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    Re: List of Bugs in Bulletstorm

    I have exactly the same problem, horizontal lines on the ground, shadows not black but purple or green, from time to time black screen for a split second. The most obvious is the title bar, I...
  2. Re: How to clear navigation with Quattro File Explorer?

    After the first start you will notice that the default settings are already very well chosen. Top-right, some icons for quick configuration of the windows, the flexibility is unlimited. Press ALT + L...
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    Re: How to solve bug in Sandy Bridge

    We recall briefly the background: some days ago, Intel has officially announced that it had discovered a bug in the design of some 8 million chipsets, which could present a performance degradation...
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    Re: Magicka not running in laptop

    The following are minimum system requirements of Magicka:

    Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7
    CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.0 GHz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 4000+
    RAM: 1 GB
    HDD: 1...
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    Re: Test Drive Unlimited 2 Multiscreen

    Players define their characters online using an unprecedented customization of their character and their vehicles, and the acquisition of property, clothing and other amenities of a luxurious,...
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    Re: Geotagging in digital camera and mobile phones

    At the end of the tour you have before the recorded track and hopefully you have made beautiful photos. At home, you can then analyze the route on the topographic map in MagicMaps Tour Explorer and...
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    Re: Management Manual updates SCCM

    You can update the clients in different ways:

    Via Microsoft Updates: The client connects to servers to update from Microsoft.
    Via a network path: You saw in the management strategies and it is...
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    Re: Client and server monitoring with Zabbix

    Under Administration - General, you can first decide how long tool information in the database is to store the monitoring. Furthermore, the tab configuration - system groups to look at. Here the...
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    Re: Ubuntu Administration via Webmin

    A disturbing weakness in the Linux process interface is that an individual user memory and the states can examine the processes. If an attacker to compromise as Firefox, because he could read more...
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    Re: How to configure network on Maxdata Belinea?

    The RAID level used for the performance of plays at NetBench hardly matters. Thus, the supply NAS in the - insecure and not recommended - RAID0 with the four hard drives , a maximum of 145...
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    Re: Windows 7: 0 packets received

    It could also be a problem with the network card, but in this case should always be so. You ask the question: in addition to WoW, normal web browsing and downloading files are OK or are experiencing...
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    Poll: Re: Best FTP client to access files remotely

    The FTP client number two is WinSCP , which is also a popular and free program. This program for transferring files from an FTP server to your computer, communication supports SFTP (SSH File Transfer...
  13. Re: Should I go for OCZ Vertex TURBO Solid State Drive?

    By the identical configuration with four SandForce-1200 controllers, the speed of almost exactly IBIS and the performance of the RevoDrive X2 , the Express card is designed as PCI. Who needs this...
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    Re: Mobile Apps - native, web-based or hybrid?

    But there are also disadvantages: need for a proper use of a high-performance network connection. This is in rural areas are still not standard, abroad, it can also cause high roaming costs. In...
  15. Re: Microsoft Forefront - The Unified Access Gateway 2010

    The list of access paths and applications, above summarized, includes all common variants to access a remote service, an application or directories. About the Unified Access Gateway 2010 this is the...
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    Re: How to use Strings in Python

    A feature of indexation, which have strings (and other sequences), it is possible to select a sub-sequence, using the so-called slice. This is simply the syntax s [2:3]. In this way we get a...
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    Re: Virtualization and Sandboxing

    Low-level programs with Sandboxie will not install.

    Examples: Adobe software, Nero, MS Net Framework etc.
    Low-level programs can turn to Buffer Zone are used.
    Data paths under Sandboxie:

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    Re: DG31 PR support for 2TB SATA Internal HDD

    Supported IDE hard drive dimension is resolute by a number of factors, counting:

    Construction of the drive itself
    The partition creation software (FDISK)
    The operating system
    The system...
  19. Re: How to configure Terminal Services RemoteApp Manager

    From TS RemoteApp can configure different applications so that users can use directly without having to connect to the desktop directly from the servers. Can connect via the Web or distribute these...
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    Re: List of routing protocols

    The following are some list of protocols:

    ARP: Level 3 of the OSI layer (Address Resolution Protocol) Enables you to find the physical address of a network adapter corresponding to an IP address....
  21. Re: Need information about Asus Rampage Extreme III

    Alternatively be here soon water coolers are available that can be simply screwed. One such, still known by the Rampage Extreme, we unfortunately missed the delivery. The red-lit logo of the ROG...
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    Re: Performance of ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3870 X2?

    Both VGA concerned have the same basic architecture, the GPU in fact, belong to the family with R600 at 55 nm manufacturing technology. The chips have 320 stream processors, 16 ROPs and the width of...
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    Re: What is CPU PLL voltage

    Phase-locked loops, in the context of digital signal processing as a so-called digital PLL, DPLL abbreviated, be realized. Important here is the transition from a continuous-time system to a...
  24. Re: Javascript: problem while optimizing the performance of loading

    The intention of the developers, this behavior is to ensure that any dependencies between scripts and functions are met from start to load the DOM is already available. In practice, the loading of...
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    Re: What is Data Transport protocol mechanisms

    Handles TCP (connection-oriented services) of the facility and cut the connection, but it is desirable that the user may to some extent take the reins and cut home connection, as long as no data for...
  26. Re: Noctua NH-D14 CPU Cooler - Technical Specification

    The orientation of symmetry is due to Intel platforms, according to the four cardinal direction possible. AMD users will unfortunately have to do without the 90-degree rotation and the alignment key...
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    Re: Dragon Slayer vs. Vulcan

    The fan cables are longer than many a big tower, but only attached to the back wall, the 92-mm fan can be connected to a 3 pin connector on the motherboard. The remaining fans are only equipped with...
  28. Re: Microsoft Document Image Writer not installing in Windows 7

    Just try the following:
    Under Start - Settings - Printers and Faxes - Add Printer - Next - select Local printer, the computer is connected to the - check mark (tag) for Plug and Play printer install...
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    Re: Create Active Directory integrated zone in DNS

    DNS server has updated its own host (A). To ensure that its DS-integrated peer DNS servers are able to replicate with the server was trying to update them with the new records through dynamic update....
  30. Re: The server is not operational error when building One-way Trusts between two local severs on seperate domains.

    Have you tried to install the Site Replication Service? To prevent the error and install the Site Replication Service, following below steps might be useful :

    Change LDAP on the Exchange Server...
  31. Re: Technical features of Noise Blocker Twintec CPU Cooler

    The measurement of the volume occurs in the particular operation of that cooler (the fan is powered by a passive power supply) in 40-cm intervals with a Voltcraft-320 sound level meter that the noise...
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    Re: RAM DDR2 1066Mhz only stable at 800Mhz!!

    That's stuff is junk ... live with 800 "MHz", or return and buy a decent memory. By the way, the performance difference between 1066 MHz and 800 MHz is so small that you'll not always notice the...
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    Re: Laptop for video editing mainly

    If you do not mind the fan noise. But there are better options. The thing plays virtually everything and does not botch. For what exactly? I'm also a student and I needed one. Do I have not. I was...
  34. Re: System testing for Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200 and Q9550

    Another important point is the new graphics card. After we complete last year not just low-power ATI Radeon HD 2900 XT in action had it, we rely on Nvidia's first (relatively low-power) 55-nm...
  35. Re: Samsung Spinpoint F2 EcoGreen (HD154UI) : 1.5 TB

    Um for your leadership, on eSATA external drive in the same perf as if connected directly to SATA, this is precisely what the interest of eSATA. Quite clearly you've never tried to say that. And the...
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    Re: Asus TA-21, good enough for PC case?

    The side walls 1 mm thick aluminum are both extremely light and thus reduce the weight of the TA-21, however, seem a little shaky and not rest so tightly one on the chassis, as we would have liked a...
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    Re: Cannot Display This Video Mode

    Yeah... many times the F8 doesn't work (normal). But I would like to ask you that have you checked by changing the display settings. First try to change the settings in normal mode. If it is not...
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    Re: Does Parallels slow you down like VM Fusion?

    Virtualize means installing an operating system within another that is called guest (guest), using a virtual machine. Often called shared OS virtualization or OS virtualization, OS virtualization...
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    Re: How do I remove Trojan.FileHarakiri?

    You are not able to remove this virus because you are using expired anti-virus. The version that you have downloaded is trial version. So you will have to upgrade it to full version and for that you...
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    Re: Display driver having issues with Zotac GTX 275

    Mindfactory having discontinued the graphics card (was clear), I'm at another shop bought a Gainward 480, no problems since. Zotac has written to request that they may not admit such errors. Zotac...
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    Invalid number error when messaging iPhone

    I had try to update my contact Number but still i am getting the same error message can you tell me what should now or can anyone provide me necessary steps for updating contact number so that i...
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    Invalid number error when messaging iPhone

    I am having iPhone 3GS and everything was working fine but from today when i try to send an text message from phone over there i am getting a message as Error Invalid Number and i had a check that...
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    Remove JS.SecurityToolFraud.B

    I having Dell laptop with me and from few days my laptop was working very slow so i run antivirus and i came to know that my laptop is being infected with some JS.SecurityToolFraud.B, my antivirus...
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    How to implement UI tabs using jQuery

    I am using Jquery U.I tabs as a plugin to my site. I've got some three html tables which I wanted to put into tabs, I thought because I am using them as ajax content that after each time a person...
  45. How to connect ms Access Database with the Netbeans 5.5

    I am trying to access tables in MS Access using the netbeans. I have some tables and the records related to the Office use, and I wanted to connect that with the Netbeans 5.5 this is to push that...
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    How to declare the header() function in php?

    I want to be able to check whether or not a user has certain permissions to be on that page. But this code is included after I've already done some echo statements. I use the following code to...
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    How to make Sytem Restore Utilities image

    I have purchased a system builder and wanted to look for a utility that should create bootable system restore CD/DVDs that I can include with the systems I build. but i have also seen that, the...
  48. Microsoft access do not save changes when navigating to next record

    I was wondering if anybody could help with this. This is something strange error message am getting with my combo box value, If i change combo box value, then comes a error :"to make the changes to...
  49. How to validate client side javascript for phone number

    How to validate the client side validation along with your programming language validation. This ValidateNo function receive two arguments. I have set the two parameters First argument is html /...
  50. Where Data synchronization settings takes place in sharepoint

    Where Data synchronization settings takes place in sharepoint. I created a workspace and added SharePoint tool to link with the document folder. However, when I update file from SharePoint or Groove,...
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