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  1. Re: Windows live essentials 2011 update popup problem

    I would suggest you to download the update and then make the installation well with the same. As per this a seven digit KB's is genuine. Also the update may be helpful well to work with certain...
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    Re: How to connect iPod Touch To Nokia 5230?

    ISO4 is one of the leading software of apple and also has got better functionality and is one of the most best operating system of the all. there are about hundreds of features that are put by the...
  3. Re: Samsung Moment synchronizing problem in Windows 7

    If there is some compatibility issue with the same you have to check out by running or processing a clean boot. for this you just have to type msconfig in the searchbox and hit enter. Then under the...
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    Re: Rooting of Motorola DROID Phones

    If the above steps are not working for you then you can also follow the below steps for the rooting process:

    First go to the original Droid root exploit, download the 2.1
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    Re: DVD maker install problem in Windows 7

    If you do not have the access or not able to login to the Admin account you can process out by creating a new admin account. For this you have to get access to the control panel and the choose User...
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    Re: Dell Mini v/s Hp Mini v/s Hcl me

    Dell is always a better choice but HCL ME has now launched some good laptop. Hp mini and Dell Mini are netbooks but you will get the required ailments which is needed that is based on the...
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    Re: Stop Message alerts in Vodafone

    You have to send an SMS NPCN to 111. As it is been done there would be a post call notification which will be disabled within 48 hrs. You will receive a confirmation message as an acknowledgment. Do...
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    Re: iPhone Gprs settings for Vodafone Live in India

    There are some steps which needs to be followed in order to get the things to be worked. The steps are been mentioned as below:

    You first need to get an application that is iPhone Configuration...
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    Re: HTC legend wifi problem

    I had the same issue as you are facing so I contacted HTC by emailing them and they reverted me back with the solution. They suggested me to change the router security settings from WPA-AES to...
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    Re: MMS not working in Nexus One

    Update the firmware of your phone. As this is been done you may then be able to function as needed. Do look out for the change and make it process as required. I am sure it will be better for you. It...
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    Re: Logging of Unwanted Users In The Laptop

    At the Startup name run the messnger, Dvldr32.exe which is added as a result of the De-locating of the virus. Then go to the section of the Link that has got the above file details. The worms uses...
  12. Re: Can Apple apps be used in iMac if Microsoft office is installed

    You can can work with the apps that is Safari, imovie. You can check out for the compatibility of the tools in this link. Check out. This will make you to get to a better understanding of the apps...
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    Re: Nokia N8 problem with FM Transmitter

    Even I had the same problem with my phone but it got fine after I performed a restart to the phone. When I rebooted the phone the FM was now working. So check out by performing a restart for the...
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    Re: Nokia C3 Having Battery Charging Problems

    If the above solutions are not working for you then you can try to contact the Nokia Care where they will tell you to what do if such problems are arising for your new phones. The other option you...
  15. Re: Nokia N8 receives "Unknown Error" with Web feeds

    Check out by performing a reset and make sure that you delete all the default feeds. I suppose the issue can be sorted well which will let you to perform for the thing. Make a soft reset that is...
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    Re: Nokia X2 problem with caller display image

    Setting up the fonts to smaller in size may also be helpful. You may then not get the screen to be covered completely wit the notification message. The image will be displayed properly. I suppose...
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    Re: Problem With Nokia C7 Not Storing Sent E-mail

    If the problem still pertains after following the above steps then the only solution left with you is that you got to Nokia Care store where there you will come across the support team for which you...
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    Re: Nokia 5800 Starting problems

    There is another place you can get further information for your phone by going to the Nokia care and there is a support team where they check out the software that is currently being installed in...
  19. Re: nVidia GeForce 8400M GS graphic problem on VAIO VGN-SZ680n

    Is your Graphic card driver updated to the latest. Check out or make the reinstallation for the driver for the video card. As you are using Windows 7 it could be that he updated pack of the driver...
  20. Re: Updation of Application Causing Information Outdated

    The solution of this problem is that either you can run the MAC or the iTune option, only one can run on it. Either the MAC can be updated for the application at one time or the iTune can be updated....
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    Re: Apple iTunes Require Application Support To Run

    If the above steps does not work for you then you can try the below given steps:
    1) You got to download the WinRAR file and then install it.
    2) Then you have to right-click on the iTunesSetup.exe...
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    Re: Apple iTunes 10 turns Grey

    You can also visit the official site of the apple ipod and can get the help support from their support team they will also tell you to get your system checked in the near by retailer shop of the...
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    Re: Intel D510MO problem with Ethernet NIC

    You have to look out well for the latest driver for the Ethernet NIC adapter. As it is been downloaded you have to make it install to the system. This will be better and you may then function out...
  24. Re: Download Page Broken for Windows Phone 7 Series SDK

    The issue is generally with the country. Your country is not been listed and hence you are not able to get the download. The post made by Regina is absolutely correct. If any of your friend or...
  25. Re: Emulator problem while installing with Windows Phone 7

    You can perform the desired thing well as required. All you need to do is to get some steps to be functioned as needed. It will be helpful and beneficial to make the implementation for the same. You...
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    Re: wrap panel in windows phone 7

    If the above processes doesn't work for the windows phone 7 the simple technique is to go to the retailer from where the phone is being brought. The shopkeeper will provide you with various wrap...
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    Re: Runtime error problem with Hotmail

    Try to boot the system under safe mode and then check out for functioning ore installing the application under the same. For making the aspect to be processed there is certain ways through which you...
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    Re: Sound problems of Sony Vaio FW-VGN-FW43G

    The Sony Vaio has a default setting for Basic Input output system that allows the basic functioning for the laptop. By restoring the BIOS i.e Basic Input and Output the sound card can be brought to...
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    Re: Need Pc suite for MT6225 (China phone)

    It could be that the application you have is not suitable or compatible for Windows 64 bit version. You may get to sort the issue well by sorting the thing as required that is get the updated pack...
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    Re: Fallout New Vegas fps problem in NPC

    I would suggest you to set the resolution to a low end. This will be helpful and you can then execute the game without any fps issue. Many a times it happens that the game is not able to function...
  31. Re: Punkbuster Install Error issue with Medal of Honor

    Safe mode option is another best way for making the game to respond well to the same. Press F8 key while booting the system and as the mode is been processed the system will start in safe mode. You...
  32. Re: Glitch issue with Hellfire mission in Medal of Honor

    There is another way through which you can make the game to be performed well. All you need to do is tyo get the game to be processed under cojmpatible mode. You need to open the Start Menu, then...
  33. Re: Install Call recording application for my Nokia 5800

    Use the latest version of Dudu Recorder. It is superb!It is available in the OVI store. It has a password protection feature controls access and protection to the select conversations. You will have...
  34. Re: Install China Mobile Phone Modem Driver and Connect to Internet on PC

    You can get the downloads for the desired phone that you are looking out for from the links that is mentioned. Click on the link and then get redirected to the search. You may download from the...
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    Re: GTA IV game fps issue

    Scan the system well to be processed that is required it will be helpful for you. Other than that you can check well which will be helpful for you that is required in order to work well. Check out by...
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    Re: Power issue with Dell Inspiron 1520

    In order to process out well it could be that the motherboard has some problem and this is the reason you are not able to perform the task well which is needed. So in order to perform the task well...
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    Re: Video Driver for Dell Dimension 2350

    It will be better that you get he desire driver for the system or the video card that you want to work and make the installation well under compatible mode. This can be done by right clicking on the...
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    Re: Graphic card issue on Dell Dimension 4600

    It would be better that you make the installation of the application well under compatible mode. Right click on the installer.exe file and then make the installation well under the Windows Xp from...
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    Re: How to watch mobile TV in Nokia 5230?

    Che4ck for the thread that is I hope this will let you to get the desired plans and tariffs for the same that is needed. Do look...
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    Re: Decorate your Eee PC (or your MSI Wind PC)

    You can check out for the link that is been provided. Just click on the link and then make the desired change to be performed. You may get many sites for the same. Check out for the links and look...
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    Re: MyWi wont turn off on iPhone 4

    Flash the phone which will be better for you that is needed. So do check out for the change which will be better for you. As it is been needed do look out for the firmware that is functioned. i hope...
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    Re: Myfi application issue on iPhone 4

    The updated firmware will surely help you out and function as required. It is necessary that you perform the task. get the new firmware to be downloaded and then install the pack well for the change....
  43. Re: Issue while connecting MyWi to Iphone 4 under Windows 7

    It will be better that you process out the installation of the application or the driver well under compatible mode. This can be done by right clicking on the new driver and then under properties...
  44. Re: No support for funambol and syncml on Thunderbird 3.0

    It will be better that you get the application or the plugin downloaded well and then make the installation of the application well under safe mode. As it is been done you can then work well as...
  45. Re: Issue with ATT, Yahoo, Uverse while sending emails

    In order to work out well with the thing it is essential that you work out well that is if you do have a sub-accounts set up. It is essential that after setting up the smtp you need to go back to...
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    Re: Hard drive issue with Dell PP01L laptop

    It will be better that you try to use an external hard drive and then check for the thing. If the device is able to work well then the issue is with the connector or the hard drive. So it would be...
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    Re: Turn off Chime on startup in Nokia C5

    In order to get the things to be performed well all you need to do is to check out for the change which will be better for you. It is essential that you make the was to be process well the in the...
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    Re: Chinese mobile Phone NKTel A200 required Nes ROm

    GPRS is supportive to the phone. You need to check out and configure the address that needs to be assigned. It needs to be configured and make the changes to be functioned that will be better and...
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    Re: Nokia C5 phone calendar issue

    There is another way through which you can make the desired aspect to be implemented. All you need to do is to check out by making a restore settings for the phone. This will be better and you can...
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    Re: Nokia C5 phone reboots everytime

    Flash the phone with latest firmware and then make the changes as needed. It will be better for you. As needed it will get the things to be sorted as needed. Do check out and make the things to be...
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