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    Re: Lenovo Ideapad y510 one key recovery

    You can check out the procedure in the below image, which is actually the original method to use the One Key Recovery on Lenovo laptops:

    One Key Recovery Tutorial
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    Re: iPhone 6 backlight dimming on its own

    Well, I havent used any iPhone's till now. Have been a big fan of Android and specially the Samsung Galaxy series. I own the Galaxy Note 2 smartphone and I have noticed that when my battery is below...
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    Re: Sony Xperia Z2 back panel is loose

    There are many people who have complained about this problem with the loose back panel on their Xperia Z2 phone. While for some other people the flaps was good and the back panel on the edges doesnt...
  4. Re: Acer Aspire S7 wont wake up from Sleep sometimes

    Many people who own Acer Aspire S7 notebook are having this problem and the temporary solution to fix this issue is to recover your netbook using the Acer Recovery Manager tool built in your...
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    Re: Nokia Booklet 3G hotkeys not working

    Well, did you try to uninstall and reinstall the Hot Key utility again in your Nokia Booklet 3G device? Try to launch CeEkey.exe by going to this path and see what happens - C:\Program Files\Hot Key....
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    Re: very low alarm sound of Nokia Asha 501

    You can try to use different application on your computer to increase the sound of any custom ring tone or mp3 files if you want. One such application is called Format Factory that you can use. After...
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    Re: How to make Conference Calling in iPhone 5S

    To make a confrence call on your iPhone 5S, all you need to do is just log into your Vodafone account and search for the place from where you can activate conference call or deactivate it at your...
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    Re: Micromax Canvas 4 vs Samsung Galaxy Grand

    I think that it would be best if you would go with Samsung Grand Duos. Micromax used to be a good manufacturer because they used to release their phone at cheaper rate. But now with their Canvas 4,...
  9. Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Price and Release date?

    In India, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is expected to be released at Rs. 45000 or less. But in European countries it will be sold at around £600, which will be round about Rs. 50000. Obviously with so much...
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    Re: iPhone 5 Ringtones (NOT Alert Tones)

    Well, have you tried to put the iPhone 5 in DFU mode and tried to restore it. Follow the below steps to do that:

    First of all try to turn off your iPhone completely and connect to PC.
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    Re: iPhone 5 Ringtones (NOT Alert Tones)

    What do you mean your iphone is as brick? Have you tried to restore your iphone by connecting it to the computer and then opening itunes and then using the restore functionality? How did the iphone...
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    Re: ipod 6th gen not working in windows 7

    Have you tried to reset the iPod nano 6th generation by following the below method that was given on apple support website:
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    Re: cherrymobile T18 games

    Well, have you tried installing java games in your cherry mobile T18 phone? You can get some java games from this link - Just connect your...
  14. Re: with XT912, is it possible use 3G with WCDMA

    The below was given on the xda-forums, for the Docomo Japan Apn Settings:

    [3G APN data, 3G通信 APN 設定]
    APN: (Setting -> Wireless controls -> Mobile networks -> Access Point Names....
  15. Re: open Zync Cloud Z5 and insert battery and SIM Cards

    Which operating system are you using? You just need to connect your Zync Cloud Z5 mobile phone to the pc via the usb cable provided with it and then the mobile phone will appear as a mass storage for...
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    Re: yxtel c930 pc suite

    Well, have you tried downloading the china mobile phone pc suite from the below links:
  17. Re: open Zync Cloud Z5 and insert battery and SIM Cards

    At the back side of the mobile phone check at the right-top side, there will be some gap in the cover, you just need to insert your finger nail or either some pin and than pull it at your side and...
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    Re: network issue with oracle virtualbox

    Can you please let us know first, which linux distro are you using, whether xubuntu or kubuntu, because in the first post you have written you were not able to install apps on kubuntu? Have you tried...
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    Re: Micromax A110 Canvas 2 with GTA 3

    How much memory is left in your Micromax A110 Canvas 2 device? You will need to verify that you should have atleast 2-3 gb free space into your device and then try to launch and play the game. The...
  20. Re: cannot download videos and images in whatsapp on Nokia C5-00

    Well, were you able to send them some files before? If you cannot send them any files, by clicking on the attachments, like photos, videos or anything else, then the problem might be that your mobile...
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    Re: HTC One vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2

    HTC One slightly has an upper hand with its hardware specs compared to Galaxy Note 2. The processor used in HTC One is Quad Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 which is clocked at 1.7 GHz where else Galaxy...
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    Re: Plse help identify this clone iphone4s

    All clone iphone's are nothing but china mobile phone, and they only support either .nes files or .mrp files of games and applications. In your case, you have stated that, the mobile phone that you...
  23. Re: download USB CDC MODEM DEVICE FOR ALL CHINA MOBILE for windows 8

    Well, havent you got any CD/DVD with the china mobile phone package that you have got, it has all the required drivers that can be installed on Windows. If there are no drivers then you will have to...
  24. Re: MWUS Installation Failed (Error 0x00000643: Fatal error during installation)

    I have found some information about this kind of issues with performance counters. So, when you check in the logfiles and event viewer then something like the below might be mentioned, as it was in...
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    Re: WSUS & 80072ee2 Errors

    If the error message still appears after you either exit and then restart Windows Update, or enable Windows Automatic Updates to install automatically every 24 hours, follow these methods to resolve...
  26. Check the below method and see if that works: ...

    Check the below method and see if that works:

    Open Windows Mail by clicking the Start button Picture of the Start button, clicking All Programs, and then clicking Windows Mail.
    Click the...
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    Re: want to purchase laptop within Rs. 40000

    You can go with the HP Pavilion G6-2103TU which comes with 64 bit Windows 7 operating system. This laptop is also powerful enough to be upgraded to the new Windows 8 OS with the Windows 8 Upgrade...
  28. Re: sms messages not supported in samsung pc studio

    I dont understand what exactly are you asking? Where are you doing all the message trasferring? If you want to transfer messages from mobile phone to pc, then there are many applications to do such....
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    Re: Chinese GTi9300 Samsung Galaxy clone

    You paid 48 dollars for that which means here in india its Rs. 2500 that you have given which is very costly for a china mobile phone. We get same china mobile phone at 1k-2k Rs. for most of the...
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    Re: Chinese GTi9300 Samsung Galaxy clone

    China mobile phone usually clone the screen and menus of different branded mobile phone from Samsung, Nokia, etc. And the hardware used in the mobile phone is not similar to those of branded phones....
  31. Re: China phone pc suite for S6500-B mobile phone model

    What happens when you choose the option of "PC Connection". I think that when you use this option then only the micro sd card which might be in your mobile phone could be seen in my computer and not...
  32. Re: [HELP] How do i use this China Mobile PC Suite?

    Havent you got any cd/dvd along with the box package of the mobile phone that you own? Normally, all drivers and software comes in those cd/dvd's. If you havent got it, then check from its manual...
  33. Re: How to install .NES games in China Mobile - Step by Step

    Well, havent you got any manuals with the phone, it will tell you what kind of file format it supports. You could try installing java games and applications in the IPRO Q70 PRO phone and see if that...
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    Re: SMS from Android to iPhone

    Well, you can try to save all the sms in the sim card in the android mobile phone and then remove the same sim card and put it in iphone and transfer all the sms in the iphone. Another way is to copy...
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    Re: Copy movies from DVD to Pen drive

    What dvd player are you using? Normally, if the file is not properly copied on an external storage like pen drive then it may be that the file might have not correctly copied onto the pen drive and...
  36. Re: need mobile phone with big screen and good internet speed @ Rs. 5000/- to Rs. 10000/

    If you want good internet speed in mobile phone then you have to take a mobile phone that can support 3g network data, since speed is internet comes great if you take a 3g data package with any...
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    Re: how to install android on Nokia N900

    There is a complete guide given on the official site on how to install Meego on Nokia n900, that you can refer from this link. However, note that you should have the PR1.3 firmware installed on your...
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    Re: mt6235 iphone password override

    Well, what you can do is download the china mobile phone pc suite from this thread here and then install it on your pc and connect your mobile phone to the pc. After that just try to reset your phone...
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    Re: BlackBerry Bold 9900 Vs Samsung Galaxy S2

    Well, since the phone started giving problems after 2 days of purchasing then it sure seems to be a defective mobile, it happens once in a blue where out of 99 mobile phone's 1 mobile phone comes out...
  40. Re: Only 8 hours battery life in Samsung Galaxy Note i717

    The Samsung Galaxy Note has a 2500 mAh power pack battery, so it should definitely give good long lasting time. What all applications are installed in your mobile phone. Can you go into settings and...
  41. Re: How to restore a netbook to factory settings without using recovery Disks and F3 key

    There are a number of sites offering download of Msi Wind U100 Recovery Files as per the operating system, just Google out “Msi Wind U100 Xp/vista/windows 7 Recovery Files” and download it from...
  42. Re: unable to delete a folder in Nokia 2700 classic

    Ok, so what you can do is now, again connect the phone to the computer with more than 50% battery charged and then launch nokia updater and choose to reinstall the firmware again completely and do...
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    Re: unlock Motorola Atrix HD bootloader

    History repeats itself once again. While other manufacturers have changed the position of holding the bootloader unlocked for their devices, Motorola is one of the few that appears to be interested...
  44. Re: unable to delete a folder in Nokia 2700 classic

    Secure wipe is the name of the software man, you can download it by searching it from google. And how did you come to know that the firmware installation was not done properly? There should be no...
  45. Re: unable to delete a folder in Nokia 2700 classic

    Indeed, nokia 2700 is a very old phone and it only supports jar type of files, and there arent any antivirus software made for it, but one thing you can do is, connect the phone to the computer and...
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    Re: How to install java software

    What is the make or model number of your mobile phone? Did you get any manuals with it that can let you know what all types of files does it support? You can try installing some other file formats...
  47. Re: unable to delete a folder in Nokia 2700 classic

    Have you tried to use the reset code that will restore your phone back to factory settings, the code is - *#7370#. Also check with any antivirus software in your mobile phone to see, if it is not...
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    Re: reinstall software in mobicel M1 cell phone

    Well, isnt there an option in the settings of the mobile phone to reset the phone to factory settings. Normally, when you do that, it will automatically restore all the files of the operating system...
  49. There are many browsers that can help you to view...

    There are many browsers that can help you to view flash based site on your web browser. Like Skyfire. This browser is best when you need to surf websites. But it will not help if you want to play...
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    Re: better battery manager

    Can you go into the battery status option and then check that which apps are utilizing more battery in your phone. Normally, you can force close the apps and then test out whether your battery is...
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