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  1. Re: What is the best high speed hathway plan

    Hathway offer various plans for unlimited internet usage. It charges rs 1000 for three month for registration and installation, if you want a high speed net on affordable price then the only option...
  2. Re: Which telecom provider offers the best sms pack

    Yes there are some reasonable plans available that you can simply try. There is a special recharge for that. Check the below list:

    SMS 11 - 65 Local SMS and 135 Loop to Loop SMS
    SMS 21 - 125...
  3. Re: How to forward email and get it as SMS in Vodafone?

    That’s a great option but the service really annoys a lot due to its limited accessibility and restrictions. Firstly as already said above this service is only available to Enterprise Users which...
  4. Re: Remove description field of all bookmarks in Firefox

    Yes you can try this step:

    First click on the backup and export HTML
    Now select start button and click on Run.
    Type “cmd” and press enter which will open command prompt
    Now type this...
  5. Re: Need to make calls through dialer software, which would be better?

    Yeah even I do agree with your suggestion. “My Sales Dialer” is the best option; you can easily get the demo version from android market. And the full version is available for some Rs.989.91....
  6. Re: Need some help regarding a new wireless connection

    Well I know some information about the aircel well aircel has a plan that is starting from Rs.505. well the 505 plan is limited only to 650MB of free data. The speed that you will be getting is...
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    Re: What is Vodafone netcruise?

    Well if you look at the EVDO which is a CDMA 3G version only selected providers like BSNL, MTS, RELIANCE, TATA INDICOM do provide this service. The thing is that MTS give OMH SIM that does works in...
  8. Re: How to Configure Binatone Airtel modem for BSNL?

    I would suggest you please check MSS/ MTU value. If it is not showing proper change to 1492 or even low and I will recommend you to use Beetel 220BXI or Beetel 450BXI unit for connection with BSNL...
  9. Re: Configuring Binatone airtel modem for BSNL

    Just make that you check out the following thing and note down if found anything other than my suggestion.

    First of all just check out the firmware version that is shown up on the top of the...
  10. Re: How to set up BSNL wimax with Belkin F5D7634 modem router?

    You need to get a Rj45 cable, using that cable connect the wimax data cable to LAN1 of Belkin’s router. then get another Rj45 cable to get your computer connected. If everything is done correctly...
  11. Re: Can we suspend BSNL Broadband for certain period of time

    Hey I guess it’s not as easy as it has been explained above. The first and the most important thing I would like to let you know is that you will also be charged for the suspension or for keeping...
  12. Re: Sony Xperia S has two version lt26i and lt26a


    GSM GPRS / EDGE 850, 900, 1800, 1900
    UMTS HSPA 850, 900, 1900, 2100
  13. Re: does changing processor increases broadband speed of BSNL.

    I will answer negatively in this case as there is no relation with the processor with broadband speed. I need to add further that the broadband speed is controlled by the network provider may it...
  14. Re: How to use reliance usb stick on wi-fi router

    You will be able to use the Connectify if you are having the windows 7, if you are not having it then it is not at possible to done, so try the method with windows 7 only, not any other operating...
  15. Re: How to configure Beetel 450bxi wireless router with Tata Wimax connection

    I would suggest that you use the output cat 5 cables from wimax equipment to your wireless router and need to configure the wimax router as static IP and enable the wimax router DHCP. If it is having...
  16. Re: Sometime WIFI is not visible with utstarcom wa3002g4

    I will suggest you to check your modem with different computer and after that you have to see whether you are getting same problem or not? If same problem does not occur after connecting the modem...
  17. Re: Want to transfer my postpaid connection to prepaid in Reliance

    I transferred my Airtel prepaid connection to the postpaid connection which took just three days and without interrupting services.
  18. Re: Reliance providing wrong information to the customers

    If you feel you have been cheated from the reliance then what I feel that you should file the complaint in the consumer court for this as doing this you will get back the amount with the penalty...
  19. Re: Complaint against Airtel prepaid regarding the SMS alert of service end

    In near future if you have any problem regarding the issue then you should try to visit any nearby gallery, if they fail to give response then you can complain to the nodal officer regarding the...
  20. Re: Complaint against poor service provided by the certified spice service centre

    Even I got the spice mobile which screen got blanked due to which cannot see any numbers on the screen. So went to the spice service center and talked about the issue the lady there was so arrogant...
  21. Re: Airtel Customer care not responding to the complaint

    If the customer executives are not responding for the issue then you can go to the nearby gallery and talk to them regarding the issue. I guess they would respond well to the issue and problem will...
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    Re: How is Nokia Champagne Tango?

    Nokia Champagne be with the Nokia 900. This model appeared on the Nokia World in a catalog that is specified with impressive technical features:

    4.3-inch AMOLED Clear Black
    Qualcomm processor...
  23. Re: MSProject how to make task complete out of hours

    Just see to this thread and see if this is helpful to you or not. They have discussed on the same and I hope it will be useful for you.
  24. Re: LG Beacon screen frozen with "Receiving Message"

    I think that you will need to do the firmware update to the latest version available and this can solve the problem for you. If you dont know how to do that then you can go to some mobile repairing...
  25. Re: How to setup D-Link DSL 2730U WiFi Modem with Reliance Broadband

    I think you will be able to get some of the steps on the Youtube, otherwise you search for the modem which you are using with some of the broadband connection then you might be able to steps and also...
  26. Re: Skype get shut down frequently after update

    If this is happening to just one contact then this is problem with the other end and not on your skype. So, see if you are getting the issue with the other numbers also.
  27. Re: I am not able to get the Bsnl bbg uld 3300 plan

    Don’t know whats the problem with that officers who are really not agreeing for the connection. The same was the case with me as well when I wanted the 6 months unlimited offer they were not...
  28. Re: Speed is getting very low on MTS Mblaze

    I would like to know that from when you are facing this type of problem, if the problem is from few days then you have to be patience as sometimes I happens due to some technical problems. And if you...
  29. Re: Editing Photos from Windows Live Gallery

    yes, this is really nice thing provided from the Microsoft but this is not for the deep editing. If you want to do deep editing of the images then the best you can use is the photoshop.
  30. Re: Nokia N9 gets small and blurry picture messages (MMS) on T-mobile

    while I get images on MMS over my N9 using T-Mobile USA, they at first show like small thumbnails, but if I click on them and open them in the photo viewer application, they appear full size.
  31. re: How to access Motorola Canopy from Windows 7

    The network design makes installation of the product simple. It is not necessary to lay or bury cables, nor install microwave links or software, the equipment has been streamlined to the maximum,...
  32. Re: Vodafone 3G is now available in Rajasthan

    This service is available in the Rajasthan, so if you want to have this services to make use then you can have this Vodafone 3G services easily. So for that the simple is to visit any of the nearest...
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    Re: How is the idea 3G in Hyderabad

    since I have tried using the idea 3G service in hyderabad and through speed test I checked it was able to give good speed of 1 - 1,5 mbps speed. And I tried in many areas in hyderabad and found out...
  34. Re: New unlimited plans from MTNL mumbai w.e.f 1st november

    I would suggest that you better go on the link below and check the plan which the MTNL Mumbai have made the changes and also you can select the best plan for you. So you better look at the plans and...
  35. Re: What are the tariff rates of cable broadband in Kolkata

    The best option I will suggest you is to contact your nearest cable operator. He will explain you more precisely about the tariff plans of the Broadband Connection. I was in a same problem too. Then...
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    Re: sify broadband in Mumbai

    Yes this is the cheapest broadband that anyone cans effort, this broadband have the best of the thing including the speed and the performance for the Multiplayer/online games. So this is the best...
  37. Re: Wireless Broadband tariff by Sify in Gurgaon

    Tariff plans of the sify broadband is being really attractive and hence lot of users want to get this plan. 400 MB with Unlimited downloading at Night is best in that plan but major issue with it is...
  38. Re: how to get loud sound from the Samsung Galaxy Nexus speaker with Volume+ app

    The speakers of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus are good but because of the factory setting it throws less sound.
    So install volume+ application in your Samsung Galaxy Nexus and enjoy the music.
    There is...
  39. Re: Vodafone 3G stick ZTE K3570-Z I want to unlock it but how?

    Hi, as per my knowledge Vodafone 3G stick ZTE K3570-Z is comes with unlock system. So you can try to use with any other sim but it didn’t work with Vodafone software. Do you have windows 7 then you...
  40. Re: Sify is the worst broadband service provider

    Never recommend Sify broadband connection service to anyone.
    I have taken Sify broadband internet connection service for one year 512kbps unlimited plan. I despite several complaints with their call...
  41. Re: unable to connect Mac OSX Snow Leopard with MTNL 450TC1

    i can suggest some solutions which will help you. i think here you should make sure whether you are using a dialer to connect . there may be problems associated with the connections with the dialer ....
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    Re: How To check Vodafone Data Usage

    You need to send message to 144. just type: USE to 144 and then you will get the all details of GPRS package.
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    Re: MTNL Unlimited Plan 749 is not worth.

    Check your wire connectivity, if it is not loose or wrapped with carbon or sandwiched between two heavy loads. Many problems are possible in this case. If all these things are fine then the problem...
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    Re: How is the idea 3G in Hyderabad

    As I’m a regular user of the idea, I would say that the speed of the 3G service is best and if you looking for it then definitely you should go for it. As I am using it and yet have not got any...
  45. Re: Difference between 3G vs GPRS vs Netsetter plans of Idea

    First thing I would like to know that GPRS plans are for the mobile internet. Those who want to use the internet on the mobile choose the GPRS plans and regarding the Netsetter and the 3G it is used...
  46. Re: Which is the best new plan for TRUMP 3G in Delhi Circle

    I would suggest you that go for the Trump 3G –185” prepaid STV as it is the best plan. You have to pay 185rs for the plan and the validity of the plane is 30 days, you will be getting the talk...
  47. Re: What are the Unique and Unseen setbacks we come across with BSNL Broadband?

    There is no requirement for me to connect my router to the ISP. This ISP are with default XP provides and gets automatically connected. I get weird errors when I dial the default dialer with my...
  48. Re: Cannot check data usage due do changes made by BSNL Broadband

    You would be happy to hear that you are not the only one having the similar setback. Even my username/password not only that my IP also got altered. Now my IP address has become 198.x.x.x and also I...
  49. Re: Have Bsnl increased their broadband speeds by 100%?

    Bsnl people haven’t confirmed anything about the same, so that’s what I want to say here. I called up the customer support here in UP. They are not saying anything and also the have no idea...
  50. Re: What is the download and upload speed for BSNL 2Mbps plan?

    The customer support of the bsnl is quite good and also they have a service center at every 0.4 km of your house. So always reliable.
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