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  1. Advice on the Java as Programming Language

    Hello friends,
    I am new to the coding and their languages. As told by my uncle, I should do the Java. I thought that this is the right place to ask. So I need some advice regarding the Java as the...
  2. Internal wireless card not recognized.?!!

    I am having the Dell XPS 1210. I have recently formatted my machine since I was having some Virus problem. After installing the OS, I was not able to recognize the wireless card. According to me I...
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    Database Replication in MySQL

    I have created a large employee database in MySQL. I want to know the use of database Replication in MySQL. Does any one how to set up database replication in MySQL? Is it applicable in all database...
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    Windows cannot open FLEX files..

    Some days before my friend send me some files attached in an e-mail. When I saved it on my system, the extensions of that file are .FLEX. Now when I am trying to open this file I get an error from...
  5. Internet Connection Disconnects and Reconnects on its own

    I am facing strange problem of Internet connection from the last week. When I try to open the internet connection there is an error message on my task bar saying that Internet is not connected. When...
  6. Re: "Can not perform non-interactive scan if AU is interactive-onl

    After I did some fooling around it seems to be a policy I am pushing which is turning off AU. So the question is taking the 4 choices like - Automatic, Download and let me choose, Notify but dont...
  7. "Can not perform non-interactive scan if AU is interactive-only"

    I have got a WSUS clients that is not reporting back to the server, when I checked in the WindowsUpdate.log then I got "Can not perform non interactive scan if AU is interactive-only" message? I am...
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    iTouch Charging Problems


    One of my friend's itouch charges fine with wall charger, when charging 12v with car or usb battery symbol blinks swiftly with lightning bolt but it is not charging anymore.I thought it...
  9. Emails being converted to plain text since AVG 8.0

    Hello everyone,

    I have installed AVG 8.0,Now it brings out a issue in Outlook 2007 by which for some but not all emails I receive, the emails are converting to plain text, there by un attaching ...
  10. Even I am facing the same problem and getting the...

    Even I am facing the same problem and getting the same error message on my computer. Previously everything was working fine on my Windows Vista machine but from last couple of days I am not able to...
  11. Windows Media Play Security Upgrade

    I am trying to find the Windows Media Play Security Upgrade but am unable to get it from anywhere I can download it. I am getting some kind of error messsage if I am trying to download an...
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    How to reset ps2 parental code

    i have Playstation 2, yesterday i tried to watch basic instinct movie and it asked for a parental password. There could be instances where you entered in a parental code months ago, I dont know...
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    Re: Member server rejoining domain

    I dont know whether I am sure that I am following the process you are telling me, but removing a computer from domain and subsequent rejoining it will result in a different account, along with its...
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    Member server rejoining domain

    I use Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery to take images of the server that we are using incase of disaster recovery. As the part of the restore process the member server is removed from the domain...
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    LG Prada KF900 unlock


    My friend recently bought LG Prada KF900 from USA. but the phone is sim locked and asking for unlock code. There are many sites which provide services where we have to provide the serial...
  16. Re: Change the default search engine in Internet Explorer 8

    Nice but I can not change the default engine, which remains stubbornly on live search. In my view, is blocked because even if I choose another engine than Google, nothing moves.
    Thank you
  17. Change the default search engine in Internet Explorer 8


    I am using Internet explorer 8 for XP, by default it searches in the search box go to Live Search, and I want to use Google. How do I change it? Does anyone have the method to change Live...
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    Hathway Broadband Unlimited Plans

    I am using 512 blast extra plan offer by hathway. I want some information about Unlimited plan that provides 256 or 512kbps speed. i am trying to call customer care but no reply. please help me ...
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    Hibernation in Windows Vista SP2


    When I want to put Windows Vista into hibernation it starts to do so, the connection is cut, the screen goes into standby, but after 2sec everything no error message!

    It worked very...
  20. RE: media sharing does not detect xbox 360

    Even I am facing the same type of problem and I have also got Windows XP with SErvice Pack 2 installed on my machine and I am not able to connect my xbox 360, it is not even getting detected in me...
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    Mcheck services on Tata Indicom

    MChek is one of the most used mobile payment processing service, using which you can easily send and receive money to your bank account or else pay for goods or services, book air/railway tickets...
  22. Re: Remote Desktop in a Domain. Why doesn't putting a user in the domain group Remote allow remoting into a client?

    I have tried to do what you wanted but even after that the local computer can see groups from the Domain, like domain admins and domain users, etc. However it will not see the Remote Users Group in...
  23. Poll: Re: Which is the Best mobile phone among Nokia XpressMusic series

    The Nokia 5320 is a music and gaming oriented smartphone which has the lowest launch price of any S60 device so far. Among its highlights are a dedicated audio chip for better sound quality, 24 hours...
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    Re: BPL Mobile EEZEE Postpaid plans

    Minimum monthly commitment under each plan.

    EEZEE 999
    Under this plan the minimum monthly bill would approximately sum upto Rs 170 + taxes
    (999/12 = Rs 85; CLIP = 50; minimum call usage = 35)
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    BPL Mobile EEZEE Postpaid plans

    BPL Mobile has introduced EEZEE Postpaid Plans. It has launched 3 EEZEE Plans with different rental and call rates. Under this subscriber wil have to pay fixed yearly rental. This promo is valid for...
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    HD 4850 512mb or 1gb


    I will mount the following configuration (which you may notice):

    Processor: Intel E7300 or E8400 (if I can find it at 90 €)
    Motherboard: Asus P5Q-E
    Hard Disk: Seagate 500GB 32MB...
  27. Spell check is not workinfg in firefox

    Hi friends,
    I am using the latest version of firefox (Firefox/3.0.6). and my problem is that the feature of spell check is not working. it used to work previously. can you tell me how to install or...
  28. How do I create a partition on a pen drive ?

    Hello, I have purchased a Kingston 4 gb pen drive and I want to create a new partition on a pen drive. I wish to partition it into 3 partitions; how do I do it, without any problem. I tried it from...
  29. Remote Desktop in a Domain. Why doesn't putting a user in the domain group Remote allow remoting into a client?

    We are on a Windows 2003 domain and we are also using the XP workstations whose members are all domain members and all the other login credentials are same on the clients like the domain ones. The...
  30. I have also installed IE8 and didnt like it and...

    I have also installed IE8 and didnt like it and restored to IE7 but lost all the menu bars and I have dont have remove option in control panel. Can anyone please help.
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    Re: Hathway 512kbps plan ?

    Hi i also had the same problem when i took a new hathway connection. its hathway's policy. whenever a new customer is applying for a unlimited plan they will offer this plan only (12.00 to 7.00). you...
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    Hathway Static IP question

    Is this true that Hathway is offering static IP for all the users that are having Hathway connections, regardless of the tariff they are in ?
  33. Reliance USB modem support Windows Vista ?

    Hi, my operating system is windows vista and i want to buy Reliance USB modem. but i have one doubt in my mind. Does it support Windows Vista ?

    Thanks in advance
  34. GSM operators added 7.62 million new subscribers in November

    The month of November witnessed 7.62 million new subscribers getting on to the GSM bandwagon. The addition though enormous, falls short of last months figure of 7.67 million. This has taken the GSM...
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    Motorola Motoyuva W396

    The latest Motoyuva series phone MOTOYUVA W396 by Motorola is all set to catch the fantasy of mobile users in India. The stylish yet affordable device is packed with a host of features that will take...
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    I have installed McAfee and it always states to me remove this program? And when I try to delete this program via McAfee then it gives me an error message that this antivirus cannot remove it. I have...
  37. RE: How to hide completed tasks in Gantt view

    I tried to use the Project/Filtered for Incomplete tasks and all that happens is that the Incomplete Tasks turn blue but they are not hidden in either the gantt view or in the print preview. Is there...
  38. How to hide completed tasks in Gantt view

    I want to only show incomplete task in a Gantt view. I have tried using the filter but have only been able to highlight the completed tasks and not hit them. I have even looked a groups but havent...
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    Nokia 6300 screen problem

    Hello guys, when i turned on my nokia6300 it shows me nokia screen and one second vibration. when i put charger or cable to connect to computer its wont work.charging black and white screen no...
  40. Vista cannot connect to my wireless router

    I am using a Netgear router with the latest firmware and I am able to connect to the wireless network with the XP laptop that I have, but Vista wont connect to it. This network is shown in the list...
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    Formula help in excel 2007

    hello , i need help using "IF" formula in excel 2007.

    can someone guide me with the following formula

    =IF(F4<24, F4*8.7,F4*7/2) goes to f4*7/2 if 24 else multipliesf4*8

    can i express more...
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    F1 2002 pc language problem

    Hi friends , recently i download F1 2002. but it's in French language. i don't know how to change it. any idea ?

    Thanks in advance for any help.
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    Re: Virgin Vkewl handset problems

    Thank you very much , now i can transfer files from my phone to pc.
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    Virgin Vkewl handset problems

    Hi friends i am using virgin Vkewl & i am facing two problems, first is PC software for the handset Vkewl & the other is registering an account on virgin mobile's website.

    Whenever I connect my...
  45. How to transfer a film on the iphone ?

    Hi friends, i recently bought new iphone but i don't know how to transfer film on it . if anybody knows please reply.
    thanks in advance.
  46. Tata Teleservices Limited rolls out services in Assam

    Tata Teleservices Ltd (TTSL) announced that it has rolled out CDMA operations in the Assam circle with an initial investment of Rs 100 croreit.

    In the early stage of launch, TTSL will offer...
  47. LG226WTQ or Samsung SM2253BW 22" moniter

    hi guys , i am planning to buy a new monitor and my Choices are LG226WTQ and the Samsung 22" SM2253BW and my budget is around 10000rs to 13000rs.

    please suggest me on which of these are better and...
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    Monitor Overheating

    Does anyone have the problem of monitor overheating ? I am using my monitor constantly and because of that sometimes half of the screen turns black .I don't know what to do.Any suggestions will be...
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    Hey i am also using same plan and i am getting a...

    Hey i am also using same plan and i am getting a download speed of 60-70kbps.
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    5000 minutes free for local Idea to Idea.that's...

    5000 minutes free for local Idea to Idea.that's simply great.Monthly commitment of Rs. 275 makes the local calling rate to all Idea numbers at 18 paise/minutes.
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