and it is not even the direct x 11 it is direct x 10 and I...
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    Re: Has anyone installed Mac OS X Lion on vmware

    There should be surely some kind of mod versions of Mac OS X Lion which can make it work on vmware. There are no official update still provided by Apple for the same. So that can be a place where it...
  15. Re: Missing important folder from my desktop, need help!

    A degenerate (profile is the account you log into XP with), 'can' create situations with files. It would not be able to be the case here but it is worth an attempt.
    What you should do is:

    Make a...
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    Re: How to find MVI files on Mac OS X 10.6.8

    You need to take help of the search option on this Mac system. The finder toolbar provide this opportunity. Use the search box on the Finder toolbar. This toolbar option help to you for finding the...
  17. Re: Is imaging software in windows 7 an effective way to replace my hard drive

    Using the Acronis cloning software over the WD hard drive has clearly resulting in the success so I would be suggesting you the same. I have used number of other software’s too but haven’t been...
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    Re: Possible to have sound in Adobe Edge

    Yes you can add the sound in the Edge well there is method to add, as I am using it I have heard from some of y friends, as they have added some good sounds, you can check with the options in the...
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    Re: Working panel missing in Adobe Edge

    You can go to the Adobe official site and try to get the installation pack from there and try to install it on the system, as there might be some missing files in the installation pack, so from there...
  20. Re: How to enable "Save and Quit" feature in firefox 5

    I am agree with the above user as it is the best way to maintain the browser history as well. and in fact I like the way they have organized this session actually, better than ever before.
  21. Re: Screen appears blank while running adobe edge samples in internet explorer 9

    I was also having same problem with my machine running windows 7 but don’t know exactly what could be the problem, I have installed it so many times but still the same result appears.

    I think...
  22. Re: How to Create Parallax scrolling with adobe Edge ?

    you should try to go through the manual that you must be gotten with the copy of the software. and there you’ll get all the instructions for doing the same as you have mentioned.

    And apart from...
  23. re: How to make adobe edge animation run in internet explorer?

    Actually see the IE9 is the only version that has a capability of running the HTML5 contents and thus if you are running older version so surely you’ll not be able to run those content on that.
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    Re: Need to do seek in timeline for Adobe Edge

    The HTML web technology can’t do anything on it. This is the problem related to the javascript and you need to perform an action that will be help to access this javascript method. This will be...
  25. Re: Need another Javascript library for Adobe Edge

    I think you are right that there is necessary to add another javascript package on it. This is necessary because the javascript package work with these adobe edge tools has to be not gives and kind...
  26. Re: bridged network, DHCP not working with Lion OS and Fusion 3.1.3

    I have been having the same problem and I have been having a little change and it is I am having a windows 7 VMware and it cannot be bridge with my MIFI 2200 when I have been utilizing it with the...
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    Re: Unable to install Adobe Edge on Windows 7

    For solving this problem you need to use an proper official coy of the adobe edge software. This will be work to properly install this software tools on the windows 7 system. The official site helps...
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    Re: Adobe Edge on Linux

    Last one year I work on the Linux system and I also want such type of facility. Then I personally contact the official site expert. The expert of this adobe edge software told me that there is no...
  29. Re: Help-Need to put animation into website using Adobe Edge

    After saving animation project on this windows 7 system you need to copy code between <!--Adobe Edge Runtime--> and <!--Adobe Edge Runtime End-->. The next step is to be just paste this code to the...
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    Re: Adobe Edge on Windows 7

    If you faced the Workaround Adobe Edge Issue in Windows 7 then you need to modify the setting of the monitor. For this task, you need to open the control panel and then hit display tab. It shows you...
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    Re: Adobe edge Preview 2 is now available

    For doing this downloading task you need to perform an registration on this official site of the adobe. In that, Adobe membership is free and registration only takes a minute. Then try this and hope...
  32. Re: Getting VMware VDM server authentication failed error, While trying to login in vdm client using vdm

    VDM Admins are not automatically entitled for VDM desktops; I'd double check with your entitlement settings. You should make sure the myös desktop is enabled and with myös enabled for provisioning.
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    Re: Where to find Jailbroken Quick Tool 1.6.0

    That is right. The firmware plays a very important part in jailbreaking. Many modders give you hacked firmware file which is used by the jailbreaking software to add in your phone file, to remove all...
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    Re: Hidden Outlook Temp folder

    Once I was surfing the internet and I have gone through a link, I do not remember the link now, as it was some time ago. I have seen the same problem over there and was able to get the solution for...
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    Re: Unable to quit from the sync service agent

    You try the method of the above user which have told you the perfect and also the best method to do. It is the best and also it will solve the problem of yours, I have worked the same and it has...
  36. Re: Getting error message in Microsoft Outlook 2011’HTTP error. The server cannot fulfill the request’

    I recommend that you should use Exchange Server Remote Connectivity Analyzer on the computer of yours. it is a web based tool which you can use to assist the Exchange administrators with the...
  37. Re: Unable to open Microsoft outlook 2011 for Mac and getting error message ‘Microsoft Outlook cannot be opened because of a problem.’

    Well after looking on the problem I recommend that you should remove the duplicate entries.

    You have to launch Finder and click on File and go for Find.
    You have to enter the name of the...
  38. Re: How can I insert the text box into the chart in the Excel sheet of Office 2011?

    There is another method to get the above mentioned thing for you.

    You have to type Opt-F11 so that you will be able to launch the Visual Basic Editor.
    Now you have to click on the View and...
  39. Re: Will Word 2011 for the Mac OS X run well on Mac Air?

    I have gone through lots of forums and I have come to know that Apple is working about the running of the Office 2011 on Mac OS X Lion. There are issue when Communicator is seems to be crashing...
  40. Re: Is there any way to disable Pidgin Notifications on Ubuntu 9.04?

    Yes, this plug-ins menu will be work to do this disable task on it. This menu gives all the notification related information. Then try it and in response this will be solve your complicated problem.
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    Re: How to Write Equations in Microsoft Word 2010

    Updating and expansion of the Equation Editor is the newest feature of Word 2010 is simple by using Equation Editor. So if you wish to use the Equation Editor click the main ribbon tab and find the...
  42. Re: Setting up of the BES Express and Small Business Server 2011

    Here is the link that will give you the updated information of everything and hence you can check it out from there only, so...
  43. Re: How to import addresses in excel format into address book in Apple Mac

    Well there is no option to get the contact from the excel file as there are only three option which you might be getting as the above user and also you can do one thing try to format the excel file...
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    Re: Which one is better among Picasa and iPhoto?

    I like Picasa because it is easy good features and also it has facial recognition features. It has enough tools to turn most of my photos into very good pictures. Picasa doesn’t have Photoshopbut...
  45. re: How to find & delete duplicate files in Apple Mac OSX

    I think that you are questions about the future OS about an issue that is of no interest to developers, in this case I will suggest you to make clear that what you are asking about. First tell me...
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    Re: PDF creator for Apple OS X Lion

    Foxit PDF Creator
    I think that many times creating professional looking PDF documents, collaborate with others to make documents, or performance PDF documents from the web requires features that are...
  47. Re: Unable to open email outlook through pdf on Windows 7

    Repair PST and OST files of MS 0utlook. Convert OST files. You need to use an Outlook Recovery Toolbox. This is the basic software tools for restoring destroyed or injured data files of Microsoft...
  48. Re: Changing the font color of outgoing mail message body or make it default in Mac OS X

    I cannot think that a machine such as MAC cannot have a contrasting default font shade. It is grave enough they make a point not to have a basic emoticon alternative, but I would be able to exist...
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    Re: Slow/Choppy video playback in Windows 7

    I also faced this problem and in that time, when I faced such kind of problem then I also try this online update process. But it won’t work and the result, is to be goes failure. Then I perform the...
  50. Re: Will Mac book supports both iChat and Skype

    You can also search on the Google, you may be able to find the software which will be compatible with both of them, and so you can check it.
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